Windows Phone 7 Collection of Full Previews

Windows Phone 7 is still a few months away from any hardware coming to consumers but that doesn’t mean some sites aren’t getting prototypes to show off. Here is a collection of Windows Phone 7 previews/videos for you to check out all in one place.

Please keep in mind that these are preview (not intended for retail sale units) and things can change between now and release as well as bugs worked out etc.

Slashgear’s 20 Minute Video Review

Here is their actual written preview as well.

Engadget’s Preview

Engadget takes a good long look at the preview device from Samsung they were allowed to put through it’s paces. Complete with images and videos. Check it out here.

BoyGeniusReport’s ¬†Preview

BoyGeniusReport takes a crack at a preview as well complete with images, but no videos. Check it out here.

MobileCrunch’s Preview

Another written preview like BGR’s with images but no videos. Click here to view.

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  1. I own Motorola Milestone but I have to admit I love the interface… it seems pretty smooth… going thru the function is like flipping expensive hard cover book… very very nice… I hope Android 2.2 will have this kind of smooth interface…

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