How To Load a Custom ROM on an Android Device

Ready to flash some custom ROMs on your Android device? Here’s a little generic walkthrough to give you a better understand of the concept, it’s prerequisites, and get you from beginning to end without any headaches.

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I Before You Begin.

1. Want more info on what a ROM is? Head to our glossary of terms and get familiar with all this jargon.

2. You might have been linked to this procedure from one of our other How To’s, namely rooting procedures. Either way, this procedure is meant to give you a solid overview so you may have already done some of these steps (I’ll mention which ones as we go). If you came from elsewhere and haven’t done the mentioned steps, don’t panic. Just follow the adjacent links as you go. As always, if you have any issues, please post here in the comments or in the forums for help.

II. Root Your Device

First and foremost, you need root access. Root access is essentially getting the phone to give us permissions to change what we want.

1. If you don’t have root access or never rooted your phone, then head to our how to’s here and find your android device to look for a procedure that’ll work for you. If you don’t find your exact device, then Google for how to root it, finish that and return here to continue.

III. Flash a Custom Recovery Image (skip if when you rooted you flashed a custom recovery already)

Next thing needed after rooting is a custom recovery image. All Android devices have a recovery partition. This is essentially a section of the device’s memory devoted to a very basic recovery system that is separate from the normal operating system. This is normally used by manufacturers for recovering a broken device (as even if the operating system crashes, the recovery image has a chance of still being access and used to reflash the operating system, etc.).

Because of that function of flashing the operating system, once we have root access, we can use it to flash our own versions of the operating system. Before it’ll do that though, we need to replace the original recovery image with a custom one that has a lot more functionality.

Some devices, however, do not have custom recovery images for them. Either a developer hasn’t created one yet, or there just isn’t an easy way to flash it. If your device is one of these, then do not try and flash another recovery as it could mess up your device. Just be patient for one to come out, or accept the fact that there just isn’t one for your device.

1. After you have root access, you can flash a recovery. Some root procedures actually do this while you are gaining root access. If at any point during the rooting tutorial you flashed anything called ClockworkMod, TWRP, or any other custom recovery, you have it already and can skip this step. I try to make sure that all of the tutorials I do here on the site for root also show you how to flash the custom recovery at the end of the tutorial.

2. For everyone else that doesn’t have a custom recovery, Google for your device name and custom recovery and you should find a tutorial on how to flash it for your device. Do so and return here to continue. Again, please do not flash a recovery that is not specifically designed for your exact device or it could mess up the phone.

IV. Load a Custom ROM

Now that we have root access and a custom recovery image, we need to find a ROM we want to flash. Thanks to the amazing third party developers (most of which do this in their spare time), there are a bunch of ROMs to choose from. All of them have their own pros and cons and tweaks and themes, so you should try a few to decide which you’d prefer.

1. Head to our ROM Repository and find your Android device to be presented with all of the ROMs we’ve found for your device. Then follow the download links to see their features and download the .zip file for the ROM to your computer.

2. After you download the .zip to your computer, plug in your device via USB cable.

3. Copy the .zip file to the SD Card (do NOT extract it, just copy the whole zip file).

4. Unplug your device.

5. Now, open ROM Manager again.

6. Select Reboot into Recovery and wait for the device to reboot.

7. Once in recovery mode, use the volume buttons to navigate and power button to select Backup and Recovery.

8. Then select Backup and hit yes to confirm. Wait for it to finish backing up your current system (this will save you if something goes wrong).

9. Select Wipe Data / Factory Reset.

10. Select Flash zip from sdcard.

11. Select Choose zip from sdcard.

12. Find the ROM we copied to the sdcard in .zip format and select it. Then select yes to confirm. Wait for it to finish flashing.

13. Select Reboot System Now. Once it reboots (which will take a while the first time), you’ll be running the new ROM.

To flash a different ROM, just redo all the steps in Section IV here. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment on the ROMs you try in the repository so others can see what they’re all about.

As always, if this procedure helped you please thank/donate to the developers. You can thank the developers of the ROMs you like through their donate links found where you downloaded the ROM from.

Hope that helped and let me know if you need further clarification.

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167 thoughts on “How To Load a Custom ROM on an Android Device”

    1. These guys will not help,o some where else.And it’s shocking so many people having problems,feel sorry for them.I am sure they followed word for word step by step.

  1. Hello! I followed all your steps and i encountered a problem. I have a HTC MyTouch 3G that runs on Android 2.2 Froyo. I downloaded the ginger yoshi ROM and put it onto my SD Card. When i go back into ROM manager, i rebooted my device into recovery mode. When i do that my phone reboots but fails to access recovery mode and im forced to reinsert my battery and turn on the device. I did select the right model before flashing a custom image. Any help here?

    1. It simply means that the ClockworkMod Recovery isn’t available for your device at the moment.

      When the Recovery for your device arrives, you should be able to see it in the ROM Manager.

      1. are can i select lg ally from list.. my mobile similar to lg ally.. mine have optical touch home,back etc below of screen and lg ally have buttons thats it

  2. I don’t think I flashed a custom recovery image properly. The “Flash ClockworkMod Recovery and choose your device” process produced an error message. Stupidly, I proceeded anyway and loaded a custom ROM “Simplistic 3.0”. When I tried to boot up the phone, it gets stuck and the screen displays “HTC simply Rooted”. It doesn’t go any further than that. I tried restoring factory settings, without success. I receive the same “HTC simply Rooted” message and the phone is stuck.

  3. So I accidentally hit load rom with sideload or whatever it is. Now I am stuck on the screen and it says it is waiting for me to load it with sideload. 1.) How do I get off this screen and load it how the video says or 2.) How can I load it from the sideload?

    1. Remove your battery, plug it back in.

      Depending on what phone you got, you should be able to boot into the bootloader by holding down Volume Down when you reinsert your battery and power it back on. Use the Volume buttons and the Power button to select Recovery and you should be back inside CWM.

      Remember to wipe EVERYTHING inside CWM, including the Dalvik Cache.

  4. when I click on flash clockworkmodrecovery it says “error while downloading from server.please make sure that you have a stable internet connection and that your sd card is inserted and have free space” what do i do please help!!

  5. Hello, when I flash ClockworkMod Recovery, it asks if I have installed a ClockworkMod based recovery manually. When I answer no, it says that it doesn’t support my device (Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos/Samsung GT-S6102). I have already rooted my phone. Any help, please?

  6. This Is The first Guide That Is In terms I Can Understand. Thank You So Much. I Just Rooted My Old Phone And Want To Install A ROM. All Other Instructions Seemed Very Complicated. If Someone Already Knew What All Those Things Meant, They Wouldn’t Need To Search How To Install A ROM. Sorry About The CapitAlization: Something With My Keyboard

  7. when i am updating CM 10.1 Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean to my phone ,i am getting error that “some changes failed (status 7)” then “installation aborted”
    please help me…
    i had farmated my phone three to four times due to this error…………….help me……

  8. How long should rebooting take? It’s been half an hour now. It got stuck at the samsung galaxy r splash screen.

    1. cant take that long try to restore your backup you should have made in clockworkmod recovery

  9. and also when i try to flash new ROM it says trying to update and aborts the installation
    plz help

  10. Hi i have already rooted my phone Xperia Mini ST15i and installed Xparts my question is if i want to install some custom rom which rom can i install as i cudn’t find rom’s for my mobile. Will Xperia X10 mini rom’s Works for me ?

  11. I don’t have my device listed in the Clockwork mod recovery thing. What shoud I do? Please help 🙁

    1. It’s because your device isn’t officially supported by the ClockworkMod Recovery. You may check back in future to see if the recovery becomes available, or you can try flashing a different recovery instead, TWRP Recovery, for example.

      Hope it helps!

  12. Hello,

    I have a HTC Legend.
    I’ve followed your instructions on “Rooting” – Worked.
    Followed your instructions on “How To Load a Custom ROM on an Android Device”.
    Everything worked, but…


    I’ve made a factory reset, cleaned Dalvik, cache and everything else…
    and yet, it loops!

    Please help me,

  13. Hey,
    I have a Droid X2. I rooted the device following your instructions.
    I installed the newest version of ROM Manager, V.
    After it was installed I go to top menu item which isn’t flash recovery, it is now called recovery setup.
    I click on install/update recovery.
    I choose my device and then click on the Flash ClockworkMod Recovery.
    It loads and says “Successfully flashed ClockworkMod recovery!”
    I have already downloaded the newest version of the CyanogenMod 10 ROM and put it on the SD card.
    I go back to ROM Manager and click install ROM from SD Card.
    I Navigate to the zip file and click on it.
    I check the boxes for Backup Existing ROM and Wipe Data and Cache.
    Then I click Reboot and Install.
    The phone reboots but won’t go into recovery mode. It just does a full reboot and restarts normally.
    Am I doing something wrong? I have played around and even when I go into ROM Manager and just click reboot into recovery, it does the same thing. Just a full reboot. it never goes into the ClockworkMod Recovery.
    Please help a brother out!

    1. Do you know of any custom roms for the lg g flex? Iv bee. Checkin around and cant find any for my phone

      1. Bro, we are still waiting for the custom rom of g flex. hope so it will released unofficially very soon.

  14. so it says “1. Head to our ROM Repository
    and find your Android device to be presented with all of the ROMs we’ve
    found for your device. Then follow the download links to see their
    features and download the .zip file for the ROM to your computer” and of course there is no roms for this phone… what gives? before i got one every website on earth had 50 roms for this phone, and now NO ONE has even one single rom, whats the point of rooting the HTC EVO design 4g if there are no roms?

  15. I Have a Lava Etab Z7H a rooted ICS Tablet
    I tried installing jellybean.I have clockworkmod recovery
    I installed those as per your instructons but after installing it when i click reboot, the screen becomes white with lines
    Help me with this issue

  16. I have a zte warp and idk what I did wrong I got to 6 now its been stuck there for a good 20 minutes theni plugged it in and it made the plug in noise so I automatically unplugged it now its just black idk why but I hit power button for 3seconds.

    What can I possibly do?

  17. mhedz obsequio

    please help. everytime i reboot into recovery, it will boot but just displays “Secure booting error Cause: boot certification verify” then a line of numbers are presented vertically “5080 5080 5080 5080 5080 5080”..

  18. m in serious problem now.. help me guys. m very new user to android. i use gt-s5300 recently i rooted my device and thought of upgrading it to jellyblast, so downloaded the file and placed it in the sd-card then to start the device into recovery mode i pressed vol-up,power and home buttons then i clicked install update from sd card and choose the zip file. Every thing went fine installation was completed so i rebooted the device but it stuck on the animation logo. Is my procedure alright?? HELP ME Please !!

  19. proceeded every point as said by this page at the last moment after pressing yes to “install custom zip” in recovery mode am getting a failure report called “assert failure” and at the last it say “installation aborted” how to overcome this any solution friends

  20. Just tried to flash a new Cyanogen ROM and my LG Mytouch e739 is stuck and I cannot access CWM, I have tried various combinations of powering and holding the Volume Down button and then after 3 seconds holding menu and back buttons but no luck. Any suggestions?

  21. I have sony xperia s and my device is not supported with rom manager and “Flash recover” is not appearing!!
    Is there another method to flash?
    What if i proceed to install a rom from sd without Flashing CWM Recovery?!!

  22. Using the Optimus Slider, can CWM based recovery be updated? or is it best to stick with the “CWM based recovery” also, do you have instructions for restoring the stock ROM? Thanks!

  23. How do you copy the zip file to internal storage?
    my device is stuck with CWM and FASTBOOT only.. 🙁

  24. i have created a backup of previous version 2.3 and to restore that.. how to do that?

    can someone help?

  25. For starters, I’m a bit new to the custom rom scene, but have a lot of experience with most other Android tinkering.
    I’m having a little trouble and input would be GREATLY appreciated. This is how everything goes for me (What am i missing?):
    Droid 3 rooted – success
    Install clockwork mod recovery – success
    Boot into clockwork mod recovery – success
    Wipe data/ factory reset/ wipe cache – success
    Choose any of several droid 3 custom rom zip files – says successfully installed
    Reboot my phone – Starts up with fresh install of the default factory rom like I did nothing but factory reset

  26. Felix Vulpes

    Hey. Got an Razri. I installed the ROM and rebooted. Now the phone is stuck in the “WARNING Bootloader Unlocked” screen. Should I be worried? The article says that once the new rom is installed the first reboot “will take a while”. I just have a horrible feeling about this… Any words of comfort?

  27. I have done it and now my phone dont start at all (no LED signal), just vibrate, but nothing happends.

  28. but if in point 9 i do a factory reset, won’t the backup (done in point 8) be delated?

  29. Not sure where I went wrong. Followed the instructions word for word letter for letter. I was able to unlock my boot loader, able to root and was able to get the recovery up. ROM Manager wouldn’t reboot into recovery mode when I told it to, so I just rebooted my phone into recovery using cmd prompt. I was able to make a back-up, which is restorable. Was able to wipe everything and I was able to get my phone to say it’s installing a .zip. Problem is that it just sits there with the white screen with green “HTC” letters after re-booting. It never actually loads the new rom. I’ve tried two different roms as well. If anyone could point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated. Contact me a “willhcarlson a gmail dot com” please.

  30. It seems like most people are having the same problem; their phones are stuck at the flash screen while rebooting after flashing a rom. I’m sure you guys have a trick up your sleeve to remedy this problem. It’d be helpful to get some feedback as to where we all went wrong. If anyone’s figured out a cure, shoot me an email or post it here. Been up all night following these instructions. It’d be nice to see my phone turn on with a new ROM.

  31. I decided to check and see if i have proper root access with Root Checker Basic. Says I don’t. I know I followed these instructions word for word. What’s the problem here guys?

  32. How long is “a while” dude? Because after getting this thing for sure rooted, I tried flashing INFECTION 2.1 and this time it brought up the Cyanogen Mod big loading ring flash screen. I waited about 15 minutes before deciding it was hung up and rebooted. The next time it didn’t even get to there… Trying a different rom now…

  33. God damnit I can’t get ANYTHING to fucking work. SOMEONE reply with some help for christs sake!

  34. Jordan Acedera

    Hey, thanks for the tutorial. I just hit “Reboot System Now” after I flashed the CFW. I know you said it will “take a while the first time”. How long exactly is awhile? I have a Droid Incredible 2, flashing the latest stable Cyanogenmod release. I think it’s been on the htc logo screen for about 15 minutes now, no joy. I’m probably going to remove the battery and restore the backup in case this doesn’t work.

  35. Jordan Acedera

    Hey all, I found a fix for the stall on the boot screen. Source:

    This guy added an extra step to the process, basically from what I gather, I was missing the “boot.img” from my Droid Incredible 2. After flashing the CFW onto your phone, reboot back into the bootloader and connect your phone to your PC via USB. From the ZIP folder containing the CFW, extract “boot.img” to the same folder where your fastboot.exe is. Open a command prompt from this folder, then type:

    fastboot flash boot boot.img

    and hit enter. Reboot your phone after the boot.img file is flashed, and you should be good to go. Hope that helps, it definitely helped me out.

  36. Gnanem Bennington

    Sir i hv a xperia u! wen i go into the rom manager nd den into clockworkmod recovery, my device is not listed! it asks the version wich i dunno whether it s 2.x or 3.x+ pls help!

  37. hello, I want upgrade my SE Xperia Mini (E10i) to Android 4.0 ICS. Do I need custom flash ROMS for an upgrade?. Thanks lot.

  38. So i went into recovery mode and pressed restore then it started to boot up normally, but the it just went in a loop saying LG. So i removed the battery and now i cant start my phone 🙁 Should i have wiped dat before i restored the backup?

  39. sony xperia tipo dual :
    In my ROM Manager
    Reboot into Recovery
    Once in recovery mode, took Backup

    Select Wipe Data / Factory Reset
    Flash zip from sdcard

    Find the ROM I copied to the sdcard in .zip format and select
    Then select yes to confirm and finish flashing.
    Select Reboot System Now

    but nothing show up .. tried volume key + power button but that will only give me blue /green led and what so ever no display at all.

    tried connecting the usb cable on laptop n i got the connection beep sound with green led looks like its charging but won’t show the removable drive.

    please help…

    thanks but advance.

  40. Hello, my name is Josh and I just rooted my HTC Evo V 4g, I’m kindof new to the rooting world and any help would be appreciated. The problem that I have is that when I try to flash a custom ROM it always says: Failed, Skipping MD5 check: no Md5 file found.
    assert failed: getprop(“ro.bootloader”) == “1.04.200″
    E:Error executing updater binary in zip ‘/sdcard/shoot
    Error flashing zip.
    I’m pretty sure that I installed everything correctly but it just won’t flash, I am running the Team Win Recovery Project v2.5.0.0, HBOOT-1.58.0000 S-ON Unlocked, I tried to flash JellyBAM v. 7.6.2 and P.A.C man JB. v23.0.0. Some one please help me! :/

  41. Antidius Slay

    hello my name is antidius slay from tanzania, a main problem that i have is that, i want to know a program that used to frash any phone.thanx

  42. I cant seem to install the ROM. It keeps saying it is not verified. I have the samsung galaxy tab on froyo

  43. Help my phone is stuck on the bootlogo after pressing the boot in recovery mode and then super mode came on and then my phone rebooted and now its stuck on the boot logo HELP!!!

  44. Roy van Gestel

    This worked! Was stuck on HTC boot logo. After the boot.img routine it rebooted into CM quite quivkly! Thanks a bunch!

  45. What if when I click on flash recovery on the ROM Manager App and my phone model is in the list what do I do, cos that is my case. I have Tecno phantom A commonly known as Tecno F7. So pls help me. Thanks

  46. Do not flash a custom recovery image using ROM Manager( or, as I call it, ROM Scrambler ) because it won`t work and when you try to load a custom ROM it will bootloop in a broken recovery mode… the only way to start your phone after that is to plug it to yout pc holding down the volume key( in S/W Update ) and hold the power button for 10 seconds.
    You MUST install the ClockWorkMod recovery as described in a previous article or you will permanently damage your recovery mode!



    1. not really deadlock, most of the times, the kernel will be bundled in the ROM and in case of custom ROMs, sometimes there will be tweaked kernel included to improve performance, battery life, etc.

  48. I’m trying to flash a rom to a Samsung Fascinate and every time I do I it aborts the installation. I’m rooted, but can’t seem to flash a rom. I’ve followed the directions listed above, but have not had any success in flashing a rom. Any advice?

    1. do you have a custom recovery (ClockworkMod or TWRP) installed on your device, Steve? Make sure that you do as flashing a rom (custom or stock) in stock recovery usually doesn’t work!

      1. Hi Dax, Yes, I have ClockworkMod installed. I discovered some additional instructions on the XDA Developers site, so I’m going to try them out to see if I can get it to work.


  49. hi, so the ROM manager said it cannot detect my phone which is LT18i . why is that? thanks for replying.

  50. hello i just got a acer liquid mt (s120) with android 2.3.6
    i have never roota phone , zo i realy dont know what this dose.
    if i put on a rom do i get a higher version of android or is 2.3.6 the max for this type of phone?
    i hope ppl will help me out.

  51. I loaded the cyanongen Mod 10 on my Samsung galaxy III T-999(tmobile).My version of Android 4.2.2, CM version: 10.1.3-RC2-d2tmo. It looks like something loaded but i dont see any
    Google apps, Rom Manager or Google Play. Is this the way it should look? How do i get google play so i can load more apps?
    Help !!!

  52. Hi everyone im a newbee on android phones i have an huawei honor 2 1gb ram version running android 4.0.4 the phone was just fine and works perfectly but yesterday when i turned it on after a battery recharge all the aps began to close, a lot of messgaes saying ” sorry the ****** app has closed” its not usable this way because i cant even enter to the internet explorer, i tried to make a backup from the original recovery and i get an error message and nothig happend, i tried to install the custom recovery or chinese version of it but again it fails, i cant load it to the cellphone, please help!

  53. Hi.
    I have a Huawei Ascend II (865) Model for use with Cricket.
    I have previously rooted, and downgraded from 2.6 to 2.3.3
    I have ROM manager premium, as well as already flashed clockwork recovery.
    Completed all prior steps, now once I select reboot into recovery via ROM manager, in order to install the custom ROM (in this case a2tude) my phone restarts, shows the stock HUAWEI screen, but stays stuck on this screen and will not go past.

  54. Hi, I just rooted my Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini – E10i – 2.1.1.A.0.6 firmware n installed d ClockworkMod Recovery n everything went smooth.

    But when I try 2 move any apps, installed or preinstalled (with Clean Master cleaner) 2 SD card, my mobile Restarts everytime n nothing happens.

    And when I try 2 uninstall any apps, installed or preinstalled it says “Uninstalling…” n stays at 0% n nothing happens.

    So is there any solution for this? Or do I av 2 uninstall both d root n d ClockworkMod Recovery?

    How 2 uninstall d ClockworkMod Recovery, If I have 2?


    1. I m not able to find ROM Manager in market from my Phone.

      I am having, Sony Xperia X10 Mini Pro. When I checked through PC, it says the ROM Manager available in market does not support my phone. I am stuck in this step.

      Can any one help me to continue to install the custom rom.

  55. Hello people,

    This may or may not apply to all the people who are facing the issue of their phones getting stuck at the manufacturers logo after an attempt to Flash a ROM. I have a samsung galazy fit and I faced the same problem wherein my phone got stuck at the SAMSUNG LOGO booting screen and refused to go any further. The only difference in my case was that, I was not even trying to Flash a ROM, I was actually trying to backup my current ROM from the Clockwork ROM manager after I first installed it. I had lost all hopes of it ever booting up again, and in an desperate attempt stumbled on the solution.

    I am guessing , during the FLASH process the STOCK ROM is replaced and if for some reasons the custom ROM wasn’t replaced right, the phone gets stuck at pre boot screen. So I figured why not try and FLASH clockwork again since my phone was still able to start up in “downloading mode”.

    So this is what I did:

    > Reseated the battery.

    > Switched on the phone in ”Downloading mode” (Press volume down + Home + Power )

    And then just followed the previous post about “Installing ClockworkMod Recovery on the Galaxy Fit”

    1. Power down your device.

    2. Extract the file you downloaded above to a folder on your desktop. This folder should now contain three files: Odin_Multi_Downloader_v4.42.exe, CWM_rfs.tar, and BENI_v1.0.ops.

    5. From the extracted folder, double-click on Odin_Multi_Downloader_v4.42.exe to run the tool.

    6. Tick the One Package checkbox under the Option section. The One Package button should now become active.

    7. Click on the One Package button, navigate to CWM_rfs.tar location, select it and click on Open to load it on to Odin.

    8. Click on the OPS button, navigate to BENI_v1.0.ops location, select it and click on Open to load it on to Odin.

    7. Hold the Volume Down + Home keys and power on your device to put
    your device into Download Mode. Connect your device using a USB cable
    and Odin should now recognize your device and light up the ID:COM field
    yellow to signify this. If not, reinstall the proper drivers and try

    8. Click on Start.

    Once the flash was complete, the phone rebooted and booted up normally to the home screen.

    Hope this helps. stay rooted 🙂

  56. on rom manager, it only says recovery setup and reboot in recovery on recovery tab, wheres flash clockworkmod

  57. How can I restore my orginal (stock) rom.I didn’t get any backup
    the detail of my cellphone:G510-0010-B195-DAUL SIM

  58. I Have xperia s. when i reboot in recovery using Rom manager, it boots normally and I cant get into recovery mode

  59. When flashing CM 10.2 on my lg optimus l7 p700 i get an SD card error and the .zip doesnt flash.
    What is wrong?

  60. Hi. I’m using Samsung Galaxy Wonder GT-I8150. I followed the instructions from this site: starting from rooting the device (, then installing clockworkmod (, and now this.

    On this part: “III. Flash a Custom Recovery Image”

    I did install the ROM Manager but when I opened it, the top menu item isn’t “flash recovery”, instead it says “recovery setup”, I clicked on that then clicked on “install/update recovery”

    and then I got to “Confirm Phone Model” but my phone isn’t listed there so I clicked on under “unsupported device”: “Device Not Listed Above”

    and then a dialog box opened and said that my device “does not have an officially supported ClockworkMod Recovery yet” and asked if I installed the CWM based recovery manually.

    then I clicked “yes”

    then in “Confirm Version”, I clicked “ClockworkMod 3.x+” since my version is v6.0.2.7

    then it says “ROM Manager has been set up to use your existing recovery installation.”

    then nothing, it just goes back to the same menus when you open the ROM manager.

    the top menu item still says “Recovery Setup” instead of “Flash ClockworkMod Recovery”.

    What do I do now? Did I do something wrong? Please help.



  61. i have done all this then got to the reboot stage and it wont reboot. im just stuck on the htc load up. any help?

  62. Tom Chemmalakuzhy

    Hi I’m using the LG Optimus G. After flashing cyanogenmod using Rom Manager and pressing the reboot button, an error message shows up on the LG page: “Secure Booting Error! Cause: boot certification verify”. I am not sure how to proceed after hitting this wall. Please help me out Admins!

  63. i have zen 710hd, i have already rooted my phone. but is there any custom ROM available for my device. plz let me know if available……

  64. im flashing with miui 3.1.25 rom. ive been waiting about 15 minutes after instalation and its just appear SONY. how do i go to recovery mode ? i try many ways but its doesnt work at all. help me please

  65. i have a samsung gt-s5360 rooted after install axiom the phone refuse to boot pass the axiom logo i have tried everything hard reset,wipe data ,i have tried everything but the phone still will not boot

  66. Hi,
    I have rooted my xperia pro using Eroot
    and i have used recoverX to install custom recovery (i chose ICS one and did not tick developer mode)
    I then downloaded Rom Manger and granted it superuser permission
    and I then went to the reboot in recovery mode to make a backup, factory reset etc


    the phone just boots up the OS again, it does not go into recovery mode, and nor does it manually either
    I’m quite a noob at these things

    Thanks for any help you can give

  67. today i flashed my karbonn a15 with sony xperia custom rom…i followed each & every step as mentioned above…but after flashing the sony xperia rom on my karbonn a15…i m having issue with sim card…phone doesnt detect any sim card while the same sim card is supporting in other phones..plz help

  68. My Alcatel one touch fierce doesn’t have a flash recovery so now i can’t get a custom rom I think. I already rooted it from this site but what do i do now? Is there more stuff i can do to a rooted phone?

  69. Joshua Ravena

    Please help me all I did was to install the ClockWorkMod the newest version and my Phone is S5300 and all I can see there is Device Manual at the top and then I press the menu button to see if my Phone is Listed but its not and the I press the Galaxy Mini and then I flashed it and then go to to Recovery Mode I press Update Zip file and then It installed and its stuck to the rebooting Screen and won’t load up and I turned off my phone and there I turned it back in but it won’t Load up Please I need help !!!

  70. Anaid Jiménez

    hi, i’ve installed a lot of rooms but anyone can’t detect mi sim card what should i do ??? PLEASE HELPME!

  71. Dear David, Please let me know the appropriate link for the safest Root and easiest Unroot for my Sony Xperia T2 Ultra having Android 4.3 Build Number 19.0.D.0.253

  72. i rooted my xperia tipo with android kitkat.. but after the final step..i.e phone is not onning

  73. Ramkrishna Naik

    Hello ,
    Recently i tried updating zperience ROM to my Sony Xperia U from Ginger Bread.
    I have installed CWM , after extracting zip file from SD card and rebooting the system , mobile ends up in loop of sony logo and never it boots up properly. Kindly help me.
    I am updating only because of one issue , that is WiFi , it is not allowing me to turn on and after that it shows as Error and remains in that state always. Is there any fix available. Please suggest me what can be done. Thank you in advance.

  74. Hello, my phone is a huawei y200, am having problems with the touch screen firmware to a point that THE TOUCH NO LONGER WORKS, where can i possibly get this firmware

  75. I don’t think these guys know how anchor text is supposed to be written. I just followed a link that said something like LG F6 custom ROM and this site doesn’t even have a ROM for that device.

  76. Managed to get all of this done, but when I go into Recovery mode and to install from SD card, my ROMs don’t appear. I can see them on the memory card when I turn the tablet on though.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

      1. perfect, that worked! Now just trying to install the play store apps using CM11 ROM, proving a bit of a pain!

          1. The truth Beyond the truth

            (I know this reply doesnt relate to you comment) I Installed the Rom Manager then On the recovery menu and instead of sayin “Flash clockworkmode recovery” it just said “Recovery setup”
            My phone is Motorola Moto e
            Also is there another way to increase internal memory?

  77. Everything is working properly dude this rom is awesome 4.4.4 version of android running very perfect….thanks alot

  78. Dear Friend I ve a problem like dis “E:Unable to mount ‘ /sdcard’ “. I had checked with different sd cards. i also checked it in PC. SD card is in working condition. Please Help.

      1. I finally got into recoverymode after downloading a different costom recovery (I think). Then i loaded the default factory rom and now it runs again so now I dont dare touchinging it again.

        1. Glad you got it figured out. Sounds to me like you might be flashing roms that aren’t many for the device if they all don’t work (once in a while it happens is normal but every time isn’t).
          Again glad it’s at least working though.

  79. after carefully following all the steps mentioned above exactly, I selected Reboot from the CWM and my HTC Desire C starts up displays forever. Nothing is happening. I read all the steps very carefully and did exactly as described.
    The Zip file I selected compiled and there was no kind of errors anywhere. In the next step I reboot and its stuck there.
    Please guide. Im fed up with the Sense and Htc process speed.

  80. What if I made a mistake and I can not restart my tablet. I can not put anything on my tablet. Can you help me? Please?

  81. osama elsayed

    thanks for that , i have a problem , i did a root to my phone ” Huawei U8180 ” , i download a rom for it ” CM10 “… and put them in my memory card , so i did every thing right to install this rom ” wipe / factory restore … ” but when i choosed ” CM10 ” from my memory it said ” installing aborted ” and i choose restart phone to open it after this steps but it opens me a massege says ” sorry! the application market ( process com. android.vending ) has stopped unexpectedly.please try again ” so my phone can’t enter to the current rom , i hope to fix it ,so if u can help me i well be gratefull for u . thanks

    1. You need to contact the rom developer for that. In the meantime search our site or Google for how to Unroot your phone and do that to get it back to stock.

  82. hii i have a htc one with no sd card slot.
    i tryed to root my device but somehow i deleted my rom its says no os installed.
    how can i install a new os without a sdcard.
    i am stuck at the htc screen, ibut i can get inside recovery menu but tryed all now

  83. hello,
    is anyone can help me ?? may phone is deadboot. can you give me a link for downloading rom for alcatel onetouch mpop 5020x flashiable via Sp Flash tools ?? TIA

  84. Didn’t work for me, ROM Manager is outdated and Odin seemed glitchy. Everything in ROM Manager crashed in some or other way even after I bought the premium version.

  85. Installing ROMs is something that is highly device dependent. This post is written as if installing a custom ROM is some universal method and its not. My advice to anyone that wants to install custom roms is to first make sure your device is rootable. If it is, root it and install a custom recovery like TWRP. Then, find a ROM that’s for your specific device, always wipe cache and data prior to installing. That way, you never run the risk of soft bricking it.

    1. Hello,

      Not sure what you are referring to since each step in this tutorial has you head to a part of the site with specific tutorials for specific devices. This is more of an overall explanation of what is required to flash a custom ROM (root, recovery, ROM zip file) and how you can go about getting each piece of that puzzle done for your particular device.

      1. Well, if you go through the comments, you’ll see numerous people that are soft bricking their device. The post references software apps as if these apps work universally on every device. My comment was merely trying to emphasize that installing custom ROMs is very device specific. Obviously, most of this post’s readers are not knowledgeable enough to know that the apps mentioned are not compatible with every phone. If everyone followed the suggestions in my first comment, they would never brick their device. Ever.

        1. Strange I usually get notifications about comments and never saw one with an issue, after checking them out you are absolutely right. Let me make some changes to the post to make that more clear. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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