Samsung Infuse 4G Review

Samsung’s latest device on AT&T is a whopper. No, seriously, it’s got a 4.5″ screen and AT&T’s new 4G speeds. Curious as to how it stacks up? Well, that’s what we are aiming to find out in this quick review of the Samsung Infuse 4G.



  • Sleek, simple, and minimalistic
  • Larger because of screen size but doesn’t feel huge. Probably thanks to it’s very thin form factor.
  • 1.2 ghz Processor makes transitioning from app to app and scrolling very smooth


  • Quick to load
  • Added features over stock camera; panoramic mode, etc.
  • Image and video samples:
Image Samples
Video Sample

Data Speeds

At our Office in Brooklyn Heights, NY 4747kbps Down / 1162kbps Up

Battery Life

To test battery life, we use the device as if it were our own for a day. We make phone calls, surf the internet, read and respond to emails, text, etc. in a way that we think your average user of this device would. We wanted to test real world battery life and figured, while this way of testing has many variables, it is the closest to what an average user would actually experience and care about. We then determine how many hours off of the charger the device lasted before it completely died and post the results here:

Lasted 12 hours before completely dying.


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How To’s

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If you like large screened Android devices, want 4G speeds, and have AT&T, then this device is a great choice.

Please feel free to leave your own reviews of the device below in the comments!

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2 responses to “Samsung Infuse 4G Review”

  1. Amy Eichelberg says:

    I need this phone, despite it eclipsing 75% of my face with that amazing sized screen! Phone envy!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love this phone!

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