OnePlus 3 Unboxing (Video)

My OnePlus 3 finally arrived and so, as is the protocol here on the internet, I figured I’d do a quick unboxing and tell you guys what it comes with and what it’s specs are. The phone is clad in an all metal body with curved edges that definitely lends a more premium feel to the phone over previous OnePlus devices. On the front of the device we have a 5.5″ AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1080P. (The resolution was kept down no doubt to keep the price down). On the right side we have our power button and …

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OnePlus X Unrooted

Video: How to Unroot the OnePlus X

You’ve rooted your phone maybe you’ve been tinkering a bit too much with your OnePlus X? Maybe you need to send it to OnePlus for warranty reasons but with root access you’re worried they’ll refuse to do the warranty repairs? If you find yourself in either of these situations, it’s probably best to unroot the OnePlus X before you do anything else. Unrooting the phone is the process of flashing the device’s stock firmware and getting it back to the way it was when you first received it. Besides reinstating your warranty in most cases, this will also solve any …

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CyanogenMod on OnePlus X

Video: How to Install CyanogenMod on the OnePlus X

CyanogenMod is a small company that makes custom ROMs for Android devices run by a community of developers. This community and the ROMs have become hugely popular with tinkerers of their devices and when OnePlus began developing their first device, it makes some sense as to why they were tapped to make the software for the fledgling companies new flagship device: the OnePlus One. Sales were good, everything seemed great for the two startups and their new marriage of software and hardware, but then came the release of the OnePlus Two, the One’s sequel, and one thing was blatantly missing: …

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Root on the OnePlus X

Video: How to Root the OnePlus X

The OnePlus X is OnePlus’ latest phone to hit the market and instead of going for a flagship killer, the X is aimed slightly lower (only slightly). With a quad-core processor, 3GBs of RAM, and a slick body of Onyx (seriously it’s slick), it’s still no budget phone. Yet with a price tag of about $249.00, it sorta is. Despite these well qualified specs, some people do have issue with one thing about the OnePlus at least –the software. OnePlus made a switch from CyanogenMod, a community driven custom version of Android, to their own ColorOS version of Android starting …

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OnePlus X

Video: OnePlus X Unboxing and Invite Giveaway (Winners Announced)

My OnePlus X arrived and, as is the protocol on the internet, figured that meant it was time to do an unboxing. In addition to the OnePlus X arriving I also received 3 invites from OnePlus to buy the OnePlus X, their latest phone, and figured I’d give them away to you guys! The OnePlus X can only be bought if you have an invite so they are hard to come by. If you win one here you can then buy the phone on their site. To make things fair, you can do as many actions as you want and …

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OnePlus Two Giveaway

Giveaway: Win a OnePlus Two!

Thanks to how many of you entered my giveaway for the OnePlus Two Invite I figured I’d do another giveaway. This time, however, instead of an invite to buy the OnePlus Two, I’m going to just give away the phone itself. Entering the giveaway is easy, just do the actions listed below and for each one you do you’ll get a set amount of entries, the more entries you have the more chances you have to be the one winner chosen at random on Weds of next week. OnePlus Two Giveaway Thanks for all of your support over the years …

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Huawei Watch Unboxing

Video: Huawei Watch Unboxing

So this is probably a little late, but I finally got my hands on Huawei Watch so I figured I’d do an unboxing like normal and go over some of the specs. Check out the video below. Huawei Watch Specs: 1.4″ 400×400 pixel AMOLED touchscreen 1.2 Ghz Quad-core processor 512MB RAM 4GB Internal Storage Wifi, Bluetooth 4.1 300mah Battery with Fast Charging Stainless Steel Casing with Sapphire Crystal Glass Genuine Leather Band include for $349, metal options are available for more Running Android Wear I have to admit, at the moment it’s my favorite Android watch out mainly due to the …

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New OnePlus Device Shows Up at FCC

There have been a bunch of rumors and “leaks” about a new OnePlus phone coming out on the heels of the relatively just released OnePlus Two. Today, however, the FCC had a filing from the company dubbed the ONE E1005 and it’s most likely the device everyone has been yammering about. Thing is, it doesn’t match a lot of the rumors. For one, the device in the FCC filings doesn’t show a USB-C port (which I’m sure most people just assumed was coming with the new device since the OnePlus Two has one), and has a 1.9ghz processor speed which …

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Unroot the OnePlus Two

How to Unroot the OnePlus Two (Video)

So I’ve gone over why you would want to root the OnePlus Two but there are some reasons to undo that should you need. From sending it in for warranty, to selling it and wanting to get it all back to stock for the next owner, to just wanting to maybe start over and root the thing again, unrooting the OnePlus Two can be a necessary option. If you have TWRP recovery on the OnePlus Two from doing my rooting tutorial for it, then it’s actually pretty easy to do, too. All we need to do is boot into recovery …

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CyanogenMod on OnePlus Two

How to Get CyanogenMod on the OnePlus Two (Video)

The original OnePlus One was the first device to be loaded with CyanogenMod, a popular third-party developer’s ROM, directly from the manufacturer. This is as opposed to the way we used to just flash CyanogenMod ourselves on the device we had regardless of what ROM came on it from the factory. Well, it seems that OnePlus has ditched CyanogenMod in favor of their own in-house ROM for the OnePlus Two for whatever reason (cue the dramatic music). So if you want CyanogenMod, it’s back to the old-school way –flashing it ourselves. First you need to flash a custom recovery and …

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OnePlus Two Root

How to Root the OnePlus Two (Video)

After all the hype the OnePlus One caused and the, not particularly large, but damn-loyal fanbase they achieved, they finally just launched a successor: the OnePlus Two. Just like with the OnePlus One the idea was to put higher end specs in a device while keeping the price tag a few hundred dollars shy of the competitors (and just like the last time, what better way to create as much hype as possible than with the same invite-only system of purchasing and giveaways to gain invites), the OnePlus Two followed suit. But while the hardware is top-notch on the OnePlus …

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How to Change the Cyanogenmod Theme on the OnePlus One

The One Plus One ‘s native install of CyanogenMod is one of it’s biggest advantages and benefits .  CyanogenMod’s philosophy of increased customization has lead them to create a theme gallery where you can purchase themes that change the way your Android phone looks system wide. 1. Pull down the notification shade and tap the box icon in the upper right corner of your screen. 2. Tap on Settings. 3. Tap Themes. 4. Tap Theme Packs. 5. You’ll see all the themes you have installed.  By default CyanogenMod has two themes.  Tap Get More.   6. You can now scroll through the different …

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