How To: Root the HTC Legend (Updated 12.13.10)

UPDATE: This procedure is now obsolete. Please try this post here on XDA and follow those instructions instead. Please also contact us and let us know if it works for you so we can update this procedure for others.

I. Before You Begin


2. This will erase all the data on your phone so please at least sync your contacts with Google before continuing.

3. You must have HTC Sync version 2.0.33, not a newer version. Uninstall HTC Sync and install this version instead.

II. Create a Goldcard

1. Do our How To Create a Goldcard procedure and create a goldcard for your phone. Once you have it created, put the goldcard into the phone and come back to this procedure and continue.

III. Flash the Rooted ROM

1. Download the Rooting Tools

Legend Rooting Tools

2. Unzip them to the C: drive on your computer (so the file path is C:\r4-legend-root\)

3. Turn off your phone and turn it back on by holding down Back and Power until you see Fastboot come up on the screen. Push the Power button while highlighting Fastboot on the phone and Fastboot should show up in red now on the phone (if it doesn’t push Power again until it does).

4. Plug the phone in via USB cable to the computer.

5. Open the folder you extracted to the C drive and double click “step1-windows.bat” and wait for it to finish.

6. Once you see the menu on the phone come back up, navigate to BOOTLOADER and push power, then navigate to RECOVERY using the volume buttons to navigate and the power button to select and the phone should boot to the ! screen.

7. Now on the computer double click the “step2-windows.bat” file and wait for it to finish. (UPDATE 12.13.10 – You MUST have HTC Sync version 2.0.33 not a newer version for step2 to work. Please uninstall HTC Sync and download and install this version instead, unplug then plug your phone back in, then rerun step2-windows.bat).

8. Now you should see a custom recovery screen, using the optical trackpad navigate to Wipe and push on the trackpad to select it. Then navigate to Wipe data/factory reset and select that.

9. Once that is done, push volume down to go back to the main menu and select Flash zip from sdcard and select the file and wait for it to flash. All done, you have root access and can use any root required app! Enjoy!

IV. Load a Custom ROM etc (Optional)

1. Head over to our How To Load a Custom ROM on the HTC Legend procedure and continue with that to load custom ROMs and other fun stuff!

Thanks to Paul at Modaco for his awesome scripts!

  • Alex

    Has anyone managed to successfully root a Vodafone branded handset with a software number of
    I don’t want to risk bricking my 2 month old phone!

  • howard

    i am stuck on the bit where you click step 2 it appears for a few seconds and then goes
    i have run it as administrator and the phone just stays on that one screen
    i print screened the command prompt just before it closed and it says device not found

    i am running software number

  • John

    hi, i have a 16gb sdcard that can’t be turned into a goldcard or it doesnt work. if i buy a 2bg kingston sdcard and turn it into a goldcard, can i use my other sdcard after i root it?

  • Hossein

    Hi Guys ,
    I have same problem whit step7 . I start the bat file “step2-windows.bat” and it say this command

    error: device not found
    error: device not found
    pushing update file to device sdcard – this may take a few minutes…
    error: device not found
    error: device not found

    and after that it close and nothing happened . please help me and let me know what shall I do ?

  • e1to

    same issue here!!

    error: device not found
    error: device not found
    pushing update file to device sdcard – this may take a few minutes…
    error: device not found
    error: device not found

    Help please!!

  • Privateer

    Hi guys,
    I wouldn’t normally write on things like this but I have spent enough time dicking around trying to get my phone rooted as well and I have found the solution as to why the steps above keep failing… I had the exact same problem – I THINK it is because we are all on software version 1.32xxx and this tutorial is on 1.31xxx.

    I found a way to solve it:
    follow the steps exactly on the first post of the page at this address…
    to ‘downgrade’ your phone to 1.31xxx and then do everything as per the video above.
    It also can’t hurt to run those .bat files as administrator in the old right click menu if your on win7.

    I just downgraded my UK Vodafone Legend that was fully software’d up to date as of today (27/06/10) so I’m assuming that its on software 1.32xxx etc and using the instructions in that link downgraded it then followed the American chap’s instructions to the letter and all worked.

    Good luck!

    p.s. I’m afraid I can’t help with any other tech questions relating to this – this is just how I fixed my Legend problem and I thought I’d share the info in case it helps any one else!

    • Fernando – Brazil

      IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I had ROM 2.05 (French phone from SFR) and was having the same problem with step 7, always getting a “device not found” message. I spent a whole day trying to redo the procedure with differents SD cards, on different computers with different OS (7 and XP) but nothing worked.

      When I was giving up I read this downgrade stuff and followed all the steps, did the root process again and it finally WORKED!!

      Thanks guys!

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  • meltz

    Will i get to keep the default rom when i root my legend or once rooted i must install a custom rom ? thanks

    • Bob

      All those stuck on step 6th start up your phone with the power and volume down button Instead work for me!

      • Bob

        Melts you get to keep your current rom

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  • Mark G


    You need to create a new goldcard (from the new CID) if you try a different SDCard.

    In otherwords, the goldcard is specific to the SDCARD, not the phone!!! (or perhaps the phone too…)

    • Mark G,

      That is correct! It is specific to the sdcard not the phone, so if you use a different SD card you need to create a new goldcard with the new cid of the sd card. Also that means that if you make one goldcard, you can keep using it on different devices in the future if you need to.

      • theunlockr,
        i’m still didn’t root my HTC Legend, but when try to open Recovery its open by going to recovery from Fastboot screen, qst thing its not working direct, its show screen with forbidden logo, but when holding volume up key with power its open recovery!!
        does the new Legend coming with Recovery version?? i’ve HTC Magic before and it dosen’t?
        anyway will do the above steps to root my Legend,
        but pls advice once i root it can i return it again to the curent recovery? and can i backup the curent room from HTC?

        thanks in advanced

  • Sean

    Hi, I already updated my legend firmware to 2.1-update 1, software number 2.05.707.1 which i downloaded from HTC support. does work on my phone?

  • Sam

    Hi, thanks for the guide.
    Just finished and it worked, but it took som time and a think i had every single issue that people talked about. This is how i fixed them on win7 32bit. First of all people should know that USB drivers in windows work very strange somethimes, it does help to change usb port or dissconnect everything “extra” from the PC for me that meant external harddrive and external writer and the i-pod. But sometimes not even this help, for flashing SE phones or x-box i HAVE to use a fresh xp install or they will hangup. So XP does help sometimes.

    For goldcard i hade to use 0 instead of 1, and its very important to choose Removable Disk and not logical took me sometime to understand this after a couple of tries=) For root i had to disconnect everything and choose another usb port and delete some old USB drivers. Other then that i used my htc legends sd card and used the phone as an drive.

  • limbusun

    Thank you so much.It was as smooth as was shown in the video tutorial.

  • mean122

    Guys if you have some problems with “device not found” or “failed to connect daemon” just reboot your PC then instal the latest Droid explorer with your Legend pluged in an go ahead from the start of rooting legend.

  • Arun

    Hi unlockr,
    Recently bought HTC legend and with the specifications mentioned below
    Firmware version
    2.1-update 1
    Baseband version
    Kernal version
    htc-kernal@and18-2 #1
    Build number
    2.05.720.1 CL191838 release keys
    Software number
    Browser version
    Webkit 3.1
    i have been through the youtube link and downloaded r4-legend-root
    will this work for me.
    Please Help.

    • Arun

      H-BOOT version is 0.43
      will this work for me.please help

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  • Andy

    well i have finally rooted my legend, as much as this tut has helped, i really think it should be up-dated to include things like having to downgrade the phone, which was easy enough, but took a while to find the information out, but cheers

  • Valveless

    On’ce I’ve done this will I need to keep the goldcard in my phone all the time?

    • Valveless,

      Nope, you can take it out or you can just use it as a normal SD card.

  • Ttheunlockr,
    i’m try many time to root my legened by above ways and by Legend root tols but alwyes failed??
    pls help how to root it and what i’ve to do? somebody informed that i’ve to downgrade Radio?? i don’t like this way and don’t want to downgrade my Radio?
    my Legend details as below

    thanks in advanced
    my mail add

  • Modi

    I’d like to thank the owners of this subject, really a great efforts.
    but this S/W doesn’t support Arabic language.

    • Don’t know what you’re meaning of Supporting Arabic??
      till now i can’t Root my Legend and failed to do it? could you help or any one advice and help me?