Preview of the New TouchFlo on the HTC Touch HD2

So along with the new Touch HD2 release comes a new version of TouchFlo 3D that will be on the handset at release.

Some of the new features include:

  • Animated wallpapers (including a Weather Animated wallpaper)
  • Larger and higher resolution icons
  • Customizable link to programs, contacts, etc. from Home screen
  • Email widget looks more like Hero widget (no envelope so you can read more of the email)
  • Facebook integrating for pictures and videos to share them with Facebook
  • Footprints has been added
  • Twitter integration and Tab

Here is the video demo:

0 thoughts on “Preview of the New TouchFlo on the HTC Touch HD2”

  1. NOOOO!!! Why did they take the Rolodex away!!! ugh!! I liked that part. It was cool to watch the pics move and also the slider on the side. Oh well, average consumer wins this round. Maybe next time..*sigh*

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