How To: Root the HTC Desire



I. Before You Begin

1. This is how to root the HTC Desire, do NOT use this on any other phone!

2. This will erase all the data on your phone so please at least sync your contacts with Google before continuing.

II. Create a Goldcard

1. Do our How To Create a Goldcard procedure and create a goldcard for your phone. Once you have it created, put the goldcard into the phone and come back to this procedure and continue.

III. Flash the Rooted ROM

1. Download the Rooting Tools

0.75.xxxx or below AND a current ROM of or below –  Desire Rooting Tools


If the above download is not suitable – if you have a bootloader version 0.80.xxxx or below AND a current ROM of or below – Desire Rooting Tools

2. Unzip them to the C: drive on your computer (so the path is C:/r6-desire-root/)

3. Plug in your phone and mount the sd card.

4. Save the file from within the rooting tools folder on to the root of the sd card of your phone (NOT inside any folders just on the sd card itself). When done, unplug the phone.

5. Turn off your phone and turn it back on by holding down Back and Power until you see Fastboot come up on the screen. Push the Power button while highlighting Fastboot on the phone and Fastboot should show up in red now on the phone (if it doesn’t push Power again until it does).

6. Plug the phone in via USB cable to the computer.

7. Open the folder you extracted to the C drive and double click “step1-windows.bat” and wait for it to finish.

8. Once you see the menu on the phone come back up, navigate to BOOTLOADER and push power, then navigate to RECOVERY using the volume buttons to navigate and the power button to select and the phone should boot to the ! screen.

9. On the phone push Volume Up and Power to get the menu to show up.

10. Now you should see a recovery screen menu, navigate to Wipe and select it. Then navigate to Wipe data/factory reset and select that.

11. Once that is done, go back to the main menu and select Apply and wait for it to flash. All done, you have root access and can use any root required app! Enjoy!

IV. Load a Custom ROM etc (Optional)

1. Head over to our How To Load a Custom ROM on the HTC Desire procedure and continue with that to load custom ROMs and other fun stuff!

Thanks to Paul at Modaco for his awesome scripts!

Reported Issues:

Issue: My phone is SIM locked now!

Solution: Simply go to the next procedure and load a custom ROM to fix this.

167 responses to “How To: Root the HTC Desire”

  1. halfsjj says:

    You should post the root for .80 as well as all the a8183’s (telstra) are shipping with that version. All is the same expect the root file.

    • TheUnlockr says:


      This works on the .80 bootloader too 🙂

    • Dweebken says:

      Doesn’t work for me on my Telstra Desire. (8183)

      • TheUnlockr says:


        Can you check your firmware and bootloader version and post them here so we can help?

        To check bootloader: turn off the phone and turn it back on by holding down volume down and power. Will be listed at the top.
        To check firmware, go to Settings > About Phone and it’s in there (not Android version, the other one).

      • Drago Kanev says:

        Hi it did not work for me too(have not tried whit kingston sd card yet) HTC Desire on 3 I’m not sure which rooting tools to use you say to use the second one if bootloader is 0.80.xxxx or below and ROM or below and mine are above I think respectively 0.83.001 and 1.22.777.1 should I try whit another SD card do you thik it would work.I apologise if that does not make much sense but it is my first android and I had it for 3 days and I’m really not happy whit the stock ROM
        thank you

  2. sijju says:

    Can you confirm if it works on .80 bootloader? Also I understand there is no need of goldcard if the phone is not network locked, please confirm.

    One more rookie question, after rooting ( by following steps mentioned in this post ) the stock Rom will still be there unless we flash with any custom Rom?

    • TheUnlockr says:


      Yes it works on .80 bootloaders.
      You can try without the goldcard and if it doesn’t work then make the goldcard and try again. Up to you.
      Correct, until you load a custom ROM you are on the stock ROM with such and superuser built in.

  3. Hasan Ceylan says:

    Thanks a million times man.

    You made my day!!!

  4. Knotan says:

    I LOVE YOU !

  5. Rifat says:

    where do i get the file? is it the one unzipped from the r5 root should i place it in the gold card?

  6. GSO says:

    Thanks guys for this great video!!
    Keep up the good work!!

  7. Josh says:

    Hi I get to the BOOTLOADER and under “HBOOT” it just says

    SD Checking
    Loading . . . . [PB99DIAG.ZIP]

    What does that mean?


  8. Nazir Khan says:

    Thanks a ton man…people like you make the world go round. Excellently detailed article.

    Two Question:
    1. I am waiting for the 2.2 upgrade, Will I have to redo all this again after Install Froyo?
    2. After completing the rooting, I get an update software message and when i try to install it I get an error saying cant back up data to SD card.

    Any suggestions??

    Thanks Again

    • TheUnlockr says:


      1. Too be honest you will probably get the 2.2 update faster as a custom ROM. Soon as someone gets it they’ll dump it to the internet and someone will create a custom ROM out of it for you to download and install via custom recovery image instead of waiting forever for the OTA to get to you. There might actually be a 2.2 ROM around now made from the Nexus One leak… Check and see if they have anything listed. If they do, please send me a link and I’ll post it here so people can find it easier.
      2. Not sure about the update software message, I’d recommend not installing any official software from your carrier though, as you’ll most likely lose root access if you update that way. Getting a custom ROM is the way to go 🙂

      • Nazir Khan says:

        Thought I was over the hill with the root thing…was getting a little naughty and trying out a new rom…first step came the backup…hard a hard time finding a good tutorial to do it (would be nice if we had one here)’s the link to what I found to be quite detailed I proceeded to downloaded titanium backup and it asked me to install busybox..did that too but got an error saying i am not nand unlocked.

        Now what the hell is a nandlock??…i thought rooting was hard enough (became easy due to your excellent tutorial)…Can u please please elaborate on how to do a nand unlock and why is it needed.I am sure all would appreciate it.

        Thank you so much

        • Nazir Khan says:

          One more thing I don’t get any option of doing a nandroid backup when i press the back and power key to go into the bootloader menu??…did i miss something?

  9. Roger says:

    Hi I’ve run into a bit of a problem that i hope you’ll br able to help me with. I have reached step 6 navigate to BOOTLOADER select RECOVERY press power and my phone locks at HTC on the screen. The recovery mode does not engage. Can you help pls



    • laupc says:


      I have the same problem, after step 1 when I hit the power button to get into recovery the htc logo screen show up (the boot screen – green htc logo on white backgreound) and nothing else after that.

      did you solved it? I tried many many many times and nothing, recovery is gone…. I also tried Paul’s r6 – stuck on step 2 – no recovery, flash PB99img and RUU – flash was ok, no error but I get nothing else than this damn imagine with HTC Logo, the system won’t load
      somebody can help??? will much apeciated
      many many thanks.

      • Leigh says:

        was stuck at the exact same problem, all i did is unplug the usb, remove and reinsert battery, and start again, after running step1.bat i got a green bar rather than just the htc logo, and now its working fine 🙂

  10. TC says:


    I’ve only managed to get as far as step 5. After installing “step1-windows.bat” i get an popup on windows xp saying USB device not recognised. The phone just stays at the same screen (HTC on a black background) and does nothing for mins until i take out the battery and it reboots with the previous orange branded firmware.

    Is it a problem with the Gold Card? Are the drivers not correctly installed or was I just to impatient?

    Any help is welcomed, Thanks in advance

  11. JP says:

    I need help! I followed all the above and it worked fine. Except for the fact my handset is now locked an unknown network. I need to roll my phone back to Orange UK. unlocking code sites cant get my code for two weeks. Anyone know how I get my phone back to eworking order again?

  12. Mike says:

    Hey I need some help, everything up to the point of running “. Open the folder you extracted to the C drive and double click “step1-windows.bat” and wait for it to finish.”

    Then I get:
    Desire Root Step 1

    Erasing cache and rebooting in RUU mode…

    erasing ‘cache’… FAILED (status read failed (Too many links))
    … FAILED (status read failed (Unknown error))

    About to start flash…

    sending ‘zip’ (138708 KB)… FAILED (status read failed (Too many links))
    sending ‘zip’ (138708 KB)…

    Then it just sits at that point and does nothing.

    • Andrew says:

      I got the exact same problem…

      Any fix?

      • Andrew says:


        Tried on my notebook. Worked first try. I suspect the errors are due to no drivers/incorrectly installed drivers for the phone on the system.

        Desire ROOTED!


  13. Head Master says:

    I am root. My penis just exploded. That is all.

  14. Lloyd says:

    After doing this my phone is now simlocked, does anyone know how i would find my orange sim unlock code? :S

  15. benjamin says:

    Hi, ive followed all steps upto step2-windows.bat .. when i run it, cmd loads like the video shows, but the phone is stuck with the red triangle on the screen.. it doesnt enter adroid system recovery.. help please!

  16. craig says:

    Hi guys I have rooted my desire with this guide and all is sweet.

    Can you point me to a way of installing a2sd as a follow up to this guide. I have found guides but are they compatible after this particular way of rooting

  17. GRicky says:

    “MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR DESIRE IS ON THIS VERSION (Bootloader version 0.75.XXXX or below AND a ROM version of 1.21.XXX.X or below)”

    And how do you know this? (Perhaps that should be part of a newbie guide)

  18. Akmal says:

    Hi, firstly thank you for the tutorial. It will be very useful for everybody who wants to root this phone.

    At the moment, I am at step 6. I have entered BOOTLOADER, select RECOVERY and pressed the power button.
    The phone showed HTC logo briefly and then enter the ! screen.

    Then I ran the Step2-windows, a pop-up of command prompt appeared for a few second and then disappeared. Nothing happened and my phone is still in ! screen and no custom recovery screen appear.

    Any idea how to fix this?

    Thank you

    • MIke says:

      Same here, please help !

    • Akmal says:

      Ignore my question. Basically I didn’t realize there was another command prompt opened from earlier. That’s why I couldn’t get through that stage. Once the command prompt is closed, running Step2-windows works perfectly.

      Now my phone is blocked to an unknown network. You suggested to flash a Custom ROM but it didn’t work for me. My phone still is blocked. Can you assist me please?

      Thank you

  19. Scott says:

    cannot download Desire Rooting Tools at

    Pls help. Thanks

    • TheUnlockr says:


      Worked fine for me, try again.

      • Scott says:

        Dear TheUnlockr,

        I am in Hong Kong, it says “This service is temporarily not available from your service area.”.

        Can you email me the file if not bigger than 10MB? or have another link?


      • Zac says:

        Firefox reports this download (Rooting Tools) contains malware. Is it ?

        • TheUnlockr says:


          No. A lot of rooting tools get that because they have script files and so your computer can’t see that those script files root the phone. They just see script files and those can be dangerous.
          The files are fine.

          • Zac says:

            After I visited the site: Desire Rooting Tools at
            McAfee found PWS-Mmorpg!pb (password stealer on my PC), luckily it got caught.
            I guess that someone is taking advantage of the above site.

          • TheUnlockr says:


            Sometimes anti virus programs mistake rooting files for viruses, but thanks for letting me know. Just in case I redownloaded the file and uploaded it here to our server instead.

  20. Scott says:

    Refer to step 9, where can I download

  21. Ivan says:


    I have an O2-branded phone with bootloader 0.80… now ive read that rooting will lock you out with this carryer, is this true?

    Another question where do i see my rom version cuz i cant find it :S


  22. Dennett says:

    IMPORTANT – For those of you who ahve failed at Step 5 or Step 6 – (just as I did first try)

    Take out your battery, reconnect the USB cable and power on the phone with the down vol button pressed.

    GO BACK to Step 3 and follow the instructions again.

    When you run the step1-windows-bat file and the step2-windows-bet files, do it from a commond prompt so you can see exactly what steps it is performing.

    It worked perfectly for me….

  23. taz says:


    will there be a video to root desire using UnrEVOked?

    maybe can explain abit how different this is to compare with paul’s method?

  24. seifus says:

    can i try this on the HTC WILDFIRE


    • TheUnlockr says:


      No it won’t work. BUT does the wildfire come with Android 2.1 on it? If so try the how to root the htc evo unrevoked method procedure and please post in the comments if it worked! (just do the how to root procedure not the how to unlock NAND etc one)

  25. bati says:

    Hi everyone Does anybody know how to do root for version 2.2update1 HTC desire

  26. Albert says:

    I really need help,
    I’m doing this on my Telstra HTC Desire,
    After I did step 5. (Open the folder you extracted to the C drive and double click “step1-windows.bat” and wait for it to finish), The phone hang and just stay with Telstra start screen.
    I cannot start the phone anymore, everytime I pull out the battery and turn on again, the phone just stay on that Telstra start screen.
    I can still go to Hboot page by holding volume down and power button.
    Would any body help me to fix it?
    I really appreciate it. Thanks

  27. Jaro says:

    Hi, Thank you so much for your guide. It went through nicely. My HTC got rooted. Just a quick question if anyone can answer please. After I rooted my phone Do I still need to keep the GoldCard? Or can I just format it and use it as before? I kept both CID and reversed CID for the future ref. just to be safe. Thank you.

    • TheUnlockr says:


      You might as well leave it as a Goldcard, just use it as a normal SD card (don’t format it). Will function the same and if you ever need it as a Goldcard again it’s ready to go. Enjoy!

  28. iamjamie says:

    mine seems to have faired on step 7 and looking at the errors on running step2-windows.bat its because it can’t see the device anymore?

    heres the message in full:

    Desire Root Step 2

    Pushing required files to device…

    * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
    * daemon started successfully *
    error: device not found
    error: device not found

    Pushing update file to device sdcard – this may take a few minutes…

    error: device not found
    error: device not found

    Now wipe and apply from the recovery image menu.

    error: device not found

    any idea?

    • Nir says:

      I have exactly the same problem. Tried with 2 cards – same results.
      Please help!

    • Nir says:

      I solved it!!!! And rooted my device.

      I had one of the two problems or both:

      1. I redid the goldcard. Somehow the numbers I got this time were different.
      Then I could do step 1 with no problems. What the guide doesn’t show is that it pushes a lot of files so there should be quite a lot of lines written on the device screen during step 1. If you get an error – you have a problem here so don’t go to step 2.
      2. When I did step 2 – it wrote me that it didn’t find the device. I disconnected the usb cable, reconnected, waited a few seconds and did it again and now it worked great.

      I hope it will help you.!!!

  29. BobMarley says:

    what about a new desire with bootloader 0.83.xx.x
    it is vodafone uk branded and i would like to debrand, root and then install offical root fro-yo
    any idea how i start as all guides i come across are for 0.80 or below

  30. raq1812 says:

    hi guys, top guys all of you. thankyou. ok i was stuck on step 2 aswell… this fixed it for me.. while on the red traiangle and explanation mark thru it. leave it on there, leave the usb cable in. go into cmd on the pc. command prompt. in there run the step 2 batch file. it works!!! just done mine now.

  31. ALI says:

    Is there anyway to restore the SENSE UI if i need to send it bakc to T-Mobile or somethihng? Great guide Nice job 🙂 much appreciated

  32. shaun says:

    hey, do i have to add to the goldcard before i start this process. the questions been unanswered a few times. thanks!

  33. shaun says:

    yea doing it now i took the plunge lol, how long does the htc logo stay on screen after running step 1.bat?

  34. raq1812 says:

    batch 1 takes around 5+ mins. no you dont put anything on the goldcard. you run it from the pc.. your connection through the phone is what connects it. like the unlocker says… follow the guide its actually as simple as that. many people making it more complicated. this was my first gold card and root, i found it exactly as it says on the tin. apart from batch 2 and some issues with gold card. but i red the comments and figured it out. excellent. gna put on the 2.2 on tommorow very excited.

    quick question does any one know where i can partiton my memory card?

  35. Steve says:

    I’m about to have a go at rooting my new Desire but have a couple of questions.

    1. I have a goldcard left from rooting my magic – is it ok to use this

    2. I have HBOOT 0.82 and ROM version 1.24 – Vodafone UK locked – is it still ok to use this method?


  36. Will says:

    Two questions

    1. I don’t like custom builds because there mainly spy ware, so is it a custom built Android OS or can I use the course off the Android dev site and will it work with o2.

  37. kubs says:

    has anyone got the download from this “III. Flash the Rooted ROM

    1. Download the Rooting Tools”

    for me it does not appear to be a download link, but text, can you please upload it, please

    • Tom says:

      The same for here?

      Can you please upload the files, so we can download them.

      My version is 0.80.xxxx
      And my current ROM

    • Zac says:

      You mentioned on Ag 7th.. I redownloaded the file and uploaded it here to our server instead.
      I too cannot find the Rooting Tools on your server.
      Can you please make them available. Thanks.

  38. raq1812 says:

    help please… i am trying to install 2.2 and require to update the radio.

    when i go into the recovery after rooting. it brings up the red traingle and black screen. unlockr could you please confirm if that is my error or thats whats supposed to happen? i cant update my radio i think because of it.

    please any help would be aprecaited greatly.

  39. ouzahi says:

    I have this problem:
    can some one help me please to reanimation the HTC Desire
    Thanks in advance

  40. raq1812 says:

    when i press the volume up and power, it says failed to laod. i then while there load from sd card, that cant find the file or directory. i could do a fake flash but im not sure if this is the reason my radio wont install keeps saying verfication failed. please helpppp.

    thankyou in adavnced,

  41. Tim Vrancken says:

    Succesfully made an goldcard.
    Step 1 windows.bat works but after a few minutes of sending files i hear the usb port disconnect.
    then the batchfile stops and i cant get my phone back on. If i push the powerbutton i still hear it connecting to the usb or disconnecting depending on on or off.
    The problem is now: the sending of data keeps interrupting. tried all my usb ports. (im doing this via an dock).
    now i’ve got an bricked phone as it can’t go ON anymore…

    any tricks/

    trying to use the normal usbcable….
    got my fingers crossed

  42. Ste says:

    I’ve been following the steps, no problem, but I’ve come to run step2-windows.bat and it’s not there?? It’s not in the zip file either??

    I’ve redownloaded the zip file and checked the file size everything is fine, what’s going on?

  43. BobMarley says:

    Hello The

    just to inform those who have software version over 1.21. or hboot 0.83
    they need to use the unrevoked method found at
    if they have hboot 0.83 this means the slcd screen is used rather then the amoled. so the drivers are diffrent for the screen. so you have you use the right recovery which can be found if you google it 🙂
    i got the right clockworks mod recovery and flashed it and have no problems 🙂

  44. Dave T says:

    I’m having problems too… same as a few others.

    when moving from recovery screen to next screen (steps 8 & 9) i get message of

    E:Can’t open /Cache/recovery/command

    then i move on to the wiping of data, when wiping cache its ok but when wiping all data get message of CAN NOT BE UNDONE but does give you an option if you scroll down through 7 no’s then to yes to sellect user data then 3 no’s, selecting yes it does wipe the data ok, but then when i go to apply i get

    E:failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted

    I’ve tried a different gold card, I’ve downloaded R6 again but still no joy

    1 thing i am getting when going into the recovery screens my laptop is starting to install android 1.0 driver which it can’t locate. IS THIS THE PROBLEM? where can i get the driver?

    any help guys, i’m no getting stressed been doing this for 4 hours….

    Cheers Dave

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Dave T,

      1. The E: Can’t Open /cache/recovery/command error is normal, ignore it.
      2. Sounds like you were confused about wiping but figured out how to select yes.
      3. Signature verification failed error means you need to start the procedure over (run the step1 file etc again).

      • Danny says:

        I have tried repeating this process numerous times now and used different gold cards and i’m still getting this same error. I’ve done exactly what the guide says, im in desperate need of help.

  45. andcham50 says:

    I have bootloader 0. 80 when I reach the recovery section it goes to the triangle with the exclamation sign. Retried the process and same result. should I be able to go in recovery on the phone without using recovery. bat

    What can i do go into recovery mode without the. Bat file

  46. bruno says:

    Dear Unlockr, it worked perfect. thank you for the very precise instructions. it worked 99% perfect (had a failure first on the step-1-windows.bat install, but it worked the second time. MANY MANY THANKS FOR YOUR HELP. I really hate HTC for being so slow on their SW updates (they should learn from Apple), so thanks for being part of the freeing effort!. cheers. Bruno

  47. ian says:

    Didn’t work for me even though I followed every instruction as written. Got to the end of it, and it wouldn’t install the…. 🙁

  48. wasim says:

    hi unlockr, thanks for a great video and text guide. everything went accordingly but in the end when i select the update package
    its says opening update package
    then verifying
    and the E:failed to open /sdcard/ such fie or directory
    e: signature verification failed
    installation aborted
    help need urgently

  49. erdem says:

    When i perform the instruction, after , my phone screen has gone, and doesnt coming back. halp me please :(:(:(

  50. Dave T says:

    Thanks for the reply. 1 other thing I’ve found is I’m actually running software 1.24 instead of 1.21 is there a new root file for this or should it Still work. My bootloader is still 0.80.

    Thanks for any help
    Dave T

  51. Alfred says:

    rooting for 2hours. the 2gig memory card is a requirement not an option. ive been rooting for almost 4hrs now. goog thing i saw a 2gig memory card and it went smooth. thank you.

  52. Nutz says:

    My HTC screen is now blank after “step1-windows.bat” finished running, I left it ages and it never came back. I know the phone is going into the bootloader if I take the battery out, but without the use of the screen I cannot see what I am doing, can someone guide me blindly through the bootloader menu so I can run “step1-windows.bat” again?

  53. Andrew says:

    My phone is rooted.thanks. is it normal to go into recovery mode without the triangle and exclamation? Mine can’t I must go there via cable not with the phone disconnected.

    Am I missing something?

  54. Daniel says:

    I am now at step “Desire Root Step 1”
    It seems like I am stuck.
    Latest message is “”.
    The phone has a black screen with the HTC logo.
    I have been stuck in this state for 30 min.

    Can anyone advise me how to proceed.


  55. MIke S says:

    Question after rooting and everything can i still keep HTC sence UI

    i need the phone to be unlocked so will a custom ROM do that or will i have to pay to unlock it. and if i can do it with the custom ROM is the a HTC secne one?

  56. Jo says:

    Hi there sorry pretty new to all this. Will either of the tools above work on a phone from three with bootloader0.83 and software 1.22.771.1, Thanks I really want to get this three crap off my phone.

  57. Tom says:

    I have rooted several mytouch 3gs in the past, just a little skeptical rooting my brand new out of the box HTC desire thought. :p Any chance of bricking the device? What steps are the ones where things could go terribly wrong?

  58. Fakedawg says:

    I was following the guide in order to root my HTC Desire, but it seems I misunderstood the bootloader version bit – I have/had 0.83, and now the phone is not working (I got as far as running the step 1 windows bit) – It will respond if I plug it into the USB port, i will hear the sounds from the boot, but since (I guess) the screen is different, nothing at all will show on it.

    Anyone able to give me some advice on how to recover the phone when I’m unable to see anything on the screen?

  59. Danny says:

    step2-windows was not in download.
    I am redownloading now to retry.

  60. GT says:

    Hi guys, I have bootloader 0.75 but ROM version 1.16. So which file should I download???

  61. yagayagayo says:

    Can I root my desire with froyo update I heard that you couldn’t. thanks

  62. Mosegris says:

    hi i have a lot of problems can any of you help me.. Install Aborted WFT HElp

  63. Lu says:

    Hi, I can bypass all the stages except stage 11. I face the error message:
    ” — Install from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.”

    Pls help me advice how can i do.

    Thank in advanced.

  64. zsoli says:

    when you get error use gold card!

  65. Tom says:

    hi whil this method work on a stock froyo 2.2 gsm desire

  66. Aska says:

    Can i root my desire on android 2.2 and 0.93 bootloader?

  67. Oblitus says:

    If error

    FAILED (remote: 90 hboot pre-update! please flush image again immediately)
    sending ‘zip’ (137446 KB)… FAILED (status read failed (Too many links))

    open step1-windows.bat and replace

    fastboot-windows.exe flash zip
    fastboot-windows.exe flash zip


    fastboot-windows.exe flash zip
    echo System is now waiting 15 Seconds before reflashing
    ping -n 15 localhost > nul
    fastboot-windows.exe flash zip

  68. MrEdDy says:

    Hi, after step 7 I have a black screen. I hboot 0.83. Please help me. phone works, just can not even update the RUU: (

  69. Mike130784 says:

    Hey guys ,.1st of all thanks for awsome how to’s here.
    i came as far as the Verification failed when prompting the, how ever step1-windows.bat ,.didnt do anything ,. i got a HTC desire bought few days ago it has Android 2.2 on it ,. are there updated Rooting tools for that ,that i might need ? ,.because i think the one’s that listed here are to old for the newest version ? .any help please.

  70. Ihab says:

    Any update on flashing the ROM to bootloader 0.83

    After I bought my brand new Desire, I updated the firmware through OTA to FROYO and 0.93 Bootloader. After alot of attempts, I downgraded the bootloader from 0.93 to 0.83. All the tutorials supports only versions 0.8 and below. So I tried to search for another downgrade to bootloader 0.8, but I found alot of responses from other people complaining from a blank screen and others from bricks, so I decided to avoid this downgrade.

    Now, I am still stuck with the 0.83 with the “FAILED (remote:43 main version check fail)” error. I figured out after a lot of research that the bootloader version is the reason (higher than 0.8) supported in the tutorial steps.

    I also used unrevoked 3 to do flashing and rooting, but I ended up with a non working recovery mode it just bring me back to the fastboot mode.

    What shall I do? Please HELLLP

    • TheUnlockr says:


      Unrevoked 3.2 is coming out any day now. It will fix the issue.

      • Pierre says:

        I have bootloader 0.82, and i have the same problem.

        “FAILED (remote:43 main version check fail)” error.
        i continued with the steps even that i get this error and at the end I had :

        E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/command

        After that when i try to wipe both cache and do a data reset it completes successfully

        However when i try to install from sdcard, it comes up as below :

        finding update package…
        opening update package…
        Verifying update package…
        E:failed to verify whole-life signature
        E:signature verification failed
        Installation aborted

        Thanks for your help

  71. Sanju says:


    It seems that the batch file Step2-windows is not found in the compressed file of desire rooting tools.Could you kindly check this and send me this file.

  72. Sanju says:

    Each time while getting into recovery mode,I get the below error
    E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/command

    After that when i try to wipe both cache and do a data reset it completes successfully

    However when i try to install from sdcard, it comes up as below :

    finding update package…
    opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:failed to verify whole-life signature
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted

    Could you kindly advice how to go around this?

  73. Mike130784 says:

    i had the same problem and found out these tut’s arent suited for bootloder 0.9XXX (froyo stock 2.2)
    the Unrevoked is( or was) or is gonna be again ,. they had some bug’s so it been taken down for a few days to fix these,. cant wait for it ,.to root my htc desire

  74. andrew says:

    Sorry for asking this but is there supposed to be anything visable on the sdcard after creating a goldcard?


  75. andrew says:

    To be honest i need help with my desire ,i havent recieved an update yet to froyo 2.2 and i dont want to brick the phone these are the specs ( hboot 0.83 , 32.4100.32u_4.08.00.09 , 1.22.771.1 , 2.6.29-54b7033a.
    Its unlocked with a 3 network boot screen only and i think ive got a slcd display on it .What would i need to do?

  76. Andrew YOung says:

    Please help me 🙁

    I followed all your instructions very well 🙁 I was doing the flash thing from the command prompt my phone restarted and I let it restart then after that I got no display? what Have I done wrong please help 🙁 is my device bricked? I followed all the instructions I get only sound but no display on my desire. It is unlocked

  77. sarkar says:

    yes… I got it
    first time i used unrevoked 3, but it facked my desire, after that this tool solve my problem..

    thank youuuuuuuuuu

  78. David J says:

    Hi, I’ve just rooted my HTC Desire, but can’t get it to see my SD card, I’ve tried formating it to
    Fat32 on my computer, but still no luck. Help

  79. phillip says:

    i get to the last step and start the flas but ablut a quarter of the way in it says e:failed to verify whole file signature
    any advice

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Read the bold writing at the very beginning of the procedure please. This method is obsolete, go to the How To Root the Desire using the Unrevoked Method and it’ll be much easier for you.

  80. agaton says:

    This guide is not applicable on HTC Desire HD, correct?

  81. dawg says:

    After you have rooted your phone do you need to keep the gold card in the phone?

  82. Zulu450 says:

    My Desire has a bootloader 0.93.xxxx can I still root this phone using this way because I’ve had trouble with the unrevoked method, it won’t recognize my phone.

  83. Zulu450 says:

    My Desire has a bootloader 0.93.xxxx can I still root this phone using this way because I’ve had trouble with the unrevoked method, it won’t recognize my phone.

  84. guest says:

    when I go apply i get the error E:failed to verify whole-file signature… can any1 help?

    • tas says:

      i have rooted my htc desire and it is cool, but does anyone here (just incase y dont know it) know that if y root a phone , then it loses its guarantee. those who know take a risk like me, but there is danger everywhere and if y are not pleased with that phone then………

      • TheUnlockr says:

        This is true, you do lose your warranty when rooting a phone. BUT if you unroot your phone, the manufacturer can’t tell you ever rooted it and viola! your warranty is reinstated 🙂

  85. Geetharus says:

     Is this procedure applicable to HTC Desire HD….

    I bought HTC Desire HD from Softbank-Japan. I wanted to unlock the phone, on internet everybody is asking to buy SIM unlock code and enter it after inserting other operator SIM card.
    In my case the problem is that after inserting the another SIM card there is no screen prompt to enter the unlock code instead Emergency Call screen is only displayed.
    Please let know how to unlock the phone. I wanted to place an order today.

  86. HTC Newbie says:

    is it allowed to receive regular/automated OS updates after gaining root access or will it remove the access ?

  87. Guest says:

    I have rooted my HTC desire but when i go to update the software, it comes up with a picture of a phone and a red warning sign. And then it doesn’t do anything. please help?

  88. Tina Dollin says:

    hi can any 1 help my ph has locked n need google account to sign in as i can remember my password n google cant reset the password  is there away a round it

  89. Jassd07 says:

    how to root the new gingerbread updated htc desire…

  90. Shreyas_joshi says:

    The Process works Flawlessly thank you for uploading
    just can anyone give me the HBoot drivers for i5 cauz the above link is for i3 and Amd64

  91. Bball_23_89 says:

    okay some one help me please 🙁 i have tried the revoked method and it wont do anything at all it says it cant be installed at the moment and it pisses me off… i want to root my phone like super bad 🙁 help please!

  92. Eugenijus Sochas says:

    First of all thank you for very easily understandable manual. I tried to root my HTC Desire running Gingerbread 2.3.3, but unrevoked couldn’t finish rooting and I got message “is your firmware too new”.
    Can I root my device, or I can’t do this?

  93. Androidmania says:

    When Desire Rooting Tool is downloaded, it cannot be unzipped. Can you check if the file is not corrupted?

  94. Zhu Jie says:

    I Can not Download, Why?!!

  95. Vince Bareng says:

    I tried to update my HTC Desire 2.3.3 but had an error message saying my version is too new. is there any new version of unrevoked for 2.3.3 running HTC Desire?

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