How To: Root the HTC Magic in One Click!

I. Read Before You Begin

1. You must downgrade back to cupcake first:
After you have done the above procedure and are back on cupcake (Android 1.5), you can come back to this procedure and continue.

II. How to Check Your Motherboard Version

1. Turn off your phone
2. Turn the phone on by either holding down the volume down button and power button at the same time OR by holding down the back button and power button at the same time.
3. When the screen comes up, it should say somewhere on the first line either 32A or 32B. THAT is your motherboard version. Remember it…
4. Turn off and on the phone.
5. Goto Settings > Applications  > and make sure Unknown sources is checked ON.

III. Root the Magic

1. Download this APK and the appropriate recovery image for your motherboard (32A or 32B) and save it to your computer:

FlashRec.apk (Updated: 09/26/09)

Amon Ra’s Recovery Image (32B)(Updated 11.18.09)

Amon Ra’s Recovery Image (32A)(Updated 11.18.09)

2. Once they are saved to your computer, copy them both to your SD card (do NOT put them inside any folders on the SD card, just put them on the SD card itself).

3. Unplug the phone from the computer once they are downloaded to the SD card.

4. Goto the Market and download Linda File Manager or any file manager program if you do not already have one.

5. Open the file manager and goto SDCard and then find the FlashRec apk file and click it. If asked tell it to use Package Installer to open it. It should automatically install the apk.

6. Open the FlashRec program and click on Backup Recovery Image and wait for it to finish.

7 (FOR 32A ONLY) Once done, click on the empty text box in the FlashRec program and type:


7 (FOR 32B ONLY) Once done, click on the empty text box in the FlashRec program and type:


8. Then click on the Flash Custom RecoveryImage button and wait for it to finish.

9. Turn off the phone and turn it on into Recovery mode by holding down Home and Power to turn it on (keep holding until the recovery screen comes up has a bunch of text on a black background). So long as that screen comes up, you have done it correctly and can now go on to the How to Load a ROM video for your appropriate device!

10. To get Root access you MUST go to the next video mentioned above and load a custom ROM.

Reported Issues

Issue: I get Invalid Recovery Image when using the FlashRec program.

Solution: Make sure that the spell correction and auto completion are OFF in the Text Settings (Settings > Locale and Text > Touch Input > Text Input then turn off Prediction, spell correction, and word completion) of your phone. If not then it may put in spaces where they do not belong. (I had it put a space after .img and couldn’t see it so couldn’t figure out why it kept saying invalid recovery image, like you guys).

Other than that, just make sure it is on the root of the SD card (not in any folder) and that you are typing in the recovery name and filepath correctly.

Then and it should show Flash Recovery Image.

Issue: When I download the FlashRec.apk it shows up as a .zip not an apk.

Solution: No problem. Do NOT extract it, just simply replace the .zip with .apk and then proceed with the procedure.

Issue: I get backup failed or flash failed when I try to use the FlashRec progam.

Solution: This is most likely because you already have a custom recovery image, please use one of the unrooting procedures to get back to the original recovery image and THEN you can use this procedure.
Also, instead of doing that, if you have root access, you can just put the recovery image on your SD card then go into Terminal (download it from the Market if you don’t already have it) and type:

flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.3.img

429 thoughts on “How To: Root the HTC Magic in One Click!”

  1. wow.. your fast… and i thank you.. i knew if there was mytouch and g1 there had to be a similar way for us 32a folk… dont suppose you know if this will work if we updated our rom with the official HTC update

    1. I need help with this. I watched the video and followed everything step by step, but Im still stuck.

      “6. Open the FlashRec program and click on Backup Recovery Image and wait for it to finish.”

      when i do this, it says “Backup FAILED: Could not run command.”

      I cant proceed to step 7 because of this, any suggestions? I have 32A, btw.


      1. Fil,

        That means you need to downgrade your Magic’s firmware. Read the reported issues:

        Issue: I get backup failed or flash failed when I try to use the FlashRec progam.

        Solution: This is most likely because you already have a custom recovery image, please use one of the unrooting procedures to get back to the original recovery image and THEN you can use this procedure.
        Also, instead of doing that, if you have root access, you can just put the recovery image on your SD card then go into Terminal (download it from the Market if you don’t already have it) and type:

        flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.3.img

  2. I get to step 7 and I can’t seem to get the Recovery Flasher to say anything other than ‘Invalid Recovery Image’. I have tried multiple SD Cards and attempts with the same card by formatting and re copying the file to the root of the SD Card.

    The backup seems to work great.

    This is my phone info:

    HBOOT-1.33.0006 (SAPP30000)

  3. Wow…that is crazy.

    I figured out my issue. I didn’t notice that the links for the recovery images were rapidshare links. I right clicked and saved as in Google Chrome and it saved a file of the same file name and type but only 13kb in size. I am very glad that the Recovery Flasher is a smart program and did NOT flash the 13kb image to my phone.

    The only reason I figured it out was because of your video. You happened to hover over the file with your mouse and I noticed it was 3.0* megabytes.

    I just flashed it…WOOHOO.

  4. I got to the step to use the recovery flasher but it gave me an error saying recovery failed??? I checked the files they are of the correct size.

    This is my device info:
    Sapphire UNKNOWN 32B SHIP S-OFF H
    HBOOT-1.33.0010 (SAPP50000)

    Help Please.

  5. I have rooted my HTC Magic(Vodafone) 32B but with cm-recovery-1.4 and not with recovery-RAv1.2.1G as it says invalid… Whay I missed is an ability to make partition on sd card as it was not withing after flashing with cm-recovery-1.4. No I tried witn flashrec to follow from the begining but it fails at first stage. Any remedies as I need to creat partition. Or any programmes which would do it for me.

  6. thanks for the magic ones.. didnt want to try my touch or G1 ones.. i have a rogers 32a magic and i did the official HTC update for rogers so i wasnt sure if this was going to work but it worked great i am now running the jacheroski 2.7.4r2 found on your downloads page

  7. After rootin a 32a (tim with 288 ram).

    Do I have to persé install another rom or can I just use the phone as before BUT already rooted?

    Nice work btw.

    1. Hello Cris,

      Yes, to get internal root access (to use things like Wifi Tether etc.) you will need to goto the next step and load a ROM. If you want something similar to what you already have then just choose any Non-Hero ROM. (BTW though, I’d try a Hero ROM if you have 32A with 288Mbs of RAM as it ill run smoothly and is really nice, but up to you of course. You can always try it and then revert back to a non hero one easily).

  8. no it should be apk.. my browser did that too.. saved it as a zip file.. i used a different browser to d/l it.. i think it has to do with file association.. not sure

    1. Hey Cris and Reg,

      Some browsers turn it into a .zip file (because it essentially is, but we won’t get into that lol). So just change it back to .apk and it should be fine.

  9. Got it wright with the chrome.
    Anyway, could not realy find a “decent” or 100% working rom, the most interesting was the JacHeroski (for 32a, should be multi…?¿), but even over here the link was broken.
    Is there any oficial or 100% stable soft (with multi), seems to be that HTC will update the Hero software for magic in october?¿

  10. I’ve got Rogers Magic 32A. I performed the one click root. everything went smooth. i installed Jacheroski 32a rom, works great…But i cannot connect onto my rogers 3g network. Only wi-fi is working. Is there anything i have to do to enable. i’ve checked settings and enabled mobile networks etc..the only thing i can think of is that i have no APNs (does that matter) appreciate any guidance.

    1. Hello Triplet,

      You have to find out your APN from Rogers and put it into the phone. Just call them and tell them you deleted it on accident and they will tell you what to put in the fields.

  11. got it working, just had to enter the APN manually duh!
    thanks for your simplistic one click procedure. worked like a charm!

    1. Hello AG,

      Not necessarily, it is a precaution. You can try to do it without wiping, but if it gets stuck then do it again with wiping this time.
      Just sync with google and then all your contacts, calendar, and mail will come right back once you turn the phone back on anyway.

  12. this is the procedure for magic 32b and also 32a.. just read the steps carefully as it is clearly stated which file you need for each version..

    1. Hello Tudor,

      Use the search at the bottom of the procedure to fine it (and if you do, please put the link in the comment(s) so I can do a video for it, haven’t found it yet).

  13. Did at last…
    Rooted with the unlockr
    and installed the Myhero 1.01 32a (was the only one that realy confirmed MULTI language).
    Used to Mod my I900, this (magic) was very simple and easy (thanks to unlockr).
    Working fine for the moment.

    Nice job Unlockr!!

  14. Hey Mr Unlockr!
    Thanks for a great guide! Everything seems to have worked out as planed. I have a question though, if I want to keep the original ROM and just have it rooted whats my next step? I have a 32A mb.
    Thanks you!

  15. Hello Unlockr, I have a bit of a problem. I bought a HTC Dream Orange France, and I can’t find a way to root it and update to cupcake. Can you please help me.

    1. Hello Adi,

      Did you try our How to Root the G1/MyTouch in One Click procedure? Search for it the Dream is called the G1 here in the States, so anything for the G1 should work for the Dream. Good luck!

  16. Hey Unlockr,

    I wanted to know if by rooting the mytouch i will lose all my applications and widgets? and if I have to use a spare memory card for this procedure. Thanks!!

  17. Hey again, I did as you said and downloaded the Original Magic Rogers ROM (Magic, 32A)from your site.
    I placed it on the sdcard and named it update, when I try to apply sdcard update I get this:
    Installing from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:No signature (7 files)
    E:Verification failed

    Installation aborted.

    Do you know whats the problem here?

  18. Hey again, I tried the one click method, but i get stuck at the part with the flash custom recovery image. I can’t select that option, it’s not selectable. Any other suggestions? :-s

  19. unlockr i wanna root my htc magic but the problem is i dont have android market in my phone, the whole purpose of rooting is to get android market in my mobile…. i tried andexplorer but it jus uncompresses the file.. help me dude???

  20. I’m trying to download Amon’s Recovery 32b but its not going to page do you have another download link besides rapidshare

  21. Is there a chance the phone will just break doing this? i wanna try it but i just got mine about 2 weeks ago and just don’t wanna break my phone at all. i have 32b mother board so its pretty much what the video does just want a confirmation on this if at all possible.

  22. hey thelockr,

    i keep getting a parse error “there is a problem parsing the package.” when i try installing the apk and i cant figure out why

  23. Hi
    I followed the steps above and everyhting works.

    BUt what now? I just want to get root and not load a custom rom.
    How can I just get root and keep my rom?


    1. Hello Snudel,

      Using this method, you have to load a ROM to get internal root access. Just load a basic one like Cyanogen’s ROM in the downloads section. You will have the benefits of root and still have a normal ROM.

  24. unlockr, after the rooting is done, would the phone be unlocked? meaning that if i were to plug in other SIM cards from other carriers, i would also be able to use it?

    the reason for asking that is because tmo said they will unlock my phone after 3 months of usage, so when i travel internationally, i can use a local sim card there.

    but, i’m just wondering if rooting will also unlock the SIM card restriction, then i wouldn’t have to wait till 3 month later for tmo to unlock it first before i do the rooting.

    1. Hello Cusco,

      No it doesn’t unlock the phone. The baseband of the phone will still be locked. If you want to unlock it, just wait the 3 months OR you can go online and pay between $15-$20 to have someone unlock it for you.

  25. Will this work on the Japanese docomo version…
    I’ve scoured the forums and I can’t find anything about whether the EVT1 or the sapp20000 makes a difference.

    HBOOT-1.33.0006 (SAPP20000)
    May 27 2009, 19:06:41

    1. Hello Varble,

      To be honest, I didn’t know there was a difference. I would assume it would work, as I have never seen a version that didn’t work, worth a shot (the root program has a backup feature in case it goes wrong).

  26. Hey Unlockr,

    I tried the one click root on my Magic 32A without wiping my data. I couldn’t load into recovery mode (it would freeze at the Rogers screen). I phone would turn back on after taking the battery in and out so I thought I would wipe my phone and try again. However I am unable to wipe my phone! It freezes at the rogers screen when I try doing a factory reset (tried doing both soft and hard reset). Any suggestions as to how I could wipe my phone, or how to unroot the Magic 32A?

  27. hi,

    i try ur method till step 6 and it fail the backup recovery image. Help !!!

    Sapphire pvt 32a ship s-on h
    Hboot-1.33.0009 (sapp10000)
    may 8 2009, 21:02:32

  28. hey quick question. it may be a stupid one too but here it is anyways. is this one click rooting 100 percent safe or can it brick or break (i dont even know what brick means) my phone. because the only thing that has stopped me from rooting my ohine in the past is the chance that i could damage my phone. it would kill me to damage a 200 dollar phone. thanks to anyone who can answer my question

    1. Hello Scott,

      I have yet to see a phone permanently damaged in anyway by rooting (stuck on a boot logo occasionally, but that can be fixed easily).
      And with the new one click method on here, it is pretty hard to mess up 🙂
      So go ahead and try it and good luck!

      BTW, Bricking the phone is a way of saying turning the phone into nothing but a brick, constant paperweight mode if you will lol

  29. Will this work with HTC’s new update (010?)? I read somewhere else that someone who had updated to that version, still got your method to work, just want to confirm, or should I avoid the update if I want to root my phone?

  30. Hi Unlockr.

    I have run into a problem with the one-touch root. I have a 32B Magic (UK Vodafone). After I complete the Root procedure I get the screen as described. But after I power the Magic off and on again I am unable to bring back the Root screen wtih Home/Power. I get the yellow triangle – after several button pushes I get the “Android system recovery utility” with an error message at the bottom in yellow “E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/command”

    At this time I am unable to Partition the memory card.

    I’m stuck. Help please, what has gone wrong?

    1. Hello DannyT,

      Once you get the phone to the Recovery screen at the end of this procedure, leave it on. Do NOT turn the phone off, just leave the recovery screen up. Then do the partitioning of the memory card and then again do NOT turn off the phone. Take out the memory card, put it into your computer and put on the ROM and rename it to then put the memory card back into the phone and click wipe, then click Apply and then reboot.
      Should work, same issue was happening with G1s. I’ll put it in the reported issues shortly.

  31. Hi Unlockr,

    That is brilliant, thank you very much. Those instruction steps worked absolutely fine. I have the JACxHERO-v1.0-sapphire ROM running in my HTC Magic.

    Thanks again.

  32. sorry, but ive ran into a problem at the end,
    at the end when you have to go to the Android system recovery screen, i click apply, but it says it cant find such a file, and i dont have such a file either.. please explain what to do. this is the first step, so i havent flashed it or anything before this, ive just rooted it, and now i want to put the Hero ROM on it, please do help.

  33. Hi All

    Once rooted how do you restart the phone without loading a new rom? or is this a dumb question.

    Also can you copy and save data to avoid re downloading stuff after and in the event of thinking your old or original rom was better can the original be found and put back on in the same way?

  34. Hey unlockr, I actually did the next video and all, and it worked excellent, i got the fatal1ty hero Full 1.4, and put it un my phone, and the thing went excellent, now, when i try to turn my phone on, it stays on the Rogers logo, for hours. nothing happens, i tried everything, please help me.

  35. How can i load a new ROM tho, my phone doesnt start up, so i cant connect the sd card to my computer, and i have to slot to put it in my computer without conencting the usb, i dont have that machine for SD cards.

  36. Thank man:)
    im getting one hopefully either today or tomorrow. i downloaded a new 1 which is 32A and for the Magic from here:
    so all i have to do is replace the other file with this 1, then sweep the data, and click apply the, and it should work? and if it doesnt…? i actually tried taking the SD card out, and turning the phone on, and it still did not turn on.. it was still stuck on the rogers logo.

  37. Hello unlockr,

    When i get to step 8 I do not get the “Flash Custom RecoveryImage button”

    It continues to say invalid recovery image.

    Please help. It is a 32A motherboard. And I am 100% sure i have the correct “sdcard/recovery-RAv1.2.1H.img”. it is a 3.24 MB file.

    Thanks in advance

  38. I got the file to flash but when I hold the home and power button the recovery menu doesnt popup up the my touch 3g screen stays open forever, tell me what I

  39. Aziz, that happened to me lol, means its bricked. u have to get a SD card reader, put your SD in therem plug it into the computer, and you have to get a new hero file, that fits your phone.
    Also, my 3G doesnt workk :\ idk why.

  40. Tomer, when i start up my phone without holding down power and home button, but by just holding the power button the phone starts up normally…so the problem is with the flashing of the files…

  41. I got another question: now that I flashed the recovery ROM, may I use it to downgrade my SPL to a non-perfect one?
    Thanks again 🙂

  42. Well, in order to change the splash screens I would need an engineered SPL, however now I’m happy with a Hero ROM, so I’ll not risk to brick my phone for now ;).

  43. Hello Unlockr…I’ve used your vids over and over with great success, but I’m having some trouble this time around…I followed the one click method for rooting Magic(MT3G) with 32B board, my problem lies with installing the recovery img. I installed flshrec,opened it,pressed backup recovery image but when i do this, I get “Backup FAILED: Could Not Run Command” please help, any suggestions ? or why backup failed ? Thanx again for your great vids…(Or is there another method for installing the recovery image? if there is I would happily give it try)

  44. I was able to install the recovery image, wiped, but then when I hit format sd: fat 32+ext2+swap, i get an error message that says “format aborted”. can’t go any further now. Thanks, Paul

  45. Thanks for the response. I think I may have bigger issues right now. However, my card is an 8G Class 6 that I have had for a while, and it “may” actually already be formatted. When I go to the SD card in settings, it shows 289 MB’s. Do you think it is partitioned? How can it show 289 when the default is 288??? I will try to figure out if it is after I deal with some of the other stuff. Biggest thing right now is that (as you are probably aware), the Terminal Emulator does not work with VK’s. I installed “pterminal”, but it does not seem to work the same as the regular stock TE. Do you know if there is another prefix that needs to be entered prior to putting in the usual code?
    Also, I am not able to install Cyan’s audio resources with the RA recovery image. I’m getting an “abort” message” when I try to flash it. I actually got that same message when I first flashed the ROM (JACxROM). I’m assuming that if I were to be able to access the TE somehow I would probably be able to flash the Cyan 1.4? Is that easily do-able? I am more familiar with it. Any reason I cannot or should not? Please advise. Thanks, Paul

  46. My son has tried this on his phone he says he has followed all the instructions but now the phone will only come on as far as getting the word hero appearing in the centre of the screen

    Can you advise how to proceed
    I have put the original 2 files on the sd card

    1. Hello Andy Weir,

      No problem this happens a lot.
      Just boot into recovery mode (hold down home and power). Then format the card using the recovery menu (select format fat32+ext2+swap). Once that is done take the memory card out of the phone (leave the phone on the recovery screen) and put it into a computer using a usb adapter or the sd adapter it came. Put the Hero ROM he wants back on the SD card and rename it to update. Then put the sd card back into the phone and click wipe data and then click apply and once that is done reboot.
      You may have to wait a while for the hero to go away on first boot up, if it doesn’t then repeat.

  47. I have a MyTouch 3G. Which guide do I use to root?

    How To: Root the HTC Magic in One Click!


    How To: Root the MyTouch 3G or G1 in One Click!

    What’s the difference, isn’t the magic the same thing as the mytouch?

    1. Hello Brett L,

      I can understand where you are coming from. Technically you are correct that the MyTouch is a rebranded Magic, but (without getting into motherboard differences) the MyTouch is rooted using a slightly different method than most Magics.
      Do the one for the MyTouch.
      Good luck!

  48. Hi Guys, can you please help me out with at least the last part of my previous question? Is there a way to flash the Cyan 1.4 recovery image with what I currently have (a TE that is unuseable, keyboard will not open?)

  49. Hey, does the unroot method for the MyTouch 3G also work for the Rogers HTC Magic 32A? You refer to searching for “unroot magic” in your search field, however, when i do search for it i find nothing.

  50. i have files downloaded on my sd card . i have a 32a and when i hit backup recovery image the device restarts. anyone know y?

    1. Hello Tim Tebow,

      Just click the hidden button to the right of the backup recovery image button (turns into a * symbol) then you can skip the backup recovery image step and just type in the box and flash the custom recovery image.

  51. ignore my question i unrooted everything and now in the process of rooting. however i have same problem as Bjorn, i get the message “wrong EBI for phone” Any help?

  52. theunlockr thanx will this give same effect has hitting the backup recovery image button? im new to all this so i want it to be right

  53. Hi
    I have put the 2 files on the sd card in the root.
    I have installed the .apk file. Then I write /sdcard/recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.2.img but then it says “Wrong image EBI for phone” on the phone.
    It´s a 32A phone.
    Whats wrong and what do I do now? (The phone works fine, it´s not bricked)

  54. tes im on a custon rom. and i want to updat emy recovery file to recovery-rav1.2.1h.img. i saw the dream 1.2.2 but dont know if it will work for a magic 32a?

  55. yes im on a custo hero rom. and i want to updat emy recovery file to recovery-rav1.2.1h.img. i saw the dream 1.2.2 but dont know if it will work for a magic 32a?

  56. Got the same problem as “Aziz”, but I got a Magic.

    Paste from Aziz:
    I got the file to flash but when I hold the home and power button the recovery menu doesn’t popup up the my touch 3g screen stays open forever, tell me what I should.
    when i start up my phone without holding down power and home button, but by just holding the power button the phone starts up normally…so the problem is with the flashing of the files…

    What to do?

  57. hi i used your one touch method only one rom seems to work i.e is the one .. no other rom works.. it justs reboots to the oerator logo and thats all… and how do i unroot it? the unroot procedure which u have described give me an error as wron phone type..
    i have an HTC Magic in help …
    also the HTC HERO ROM i mentioned is a bit unstable .. it slows down the phone and hangs the phone often..

    1. Hello Aamod,

      Make sure you Wipe Data in the Recovery screen THEN Apply update. Also if it still hangs on a screen, repartition the memory card, then wipe, then apply new ROM. This usually fixes the hanging.

  58. help……

    when i get to the part of flashing recovery with linda file manager my devices resets. even when i press the hidden star and type in manually i get same problem. now im rooted already. i just use this method to flash new recoveries and i cant because of the reset when it says working. any ideas as to y this happens.

    1. Hello James,

      You can’t flash a new recovery with the FlashRec. It wont flash a new one if an old one existing (for some dumb reason). Just read the reported issues and the goto the last issue and you’ll see how to flash a new recovery manually using terminal.

  59. How am I supposed to root it if my HTC Magic doesn’t even boot up? I tried to hard reset it, and now I can’t even turn it on, it keeps rebooting itself at the hero logo.

    1. Hello Justin,

      Turn off the phone (take out the battery and put it back in). Then boot into recovery (power and home) then click wipe data and the reapply the ROM. You have to do that instead of clicking Factory Reset when you have a Hero ROM.

    1. Hello Justin.

      You are using the standard recovery image (that came with Android) that is why you are getting the error. You are NOT rooted in recovery.
      Didn’t you have Hero on the phone?

      Would you mind moving this to the Forums so we can work on it without clogging up the comments? Just add it to Technical Support under HTC Magic.

  60. Hey again, I did as you said and downloaded the Original Magic Rogers ROM (Magic, 32A)from your site.
    I placed it on the sdcard and named it update, when I try to apply sdcard update I get this:
    Installing from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:No signature (7 files)
    E:Verification failed

    Installation abortedi need orginal rom for my magic for i have to get it repair please help

  61. UnLocker – Great site thanks…
    I recently got a HTC Magic from Vodafone Spain.
    It is a 32B and runs Andriod 1.5.

    I followed you “one click root” and all went as expected. When I connect to my computer I now get 2 drives. one of 500Mg and one of 7.4Gb. The 500 appeared after following your instructions.

    I the tried to load the Rom you recommend. Hero 1.8 from Maxisma. I follow the instruction and get the yellow triangel but when I push home again I get the menu…

    and then

    E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/command”, but when I try install I get

    Installing from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:No signature (507 files)
    E:Verification failed

    I assumed the file was corrupted so tried the 1.7 from Maxisma with the same result.

    What am I doing wrong? All I want is Sense UI on my Magic, not really interested in the rest of the Hero features…

    Thanks again for great site!

    1. Hello Marc,

      If you are getting the Yellow Triangle you need to use FlashRec again and reload the custom recovery image. Then once it is loaded reboot into recovery and it should show the custom recovery. Then immediately load the ROM (if you turn off the phone and back on it will lose the recovery image sometimes until you flash the ROM then it will stay).

  62. I read the thread but not sure if i missed it or not. Do i have to install a new ROM or can i keep my stock rogers ROM?? or will this not allow rooting (putting apps onto the sd)

  63. Unlockr,

    What kind of partition will “Amon Ra Recovery” give me since it automatically partitions for you??

    The reason i ask is cause the rom im installing says to have a Fat32/Etx3/Swap of 96-128mb


  64. Hi Unlocker,
    First I would like to say that you’re really doing great job.
    I downloaded and copied both:
    directly into my sdcard and follow all the steps but I get stuck in step(6)where I can’t backup the recovery image. It gives me this message ” Backup FAILED: Couldn’t run command.
    I also notice that the text box is not empty, it has the following link:
    I also would like to mention that the only active button is the ” Backup recovery image” button
    Please help, I have been stuck with this issue for quite long!

    Thank you,

  65. htc magic 32b

    I cannot get the back up recovery image to work or the download recovery image either

    “back up failed: could not run command”

    having already successfully applied this to another magic, im confused by the errors

  66. Hi,
    Thanks for the nice tutorial.
    I have a problem though, like everyone else my APN settings disappeared, but the problem is that I am unable to save the settings that I add manually. I add the settings, click on save, the phone then shows the APN list, which is empty. I have repeated this many times.
    Then I pulled the /etc/apns-config.xml, added my entry there and pushed it back, still no luck.
    Any suggestions?

  67. Hi,
    Can anyone help me please….
    I have a Magic 32b and recently put the Modaco_custom_1_51 rom on, I think with the Amon Ra’s recovery image (as recommended on unlockr)
    It was working ok, not great, a bit slow and mms wouldnt work, so…

    I decided to change the rom, unfortunately I was in a bit of a rush and I kind of forgot what I was doing…

    I went straight to the Recovery mode and clicked ‘part sd: fat32+ext2+swap’
    Then I put the new rom on using usb storage mode, I clicked on apply and of course it wouldnt work (all without applying any recovery image when the phone was working), I rebooted the phone and now after the vodafone image I just get a blank black screen…

    I then woke up and realised what i’d done.

    I have tried searching what to do when this happens but I couldnt find anything… I’ve never used abd and dont know how the commands and stuff work… I just flashed and applied the rom using the ‘one click’ method on unlockr.

    I would appreciate any help you can give, theres propably a simple way to do it (well simple for you guys) but I just cant work it out, if anyone can give me some instructions it would be really grateful.

    You can email if you can help

  68. Hello there!
    First of all I wanna start by thanking you all for the great help in this site. Without your video tutorials, id be lost!
    Secondly, I used this method to root, applications keep telling me I have no root access.
    Is this because I have to now flash to a ROM?
    I got the Rogers Magic (288 of ram yey!) but Ive heard that Hero ROMs still have issues with BT and/or Market stuff. I currently live in Mexico City ntill next year.
    In case updating fails, am I able to go back to my original Rogers ROM?
    Thanks a lot for your help in advance. Hope to ear from u soon.

    1. Rosco,

      You need to load a custom rom to get root access for apps, do the next procedure and youll be all set.
      Hero works well (Market is fine, just no bluetooth).
      Yes you can unroot and get back to stock (look for our How To unRoot the Magic procedure.
      Good luck! Welcome to the site!

  69. Thank you for writing this tutorial!
    I was able to get through all the steps and press the Flash Custom RecoveryImage button to flash the phone.
    But it only took half a second and it said it’s done. When I reboot to Recovery mode I don’t see the black background with text. I can only see the androids on a skateboard.

    Any idea why and how I can fix it?

    Thank you for your help!

  70. I have a rogers htc dream (canada) phone. When I fast boot it says I have a 32B motherboard but when I run the recovery flasher is says “ebI1/32A”

    The fastboot says the following
    HBOOT-1.33.0010 (DREA21000)
    Jun 2 2009, 21:37:16

    I tried the recovery flasher with recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.3.img but it just sat forever trying to load. finally I closed/reopened the recovery flasher and told it to “restore backup” which it said it did..

    Now I am worried that if I power cycle my phone it will brick? not sure what motherboard I have or what recovery flash and root flash I should use if I dare try again..

  71. I still have not unlocked but I have changed the phone to the following on fast boot
    The fastboot says the following
    HBOOT-1.33.2005 (DREA21000)

    The recovery flasher still says “ebI1/32A”

  72. hi unlockr

    i have a pvt 32b board, however i followed without knowing that my board was 32b, anyway it installed fine however i when tried to boot into recovery mode, it just shows the ‘htc dream’ logo and hangs there. so after i realised that i had a 32b board, i restores my initial back made by recovery flasher and then followed the tutorial here and it installed successfully, but i am still not able to boot into recovery mode and im not sure whether or not to process to the next step please advise. thanks in advance

  73. Hello guys,

    I was trying to root my HTC Magic with this website and i downloaded the 2 files i needed for the 32B. I opened astro and installed flashrec and opended it. Now here comes my problem… normaly the only button you can click on is the backup recovery image but i have more options. I can also click on the Download Recovery Image and in the box there is also something written down: can you help me? Thank you alot!


    1. Heleen,

      Finish the procedure. Start typing in the box the text written in the procedure, if you type it in right and the file is in the right place on your sd card then another button will appear saying something like Flash Recovery Image. Then you can click that and continue.

  74. so i just installed flashrec-1.1.2-20090909 and recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.3 when i open flashrec and launch it i see my phone type: EBIO/32B and the bar underneath it says: and i can both press on: Download Recovery Image and Backup Recovery Image. When i delete that box and type in: /sdcard/recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.3.img and press on backup Recovery image it says: backup FAILED: Could not run command. What should i do? Please help, I would be really thankfull.

  75. Please help me with my question above, i really need your help. I posted in the technical support but still don’t have an answer on my question. please help. i would really be thankfull

  76. I tried it in every way possible and do not find it.
    I have read several GUIDES BUT NOT ME WORK.
    I’ve tried from windows and linux.
    follow to the letter your HOW TO but can not be ROOT.
    “Backup FAILED: Could not run command”



    HBOOT-1.33.0014 (SAPP50000)
    Sep 2 2009, 17:42:56


  77. I have a Rogers Magic 32A and I see others have had no problems rooting there Rogers 32A. Everything goes fine till step 9. It says image has been flashed but I still get the same old HBOOT screen when I reset not the one you are talking about. Help please.

  78. My boot screen says:
    HBOOT-1.33.0010 (SAPP50000)
    Jun 2 2009,17:28:28

    Also the the flash rec app that I downloaded from the link on this page doesn’t quite look the same as the one in the video. It looks like it should work though, so I’m not sure what I am doing wrong.

  79. Hi Unlockr, I have an HTC Magic with the so-called Perfect SPL. Will this method work or do I have to follow the XDA-Forum method to downgrade the SPL to a Non-Perfect SPL first?? This is all new to me so I am a bit confused.

  80. Hi Unlockr! Thanks for your advice! Will give it a go this evening. I was thinking of flashing a Stock Rom from HTC for SingTel which is Android 1.5 with Sense UI. Can I just run the RUU or do I need to load only a Custom ROM.

    What is a GoldCard anyway, and what is its purpose?

  81. I know it has been answered already, but I just want to confirm that this will work on a Rogers Magic 32A with:

    H-BOOT-1.33.0010 (SAPP50000)

    Running Donut

    Also, once the phone is rooted, is it possible or necessary to change the SPL to 1.33.2005 in order to run roms that aren’t specific for rogers?

    P.S Thank you for your time developing and maintaining this website … greatly appreciated!!

  82. i have try it and my phone has no root i just downloaded the taiwan rom from htc and installed on mu phone and now i cand get my old rom back

  83. hi Unlockr,

    m from Singapore and have bought a htc magic today(firmware: 1.5)
    HBOOT-1.33.0009 (SAPP10000)
    May 8 2009, 21:02:32

    from the htc website, there is a rom upgrade with HTC SENSE for HTC Magic (Singapore)
    ROM Version: 3.03.707.5( For Singapore only)

    Questions :
    1. is the above rom good enough or i should root and download a better rom?
    2. any recommendation for a better rom?
    3. will the firmware be upgraded to 1.6 after root and download a better rom?

    please advise.

    many thanks

    1. Astro Boy,

      1. Thats up to you. It will NOT be able to be rooted though so if you want to use root enabled apps I would NOT upgrade.
      2. I would rather have root access and use any of the Hero ROMs already available, but thats me.
      3. There is no 1.6 update for Hero, so I would assume the Sense upgrade for the Magic is also not 1.6 and is 1.5

  84. Hi Unlockr,

    thanks for the quick respond.
    will try out the hero rom found on the download tab.
    JACHeroski Magic ROM (Magic, 32A)

    have a good day

  85. I have a 32B with Rogers firmware, i had all done but when i will restart the phone and i push homew and power, it hanging by the Rogers logo. After 5 Minutes i put the akku out and start the phone normally. Why don´t works it by me? Has anyone a answer or a solution for me please?

  86. if i rooted my magic will i have the market? cuz my magic didn t come with any had to get open leaf / slideme..which sucks really…

  87. Hi Unlockr
    I have HTC Magic from Sweden

    HBOOT-1.33.0014 (SAPP10000) spotkal sie ktos z taka wersja?
    Sep 2 2009. 17:42:56

    Firmware version
    Kernel version

    How rooted this phone
    On FlashRec I get this
    Backup FAILED: Could not run command

    1. Ronan,

      You shouldnt need a gold card since you are already rooted. If you want to change the SPL (which can be dangerous FYI before you begin), just find a new SPL and rename it to and flash it (same way you did the ROM). For further instructions goto the How To Root the MyTouch/G1 in Once Click procedure and it explains it there as an optional step (just dont try to load the wrong SPL).
      Good luck!

  88. i get tha message Backup FAILED: Could not run command when i try backup recovery image.
    what’s wrong?
    i have a 32a phone.

  89. Hi unlocker

    How do I know if my magic runs on cupcake? Got this phone from vodafone qatar. It does not have android market. I have 32A. Will these procedures work with my phone? Thanks in advance

    1. Dodie,

      Goto Setting then about phone and it will say firmware version, if it says 1.5 then yes this procedure will work. If it says 1.6 then search our site for How To Root a Donut Phone and follow that procedure.

  90. Hi unlocker i will write /sdcard/recovery-RAv1.2.3H.img and i dont have Flash Custom Recovery Image only Flash Recovery Image, without CUSTOM.
    help My i magi with
    HBOOT-1.33.0010 (SAPP50000)

    1. MagicOwner,

      Newest one is 1.5.0 actually, click on Developers at the top of our site and find Amon Ra he just updated a post on our site with his newest recovery.
      But you can use any recovery you want just have to replace the name of the recovery image during the procedure with the name of the new recovery.

      I would recommend following our procedure as written with the recovery image we put here and then manually flashing the new recovery image manually when you are done.
      Search for How To Flash a New Recovery once you have done this procedure and the load a custom rom procedure.

  91. Four days, multiple tries from clean 1.5 sappimg.nbh, multiple methods, and still no go.

    Why can’t this T-Mobile 32B magic be done!!!!!!!!???????

    I’ve successfully rooted + CM ROM two other Magics with ease but, this one is cursed or something…

    Was there a patch or something? I’m literally going nuts trying to figure this out. WTF is going on!

  92. Dear All,

    I’ve followed the instructions on the video to download 2 files. amon ra rec for 32A mother board and the flashrec.apk files.

    I don’t have a Linda file manager and i am using oi file manager. I tried to backup recovery image but all I get is back up FAILED: Could not run command. Where did I go wrong? The flashrec.apk file I downloaded is flashrec-1.1.2-20090909.apk and the recovery file i downloaded is recovery-RAv1.2.3H.img. Are these the correct files for my HTC Magic?

    These are the details for my HTC Magic.
    HBOOT-1.76.0007 (SAPP10000)
    AUG 4 2009,19:43:30

    Hope the guys at the unlockr can help me solve this problem as the reason why I want to root and replace my room is I want to get android market. I’m from Malaysia.

    1. Robin,

      You need to downgrade your Magic first. Please search for the How To Unroot the Magic procedure and use that to downgrade then you can come back to this procedure.
      Otherwise you can also do the How To Root the Magic Goldcard procedure on our site as well.

  93. i have no button labeled: backup to cyanogen recovery 1.4
    I have a button called:download recovery image
    and it is disabled even if I wrote image path in the text box

    my mobile is EBI1/32A
    and it from vodafone Qatar
    can anyone help me?

    1. Hisham,

      Does it let you do the Backup Recovery no problem?
      If so then the reason it is greyed out is because either the file is in the wrong spot or there is a typo in the text box (once the text box matches the file on the SD card it will ungrey).

  94. I am sorry
    the same problem
    it took a backuo successfully
    then I wrote
    and it is grayed and its label is
    Download Recovery Image

    I didn’t make any thing with my mobile from the day I purchased it up till rooting, no hacking.

    1. Hisham,

      The only was that happens is if you are not typing correctly or if the file on the SD is named wrong or in the wrong place.
      Did you type /sdcard/recovery-rav1.1.3H.img?
      Good luck, any other issues please post in the tech support forums.

  95. I am sorry if I am asking a lot of questions
    by the way I am a java developer @ hp and now I am learning android.

    my question is:

    I want to backup my room because it is hard to get again because it is from Vodafone Qatar and it supports Arabic read and write while others do not support Arabic.
    so I want to backup it and when I want to go back to it, I can.

    how can I make that?
    just give me a link to the method because I found a lot of topics and I got confused.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hisham,

      You can use this one click method and there is a step to backup your recovery before you flash the new one. Do that and save the original recovery somewhere safe.
      Then when you flash the new recovery, there is an option in the new recovery image before you flash a ROM to do a Nandroid Backup. Save that backup file somewhere safe as well.
      Then if you need to restore, go into recovery and click Restore Nandroid backup, then go into flashrec again and flash the backup recovery image and you’ll be back to the way you were before you began.
      Good luck!

  96. Hey Unlocr.

    I have a HTC Magic with SPL 1.33.0014
    Firmware 1.5, 32A motherboard.
    I get backup failed and flash failed when I try to use the FlashRec.apk

    Is the Goldcard method my only option?

  97. Hi Unlockr,

    I got a Malaysia Region HTC Magic and I’m having a hard time rooting it.
    My set is a 32A board.
    HBOOT-1.76.0007 (SAPP10000)

    I hope someone could really help me and guide me. I’ve tried the one click rooting method, the unrooting method, all doesnt seem to work. I’ve tried to create a gold card too with 3 different branded (Kingston, Transcend & Sandisk) Micro SD cards without success. Hope you guys could help me out. Thanks.

  98. Hello, I just got my HTC Magic today. I have a few things. first things first though. When I click on the site Flashrec.apk to download it takes me to a website. The website I went to does not shoe me the Flashrec.apk to download. I downloaded the only one on there and went step by step and nothing. please explain..thanks

  99. I went downloaded both to my sd card. Do I need to unzip them first before I do anything? Like maybe extract them? I went to Linda Manager clicked SD card then found flashrec-1.1.3-20091107-2 clicked it then i got a list of options assets, META-INF, res,resourses.arsc, classes.dex, and AndroidManifest.xml….but i extracted the files first should i not do this?

    thanks Josh

    1. Josh,

      No, the file you download should be a .apk not a .zip. Make sure you downloaded the precompiled version from that site and make sure your computer doesnt make it a .zip automatically.
      Read the reported issues.

  100. The newest flashrec file you posted won’t install on my 32A magic :S
    Any reason why do you think>

    Also I tried using an older version and it wouldn’t find the img

  101. Hi there. I had a couple of questions I would like to confirm before I start with the above process. One is My Htc magic (Airtel) doesnt have access to the Market can I download the file needed for the Linda File Manager and install it like that? Second could you point me to a link which would show the possible features which would not possibly work. if at any time htc \ Airtel comes out with an upgrade which gives me all of google apps and android Market can I revert back to the same software that was on the phone.


    1. Siddarth,

      Yes, you can get Linda File Manager as an ApK on the internet and install that manually without the market.
      You will only gain features, nothing will not work. We are only adding things with ROMs not removing them.
      Yes you can upgrade with an official ROM BUT you will lose root access and be stuck with that official ROM. There is NO reason to go back to an official ROM anyway though since the custom ROMs only add to the phone not take away. ONLY reason to go back to an official ROM is if you had to send the phone in for warranty.
      Also, you will never get an official update with the Market etc in it, HTC didn’t pay Google for the license for that phone so unless they all of a sudden decide to buy the license from Google (which is highly unlikely for that phone).
      So rooting and doing it this way is most likely the only way you’ll get the Market etc. Good luck!
      If you have other issues, post them in the technical support forums instead of here in the comments, thanks!

  102. I did the exact steps above and during the back up stage it goes “Backup failed: could not run command.”

    So is there a way around this?

  103. I did read it. I’ve followed the steps. According to the settings menu I’m on

    Firmware 1.5
    Kernel 2.6.27
    Build 2.17.631.2

  104. THANK YOU! After I found out Rogers will not be giving their customers the 1.6 update or beyond, I just went ahead and r00ted. Your tutorial made it incredibly simple, and now I am happily using Android 1.6 🙂

  105. @marcod Did you apply the official HTC/rogers firmware update before rooting? I did, and I can’t seem to get the backup to take. I’m on Rogers too so I’m curious.


  106. unlockr,

    i need help. i think i did a big messed. try to load the CM BSF ROM, and my phone wont restart.. how to go back again to default..its 32A board..

  107. i still dont get it =/ i can get to step 7 when Flashrec-1.1.3-20091107-2.apk is installed when i press on Backup Recovery image is says
    “Backup now” Working please do not interrupt.

    after that is says
    Backup FAILED: cut not run the command

    and i have reinstalled the phone =/ to _HTC Magic_RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_2.17.401.2_HTC_Nordic_release_signed_NoDriver.exe

    witch i got on HTC’s home page

    recovery file is called recovery-RAv1.2.3H.img

    Phone Magic 32A
    Firmwareversion is 1.5

    1. Dennis,

      Try to skip the backup. (There is a hidden button on the right that you can tap on that page that shows an asterisk when you click it and will skip the backup).
      Good luck! Any other issues, post in the technical support forums.

  108. the name on the software i got on my phone is

    HTC Magic_RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_2.20.401.2_HTC_Nordic_release_signed_NoDriver.exe.part

    not 2.17.401.2

  109. before rooting the phone is it a must to go back to cupcake(1.5). looking at the procedure for rooting with donut(1.6), it seems that you must downgrade to 1.5.

    1. Newbie,

      Yes, correct. But when you load a custom ROM you get back to donut (or even past it to 2.0 depending on the ROM), so you are not stuck at cupcake. You just need to get to cupcake so we can flash the recovery image.

  110. Hi, I have an Unlocked HTC Magic (Tim) running 288MB RAM and when i try to find my motherboard version by turning off the phone and turning it on using one ofthe two ways expressed in the instructions the phone just turns on with the TIM logo… then says “HTC Magic” and finally “HTC” as it always loads with no reference to 32B or 32A… Is there an alternative method or is there no other way? Cheers

    1. James,

      You need to turn it off. Then turn it back on by holding down the Volume down button and power button (do NOT let go until a bootloader screen comes up).
      But I can tell you, you have a 32A 🙂

  111. Hi,

    Thanks for the informative guide.

    I couldn’t download the Recovery image from the posted link but I got it from somewhere else (same file name).

    I am currently using an HTC Magic (Singapore) running Android 1.5 with Sense UI (which you can download from the HTC website).

    So, my phone is completely unrooted, however, I have applied the HTC (official) Sense UI package.

    When I click on “Backup recovery image” I got the “Failed” message. So, I clicked on the hidden asterix and tried to flash the image but I got the same message again. Note the message appears IMMEDIATELY.

    Any thoughts?


  112. Hi Unlockr,

    Any thoughts on my problem? I really want to root as I don’t like the Sense UI and I cannot figure out how to go back to the stock setting.

    Also I want to use 1.6 (and possibly 2.0 when it comes out)


  113. I am like so irritated because I cannot root my phone I dont know what I am doing wrong can somne please. Every recover image i use fails. I have the B version of the mytouch

  114. Terrence Jackson

    Hi, Unlockr: I am still getting a backup FAILED message when trying to backup Recovery Image. Any suggestions?

  115. I get the error
    “Parse Error
    There is a problem parsing the package.”

    I’m using Rogers HTC branded Magic
    Firmware 1.5 (confirmed)

    Maybe there is a solution to this problem? If so please let me know.

    SPL: 1.76.0010

  116. Hi Guys!!

    Thank you so much!! It worked 100%.
    My has the perfect SPL(0010), from Orange-Poland.

    Running myhero 2.0.5 now!!

    Keep up the good work!!!


  117. I get the error
    “Parse Error
    There is a problem parsing the package.”

    I’m using Rogers HTC branded Magic
    Firmware 1.5 (confirmed)

    Maybe there is a solution to this problem? If so please let me know.

    SPL: 1.76.0010

  118. thanks unlockr, great job

    it worked, i am really thankful
    here are the steps (i wiped everything before)
    1. installed “FlashRec.apk (Updated: 09/26/09)” (did not work at first attempt)
    3. turned off and on.
    4. tried again, this time it worked.
    5. i did it a gain with recovery-RA-sapphire-v1.5.2H.img
    6. then i applied: “How To: Load a Custom ROM on Your HTC Magic” using rom:”Amon Ra’s Clean Donut (Magic, 32A)”
    7. I had to wipe after reboot, cause it did not show home screen.
    8. then i followed: “Upgrading from CM or other rooted roms – Magic32A Firmware to CyanogenMod”, not need to do fastboot boot cause i already had a custom recovery (from this guide), i started at “Follow the directions below for “Full install” starting at step 5″

    HBOOT-1.33.0010 (SAPP50000)
    Jun 2 2009,17:28:28

  119. Ok so are you going to respond to my post or just ignore it because you have no information?

    Why am I not able to root my phone?

    I get the error
    “Parse Error
    There is a problem parsing the package.”

    I’m using Rogers HTC branded Magic
    Firmware 1.5

    Maybe there is a solution to this problem? If so please let me know.

    SPL: 1.76.0010

    1. Christian,

      Saying stuff like that will not get you any help. I do not get paid for this and it is not my job to sit here all day and answer questions (as much as I would honestly love to do that). Further, it is almost impossible for me to answer everything and most questions asked are impossible to answer unless I’m sitting there with you watching everything you did to determine what went wrong.
      Use this site as a resource amoung others, not as your personal help desk.

      Parse error generally means that the package is corrupt. Try to redownload it (maybe even download it from another source) and see if that helps. Otherwise check the tech support forums or use the custom search bar at the bottom of this procedure.

  120. Unlockr, I have a Magic, firmware 1.5, no root acc,tried several versions of flashrec, but still get “Backup failed”, any help?

  121. the rogers 1.76.0010 spl is yet to be cracked, so you will be unable to root your device at this time

    i am in the same boat after running the “mandatory” “update”

    on a side note, there is no need to be ignorant a simple Google search would have given you the answer you needed

  122. dont know why my post got deleted… but anyways

    1.76.0010 SPL has not been cracked yet, there for you will be unable to root your device until a new ENG or DEV SPL comes out

    dont know how long the wait will be, hope its soon because i am in the same boat.

    -TheUnlockr- i just want to say that my previous post was not directed at you in any way (maybe thats why you deleted it)

    i used your 1 click method to root my phone initially and it worked like a charm, then i had a “smart” moment and installed an officail RUU..

  123. When i try to do the “back up recovery” its says backup FAILED:Could not run command.Dont know what to do from their,HELP!!!

  124. I just got my new HTC magic ( unbranded ) and the first thing in my agenda was to root it and install a HERO rom . Really Excited

    So I came across this ( one click rooting process ) and it seems very easy and am gonna give it a try and see how it works ^^
    Fingers Crossed
    Right now my mission is finding the best stable rom with almost no buggs , anyways
    Thank you for shareing , keep up the great work

  125. Hi TheUnlockr, I have indian Airtel Magic with Sapphire PVT 32A SHIP S-ON H
    HBOOT-1.33.0010 (SAPP10000)
    Jun 2 2009

    Will these procedure work for my phone ?

  126. Will the flashrec file make a backup of my original vodafone rom?

    Would like to know in case I ever need to revert back to it for warranty purposes.

    I read up about Nandroid and how it backs up everything. Would it be possible to do this after I followed your guide from above?


  127. Hello Team Unlockr is it possible to root my phone romversion 3.05.401.3 please i am a noob for this i only have cracked Windows mobile devices and this is very easy ^^

  128. Hi one question i had a g1 i had it rooted it going everything fine on the phone them the sdcard stop working the touch screen was all crazy… when i touch something it was reading my finger like on another app so heres the question can i phone get mess up when u rooted????

    1. Gil-Unit,

      Sometimes, but it is very rare. Either way, just boot into recovery, reformat the sd card, wipe data, then reapply the and that fixes 99% of issues.

  129. I have a my touch 3g from tmobile but iam confused which root process do I use the my touch or the htc magic one? And whts the difference if ther the same?

  130. Never mind last ? I figured it out but I do have a new 1 how do I know if I have dounut or cup cake my phone says android 1.6?

    1. Markv,

      Read the Before You Begin procedure on the How To Root the MyTouch 3G in One Click procedure, it tells you if you have Donut to downgrade (and gives you a link).
      Good luck!

  131. I cannot root mytouch 3g i done it once but now i cant do it again i get stuck in step 5, once i click on the file it opens wats on the file it doesnt show me any “package installer” option. wats wrong?

    1. Rigot89,

      You have a MyTouch, not a Magic. Goto our How To Root the MyTouch procedure and follow that (also make sure to read the before you begin on that procedure as well VERY CAREFULLY).

  132. Unlockr thanks for the replies one more quick? By downgrade u mean unroot correct? I hope cuz I tried to flash and couldn’t get past the backup recovery it said failed

  133. Thanks again unlockr I have successfully rooted my phone and am now running super D ROM. I am a beginner at all this so Iam asking this next question. Can I store more than one ROM on my mytouch sdcard and just switch to a different ROM when I want? I have seen this been done on YouTube with a G1 so Iam sure it can be done with mytouch. If so can you give me the rundown on the actual process or direct me to a place on ur site where I can figure out how to do this?

  134. How do you get the flashrec.apk file? The link you give leads us to the zenthought website which has so many files to download… Which one are we suppose to download to get the flashrec.apk file?

  135. Hello the unlockr,

    i have updated my HTC Magic 32A with HTC sense official is it possible to root this ? and can i use these normal update again ?? or are there problems with rooting? sorry for my bad english

    1. Kai,

      There is no .zip file. It is a .apk file and your computer may turn it into a .zip file. If it does you need to change it back by highlighting the .zip part and replacing it with .apk. Read the reported issues for more help.

  136. Anyway , can I root my phone this way if I have upgraded the ROM , my phone is with sense UI asian phone 32A version ? I heard that rooting phone can allow apps to be installed in sd card ,is that true? Thank You!

  137. Can I successfully root my phone if I have upgraded the ROM , my phone is with sense UI asian phone 32A version ? I heard that rooting phone can allow apps to be installed in sd card ,is that true?

  138. this is not working at all i have the files but when i go into recovery it wont back up image? why btw i have magic 32a

  139. Hi ‘TheUnlockr’,

    I am a Rogers user with the Magic (32A). I’ve upgraded to the new Sense and now stuck with it. Do you have any solution? Will downgrading to Cupcake work? I want root back…

  140. OK…downgrading to Cupcake (2.17.631.2) does not work. Update Failed. Is there no known method currently to root the new updated image from Rogers?

  141. Hi. Got a 32A H HTC Magic which was updated with HTC official Sense UI update. I have tried the cupcake downgrade method, and one key root, and also the goldcard method. all have failed. cupcake downgrade complained about Model ID, one key root (FlashRec) complained about “could not run commend”. Goldcard on sappimg.ZIP step fails at “Main version older, Update FAIL”

    Current HBOOT SPL 1.76.0007. Any ideas?

  142. Hello,

    I need an answer on one simple question.

    Will this method root my HTC Magic:

    HBOOT-1.33.0010 (SAPP10000)

    Running Android 1.5 at the moment.

    Please reply as soon as possible.

    Thanks! 🙂

  143. Hi There. I followed the steps to download and put the two files on the SD Card and install the software, but when I click backup recovery image … it just says working, do not interupt … and it stays like this for ages without doing anything (I have let it run for an hour so far) … the little progress bar is moving and the phone isn’t stuck … but nothing happens?

  144. In your video the backup of recovery took a few secs. Mine is already 15 minutes and still going on. What to do?

  145. Hello…

    I have Magic 32A, new, 1,5, still default from the factory, haven’t done anything yet.
    I tried to follow your step, but always get backup failed, command not found when i press the backup button. And the flash recovery button always grey, even i already put the correct path to recovery image.

    Any idea, pls??? thanks….

    1. Loewe,

      Do this first. (Even if you are on cupcake already you believe).

      1. You must downgrade back to cupcake first:
      Get Back to Cupcake for Magic
      After you have done the above procedure and are back on cupcake (Android 1.5), you can come back to this procedure and continue.

  146. Hi Unlockr, thanks for doing this.. i have a little trouble. i tried to unroot my vodafone uk magic to revert back to cupcake but i get the ‘signature error’ and update fails. i don’t have a root because all i have had is OTA update to 1.6. what is the problem here? can i not get back to 1.5 without the unroot, which i have tried many many times with different sd cards and many downloads.. i have clean wiped my phone using recovery start-up but it still says i have 1.6. i really need this, please help..

    1. Petek,

      Means you need a gold card. Do the how to create a gold card procedure, then put the gold card in the phone and try to flash it again (the gold card bypasses the verification process if made correctly).

  147. hi , i tried to downgrdae to cupcake 1.5 and i clicked the trackball twice and now my phone screen isnt on but there is a blue light in notification light bit, what do i do?

  148. do you know of any way to reset my phone (not reset as in wipe it but other type lol, where it turns it all off(restart))

  149. Thanks for the reply Unlockr, I will try the Goldcard procedure, although I remember reading one of your instructions somewhere that Sandisk Micro SD cards don’t like the Goldcard method, is that still true? Has anyone successfully made the Goldcard with a Sandisk SD?
    Many thanks

  150. dazed and confused

    I’m lost.
    Can my Roger Magic even be rooted?
    I’m starting tho think it’s a nogo.

    HBOOT-1.76.0010 (SAPP50000)

    Please, can anybody help me?

  151. Hey, I am currently in the process of rooting my HTC Magic. I am using the YouTube video you posted. Everything went smoothly until about 9:00 in the video. I followed the cmd instructions exactly but have had an error occur. After i had found out it recognized my phone and gave the the serial this came up once i began the next step… C:\AndroidSDK\tools\fastboot boot daldroid-recovery.img
    downloading ‘boot.img’… FAILED (remote: not allow)
    What could have caused this???

  152. Hi,

    Looks like this method does not work with the latest firmware update from HTC (for magic 32A). I tried and it fails 🙁 .. any workaround ?


  153. Hi,

    Thank you for the tutorial. it is really helpful. I have a problem about the motherboard version though. When I check the motherboard version as you suggested, I saw that it is 32B. However, Recovery Flasher app claims that it is EBI1/32A and it does not allow to flash the recovery image of 32B.

    On the other hand, when I checked /proc/meminfo file, it says that

    MemTotal: 99708 kB
    MemFree: 12068 kB

    which is 32B as suggested by Amon_Ra

    So, I am confused. Could you please tell me which recovery image should I use.

    A small background information, I bricked the phone before with rooting procedure by the same reason and gave it back and get it refurbished. So, the motherboard information recorded somewhere else may mislead the Recovery Flasher application.


  154. i have clicked on the link for- Amon Ra’s Recovery Image 32B and says that-
    Unfortunately, the link you have clicked is not available.Reasons for this may include:- Invalid link-
    The file has been deleted because it was violating our Terms of service.Is there another link for Amon Ra’s Recovery Image 32B.

  155. I installed FlashRec successfully but cannot restore the image, I got: “Backup FAILED: Could not run command.” on HTC Magic Plus from Rogers, Ca. Motherboard 32A

  156. hi, unlokr

    i have a rooted vodafone UK 32B magic
    i tried this process and i get this file recovery-RA-sapphire-v1.6.2G.img for recovery image , ok ?
    now when at the time of prtition we dont have any option like this 32+Ext2+LinuxSwap but partition SD card which i did 98 swap 512 ext2 and remain fat32 ok?
    now when i try to install QTek Hero ROM for 32B
    i am stuck at vodafone screen.
    please help me out with this

  157. hi unlockr

    I managed to boot my phone by “installing generic mytouch 3g ROM into vodafone magic 32B”
    it is working fine now but i can’t install any hero rom nor MYtouch or HTC magic ,which all i want
    please help me with this yaar

  158. hi all,

    whenever i try to download the apk file i get following error :
    IPv4 host is not configured. As such, /content/project/flashrec is not available.

    is there another link avaible ?


  159. i have downgraded my phone. but made mistake to formate my card and now when i tried to run Backup Recovery image. it says Backup FAILED.
    do i need to go back to do the cupcake?

  160. i try to root my fender mytouch. I did the first step and tried to get it to cupcake and it booted up like a regular mytouch 3g, then i tried the recovery flasher and it didnt work. any ideas to get it back to normal or root it without the gold card method?

  161. I’ve done the one click root with a regular mytouch worked great, then i tried on my fender mytouch and i did the cupcake step and it booted up like a regular mytouch but the FlashRec.apk wouldnt work it said EBI erorr os something. so any ideas on how to root without golcard method or get it back to normal?

  162. I have an HTC MyTouch and I was able to download the FlashRec.apk onto my SDcard, but when I tried downloading the Recovery image to my computer, it takes me to a burn cd screen. I’m not sure how to get the Recovery image onto my SDcard. Can you help me? Thanks.

  163. Hi, i have a htc magic but its running htc sense ui can i still root using this method?? i tried the backup but it failed…any other methods to root my phone??

  164. carlos ramirez

    i have a question……
    when i do the restore back up image…and i type /sdcard/recovery-RAv1.6.2G.img for the 32b boar, im not able to do the next step because the bar above the restore backup is in gray. i had done a gold card already about 3 weeks ago and the phone went back to android 1.5. like right now. do i have to spend another ten or fifteen dollars again on a sd card? and do the whole gold card thing again????????

    1. Carlos,

      If u got back to 1.5 the goldcard worked fine. The issue is that the recovery image is either named wrong, isn’t on the root of the sdcard, your you are making a typo. Good luck!

  165. @unlockr; please help me!

    I finally was able to downgrade via the goldcard method on my mytouch 32b. Took what feels like forever, and now i have cupcake 1.5 on it. I tried to use the one click root method as found on your website but for whatever reason recovery flasher detects my phone as a 32a and I know it’s not. When I use fastboot it says 32b at the top….so….I was afraid to try the 32a file since I know its not a 32a phone. Has anyone else had this problem?

    So then I used method 2 (found here…=Magic_Rooting ) and it seemed to update…

    I go into terminal and type in SU and it gives me a # that means I do have root right?

    So now I’m totally lost as to what to do next…I have clockwork installed but when i try to flash clockworkmod recovery i get an error that says “an error occured while attempting to run privledged commands”

    I want to install cyogens froyo mod but I’m not sure what steps I have to do in order to get to it safely. Can I upgrade straight to this rom or do I have to load another rom before I can get to that one? I had a G1 previously and I remember having to update the SPL and radio…do I have to do this still with the mytouch 32b? If so, in what order does this need to be done? I don’t wanna brick this thing…

    Somebody please help!

  166. nevermind…im an idiot. i skipped half the steps. I now have a rooted 32b mytouch….but I’m still curious about what I would need to do to update to cyanogen 6 rc2 rom? I get a script error when trying to load the rom…do I need to update my spl or radio?

  167. Hi,Im pretty new on rooting phone, but I hate not having full control of it.
    Just want to get rid of internal app like store, ringstore and thing I dont use that take space on my phone.

    First here the info of my phone, I got a HTC Magic from Rogers with HTCsence.

    HBOOT-1.76.0010 (SAPP50000)
    Jan 14 2010,00:14:58

    Internal storage 166mb
    System storage 170mb

    Device: Sapphire
    Model: HTC Magic
    Board: Sapphire
    Product: HTC Magic
    Brand: Rogers
    Release 1.5
    SDK: 3
    Build: CUPCAKE.eng.u70000.20100114.191317

    I follow all the step but at the download page of FlashRec.apk there is 2 versions: flashrec-1.1.3-20091107-2.apk and flashrec-1.1.2-20090909.apk.
    I have tried the 2 versions and both said: ”could not run command”.

    I notice on your video at 03:07 the name of the Flash apk is flasrec-20090815.apk. So I find the file on the net and install it. Said Backup Fail.

    So does it mean my phone cant be root ?

    Can you help with this, is there something I dont do correctly ?


  168. Hi TheUnlockr,

    I have a HTC Hero with firmware 1.5 ( it was from my friend, he origianlly had 2.1 and he downgrade to 1.5 now)

    Could I follow your instruction to root my HTC Hero ?? ( I know the guide is for Magic), and load a Hero ROM?

    Thanks for your help

      1. oh ok bcuz i also have a g1 and i accidentally deleted it and it just stayed on the g1 screen forever so i have to load the rom again. i was just winderin if it workd the same for the mytouch

  169. hi unlockr i have another problem, i just bought a mytouch 3g that is alrede rooted. but it has some cynogen thing and has 2.1 software maybe froyo or something the point is that i want to load a HERO Rom and i only know how to use your methods. this fone has ROM MANAGER and works with Clockworkmod.. i need to unroot right? i tried the sappimg.nbh and all it does is just scan the file and it goes back to nothing. i cant even go to a recovery screen…

    and when i turn on the phone it says “mytouch3g” the green screen
    but when i go to about phone my setting are as followed

    Model Number: HTC Magic

    Firmware version: 2.1-update1

    Baseband version: 62.50S.20.17H_2.22.19.26I

    Kernal Version: 2.6.34-cynogenmod
    Shade@taoxygene #1

    Mod version: cynogenmod-5.0.8-DS

    build number: EPE54B

    if the model number says HTC Magic why does it say mytouch 3g at the beginning?? plzzz help

  170. Hi,

    Just discovered the site while looking in to updating my 32B Magic (vodafone) to Froyodo and have tried one click rooting. I just can’t get the flash backup to run. It’s a stock Vodafone HTC Magic with 1.6 and Sense UI. I’ve even tried the un-root instructions to take it back to basic, still doesn’t work. I’ve tried the terminal option to key in the img name but get an access denied.

    Dying to get 2.2 on there – HELP!!!

  171. Hi,

    I am from Malaysia bought my HTC Magic last year. Here is my phone specs.

    HBOOT-1.76.0007 (SAPP10000)
    Aug 4 2009, 19:43:30

    My rom is 1.5 and I cannot flashrec my htc. Error message is ““Backup FAILED: Could not run command.”

  172. how long it’s the process of rooting? I started half an hour ago and it continue to flash.
    It says: working, do not interrupt!
    I think something is wrong.

    I have a magic 32A

  173. Hi,

    I have a 32A and I’m thinking on rooting the phone with your method.
    My question is:
    My phone will start normally after the root process?
    My original ROM will be there? My applications are still there, in the phone?


  174. I have a HTC Magic that was manufactured in Malaysia, i want to root it and have a custom ROM. Below is the specs of my phone

    Sapphire PVT 32A SHIPS S-ON H
    HBOOT 1.76.0007 (SAPP10000)
    CPLD – 12
    RADIO –

    it seems that every time i copy the files to my SD card, it doesnt stay on the card…its being wiped out.
    what do you think im doing wrong?

  175. Hi there, i got : HTC Magic :
    Sapphire pvt 32a ship s-on h
    hboot – 1.76.0009 (SAPP10000)
    DEC 8 2009, 17:38:48

    Windows 7 x86 (32bit) , application started as administrator.

    I tried to do your SuperOneClic method, but it didn’t work for me.
    Program after “saying” OK OK OK … in the end send’s
    “Device was not rooted! FAILED”

    Here’s screen :

    What can I do ?

  176. I have problem with “Backup FAILED”,and i try to do unroot ,all instruction i was follow ,and nothing.When i come in boot meni(down vol +start buton) it says no image .Whats happening .Does anybody know?