Phone Review: Motorola Milestone

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  1. TSmith says:

    i’m assuming the 3G doesnt work on Tmobile? i so want this phone but i heard its not fully compatible on tmobile’s network. do you have a full rundown on that?

    • TheUnlockr says:


      I should have included that in the review I apologize.
      That is correct the phone will not work on TMobile 3G (as most unlocked phones don’t).
      There is a version for Telus in Canada though that if unlocked the 3G will work on ATT here in the US.

      Quick tip to determine if a phone runs on TMobiles 3G, look at the frequencies for 3G in the specs, in order for it to work on TMobiles 3G, you need to see 1700mhz.

  2. TSmith says:

    ah.. ok thanks.

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