How To: UnRoot Your MyTouch 3G/MyTouch 1.2 MyTouch and Get Back to Cupcake (Updated 04.19.10)


1. Download the correct .nbh file for your device and rename it to sappimg.nbh if necessary (make sure it is sappimg.nbh and NOT sappimg.nbh.nbh or anything else)

NBH File (Works for the Old MyTouch)

Zip File (Works for the new MyTouch w/ 3.5mm headphone jack) RENAME IT TO (not, just sappimg and its a .zip file!) Thanks Caesar for sending this in!

2. Save the sappimg.nbh/ file to your SD card. As always, do not place it in any folder on the SD card, just on the SD card.

3. Put the SD card into the phone and turn the phone on by holding down Volume Down and Power.

4. Push the trackball down on that screen and wait for it to pick up the Sappimg.nbh.

5. Push the trackball to begin, it should automatically update from there.

6. Once the flashing is fully complete, reboot the phone. DONE!

Reported Issues

Issue: Phone says that the wrong Main Version is Older or Wrong Model ID…

Solution: Use our Goldcard Method instead.

  • robert g

    hey guys i just got the internet plan for my mytouch and the lady on customer care told me i hav to wait like 24-48 hours to get through the google sign in screen… that true please some help some that experience it already… please help

  • anthony

    what if i bricked my mt3g and i dont have a card reader plus i just took Amon RA’s recovery image and replaced it with cyanogen 1.4 which has no option to enter usb mode!!!!????

    • Anthony,

      Then I would either go get a card reader ($5 or less most places and it is good to have) or find a friend with a phone you can put you card into so you can put a ROM on it and then put it back into your phone, boot into recovery, and then wipe and flash the new rom.

  • Leo

    Hi Theunlockr, Im being so concern! i would like to unroot on new mytouch 3g, i got a new phone 3 last weeks i think. i wonder if I roots on your website then it will be work after root? Is better to buy a new SD then download on your roots? instead of waste time to wipe and start over SD. What is your opinion better is buying a new SD?

  • jake

    don’t do this if you don’t have a data plan (like me) and are afraid of getting stuck on the “Welcome to” screen (where you enter your google account info. It requires a data plan.

    Now, if you happen to have a friend’s data-equipped sim card handy, you can use it… but so far as I see I’m SOL after following this guide.

    (Please put this in the issues if you have no way around. I know several people running Android without data plans.)

  • jake

    Alright, so I got my phone rooted. Had to hunt down a friend’s sim card, though after the above process stranded me (wish we could get around this already).

    For anyone else in my situation, who is worried about being stranded without a way to activate your android phone (because of no data plan or internet connectivity), the newer rooted ROMs you’ll be flashing come with a “skip activation” option — that way you can get into the phone and turn on wifi before you enter your google username/password.

    At least amonRA’s ROM comes with the option:

  • Parker


    I have a mytouch 3g that was rooted to a hero. It was very laggy so I want to un root and can not get it to work. I have tried formating my sd and redownloading the sappimg multiple times but my phone will still not find it. Every time I try to redo it my phone will seach and find nothing. Do you have any tips for me because I have done every step in your video more than once and still have no use out of my phone. Thanks

  • Brian

    Hi Unlockr,
    First – Thanks for all you do!!! I started with a never rooted donut G1 – wanting to downgrade and root. Loading the Dreaimg.nbh file went fine, and then the cupcake update went fine. Now Im back at signing in to google, and I keep getting “Cant establish a reliable data connection to the server”. I tried a hard reset, and another sim…same problem. I have 3/4 bars, and 3g apparently. Help:(

  • James

    the megaupload site is not working …… Where else can i find the file?

  • dominique

    thank you so much this is my first time rooting and i needed to go back to 1.5 and it worked perfectly thanks the unlockr…..

  • PorchSong

    I noticed you are running Haykuro 1.33.2005 SPL — when you unroot to stock, does your SPL go back to 1.33.0006?

    I have not unrooted, nor need to, but was wondering if SPL reverted back as well. I have the Haykuro 1.33.2005 SPL as well and did not know if the .nbh image wiped and changed everything.

    • Porchsong,

      The .nbh will revert the SPL in most cases.

  • Will

    @ The Unlockr: Okay here’s my problem. I’ve done your process as well as others. Well now I accidentally flashed an old recovery image and when I tried to port a rom onto the phone it failed and then it bricked. I went and bought a sd adapter and now the factory sd card wont even read on my computer. Is there anything else I can do to fix this before putting in for another phone? PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP. MONEY IS LOW AND GETTING A NEW PHONE IS OUT OF MY REACH RIGHT NOW.

    • Will,

      Use a different computer is the only advice I can give if your computer cant see the SD card (that has nothing to do with our procedures, that’s your computer or the SD card).
      If anything try to put it in a computer and then format it using Windows. Then put a new ROM on the card, boot into recovery and wipe then flash.
      Good luck!

      Post in the technical support forums if you have any other issues!

  • jessie

    when i try to unroot it says no image found????
    what do i have o do to get my phone back to normal

    • Jessie,

      Read the reported issues. Format the SD card.

  • jamal

    i have a damaged sd card wat do i do????

  • jamal

    will i be able to update to donut 1.6 once this is done? also wat do i do with the apk file and the other files i have downloaded to my sd to root the phone?

  • jamal

    i still have all the files ive downloaded to root the phone on my sd card. can i just delete them all including the nbh file?

    • Jamal,

      Once you are done with the unrooting and you get back to cupcake (1.5) then you can delete all the files and just wait for the 1.6 update to come over the air.

  • jamal

    even the nbh file? and ok thank you

  • jamal

    also how long do you think it would take for 1.6 to come?

  • Hey stock mytouch won’t downdate to 1.5 it says main image older never rooted came with donut grrr sappimg.nbh tried it

    • Bran,

      We’ve used this procedure on a stock MyTouch with 1.6 no problem. Try redownloading the file and trying again.
      If you have any other issues, please feel free to post in the technical support forums.

  • Adrian

    do you need a goldcard ? or can you just plug in your usb and do the file moving from the computer to sd from there ?

    • Adrian,

      No need for a goldcard. It is a signed update so the phone excepts it just fine without one.
      Good luck!

  • same problem as bran and travis: Main Version is Older

    Lmk if anyone comes up with a fix.