HTC Hero Official Update to Fix Lag, Released! …Unofficially :)

So thanks to MoDaCo (the guy who did the video showing the official update in our last post), we have a rooted and enhanced ROM based on the official update from HTC. So all of you rooted Hero users get on over to our Downloads section and check it out (or to the updated version of our How To Load a Custom ROM on Your HTC Hero procedure) for a link.

For all of you non-rooted Hero users, don’t want to wait for HTC to release the update (and want the benefits of rooting to boot)? Head to our How To Root Your HTC Hero procedure and then to the How To Load a Custom ROM on Your HTC Hero procedure for everything you need to get that coveted update ASAP.

For the Hero ROM users, this means it’s only a matter of time before you get this nice addition to the current Hero ROMs you are using 😉

Please post below if you notice a difference!

CLARIFICATION! – The ROM here is ONLY FOR THE REAL HTC HERO. The idea is that though now that this is out in the open, the developers of the G1, Magic, and MyTouch Hero ROMs will put it into their updates. Check with the developers that currently make Hero ROMs for you phone if that have incorporated this update into their ROMs yet, again do NOT download this ROM and try to put it on any phone BESIDES the REAL HTC HERO.

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  1. Got the MoDaCo 2.0 ROM now and I can’t say I see much of a difference from the 1.5.1 one, but the difference from the original ROM is like night and day.

    One thing still in need of tweaking is the keyboard, which still does these mini freezes from time to time.

    1. Hello Kenshiin,

      I’m using this new ROM too and definitely notice a difference (even from the last Modaco ROM) for me. Much smoother opening and closing programs, scrolling, and swiping through homescreens.

  2. with the new update rom for g1 user, is it gonna be faster (i kno its all bc 100mb ram diffrence)? cuz im using the jacheroski 1.6 now, and its really smooth with no widget, if u even add 1 widget (let say the calendar) it will slow the phone down like a hundred time lol, i rele hope with the next update, i can use the widget because personalize the phone is the best thing about htc hero

  3. Oh on a side note, would anyone know when the new version of the Market will be included, I mean in what release it’s expected?

    Since it looks really neat compared to the current one.

  4. This ROM update is amazing. Ok, heres how it is… i looked at the hero and wanted it straight away. when i got it i was impressed at the features and functionality but frankly i thort the lag was appalling. i even concidered getting a different phone. and for you guys thinkin the same thing… dont get a different phone… get this update. yes you have to wipe your phone and lose all your settings but its well worth it. the sd card will still have all your stuff on it and you can sync your contacts back on no problem. now the lag is sorted, plus with the new touch to focus, i think it may now be BETTER THAN THE IPHONE!!

  5. Before I root and download the updated ROM, will I need to backup anything on my phone like photos, contacts, texts etc? Apologies if this is a very simple or silly question. A pointed finger in the direction of a tutorial or related thread will suffice. Cheers

  6. Well its been a few weeks on the mytouch3g and its been really nice no errors, freezes etc..I am running a rooted (ofcourse) with Cyanogen 4.0.2 rom. Um the downside to this phone is Flash player it seems every website i wanna go to is flash supported. When is flash support coming?

  7. Well I downloaded the base Modaco rom and its gets to file copying stage then it says

    E: Cant chown/mod / system/xbin/busybox

    E:Failure at line 41: set_perm 0 0 04755 system: xbin/busybox

    Installation abotred.

    (the 2.1 hero update)
    im a noob lol maybe i did something wrong?

  8. I can’t install coming from T-Mobile G1, rooted, with JACHeroski V1.5 Magic ROM (Magic, MyTouch, 32B) ROM. Tried with wipe and non-wipe, no go. I didn’t see in the text that this rom was for Hero only… am I doing something wrong?

  9. WOW – just loaded on the Modaco updated rom and WOW my htc hero is flying. honestly like a new phone am so impressed.
    one question to everyone, when the official release comes out should we load on that ROM or keep the current unoffcial (but rooted and very sexy) one that we now have?
    thanks and awesome work to everyone involved

    1. Hello Justin,

      I know! I was amazed at what a little tweaking can do to a phone.
      You actually already have the official release (just rooted and optimized) so no reason to get it from HTC, only thing it will do is make you lose root access and Wifi Tethering.

  10. @ TheUnlockr – thanks! i didn’t reliase this was a copy of the official release which is even better news! saving me having to put the new one on and re-root the phone.
    just want to say again your site is AWESOME, the directions were really clear and simple to follow and god does the new software make a HUGE differnce. i loved the phone out of the box but like everyone was dissapointed with the proformence but no it’s faster than my wifes iphone 3gs – really and truly great job!! thanks again you guys are the best!!!!!

  11. hi unlockr –
    by the way does this super new rom have something built in so we can save apps to the sd card? if not can you suggest a program to do that?

    1. Hello,

      This update is ONLY for the Actual Hero phone (not a Hero ROM on a G1 or MyTouch) FYI.
      Now if you have a Hero, then yes it should, but check with HTC for the actual changelog.

  12. @unlocker.

    You guys are simply GR8. Never thought rooting could be so easy. One question. Ive rooted my phone and am using atrackdog to check for updates. It detects the updates but the market doesn’t. Does rooting cause market to NOT show any updates?

    Thanks in advance

  13. Hi, I have installed the latest Qtek 1,6 on mytouch and it works amazing, only one BIG problem is the bluetooth, it does pair but i doesn’t work, an solution?



  14. i have a question;
    this update is just for ROM’s… not for FIRMWEAR..
    is this correct?
    and when we will can update our frimwear ?
    such as 2.0
    my phone model is hero…
    build no:2.73.405
    firmwear ver: 1.5 ????
    plz answer my Q dear experts.

    1. Hello Alihps,

      A ROM IS Firmware. Just do the How to Root your Hero Procedure, then do the How to Load a Custom ROM on the Hero procedure. After you do that, you willl have a ROM that is using the 2.0 firmware. (I use it on my Hero, HUGE difference, I love it).
      Good luck!

  15. hi again
    i have been using the new rom for a little while now and it’s great but my kernel is the 2.73 etc but firmware is still noted as 1.5 not 2.0; is that normal or did i do something wrong in the process?
    thanks! also i see that htc have release the official update, i guess we don’t need to instal this? is there anything that the official update has that the modoco does not or it the same just unrooted?
    thanks and keep me posted about the firmware 1.5 vs 2.0

    1. Hello Justin,

      It is the 2.0 firmware for the Hero. The menu you are looking at is telling you that your Android firmware is 1.5 (cupcake) this is the latest out right now. Donut (1.6) isn’t out yet.
      What everyone is calling the “2.0” update for Hero is the Rosie 2.0 update (the second version of Rosie). You won’t have a way to find that version number, just trust us that you are using the new Rosie 2.0 if you did the Modaco update.
      There is no difference, if you have the Modaco update you already have had the 2.0 update PLUS extra features that it doesnt come with (like root access).

  16. So if I root my hero and install this new rom it will just feel a lot snappier? Are there any other effects I should be aware of? For example might it void an insurance policy with a private company/change the status of the contract etc.?

    1. Hello Matthew,

      That is correct.
      It will void your warranty technically, but all you have to do is load the regular update from HTC and you will be back to normal, so that’s easy.
      I have loaded and unloaded ROMs on my G1 (before I sold it) and sent it in for repair twice without any issues.

  17. Hey do use know if anyone is working on a custom ROM to support Bluetooth file transfer really like modacos rip of official update maybe somethin that could be included in his next release.

  18. hi everyone –
    am i correct that andoind version 1.6 is now available to download? seems to imply that it is – doesn anyone know where to get this update for the htc hero? and will this be compatable with the modoco super rooted rom?
    thanks as always!

    1. Hello Justin,

      Android 1.6 isn’t out yet. That is the SDK (software developer kit for developers) that has been released so developers can make programs for it before it comes out.

  19. I’ve rooted my HTC hero and updated the Rom yet my firmware still says 1.5 when it should be 2.0 have I not rooted my hero correctly?

    1. Hello Mani,

      The 2.0 is the Hero version that will NOT show in your settings. The Firmware in there refers to the version of Android you have (1.5 being cupcake, 2.0 won’t be out for a while considering they are working on 1.6 right now).
      So don’t worry you did everything right!

  20. heres one for someone to figure out, is there an app that will power on teh alarm clock? every nokia/sony ericsson etc you can set your alarm at night turn the phone off and go to bed. in the am the phone turns itself on with teh alarm ringing…..
    anything like that for the htc hero??
    HELP – this is my biggest gripe with the phone.

  21. since installing the modoco roms my quickoffice had stopped working, i have looked for it in the market and not found it…does anyone know where i can find it to download and reinstal?

  22. Nobody know of a Bluetooth fix, app or Rom then? Was just wondering if somebody could point me in the right direction. Even to say ‘no hilly I don’t think so not yet.’ Wee yes or no. Thanks anyway just thought if any1 would know would be the guys at unlockr.

    1. Hello Hilly,

      This is actually in the FAQ under most procedures involving Hero ROMs. There is no Bluetooth fix. It is an issue with Hero ROMs when migrated to a non Hero phone, sorry.

    1. Hello Ari,

      That would be pretty pointless actually and no you would lose root.
      Just load the Modoco ROM and you will have the HTC update and root together. That is all the Modoco ROM is.

  23. Unlockr, forget my prev question ^_^ When do we partition the SD card? before loading the custom ROM or after doing it? what about Apps2SD? when do we use it?

    1. Hello Ari,

      You can partition the card after you load the custom recovery image (we replaced the original with Amon Ras and it has partitioning built in. Just click on partition fat32+ext2+swap and then after you can put the update on the SD card and apply it).

  24. i keep reading that android 1.6 aka donut is out but can only find the sdk, does anyone know where to find it?
    also for us folks who bought an unlocked htc hero (but am on tmobile) how do we get the update? OTA? via the android or HTC websites?
    thanks and help!

  25. Hi TheUnlockr,
    I’m in Australia and have just brought a HTC Hero, it’s my first HTC. I’ts standard firmware 1.5,kernel 2.6.27 build 2.73 software ver 1.0.0.a6288
    In Australia I use Telstra being major carrier in my area and the biggest problem is lack of reception inside some buildings(main one being my home). Big question is having read through the other comments is what direction and downloads do i get to get optimum out of my Hero? Thanks Steve

    1. Steve,

      You are posting in the wrong place. The One Click Rooting procedure is called How To Root Your {Name of Phone} in One Click. The procedure will tell you if you need to downgrade first. Use the category drop down on the left of our site and select you phone. That is the easiest way to find all the procedures for your phone.
      Good luck! If you have any other issues, please post in the technical support forums.

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