Video: How to Get the Amazon Appstore on Your Android Device (Allied Content)

So you may not know this but the Play Store isn’t the only major hub where you can get apps from. Amazon has one, too. And, uniquely enough, Amazon has some interesting differentiators to set it apart from the Play Store as well.

How to Install the Amazon Appstore

So because the Play Store doesn’t allow other app stores, you have to go about getting the Amazon Appstore a little differently.

  1. First up, we need to allow apps from outside the Play Store to be installed on the phone. Head to Settings > Security > and then tap Allow Unknown Sources on.
    Unknown Sources
  2. Now, we need to get the app store file onto the phone so to do that, head to the link below from your Android phone:
    Amazon Appstore Download
  3. Once there, you can tap Download and it’ll save it to your phone.
  4. After it downloads, tap the download notification in the notification shade and it’ll install.
  5. Once installed, you can click Open to get to the app store and you’ll be able to get to it in the future from your regular app drawer like any other app.
  6. Once you open it, you’ll need to sign in with your Amazon account in order to use it, so do that.

Amazon Appstore Home Page


Now, that that’s installed and ready to go, let’s discuss some of its advantages.

Amazon Coins

First up, Amazon offers Amazon coins, a type of virtual currency that you can purchase from Amazon to then spend on apps, games, and in-app purchases in the Amazon App Store. Essentially these coins help save you money. Every 100 coins is worth $1, so a $0.99 app would cost 99 coins. The difference is, the more coins you buy the more of a discount you get. Sometimes they even run specials that increase these discounts, too. At the moment, you can see that you can get 500 coins for $4.50, 1000 for $8.80 and so on even getting 50,000 for just $375. If you’re a big gamer and spend a lot of money in-app, this can be a great way save a bit without having to do much.

Amazon Coins

In addition to that, Amazon regularly gives coin-back bonuses for specific in-app purchases. So if there’s a 20% Amazon Coins back offer on an in-app purchase of $19.99, you’d get back $3.99 in coins to use on future purchases.

Amazon Underground

Besides coins, Amazon has a unique section of their site that’s devoted to apps and games that are free called Amazon Underground. A lot of these are games and apps from the Play Store that actually cost money there, but in the Amazon Underground section they’re free.

Actually Free Banner

Not only are they free to download but a lot of them have free in-app purchases compared to their Play Store counterparts. You can see the apps that have these special free in-app purchases by a small badge that says Actually Free on the app icon in store.


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