Phone Review: Motorola XT701

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  1. cue says:

    Im hoping this means that we should have root instructions coming soon. This phone will be so nice overclocked. Please. ..please…please.

    • TheUnlockr says:


      Normally, it would mean just that lol The issue is that the phone I got to borrow needed to be returned immediately so I didn’t have time to get to work on the rooting procedure. I’ll try to borrow it again once they get more in stock….
      The other issue is that the rooting procedure I know for the phone does not have an unrooting procedure… but hopefully by the time I get the phone again they have one.

  2. Oscar says:

    I hope this phone comes out for T-Mobile…But i cant help but notice it says “XT701” what the difference this one and the “XT720” other than the camera?

  3. Cue says:

    I’m assuming that since XT720 runs HD Videos it will be a 1Ghz processor and the HDMI port for video playback.

    Unlockr: I tried following the one on some Chinese website (Thanks GOOGLE) to the best of my ability and I think there was an issue with the custom kernel so it failed. Hope to see yours soon just to make it official

  4. Oscar says:

    Thanks Cue.

  5. BL@Z3 says:

    Does this have a front facing camera?

  6. Cue says:

    thought id let you have a look since you’re the main source (IMO) for these things…

  7. Tumble says:

    It doesn’t look like it has Google Voice Search built in out of the box? According to my observation in the video. Usually there would be a mic in the Google search or am i mistaken?

  8. egeorge says:

    will it work in india ????will i get 3G speeds in india too???

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