The super affordable Moto E by Motorola has gotten tons of praise for being a great device for such a low price and I have to agree that it is probably the best device I’ve used for under $130 off contract. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement.

Rooting aka gaining administrative rights on a device can open up a whole world of possibilites for this little handset. From loading custom ROMs like Cyanogen to flashing mods to increase battery life, there’s a ton you can do.

Motorola recently released an OTA update to the Moto E to bring it up to Android 4.4.4 that sort of threw a wrench in the way we were rooting it before that so coming up with this method wasn’t terribly easy (involved a lot of researching through forums etc.). Regardless though, it was managed to get rooted and even to have a custom recovery as well.

So, without further ado, here’s how to root the Moto E.

I. Before You Begin

1. You must use Windows to follow this procedure.

II. Install the Android SDK

1. Download and install the Motorola Drivers from Motorola’s site: Motorola USB Drivers

2. Head to our tutorial on How to Setup ADB, complete it, then return here to continue.

II. Unlock the Bootloader of the Moto E

1. Turn off the device.

2. Turn the device back on by holding down volume down and power at the same time for 6 seconds and let go.

3. Plug the device in via USB.

4. On the computer, navigate to C: > adb (if you follow my tutorial on installing adb that is where it should be).

5. Hold shift on the keyboard and right click in any blank space inside that folder and click Open Command Window Here.

6. In the command prompt, type the following with hitting enter at the end of the line:

fastboot oem get_unlock_data

7. Highlight and copy the info that comes back and paste it into a notepad and remove the spaces and “(bootloader)”‘s so you have one long string of characters (see video for details).

8. Head to Motorola’s Unlock the Bootloader site (sign in if asked).

Motorola’s Unlock the Bootloader Site

9. Copy and paste the long string of characters into the text field in step 6 on the Motorola page and click Can my device be unlocked.

10. If it can, the Request Unlock Key button will appear below it. Check I agree and click Request Unlock Key. The unlock key will then be send via email to the email you logged in with to the Motorola site.

11. When you receive the unlock key, go back to command prompt and type the following with hitting enter at the end of the line:

fastboot oem unlock [YOURKEY]      (replace [YOURKEY] with the key you received by email, see video).

III. Flash a Custom Recovery and Root the Moto E

1. Download the SuperSU zip and save it to your desktop:

SuperSU Flashable Zip

2. Copy the SuperSU zip file to the internal storage of the device.

3. Turn the phone off.

4. Turn the device back on by holding down volume down and power at the same time for 6 seconds then let go.

5. Download the Moto E recovery and save it inside C: > adb.

Moto E CWM Recovery

6. In the command prompt that should still be open, type the following with hitting enter at the end of the line:

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

7. Tap volume down to highlight recovery on the device and tap volume up to select it.

8. In recovery, choose Install from sdcard using the volume buttons to navigate and power to select.

9. Select Install zip from sdcard  then select 0

10. Select the SuperSU zip file and flash it.

11. Select advanced > reboot to bootloader.

12. Select No if asked to Fix the SuperSU issue.

13. In the command prompt that should still be open, type the following with hitting enter at the end of the line (yes this is the same as before, now that we have root though, it’ll stick):

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

14. Select reboot on the device.

IV. Confirm You Have Root Access (Optional)

1. Open the Play Store.

2. Search for and install Root Checker.

3. Open Root Checker.

4. Tap Agree.

5. Tap Okay.

6. Tap Verify Root.

7. Tap Grant.

8. If it says Congrats, then you are rooted.

V. Confirm You Have a Custom Recovery Image (Optional)

1. Open the Play Store.

2. Search for and install Quick Boot.

3. Open Quick Boot.

4. Tap Recovery.

5. Tap Grant.

6. If it reboots to CWM, you have a custom recovery (tap Reboot > System to return to normal Android).

VI. Flash a Custom ROM (Optional, but Awesome)

1. Head to our Moto E ROMs section and find a custom ROM you like and download it to your phone’s internal storage (and leave it as a .zip file).

2. Follow this How to Flash a Custom ROM tutorial for how to flash it onto your device and reap the benefits.

  • Does this work for the Droid Ultra since it is pratically the same phone?

    • No they are actually very different phones. Click on How To’s at the top of the site, then Android, then Motorola, and look for the Droid Ultra. Do the rooting tutorial there instead.

  • Lucas Silva

    Dude, does it work on every Android version? My Moto E is a 4.4.4 KitKat.

    • Yup.

    • David

      I thought I just read that at the beginning of the article that this process took a little longer to come up with because of the update to 4.4.4, yes, I did. It’s right there in the first paragraph.

      • Right… Thats why I made this tutorial. Its for rooting the device on 4.4.4. Good luck!

  • Gabriel N. Ramalho

    Hello from Brazil,
    First of all, I’d like to apologize for my imperfect English.

    Your site is amazing, thank you.
    I have follow the steps very well at “III. Flash a Custom Recovery and Root the Moto E”.
    But I have a problem at “7. Tap volume down to highlight recovery on the device and tap power to select it.”
    The next screen dont appear and the phone shutdown and just start if I press the restart Button.

    That file who you download at your google drive isn’t available in the link you give, then I try to digit the link of the video who direct to your google drive, but the site don’t let me download it because have a ‘virus’.

    Now I imagine my phone don’t have a Recovery image anymore, I would be very thankfully if you give me some help.

    Very thank you,

    Gabriel. N.R.

    • Thanks!

      Sorry that’s a typo. I did it right in the video. It’s volume down to highlight it and then volume up to select it (instead of power).
      Start back over at the beginning of Section III and try again.

      Good luck!

  • Sparx98

    please help…
    google drive cwm file shows too many downloads error, can u put it in another link???

  • Damian

    All good on my Moto E XT1021. Nice one bud! 🙂

  • caseyatbt

    Mine says it does not qualify for bootloader unlocking

    • Matěj Divecký

      Are you erased every spaces from unlocking code?

  • Daniel Burgoa

    Hi I was doing the fasboot recovery and it sayed ‘Preflash validation failed’ could you help me? what did I do wrong?

  • Rozario Rapheal

    dude motorola site is not loading up. its saying service error.. what to do now?? is there any other way to obtain the id??

    • Animated

      Its back up and working.

  • Matěj Divecký

    Hi, Motorola web page says to me:
    “Your device is not qualify for bootloared unlocking” Can somebody help me?

  • daddy366

    Custom roms over at android area51 there all recovery install…………….they also have philZ touch recovery for it…………..roms are prerooted and theres even logs to change the moto one with and all are themed…………..

  • Giovanni Sumano

    I needed to root my phone cause I wanted to install a firewall in it, I was reluctant to do it because I thought it would be a pain in the ass, however this guide was really helpful and every step worked perfectly. Thank you for having taken the time to make this tutorial! it made the whole process neat and easy.

    • You are very welcome! Thanks for reporting that it worked!

  • Jonasrpg

    in my moto E this isn’t work.

    5:4 ( in the video) I write this command and say: error:cannot load ‘recovery.img’ : No error

    The IMG isn’t working for me

    Help-me please

  • Matěj Divecký

    Works good on my Moto E XT1021 4.4.4 🙂 Thanx

  • aviprai

    where is the developer options here for usb debugging?

    • guest


  • Pranav

    I followed all the steps exactly as you said, but I downloaded the root checker and it says that I have root access, but I am not able to uninstall the default apps on my phone, and also I still have to pay for the apps on playstore. My phone is Moto E with 4.4.4 Android KitKat. Please Help :/

  • damian swift

    can you help me my mote e is a straight talk phone and its saying can not be unlocked

    • At what step is it saying that and what exactly does it say?

      • damian swift

        when i log on to the Motorola website to ask for my unlock code it says this phone can not be unlocked

        • I have the same problem.. have you been able to successfully unlock straighttalk moto e?

          • guest

            also have this issue, costumer support said i am using wrong browser, i have used opera, firefox,chrome.. no unlock buutton.

  • subhashrajeev

    it says i’m not qualified for bootloader unlock.. what to do? 🙁

    • Use another browser. I had the same issue, when I used my Developer Firefox, I got it to work.

      • Subhash Rajeev

        I hhave tried it with another browser as u said, but it shows the same…pls help me… i want to root my mobile so badly

        • ricky

          Mine is a moto e 4.4.4 from straight talk and I get message saying mine can’t be unlocked

  • I have a weird fuck-up issue, every time I boot it goes into recovery CWM… why?

    • At what step exactly?

      • When I finished. It works fine and dandy… I got root and everything (Thanks so much). I used the quick boot app, and now every time I turn the moto E on, it goes to CMW. The only way I found start the phone is going to bootloader and loading normally from there.

        • Ah, ok, I’d recommend either wiping the device and cache from CMW or just try and uninstall quick boot. Good luck!

  • Corey

    Is there any way for me to root my moto e on ubuntu? My windows machine is having issues right now.

  • bob

    unable to load recovery .img in comand prompt

  • bob

    im stuck at loading image file can u give the link

  • Jan Van Der Drift

    I’m installing Android SK but have do you have to download all the android version tools in in? cuz im having android 4.4.4

    • Jan Van Der Drift

      in it*

      • Yes you need to install everything that the adb tutorial asks you to install.

        • Jan Van Der Drift

          Well thanks than mate for the tutorial!

  • Jared Lima

    i cant unlock my moto e on 4.4.4 kitkat on the website it says “Your device does not qualify for bootloader unlocking” what do i do??

  • Michael Rowley

    I followed the guide and when I get to the Motorola – Unlock My Device page. I enter my number and ‘Your device does not qualify for bootloader unlocking.’ pops up. Are there certain Motorola Moto E that can not be rooted?

  • shahbaz

    Where can i download sdk

  • Sameer Subramanyam

    fastboot is not recognised as an internal or external command in cmd. please help

  • Anand Sharma

    will my data on my phone will erase???

    • Yes. Be sure to save anything from the phone you need to keep before beginning

  • shaheen

    how to revert back to stock rom?
    pls help

  • Allen Baynard

    I have the Moto e with straight talk, and I cannot get this to work. The Motorola sitekeeps saying I’m notelligible, and I tried 3 different browsers.

    The string I got is:


    If anyone can helpme

    • Akash Kanodia

      Can you please upload the screenshot?

    • Maybe your phone’s bootloader is not unlockable due the carrier restrictions 🙁

  • Curt Herrin

    aprently every1 is havint the same issue like im having i have the straightalk moto e and mine also says ur device qualified fastboot unlock code and tryed every browser out there even the off brand browsers (had 100 virus afterwards) and still nothin

    • Damn, sounds to me like the Straight Talk one just won’t work. Sorry guys! Not sure there’s a work around for it yet 🙁

  • Prana

    hi since i’ve rooted my moto e i can’t access play store or any gmail related content what do i do thx for taking to answer.

    • Did you just root or did you flash a custom ROM? If it was a after flashing a ROM, try to relish the ROM or flash a different ROM. If it was just from rooting, try and do it again or just unroot.

      • Prana

        thx i will try to unroot it

  • sanky

    hi, I unloacked boot loader but two issues which i m facing while executing root steps.

    1. After executing fastboot flash recovery recovery.img my phone reboots which is diff from steps shown
    2. I again shut down it and went into fastboot mode and selected recovery option manually but it do not prompt me steps like install from SD Card. Instead it showed screen “no command found”. Can you please guide on aboive issue and how to root

    • sanky

      David, any suggestions please on above mentioned issue?

      • Can you confirm your bootloader is unlocked? Confirm that you are in fastboot mode? That you are typing in the command exactly? etc. Unfortunately, there’s not much else I can do for you without literally standing over your shoulder and doing it for you. Sorry!

        • sanky

          Its Ok David. I re-tried steps mentioned in III. Flash a Custom Recovery and Root the Moto E and it worked. I am able to root successfully. Thanks for all your help.

  • balta seijas

    Thanks bro totally worked for me great tutorial easy to understand

    • You’re welcome and thanks for reporting back that it still works!

      • venu gopal

        its working with SuperSU 2.46 but not with 2.01

  • Lwiss Bsumatary

    hi david,i am having a weird problem,accidentially i have deleted the auto sim selection in my moto E through system application uninstaller.Now the phone pops up a message “unfortunately the process has stopped” and i am not able to call or text anything.But it works when i am using only one sim card on my moto e. can you help me out.


    • Sorry, I’ve never seen that. I’d suggest checking on the site for how to unroot the moto e and use that to flash back to stock then reroot.

  • Krishna Kumar

    it is saying “no command”

  • Krishna Kumar

    hello david,

    I had followed all the steps .

    (in lll.8) In recovery when I selected the recovery option it says “no command” with exclamation symbol

  • Thangaraj

    can u pls tell me whre i can download android sdk and platform tools

  • Parth

    Hi David! I just upgraded to Android 5.0.2 on my Moto E. Will it work on Lollipop as well?

    • It should. Give it a try. Worst case it’ll just error out.

      • Parth

        Thanks mate! I’d try.

  • sagar sable

    FAILED (remote failure)

    finished. total time: 0.025s

    this error came up
    what should i do

  • v.m jagadeesh kumar

    Thanks man totally worked for me great tutorial easy to understand nice work bro

  • sahith k


    am having moto e lollipop version.
    i unlocked bootloader and tried to flash twrp and update supersu
    in the begining it says “cannot load recovery.img:no error”
    and now recently when i try it again my cmd is recognising my device and emulator, when my device is on switch on condition
    and when i enter boot mode and type command : ‘adb devices’ my device is not recognised and instead emulator is recognised and cannot flash…plz help me

    • Naiyar Mankad

      Bro i also getting this error 🙁

  • Avirup Pal

    My moto e model is XT1022. Will it work for me ?

  • Anurag Kumar


    //Moto E CWM Recovery

    6. In the command prompt that should still be open, type the following with hitting enter at the end of the line:

    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img


    at this stage, i received an error “Partition size mismatched error (recovery)”
    then the mobile goes to boot normally.

    what do i do now?

    • Sounds like the recovery was corrupted during download (and is the wrong size). Try re-downloading it.

  • Santiago Raía Scialó

    Thanks. Works perfect with my device!

  • Shashank Khandelwal

    i followed all the steps but when i opened root checker app it shows “Sorry! Root access is not properly installed on this device”
    help me what to do now.. I have followed all the steps carefully but dont know where is the problem

    • Sorry but without standing over your shoulder as you did it there’s no way for me to know what you did wrong either. Just start over and pay close attention to reach step (especially the typing ones to make sure you are sleeping everything right etc). We know it still works cause others have recently commented that it worked for them no problem.

  • Dheeraj

    this is the string i got after i paste this string
    its say your device is not support for bootloader unlocking
    i have a Moto E //please help me David..

    • Not much I can do. If it says it isn’t supported then it’s not supported. Sorry!

  • Sai Sharath

    i have rooted my moto e successfully….. but due to some reasons i want to remove the root but have no idea to do it…. please help me

    • Search the site for how to Unroot the moto e

      • Sai Sharath

        yeah i have unrooted my phone but the boot loader is still unlocked.. how can i lock it?

  • Karan

    I have followed every step correctly and SuperSu has been installed, but when opened it says, There is no SU binary installed and SuperSU cannot install it. I am running Android 5.0.2 in my Moto E 1st Gen. Please help!

  • vishal rai

    Hello my moto e was stuck at bootscreen(logo) I have tried all the troubleshooting option(clear cache, factory reset)but nothing works. My recovery mode is working can i root my phone and flash a custom recovery and install a new rom to fix this problem? please help me

    • Yes, just flash a custom ROM for your specific version of the Moto E and you should be good. You can find ROMs in the ROM section of the site.

      • vishal rai

        Well when i connect my device to pc its not showing the phones internal storage on my computer. So in that case i was not able copy super su in phone internal storage, can i skip installing super su for some time Can i do this?

        • Either way you need access to the storage or you can put a ROM on there either. Go into advanced in recovery and see if there is an option to mount the storage from there and see if that works. Otherwise, you’ll have to do the Unroot tutorial instead.

  • vishal rai

    I am running a 5.0.2 lollipop soak test update on my moto e, can i apply this process to root my phone.

    • You can try it. If it doesn’t work it won’t harm the phone. Let us know if it works.

      • venu gopal

        its working with SuperSU 2.46 but not with 2.01 for moto e with LOLLIPOP 5.1

  • Naiyar Mankad

    I need help.!!!
    When i try to flash custom recovery then i have getting this error
    cmd: getvar :partition size max

    please help me please

    • Redownload the recovery, this happened to me when the file was corrupted during download. Try it a few times with redownloading it each time beforehand.

      • Naiyar Mankad

        Still not able to FLASH .
        Still getting that error. Please help

  • Ramesh Kumar J

    my moto e stoped at “warning bootloader unlock”
    help me out

    • That means it worked. Just go to the next step.

  • Ashish Kaul

    Behenchod…couldnt you tell before you should’ve backup all your apps..fucking wiped my device and got only a root access instead…DAAMN YOU.

  • Anurag Bhardwaj

    after bootloader unlocking…internet not working and the remaining process not working as stated in your video while rooting moto e. Please help!!

  • Prasun Patla

    Hey i hve tried to unlock bootloader of moto e 4.4.4 by xda but in the unlocking the bootloader it is telling that my device is not unlockable. will it unlock my moto e 4.4.4 in this method.Reply….Thanks in advance
    sorry for the bad english

  • maulik trapasiya

    i have rooted my moto e with above method. after 7 day’s when phone is in sleep mode and i press power button then my mobile restart. sometimes this happen and somtime not. what i should do to get rid of this?

  • maulik trapasiya

    i have rooted my moto e 1st gen as your guidance. but after 7 days when my mobile is in sleep, i press power button at use phone. but it is restarting. sometimes this happen and sometime not happen. please tell me what to do?

  • maulik trapasiya

    i have rooted my moto e as per your guidance. After 7 days when my mobile is in sleep and i press power button to work with my mobile, my mobile restarting. sometimes this happen and sometimes not .please help me to get rid of this

  • Birash Jidung

    when i type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img and hit enter it shows mismatched partition size (recovery) please help

  • john doe

    i m having moto e with android 5.0.2 . In sdk manager its not showing files for this version of android.
    can anyone help me i wanna boot my phone…

  • Veerabhadraiah as

    Hey Am getting ‘No Command error’. Can you please help?

  • Mahesh Bhatt

    Hey I Just Rooted My Moto E But when I Check It With Root Checker It Says ” Sorry ! Root Access Is Not properly Installed On this Device” How Can i Install It Properly

    • Mahesh Bhatt

      Should I Do It all Again ?

  • lucky

    not have android sdk and not found sdk file window pls help me pls

    i connect motorola phone but not found sdk file

  • Tarun Sharma

    Friend, the image1 was the only error i got. Still the phone is working, and it is showing that warning at startup, the startup animation of moto has changed with new one. The only problem is that image2, which says Root access is not properly installed. I suppose these 2 images may have a connection. Now what should i do…

    • Aditya

      Yes, same problem here @TheUnlockr:disqus. Please reply asap

  • maulik trapasiya

    super su is saying that if i direct uninstall it than i lose root access. so i have to do any addition thing to install new custom Rom or follow your step as you suggested in your video. also tell me super su remain in new custom ROM or not. thank you for providing marvelous information through youtube

  • Ankit Panchal

    i followed all procedure and everything done ok but while i check in root checker it says sorry root access is not properly installed on this device

    plz help me
    i m using moto e with latest update lollypop 5.1

    • Needs the latest superSU is why. Just updated it, try again with the new superuser file and let me know if it works!

  • Ankit Panchal

    hey it works with

  • Updated the post to include the latest SuperSU so it should work now! Let me know if it does!

    • Salman Mohammed

      It didnt work for the first time, so I did section 3 once again. After its says “Congratulations! Root Access is Granted”. Does that mean I’ve Rooted Successfully?
      Thanks a Ton!

  • Jonathan

    I updated my Motorola moto E from 4.4.4 to 5.1 Lollipop a few days ago, I
    followed your tutorial to root the moto E with success. But when I check with
    “root checker” it says the device has no root access… Could you
    help me please ?

    • Hi Johnathan, I just updated the SuperSU file to the latest version and so it should work now, just redo Section III and continue from there. Let me know if it works!

      • Jonathan

        It works ! Thanks a lot David 😉 .

      • Salman Mohammed

        It doesnt work. Device has no root access

  • Tushar Gupta

    Awesome tutorial Sir.It’s really great.Worked for me….!!!!
    THX A LOT>>>!!!!!

    • Glad it worked! Thanks for letting me know!

  • Houtarou -San

    I got a problem with me trying to flash recovery and it says boot up failed please help
    P.S. I have a moto e 2nd gen 4G lollipop

    • Google for how to flash the stock firmware on the Moto e (I don’t have a tutorial on it here unfortunately and no longer have the Moto E). Use that to flash the stock firmware in the same way you were flashing recovery and it’ll get you back to being able to boot up. Sorry couldn’t be of more help, good luck!

      • Houtarou -San

        Is it gonna root my device or not?
        And another question if I may…which ROM do you recommend?

        • No what I mentioned would get you back to being able to boot up. Then you could try and root using this tutorial again and make sure to be careful this time 🙂

          The ROMs I recommend are all listed here on the site in the repo. Take a look! –

  • bill

    David, Will this process work on a DROID ULTRA with 4.4.4, Build SU6-7.2?

    • No each tutorial is specific to the exact phone model mentioned. Don’t try and use it on another model. Check my site though to see if I have another tutorial for that phone instead by click Tips & Tricks from the navigation menu.

  • Soumyajyoti Sarkar

    hey David,
    I jus have rooted my Moto E (5.1)

    Will it be okay it i later update my device?

    • No you won’t be able to update after that unless you flash a custom rom based on the update or unroot and update.

  • vishal rai

    I have lolipop 5.1 installed in my moto e 1st gen,will this rooting process work on my mobile ?

  • Nanzz

    Hlo david.
    I followed your tutorial for rooting my moto e running android 5.1 and i have successfully unlocked my device but unfortunately on flashing recovery there comes “fastboot is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.”
    So what to do. Plz help me…..

    • Do you see fastboot inside the platform tools folder? If so you are not in that folder in the command prompt. Make sure you are in that folder in file Explorer and holds down shift on the keyboard and right click on a blank area and select open command window here. Then try again.

  • Varun Bamboli

    hey david, i am not able to access the recovery.img file in the command prompt….. what can i do….. command prompt is giving an error:cannot open ‘recovery.img’…… plz help me out

    • Varun Bamboli

      hey david, i got it…. thanks a lot for ur tutorial

      • Welcome! Glad I could help!

        • keerthi ganesh

          hey i too got the same error but im in no idea how to rectify it..olz help me out

  • VhR

    Hey David I cannot install recovery image bcoz there is an error occurred it says “error to load recovery. img”…

    plz help me out

    • Sorry not sure what the issue is, did you type the command correctly? Is the recovery named recovery.img and is it in the same folder as fastboot and adb? The tutorial still works according to other readers so you just need to go through it very slowly and carefully.

  • CSM

    Awesome Tutorial working with no flaws as on date!

  • Anjani Singh

    Sorry but I didn’t get the step 4, and there is no tutorial saying anything about SDK or its installation, help me out after installing ADB

    • Section II. Step 2. Link there. Click it. Then for step 4, just head to the c:/adb folder and follow the rest of the steps from inside there (changed the tutorial for adb to make it simpler and not use the sdk so that’s the confusion, updating this shortly).

  • Aditya Dhule

    sir i have rooted my moto e as yours instruction but it run only 5 days after that it still switch off plz help me what i can do

    • Turning off after 5 days has nothing to do with rooting it. Sounds like s coincidence. I’d unroot it by following a how to unroot the Moto e tutorial online and see if that solves it though.

      • Aditya Dhule

        sir i think it break due to unwanted rom

        • Ah in that case restore a back up in recovery or just flash another rom

          • Aditya Dhule

            ok thank you sir

  • Aditya Dhule

    I mistakenly flashed my mobile moto e sysytm without any backup in recovery mode
    As a result my mobile is switched off and when made on it only shows theme screen if motorola
    Tell me what should i do .
    I heard that if i download rom and gapps from your site in external sdcard and install it from recovery mode ….. would it start

    • If you are able to boot into recovery you can flash the ROM again and wipe the system beforehand. Do the following steps again.

      3. Turn the phone off.

      4. Turn the device back on by holding down volume down and power at the same time for 6 seconds then let go.

  • ekant singh

    i have moto e, 3 days before the wi-fi stopped working. whenever i try to turn it on it slide to the “on” and slide back to the “off” button. I thought rebooting and changing the rom will fix this problem and i did it. but even after changing the rom the device is not connecting to the wifi the problem remains the same. what should i do? help me out

    • I’d unroot entirely and see if that solves it. If it doesn’t send it in for warranty.

      • ekant singh

        i have unrooted it entirely but nothing happened.

  • Shane

    So I did everything I was supposed too for the adb but I never got a folder that said android sdk. Ive searched all over my computer and found nothing.

    • I updated the adb tutorial so it should be in c:adb

      • Shane

        I’m showing you the adb folder ended up in the right spot but I don’t see everything that I’m supposed to judging by your tutorial. i have used your latest adb tutorial and even went back through the steps through your video and list several times

      • Shane

        Ok I see the problem now. Your video tutorial shows the android sdk when you click how to setup adb but when i click it i get a different page that never even mentions the sdk

  • Tadeo

    Hi, i’m trying to root my first gen moto e with android 5.1, and the tutorial seems great, but i hit a wall in step II.6. Like you said in a comment, since i don’t have a C:android-sdk folder, because i used the adb tutorial, i tried to run the command “fastboot oem get_unlock_data” from the folder C:adb, but i only get the messege “”. Any ideas on what i should do? Thanks!

  • dustin nelson

    it keeps saying boot up failed when i get to the recovery part
    plz respond as soon as possible

  • JayKumar

    I wanted to root my Moto E phone. But I couldn’t do because in this video procedure is not same as in this page.
    How can I get that android-sdk folder. For that which software I have to install. Could you please provide the link……
    Thank You

  • saileshbehera99

    Sir, your guide to root moto e 1st gen was too good..
    I have rooted my device by seeing your tutorial and it worked like charm .. But after some time by mistake I installed king root… Then I disable it… But super su binary update failed.. What to do… Sir, plz. Help me…. I need my rooted device urgent…. Plz. Help

  • The only thing that has changed is I have an easier way for you to use adb instead of having to install the entire sdk. Follow the link in the before you begin section to setup adb. After that you can continue here right after step 5.

  • Unfortunately, it sounds like you need to unroot the phone then reroot and make sure not to install that again. Check this for how to unroot, then once that’s done, you can come back here to reroot and you’ll be good to go.

  • derek

    iim using moto e and attempting to root it. but when i check my elgibility it tells me my device is not elgible for bootloader unlocking. any other way to root my device?

  • Hi Derek,

    If it says that then Motorola blocked that device so this won’t work unfortunately. Sorry!

  • Pritish Puhan

    Hi ..
    I dont find any android sdk or sdk folder in my PC. Please HELP

  • Sorry, this tutorial changed because the how to setup ADB tutorial changed. Instead of android sdk it’ll just be in C:/adb

  • Rahul Y

    It says, ‘How to Root the Moto E (Android 5.1) (Video) UPDATED – 09/16/15’ up there; but I still see the old video. Am I missing something here?

  • Sailesh Behera

    Sir, plz. Help me… I think I lost my root access….. The bootloader is unlocked and cwm.recovery is installed… Now how to re-root…. Plz. Help me Sir.

  • Sailesh Behera

    Sir, plz. Help me… I think I lost my root access….. The bootloader is unlocked and cwm.recovery is installed… Now how to re-root…. Plz. Help me Sir.

  • Milind S Raj

    Thanks a lot..I just copied what you did in the video and now successfully rooted my moto e with out any discomfort. Let me share one thing from my experience…while rebooting(after unlocking the bootloader) phone got stuck at “blue globe with ripple” screen. But when I switched off and restarted, everything moved smoothly.
    and remember to turn on ‘usb debug’ again after rebooting.
    When I first checked using ‘root checker’ app it said that rooting was not successful. Then I opened superSU app in mobile and re-ticked ‘enable superuser’ option and that solved the problem.(these points might be helpful for some other users)
    Thank u once again 🙂

  • Priyank

    awesome guide ..thanks a lot …. just had a little problem while unlocking the bootloader after i entered the unique id and pressed enter it said that failed to erase partition and OEM unlock failure but later after rebooting it showed that device is unlocked. Afterwards i rooted device successfully. Thanks again buddy….

    • You’re very welcome! Thanks for reporting back that it worked!

  • Abhinandan Chougule

    sir, i m facing this problem …! plzz help me to root moto e (5.1)

  • dhruvkhanna12

    .I am having the difficulty in rooting the moto e my phone. I have done till step 7 of Flash a Custom Recovery and Root the Moto E but it shows this message in command prompt

    C:adb>fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    target reported max download size of 299892736 bytes
    sending ‘recovery’ (8146 KB)…
    OKAY [ 0.299s]
    writing ‘recovery’…
    (bootloader) Preflash validation failed
    FAILED (remote failure)
    finished. total time: 0.313s

    C:adb>fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    target reported max download size of 299892736 bytes
    sending ‘recovery’ (8146 KB)…
    OKAY [ 0.287s]
    writing ‘recovery’…
    (bootloader) Preflash validation failed
    FAILED (remote failure)
    finished. total time: 0.320s
    after this message my phone shows no command.i think the problem in sdk kit .what to do now?

  • Rahul

    Thanks David. By following your approach I could root my phone….

  • Mani Anumanchi

    sir i got status failed as below figure

    • It seems it worked to unlock the bootloader so just go to the next step.

      • Mani Anumanchi


        • Mani Anumanchi

          sir i got some power problem my system was shut downed so plz how to start from after copying supersu file in phones internal storage

          • I’m not sure what you are saying. Just follow the steps in the tutorial after copying SuperSU to the phone.

      • Mani Anumanchi

        sir i got some problem of power so my system is shutdowned so how to start from after coping the supersu zip in my phones internal storage

  • Alexander

    Whenever I try to use the Motorola Unlock code site, I get “your device does not qualify for bootloader unlocking.” I followed all previous steps. Any idea what my problem could be?

    • That means Motorola won’t let your bootloader be unlocked. There’s not much you can do to get round that unfortunately. Sorry!

  • gulshan

    all crab nothing happened

  • gulshan

    i am nt able to search androd sdk folder

    • Read the tutorial. The procedure had been updated with an easier way to install the drivers and ADB. It’s no longer in android-sdk it’s in an ADB folder. Read it carefully.

  • Dinesh Rahul

    Please tel bro how to change cwm recovery to twrp recovery on moto e

    • Just do steps 5 and 6 in Section III above but flash TWRP (download it from their site) instead of CWM. Good luck!

  • Harry Shukla

    C:adb>fastboot flash recovery TWRP-2.8.7-condor.img

    target reported max download size of 299892736 bytes

    sending ‘recovery’ (9480 KB)…

    OKAY [ 0.323s]

    writing ‘recovery’…

    (bootloader) Failed to erase partition

    (bootloader) Failed to flash partition recovery

    FAILED (remote failure)

    finished. total time: 10.314s

    flashing twrp 2.8.7 is showing this ….. what is the problem ?? bootloader is unlocked and battery ok

    • That says that the bootloader isn’t unlocked essentially. It can’t even erase the recovery partition so sounds like it doesn’t have permissions. Please make sure your bootloader is unlocked and try again.

      • Harry Shukla

        but david here currently in my phone it says device is unlocked status code 3 in bootloader mode and when i try to go to recovery it also shows me that warning of unlocked bootloader , so it means device is unlocked ? am i wrong anywhere ?? if yes please correct me

      • Harry Shukla

        and when i try to unlock it again as i did it right now so it says this

        C:adb>fastboot oem get_unlock_data

        (bootloader) 3A35230296748890#5A583142333456

        (bootloader) 534C3500585431303232000000#4C99

        (bootloader) 436618E9D913952C0817C69709B8B98

        (bootloader) AB9A3#BD38840712000000000000000

        (bootloader) 0000000

        OKAY [ 0.278s]

        finished. total time: 0.280s

        C:adb>fastboot oem unlock YUR2BJTTJWHJKXDSSK3G

        (bootloader) Device already unlocked!

        FAILED (remote failure)

        finished. total time: 0.004s


  • Harry Shukla

    while flashing any recovery or boot logo.bin or boot.img it shows

    version downgraded for primary_gpt or version downgraded for boot

    any suggestions will be thanksful 🙁

  • Patrik

    Hey david
    I have moto e 1st gen and its on cwm recovery and i want to install twrp now but on flashing it, here comes
    Help me how to get rid of it

    • You just need to put the TWRP recovery in the same folder as adb and fastboot and rename it to recovery.img then, with the phone plugged in, type into command prompt:

      fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

      Good luck!

      • Patrik

        Hey David,
        I rename the recovery but it don’t work
        Still the same result on my moto Getvar:partition-type:recovery

        • Hmm, very odd. I’d say that recovery file is corrupted and it isn’t being recognized as a recovery file by fastboot.
          I’d recommend either redownloading the recovery or downloading it from another source and trying again or finding TWRP recovery as a flashable zip and flash it directly from within CWM recovery.

          • Patrik

            oww it worked
            I renamed it only recovery instead of recovery.img
            Thanks for your help

  • Shubham Singh Tomar

    Hey David
    This happen when I root my phone plz help me out..

    • That means that at some point it didn’t work. Try again.

  • Hemant Kumar

    Hey David!
    I have lost the recovery file.
    It’s showing E: can’t open /cache/recovery/log….
    and It’s always starting CWM – recovery not the android.
    what to do now????

    • When does it give you that error? What step are you on?

  • Jigar Shah

    hi david i completed to the unlock my device but it didn’t reboot its just flashing the screen but nothing will appear on the screen help me……

    • Sorry can you explain that a bit better? What step did you just do and what exactly is the phone doing? Just sitting there? Is it flashing on and off?

  • Sailesh Behera

    Sir, ur blog about root and custom ROM for moto e is very helpful. I am a regular reader of ur site…..
    Sir,according to u which custom ROM is good for moto e and
    Shouldn’t I flash gapps with cm12 or any custom rom because u have said nothing about it..

    • I’d recommend checking my ROM repository here for each Moto E and looking for one with good ratings there (make sure to choose the one for your version of the Moto E and not flash the wrong one or it can mess up your phone) – or

      As for CyanogenMod, go ahead and try that too, it’s good. Most ROMs don’t require you to flash Gapps separately but some do, if they do they’ll have a link to the right version on the download page and you just flash it like you do the ROM just after you flash the ROM.

      Good luck!

      • Sailesh Behera

        Cyanogen mod requires gapps or not sir.
        And 1 more thing after installing cyanogen mod ROM ..
        If I want to move back to stock ROM … Will it require to flash gapps again…
        I am asking this because once I have messed up flashing a wrong gapps …
        And sir plz tell me can I find gapps from this site for mote e XT1022

  • debjoy bhowal

    what is flashing a custom rom??

  • debjoy bhowal

    sir,i hav a question….i want to root my moto e just to increase my internal memory.
    i have a low rating sdcard of 16 gb (class 10) if i move apps to sdcard,will my device performance be affected???

    • You should be fine it depends on the app though. But try it and see is the only way to really know. Good luck!

      • debjoy bhowal

        Thank u for ur fast response!:) BTW there was a mistake in my above memory card is of class 4..

  • abhiwed kuchipudi

    I am getting an error
    E: can’t mount/sdcard
    could you help me with that?

    • abhiwed kuchipudi

      Instead can i do it from my external sd card?

  • Ajay Kumar Gupta

    STEP 3 – (Flash a Custom Recovery) this is needed? for root moto e

  • Ks

    Hi man,
    after getting unlock code and following steps
    after this step
    fastboot OEM unlock ( urkey)
    it showing this
    ( bootloader)failed to erase partition
    (bootloader) general unlock failure!
    ( bootloader) OEM unlock failure!
    FAILED (remote failure)
    what to do?
    please help.

    • ks

      after this the warning sign is coming bootloader unlocked
      but I m not able to flash recovery image

      • ks

        hello David
        I need your help
        my bootloader is unlocked successful but I am not able to write recovery on my phone
        in command it says not able to write please tell me what to do
        I followed same process again it says bootloader is already unlocked
        but not able to write recovery
        right now my phone is running fine but its not rooted
        can you please tell me what to do in this situation to root my device.
        thankou. y

        • Post a screenshot of your command prompt window with everything you typed leading up to that and showing what error you got.

          • Sarath Kumar

            hey man i wasnt able to unlock as well thats when i used mfastboot, then everything worked perfeclty 🙂

  • Atreya Bardhan

    How to do this if phone not starting at all and cant turn on USB debugging?

    • Unfortunately, you can’t :/
      If the phone is bricked but you can get to fastboot at least and the phone is also the first gen Moto E, you can try this to bring it back to life –

      • Atreya Bardhan

        Just to clear it out, my phone isnt rooted. Just stuck at Motorola logo. Fixes?

        • Doesn’t matter if it is rooted or not the unrooting tutorial will get it back to stock and hopefully fix the phone. Good luck!

  • ritik songara

    its showing your device does’t qualify for bootloader unlocking. Now what to do ?

    • Unfortunately, if it won’t let you unlock the bootloader, then you can’t use this tutorial. Sorry!

    • Kael O’Kelley

      in developer options (guide for how to unlock developer options is in the adb writeup) there is an option for allowing oem unlock. try that.

  • Abhishek Garg

    I successfully rooted moto e 1 week ago.
    Now from yesterday my hotspot not working. Its automatically turn off, on off on

    And m not able to connect it to PC. What can I do.

    • Are you running a custom ROM? Just being rooted wouldn’t do any of that. If you are running a custom ROM check with the developer of the ROM and see if they list a fix otherwise flash a different ROM.

      • Abhishek Garg

        Not installed custom ROM.

        And the problem solved after restarting 2-3 times.
        Thanks for the info

  • Sidhu Sumedh

    (bootloader) Failed to erase partition
    (bootloader) Failed to flash partition recovery

    this is what i get,whenever i try to flash something.

    • That sounds like the unlocking of the bootloader didn’t work. Did you get a key and did it say it unlocked it successfully?

  • Sudip Banerjee

    Hello David,
    I tried to unlock the bootloader but something went wrong, it seems. Below is the pic of command window.
    After it said that erasing partition failed, I tried to do it again (as you can see in the command prompt) but it says device is already unlocked.
    The device didn’t reboot automatically. When I did it, I got the warning of bootloader. Can’t figure if it’s done right or not?

    • in that command prompt with it connected still type the following and see if it says unlocked. If so just continue because it’s unlocked.

      fastboot oem device-info

  • After completing all the steps, up to unlocking the phone, my phone was wiped and returned back to factory settings. Motorola makes it easy to add the apps and migrate the information from previous versions/phones, so after doing that, I found that I had to re-enable developer options, usb debugging and oem unlocking. My problem is now with flashing the recovery / installing superSU. When i type the command to flash recovery it reads :

    C:adb>fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    target reported max download size of 268435456 bytes
    sending ‘recovery’ (8146 KB)…
    OKAY [ 0.260s]
    writing ‘recovery’…
    OKAY [ 0.658s]
    finished. total time: 0.918s

    As shown in the photo , my device says it’s in flash mode. It says it’s unlocked. When I select “recovery mode”, however, the screen very rapidly displays the “warning bootloader unlocked screen” and returns to the bootloader, not giving me the option to install the superSU. This is with the USB cable attached to the PC. If I remove the USB cable and select recovery mode, it takes me to a screen that says “no command”. I have the superSU zip file in the root folder of my internal storage. I was confused by the following steps, so I also tried storing a copy of the superSU in my sd card :

    “7. Tap volume down to highlight recovery on the device and tap volume up to select it.

    8. In recovery, choose Install from sdcard using the volume buttons to navigate and power to select.

    9. Select Install zip from sdcard then select 0”

    The above is where I’m having issues completing the rooting process. please help me with these issues ^_^

    I’m running android version 5.1 lollipop on Moto E (2nd Generation) with 4G LTE for Boost Mobile.

    • OK, so essentially when you try and reboot into recovery from bootloader it just won’t get into recovery and instead just brings you back to bootloader? Sometimes recovery gets overwritten when you reboot the phone so make sure to redo the flash recovery command then as soon as that is done push volume down to get to recovery on the phone and volume up to select it. Let me know if that works?

  • Hanzz

    Hello David,
    For a few days now I’ve been stuck at the same step as Fat_Tony_714.
    have added the superSU zip file in my internal storage and on my sd
    card (just did another try with new downloaded files, as suggested in
    your reply to Fat_Tony_714). I have downloaded the recovery image file
    and saved it to c:adb. Also the fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    command seems to be going ok.

    When I try to start recovery mode, I
    get a message: “Error: failed to load kernel!” (image attached, sorry
    for the bad quality, I had to make a picture with an old phone).
    My phone is still working normally when I reboot it.

    I’m running android 6.0 on moto E (2nd gen) 4G LTE.

    I would really appreciate it if you could help me out.

    Thanks in advance!

    • This only works for Android 5.1 and below. 6.0 might not work.

  • Vfx Artist

    Hey thanks mate I’ve successfully rooted my phone it’s working great cheers… But the only problem is I couldn’t install a custom ROM.. If you could make a video on how to install cyanogen mod it would be great.. thanks anyway..

    • Thanks for reporting it still works! As for the ROM, you have a custom recovery correct? What is the exact issue with flashing a ROM then?

      • Vfx Artist

        Thanks for your response, Yes I do have a custom recovery.. When I tried to install last night it pauses the installation and the error pops up Thankfully I backed up my data and recovered later tho it took some time to take me back to the recovery screen.. I would like to install but shall I try risking it again?

        • Make sure you have a backup and maybe even save that backup to your computer so you have it (just take the entire recovery folder and drag and drop it to the computer while plugged in). Then try to flash a different ROM and make sure it’s for your specific phone. Also it’s generally recommended to wipe data before flashing the ROM too. Check the link for flashing a ROM in the tutorial above.
          Let me know how it goes!

    • Navdeep Tanwar

      hey can you please tell me that you used android sdk or did it through adb?

  • Navdeep Tanwar

    Hey Buddy I am confused b/w your text tutorial and the video tutorial.Please tell me that should I install Android SDK of around 1 gb or just download the adb.In your video you have installed sdk and you use it from the c drive but in the text tutorial you have only mentioned the adb.Please help me.

    • It was updated. Everything is the same just do this tutorial to set up and and fast boot instead of the entire ask them continue from there –

      • Navdeep Tanwar

        Thanx for replying.U mean to say I should follow the adb (text) tutorial?
        And also does it work on moto e 1st gen with lollipop 5.1?

      • Navdeep Tanwar

        Which should I follow ,the text tutorial or the video?
        Will it work for lollipop 5.1?
        And what should be the name of superSu file when copying it to internal memory because the file i have downloaded is named as ‘”ÚPDATED SuperSU”

        • Follow the written tutorial then. It doesn’t matter what it’s named so long as you select it in recovery when the step calls for it.

  • Kapil Singare

    when i select recovery .it so this image & after this sow no command

    • That image is just a warning. It should go past that.

  • Kapil Singare

    this image

  • Kapil Singare
  • aldrin

    hello david
    i have got the same image as below (kapil singare) then it booted up and is stuck in the moto logo for long. i am typing this with the moto logo still on beside me. i dont find internal storage in my file explorer. please help

    • That image should just be a warning, it’s normal that it comes up. Just shouldn’t be stuck. At what exact step in the tutorial did that happen?

  • Umesh Kumar Singh

    Hi! I have completed all the steps successfully but when i go back to the recovery (cwm) and reboot to normal it always shows the message “root possibly lost. fix it?” .is it ok or should i select the “fix it” option??

    • Say no for now and see if you have root when you boot up.

  • Daynala Cabrera

    android-sdk doesnt apper to me!

    • Please read the featured comment above where you typed in your comment 🙂

      • Daynala Cabrera

        Um got a problem, when I was waiting my cellphone to rebot, it disconnected from the computer and now its all blcak, what can I do?

        • At what step did that happen exactly?

          • Daynala Cabrera

            With the fastboot.img
            But I tried again and it works now perfectly. Thank you so much, I hace been wanting to do this long ago

          • OK glad it worked! Enjoy!

  • Autumn Leaves

    When I copied and pasted the long series of numbers and letters into the space and clicked “Can my device be unlocked?”, I get a message that says my device does not qualify for bootloader unlocking. I am wanting to root this Android Motorola Moto E phone so that I can install Mobile Spy on it before my kids’ use it. Is there another way to go about rooting this phone in spite of the message I received?

    • Unfortunately, if Motorola won’t let you unlock it then you can’t use this tutorial. Sorry!

      • Autumn Leaves

        Dang it! Is there another way to root my phone then? What/who
        determines whether a device is unlockable or not?

    • Abhishek Kakade

      Try using other browsers. I tried 3-4 browsers myself before being able to see that “Request Unlock Code” button down the page.

  • Utkarsh pant

    Can I install Cynogenmod 13 using CWM recovery or it will require TWRP recovery?

    • Shouldn’t matter but check the ROM developer’s page for more info on their specific ROM.

      • samay hoon

        sir finally rooed using kingoroot appthanks for all

  • Utkarsh pant

    The developers says recovery should be updated to latest version but Moto E xt1021 is not listed in ROM Manager

  • samay hoon

    after going through all the steps boot checker is saying not installed properly …..and also quick boot is nt working

    when i go through terminal emulator it says no busybox found

    • That means it didn’t root it. You need to start over and try again and this time check to see if there are any errors or things that don’t go the way they did for me in the video and let me know THAT issue before you continue.

      • samay hoon

        my phone has upgraded to android version 5.1 ….is that a problem

        • Could be, but usually if the bootloader site let you unlock the bootloader it shouldn’t matter. Try one more time and if not then you might have to look up another method :/

          • samay hoon

            sir it is showing that bootloader is unlocked…..plz help

          • OK, did the recovery image stay as well?

          • samay hoon

            sir i did roo and spoof my mac address but after altering mac address it is not connection on wifi …can u help

  • Ravi Kumar

    i cant get the unlock data form command prompt. I waited for half an hour but got nothing. It shows waiting for device all the time although my device is connected and USB debugging is on. plz help

  • FIDreams

    Been able to follow everything up to flashing recovery. My ‘Fastboot Flash Mode’ screen looks totally different than any ones screen. (Did some research first) Flashing recovery is no problem, the problem lies in selecting it. My down and up arrows go threw the menu options, and the power button activates said option. When I activate the ‘recovery mode’ option I quickly see the bootload warning screen then it goes back to my Fastboot menu. Upon looking into this further I see under ‘Bootloader Logs’ that it says ‘Boot up failed’ This is where I’ve come to a crashing halt. Any help out there?

    PS: My phone still boots just fine with no lose of any of my info.

    • Do you have the original Moto E or a different model…

      • FIDreams

        It’s a Moto E Gen2. The model number is sm-j100vpp. Guess i’m just odd lol.

        • No you have the 2nd gen and this is for the 1st gen lol

          • FIDreams

            I see, thanks for your time. If anything I was able to unlock it. I’ll try to go from there.

  • kamal verma

    Before taking any step I just check and get into Fast boot mode and then Enter In Recovery option it will show me “NO COMMAND ” why ??? And what is the Quick solution

    • Please take a screenshot of what you are referring to and post it here so I can see what you are referring to

  • homer simpson

    I am stuck at step II part(9) , I am not able to unlock my phone even though i provided the serial number on line 6

    • What is the actual error you are getting? Post a screenshot if possible.

  • Adan

    Hi David! I got through most of your tutorial with no issues at all until I reached the Custom Recovery Image.
    Basically, I can’t get past step 7. I enter the command in adb and no errors come up. But the moment I try to enter Recovery on the phone itself, the Bootloader Logs come up and show me something has failed.
    “Start Up Failed:
    Your device didn’t start up successfully. Use the software repair assistant on computer to repair your device. Connect your device to your computer to get the Software Repair Assistant.”
    And then down below it’s:
    “Error: failed to load kernel!
    Boot up failed”

    Did I do something wrong or is my phone just being an ass?
    Lol, any help would be appreciated 🙂

    • Adan

      Never mind! Thanks anyways.

  • Bucky Goldstein

    I got through the instructions until I entered my unlock info into the Motorola site. It said my phone was not unlockable. It is a Moto E gen 2.


    • Abhishek Kakade

      Use other broswer & you will see “request unlock code” button down the page. hope this helps

    • Abhishek Kakade

      Also this tutorial is for 1st gen Moto E devices so you shouldn’t follow this one & search for the one appropriate for your device instead.

  • δεζℏ δεερακ ζιπςℏ

    Will the given steps follow with moto e 1st generation, running on stock 5.1 (received via update)

    • Yes, this will work with that.

      • δεζℏ δεερακ ζιπςℏ

        Thank you sir,i’ll try

  • Gabriel Arantes

    When I type “fastboot oem get_unlock_data” in command it stucks in (step II 6.)
    Plz help

  • Abhishek Kakade

    You can try kingroot

  • Abhishek Kakade

    I lost all my data after unlocking bootloader. Is this normal? Does it happen everytime while unlocking bootloader?

    • Yes it’s a safety feature. Once the bootloader is unlocked you can grab data from the phone so Android forces it to be erased during the process to make sure any data on it before the bootloader being unlocked can’t be accessed once unlocked.

  • Kristine Hajdalenko Garrant

    so i got all the way up to the point where i download cvm recovery..i did says file has weight to it i cant get to internal memory..when i drag and drop or copy file its empty

    • That means the recovery didn’t get flashed. Can you post a screenshot of what command prompt looks like after you type in fastboot flash recovery part?

  • sha

    i cannnot understand the peocedure after adb process

    • Sorry but you need to be more specific than that. What exactly are you stuck on? What step? What’s the error you are getting? A screenshot helps a lot too? Etc.

  • Atharva Chilwarwar


    • Welcome! Glad to hear it worked thanks for reporting back that it worked!


    it really works carefully follow the instructions


    i wanna you to update more and more things like this ,wow i rooted my phone ,and also say how to customize the theme and other settings


    thnk u “DAVID COGEN”

  • Muthu kumar

    Hi My moto E after unlock boot loader my internal storage not connecting “Copy the SuperSU zip file to the internal storage of the device” how to connect my device computer plz help me ..


  • Ravish Kumar

    after step 2 when i wanted to copy SuperSu file into internal memory .. It Started and i lost all data.. and recovery mode is not working.. help

  • mahesh

    Thank you! very well explained. you have walked me through each step with your article without any questions. 🙂

    • Glad I could help! Thanks for reporting it worked!

  • mithun

    Thank you so much David for this noob friendly guide for rooting moto e. Worked out perfectly for me. Can you suggest me some good custom rom too?

    • Welcome! I’d recommend checking out my ROM section and you can select your device model and see a bunch of them with ratings from other people. A lot of what you’d want is personal preference so doing that and finding one you like and has good ratings is a good way to go.

  • sarvan

    how to download that cyanogen. when i click download link it takes me to a page full of comments.

    • Check the ROMs section for more downloads of different ROMs for your phone –


    my phone is saying “failed to validate boot image

  • Jamie Morris

    Hello david, i’m having a problem with the recovery.img file. When i input ‘fastboot flash recovery recovery.img’ into the command prompt it kicks back that it is sending recovery, says OKAY, writing recovery, and then said (bootloader) image not signed or corrupt, OKAY
    Help please.