T-Mobile G2 Review

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  1. Seattleite says:

    Hey man, first off, just want to say thank you for this site! You’ve helped me and a bunch of my friends enjoy the freedom of a rooted device thanks to the time you take with your videos.

    Now my question for you is this; did the G2 you had/have in this video have the full 4GB, or are you like the majority (it would seem) that only wound up with 2GB? I ask only because I’ve yet to actually find online anyone reporting that theirs contained the full 4 gigs.

    Also, one way or the other, how do you feel about the fact that the memory ‘scandal’ even happened?

    Thanks for your time, and thanks again for all your awesome site!

    • TheUnlockr says:

      You are very welcome happy to help! Thanks for being a part of our humble site 🙂

      As for the G2 memory question. I think they all have 4GBs but what they don’t tell you is that part of it is used for ROM (including the full copy of the OS that replaces your OS when you alter it). So even though its 4GBs at least 2GBs are being taken up by all the OS stuff before you even turn it on.
      I actually mentioned this in the video, that’s why I only have under 2GBs when I first turned it on.

      As for the stupid HTC reloading the OS when you alter it, they say its a safety precaution which we all know is ridiculous. Its definitely to stop altering of the OS and I’m a little shocked to see this feature come from HTC. They usually have been good about not putting these kind of restrictions on their phones (unlike Motorola).
      Regardless though, I wouldn’t be that worried about it. I’m sure they’ll find a work around 🙂

  2. marcod says:

    Great in-depth review! It’s Total bull-crap that HTC is putting blocks to stop using ROMs. Isn’t that defeating the purpose of having Android as your OS?

  3. noticed you kept saying Megabytes when doing speedtest, Mbps = bits per second, big difference there

  4. Ryu says:

    Love the site and your reviews. I just picked up the g2 10/16/10 and love the phone. The one thing i was disappointed about was there was no wifi tethering. I’m really looking forward to rooting my G2 maybe but it would really be for the wifi tethering. Hopefully they will update it and have wifi tethering for it maybe but i’m not too worried about it. Since the G2 now have flash 10.1 now i can do almost anything i want like i could do on my pc. Hoping to see a fully stable rooted version in the near future.

  5. logan says:

    good review. love my g2. faster processor, phone is easy to navigate. the apps and games are fun for me and the family especially in the car. my unlocked gsm phones are great for my business, the wifi helps me get around on appointments and the email helps me keep in touch with my customers. definately not missing my old unlocked blackberry phones. simple. the screen is great for texting and emailing but if you get sick of that the scroll out keyboard is great. also the phone just looks slick and feels good in my pocket! 2 thumbs way up

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