How to Root the Nexus 5 (CF Auto Root Method)(Video)

Being a Nexus device usually means it’s quite easy to root and the new Nexus 5 is no exception. Using Chainfire’s CF-Auto_root app you can quickly root your Nexus 5 with a little program. Rooting, by the way, is the process of gaining full permissions on the device. This allows you to do all sorts of things from overclocking the CPU, to removing bloatware, altering programs, and even loading entirely different versions of the operating system If any of this sounds like something you might want to do with your Nexus 5, here’s how.

I. Before You Begin

  1. This will wipe your device.
  2. This procedure is for Windows devices but for Mac or Linux simply chmod the file and then run it via Terminal.
  3. Turn on USB Debugging by doing the following:
    1. Go to Settings > About Phone and tap on Build Number over and over until it says you are now a developer.
    2. Hit back.
    3. Tap on Developer Options.
    4. Turn ON USB Debugging.
  4. Download and Install the USB Drivers.

II. Root the Nexus 5

  1. Download the CF Auto Root program from the developer’s page here and save it to your Desktop (it’s in the second post on that page under Download).
  2. Right-click it and hit Extract All.
  3. Turn off the Nexus 5.
  4. Turn it back on by holding down Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power at the same time.
  5. Plug it in via USB cable.
  6. Double click the root-windows.bat file (or if using Mac, open Terminal from Applications > Utilities and type chmod +x then hit enter and then type ./ and hit enter to run it).
  7. Wait for it to finish and click any prompts on your phone that come up when asked to.

If this procedure helped you please thank/donate to the original developers here.

7 responses to “How to Root the Nexus 5 (CF Auto Root Method)(Video)”

  1. Dev E Das says:

    Can we un-root it if required? So that we get updates from Google?

  2. iagozdi212 says:

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  3. junior says:

    hello i rooted my device 2 months ago and then decided to install cynamogenmod hammerhead for nexus 5 -now phone is stuck with google sign and unlocked padlock and even in recovery mode nothing happens
    i tried to flash unroot but no luck
    Please help anyone i am desperate :0(

    • David Cogen says:

      Did you create a backup? You can flash it from recovery mode. Get into recovery and click restore and select the backup. If not, flash a different ROM from recovery (same way you should have flashed CM).

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