Windows Mobile 7 First Look


Nice videos from Engadget on the new Windows Mobile 7 user interface. Talk about starting from scratch, that is exactly what Microsoft did here. Here’s the videos:

So the UI will definitely take some getting used to, but I think that’s a good thing. It means they did what they needed to do; take some risks, create completely new OS, and in doing so create a new mobile experience.

The most striking thing to me about the UI is how simple it is. There aren’t even backgrounds (or multiple colors in it for that matter). This is a big risk, but in my opinion one worth taking in the pursuit of being different and standing out. We’ll have to see how people react to see if it pays off though.

Some other things I liked were the Me tab. It puts all of the social networking into one place, not an entirely new concept I know, but it is nice to see “checking my social networking” as a one click process instead of going through your Facebook app, then your MySpace (if you are one of those that still uses MySpace), then your Twitter, etc.

So far so good I think, we’ll see later on what else Microsoft pulls out over the next few days at MWC.

Opinions so far? Android have some competition?


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  1. The dialer and onscreen text buttons neet updating. I think it could use some type of wall paper as well but I’m sure there is more to be seen. Looks good so far. I’m sure there will be ways of customising the phone to your needs. Thats the fun part right. Take it as it is and make it yours. Looking forward to something new. Currently have a G1. I like learning new platforms. And 4 me it all started with a palm treo650

  2. Hopefully it wont be eye candy up front and really cheesy underneath it all like that dial pad and text buttons. But maybe there will be downloads to enhabce these simple things. As long as we can customise it hopefully it’ll all be good

  3. I’m guessing that none of you have used a Zune HD. The interface is remarkably similar (for obvious reasons) and though it has so far lacked any means to personalize it beyond the lock screen it is beautiful and works very well.

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