Phone Review: Google Nexus One

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  1. Emil  Begtrup-Bright says:

    Uhm, good review but.. a bit late??!

  2. Bishar says:

    I think, it’s the top of the best smart phones today!

  3. Surviven6802 says:

    @TheUnlockr Great Video!, Got 2 quick questions, when placing a custom rom on the N1 ie: desire rom do you have to partition the sd card and if so what are you using for swop size for the alpha 15? last On the Modaco website to download the rom he gives two options the “Download” and a “Mirror Download” what is the difference?

    • TheUnlockr says:


      Swap is only necessary on phones that don’t have enough RAM to support the new ROM. The Desire and Nexus are almost identical so the new ROM works fine without any modification to RAM or processor speed. Just Wipe, then Flash. All set.
      Mirror is just a secondary download link (in case the first goes down, they are identical files). Good luck!

  4. Surviven6802 says:

    Thanks for all the info Where do I donate to your website

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