Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Rooted Nook Color

So after rooting the Nook Color, putting Android Froyo on it, and seeing how unexpectedly well it runs I wondered, “For half the price, why would you ever buy a Galaxy Tab?”. Well let’s put them side by side and find out. Feel free to leave comments below on what your thoughts are. Which would you go for?

20 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Rooted Nook Color”

  1. Current owner of the Samsung Vibrant, I would say much of the quadrant results has to do with how samsung has written Android with touchwiz, they both seem pretty good at responding to things and about the same same speeds in real life actions. I wouldn’t care so much for the camera as its a bigger device and most people who own a tablet probably own a cell phone as well and have a good enough camera on it. I was waiting on the specs for the iPad 2 and they’re not convincing enough so I’m gonna buy the Nook Color. Very easy procedure to root as well, thanx to all the devs!

  2. The Ipad is a great display of technology for technologies sack! Spend $200 more and a get areal PC. Why waste $699 on a limted Ipad. Folks need to wake up and stop throwing money away just because Apple says you should.

  3. I have 2 nooks, 1 running Gingerbread the other root stock… Once honeycomb AOSP is available it will blow the socks off Galaxy Tab IMHO.

  4. There’s an additional change you can make the NOOKColor easier to use:

    When the video mentions using ‘Softkeys’ to replace the standard Android buttons missing from the Nook, you don’t need to use the on-screen ‘softkey’ button, you can adjust the ‘Softkeys’ program so the Nook’s one ‘N’ button will bring up the standard Android buttons when you press it.

    Look on the NOOKDevs site for more information.

  5. Are peeps beginning to realize that iPad was designed as a rip-off?

    It’s just a laptop without the keyboard — that has to be cheaper to make. Maybe 50% cheaper?

    All the other laptop makers see that profit margin and jump on the band-wagon.

    So expect them to get a lot cheaper as *real* competition clicks in.

  6. The ad next to the video promotes a Galaxy Tab for $299. So, I would spend an extra $50 over the Nook for the extra camera and other original features.

  7. +1 for Nook Color… Running Phiremod 5.1 with OC kernel at 1100 and it runs amazing… you guys forgot to mention that the Galaxy now costs $299 BUT you still need to sign a 2 year contract for the 3G so the TCO is way higher still…

    I use my rooted Android 2.3.3 HD2 using Barnacle for 3G connectivity on the Nook…works perfect.

  8. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 wifi is $349 and no tax
    Nook Color is $249 with Tax.

    You’re looking at less that $100 difference for camera and 2x more memory .
    Author gets F minus in math or comparative shopping.

  9. Gillian Spence

     I opted for the Nook Color and rooted it.  With the addition of the button savior app; I am SO happy I saved the money.  I have a tablet I “made” and use my phone as a camera when I need it.  I love that the Nook can be used as a really large GPS in my car since I enabled wifi tethering on my phone.  

  10. The nookcolor is the way to go for me. it may not have 3g but it DOES have a usb…which the tab doesn’t (i was so disappointed when i found that out). AND i can tether with my 3g it’s not really that much of a loss. and i have no need of a camera on my tablet. NC WINS!!

  11. I just got a verizon 3g galaxy tab and I love it. say what you want….but galaxy tab is better and you know it

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