Universal Rooting App Procedure (Z4Root) (Updated 09/08/12)

Universal Method Disclaimer: This is a universal method. Feel free to try it but if it does NOT work for you, simply head to our How To section and look for your specific phone to see if we have a different procedure for your device and try that instead. Good luck!

I. Before You Begin

1. This method is reported to gain permanent root access on the following devices but might work on other devices as well. Try it out!:

Samsung Galaxy S (All variants)
Sony X10
Xperia Mini
Droid 2
Galaxy Tab
Galaxy I5700
Galaxy 3 I5800
Droid X
Samsung Acclaim
Cricket Huawei Ascend
Motorola Cliq
Huawei 8120
Optimus T
Droid 1 (Non Froyo Versions)
Garmin Asus A50
Motorola Defy
LG Ally
Motorola Flipside
Motorola Milestone 2
Dell streak
X10 Mini Pro
Smartq v7 android 2.1

2. This will NOT work on the following devices:

Desire (requires nand unlock)
Desire HD (requires nand unlock)
Magic (unknown)
Evo (requires nand unlock)
G2 (requires nand unlock)
Archos 70 (unknown)
myTouch 3G (unknown)
Droid Incredible
MyTouch Slide (requires nand unlock)

For these devices check the SuperOneClick method or the Unrevoked Method.

Thanks to RyanZA for this amazing app! If you enjoy it, please head here to thank/donate him!

II. Root your phone.

1. Download the Z4 Root app either from the Market (if it is available) or download it from here (link updated 09/08/12) and use a file manager (Linda file manager or Astro file manager from the Market) to install it.

2. Plug your phone in via USB cable and mount the storage so we can transfer files to it.

3. Copy the .apk file over to the root of your sd card (not in any folder just on the sd card itself).

3. Download a file manager from the Market then open it and search for the z4 root apk file.

4. Install z4 root.

5. Open z4 root and click Root. Done!

III. (Optional) Install a Custom Recovery Image.

1. If you want to install a custom recovery image, head to our universal procedure here.

153 thoughts on “Universal Rooting App Procedure (Z4Root) (Updated 09/08/12)”

  1. i used the superoneclick method n it was smooth , but then when i tried to use ur vid on how to load a custom rom , thts when the prob starts , wht do i do after reaching the recovery page , cuz the procedure in the vid is for nexus one and i have a milestone , it doesnt show the same options available .. plz help guys

  2. It shows that this app works on the AT&T captivate, and Im sure it does, but no apps that can not be obtained from the market or appbrain can be installed, everything worked fine right up till I hit install then the box came up…no apps except those in market can be installed for security reasons….how can I get around this miserable issue?..LOL..kcmustain@gmail.com

  3. Flesher121064

    on my Motorola backflip when i try and install it in astro it won’t because it says it comes from unknown source and for my security it wont let it install. anyway to get around this? thank you!

  4. Did not work on Samsung Vibrant 2.2 as it was stuck on the first stage (Running exploit in order to obtain root access..). Rebooted 3 times and tried but failed. 4th time, it went to the next phase after about 20 minutes (Accessing shell..) and it forceclosed or logged out the home screen and had to reboot.

  5. i have big problem, any help is greatly appreciated, i just installed that new ota update htc hero gsm that was just released, and after reboot my phone is stuck at the hero logo screen, can’t boot into recovery to flash image because it appears only a phone with a red triangle, i can only boot to that hboot, fastboot screen, but i can’t update from there, any help or suggestion on fixing this, i dont care if the phone is wiped i just want it to work again…

    1. i managed to get it working again, i downloaded de original ruu from htc website, connected the phone via fastboot (fasboot usb) and just followed the onscreen insctructions, after the reflash finished the phone worked again only backside that the original rom was 1.5, but from there i managed to do the rest, 🙂

  6. Awesome. Rooted LG Optimus V. Needed to reboot and then install/run. Thanks a million. I had spent hours trying other procedures and did this in 3 minutes.

    1. hey i have the optimus V and when i root using superoneclickv1.6.5-ShortFuse half way through the log it says mkdir failed for /system/xbin, File exists, but still says it was rooted, although when i go into root check (app) it says i do not have root permisions but i do have busy box and superuser, could you please email me how to root this phone, ive been working on this foreverr! thankyou so much
      takman187@comcast.net please have like “ROOT” or something like that in the subject if you do reply, i appreciate it alot!

    2. I have lg optimus v if you could help i’d realy apressiate it, i have it on my phone(z4root) and i turned it off first before i installed it but it still wont work. I also tried easy root, unrevoked, androot and super click none have worked. Email me at matthewrocksat@yahoo.com(exactly like i spelled it) thanks

  7. i’m new in here so could someone please explain me what is rooting and what are my benefits? i’m using x10 mini pro tnx…

  8. Doesn’t work for droid 1 PERIOD, so please stop lying and saying it does… It goes into “running exploit for root access” then goes into “acquiring shell for root access” then goes to your home screen and does NOTHING…

    1. I am geting the same results. version 2.2.2 FRG83G…. looks like it would be a great APP but does not work for me. any help???

        1. Is 2.2.2 better than 2.1 I just bought a phone that came with 2.2.2 but can’t root. Should I downgrade? Is that possible if yeah is it worth downgrading?

          1. Download gingerbreak from the web then go to your app store and download file manager open file manager and find gingerbreak klick install then open ginger break and clik run

      1. Jeremy Elliott

        That’s because you probably updated to Android 2.2.2, like I did. It worked fine before the update, doesn’t work at all now. T-Mobile Optimus T here.

  9. Not working on my Motorola Backflip.. any instructions I should follow?!.. I also tried to use the SuperOneClick and didn’t work.. pleasee heeeelp!! 🙁

  10. Tried on my virgin mobile samsung intercept. The app says its permarooted, however no “root” required access apps work on the phone. Any suggestions?

  11. Hello!
    I have downloaded the Z4root apk file but when i open it in Linda File Manager it won’t install. :S
    Any suggestions? plz help!

    1. The fact that it is designed to work for most devices makes it universal. It doesn’t mean every device will work but it also isn’t designed solely for one device.

    1. The above comment is not a regarding the app or anything else however it is merely a statement on that particular model and information so someone with that model and version can see weither or not it works. After testing it and finding the same information in many forums re rooting the intercept, i am just attesting that if you temporary root your phone it works, but it will not work on bootup with a permanent root.

      Can yall please lay off the hatemail on that now?

  12. I Have The Samsung Acclaim & Z4 Root Does Not Work It Does The Exploit Then Goes To Shell Then Vibrates & Go Back To My Home Screen No Superuser No Root Nothing Why Is This? It Says My Droid Is Supported…

  13. On motor defy everytime i press root it has an error a few minutes later saying a unexpected error has occured? Please helppppp

  14. my cliq says program cannot be installed weird anyway so it’s not on market now, so what can i do i even downloaded the side load i have a 1.5 version and it sucks want to upgrade as far as possible what other options are there since the tutorial also doesn’t work anymore on using adb

  15. i try to root as explained in the instructions but when i open the app on my phone, click on root, it does nothing. it stays on the blue screen where it reads on top z4mod and it “thinks” as the circle in the middle goes around but nothing else happens. when i try a rooted app it tells me my phone is not rooted. Plz help.

  16. i try to root my samsung galxy s i9000 with froyo as explained but after installin app and clicking on root perm or temp it does nothing but stay on the blue screen with the circle going round and round and in the bottom reads “running exploit in order to obtain root access …” but doesnt do anything else. i have to take out the battery to get phn to respond but still no root access plz help!!

  17. awesome app!! it works perfectly and exactly hw it says!! it couldnt be easier rooting a phone now….. if ppl cant root with this it bcause they retarded… i remember the way you had to root when using cynogen and jesusfreak….lol

  18. this doesnt work on galaxy s tmobile either it just keeps making my phone vibrate and lag when i did this

    1. soooooo true. doesn’t work worth a sh*t on froyo 2.2 Galaxy S from t-Mobile. I’ve been on the blue “running exploit” screen for almost half an hour. FAIL

  19. so i downloaded it to my droid x and installed it and everything and now my droid is actin funny. it just rebooted and its like flippin out. any help on what to do?

  20. hey guys, I seem to be having trouble before I even app on the phone. Every time I try to load the Z4root.1.3.0.apk up top it tells me I don’t have access to open it. Any other way to get the app? thanks.

  21. Hey, I’m sure this is a dum dum question but I cant get to the app from the link abve. I click on it and it tells me I don’t have access to it (1) because I wasn”t a member. When I became a member it told me that I needed to be a developer or somethig to that affect. Look I just need the app to get this started is there some other site I can go to? Help would be appreciated, thanks.

  22. worked just fine for the droid 2
    I tried the video tutorial on line and kept getting stuck on the part where your $ sign changes to a # sign in cmd….I could not get it to work!..this rooted it in 2 minutes…thanks!!

  23. Im trying the Optimus S and after install and run, Z4 force closes. It says is was rooted but there are no Super user permissions. I am Not new to rooting, but im not sure this works on my phone.

  24. motorolla cliq does not let me install this app. downloaded linda and astro file manager hit install and get message that says could not be installed in this phone. I tried the alternative download and get same results.

  25. I have problems locating the file in my computer after downloading it. Basically I couldn’t find the zip file after download! Can anyone help?

  26. doesn’t work for the dell streak well mine any ways, deleted anti virus, dloaded file manager and 4shared for the z4root file and nothing failed rooting 2 minutes in or just kept going for like 20 mins unplugged battery to get phone out 

  27. This seems to be working finally after having no luck with the other complicated roots. 10 out of 10 ! thanks

  28. Where is the linux love?

    How can rooting be accomplished on the latest stable Ubuntu?  WITHOUT running windoze in virtual machine

  29. Aseem Chiplonkar

    I tried it on Samsung Galaxy s 2 (GT-I1900) but does not work.

    Is there a straight forward clearly written tutorial for rooting Galaxy S 2 ??

  30. I have been trying to root my samsung galaxy s numerous of times, and it still won’t root..it’ll act like its going to, it’ll just keep reading and nothing. Has anyone had this problem.

  31. I’m getting stuck at the attempting to apply root…. screen – its been doing for for over an hour now.. I will reboot and try again, any other ideas?  LG Ally – 2.2.2

    1. This does not apply to “Software Upgrade”. Go to your applications settings and check “Unknown Sources.” Then browse to the file on your SD card somehow (search “file manager” in the market) and open it. It’ll install like any other app.

  32. Make sure to add this to your computer’s antivirus exceptions. Mine removed it because it contains an exploit for Linux (I WONDER WHY….).

  33. it hangs on running exploit for root access… nothing happens next.. what will i do..? i have done everything which is needed..like usb debugging. i have also tried superoneclick.. but it also stops on “Running psneuter..”.:( PLEASE HELP……ASAP..

  34. This seems simple enough but didn’t work for me as my ‘phone said that z4root could not be installed on the phone – I presume that this is a permissions problem.  If I try to alter the permissions from a connected computer the attempt fails – any suggestions (step by step please…)

    Best regards


  35. It will not work on my phone the Sony Ericsson Xperia x10a… My phone does not allow me to use ANY application not on the market.. Does not have a feature to allow me to disable this either. SOMEONE HELP PLZ!

  36. trying to root my htc aria.. but it says i can’t download applications unless they are from the andriod market. :[

  37. my anti-virus security system won’t let me download the Z4 program onto my computer so how do I go about getting that taken care of first before I can even go with the rest of the steps?

    1. it didnt work for my back flip at all it keeps saying ” this application comes from an unknown source and for your security only trusted applicationds can be installed”… help.?

  38. for some reason..? my phone just dosent want too root like i did all the root steps that the unlockr said to do in the video for the backflip and i dont get why it wont roott help please.?

  39. Anybody tried it on the Nexus S 4g. I tried it and it doesnt work, just takes me back to home screen after it says acquiring shell for root access. Theres no superuser or nothing, I even downloaded the root checker from the market and it says not rooted.

  40. i dont work on my kyocera echo i had it root i did it myself but now my phone update to 2.3.4 now it will not work its on gingerbread 

  41. I tried this on optimus T running 2.2.2 and i managed to get the Z4 root app into my phone and installed it but when i push root it tells me to enable USB debugging and when i do it still says same thing. i always have USB enabled but it still tells me to enable it. im guessing it doesnt work?

  42. I tried using this.
    When I clicked on Root it started some process and for more than 5 minutes its showing ” Atttempting to apply root”… What should I do ? How much time usually it will take to root ?

  43. Did not work for my Acclaim, I’ve been trying to root this thing for a few weeks now to tests all these rooted apps on an a non daily use device.  I might post my log to the developer.

  44. so i installed it and right after i did my phones anti-virus caught the z4 as being infected. is this supposed to happen? lol

  45. When I mount my phone on MAC, there are only folders listed and no SD card, although I have one installed. It just shows folders and an SD folder……???

  46. It doesn’t work for my Samsung Exhibit 4G. It starts to run the root program than freezes and then locks up. I’ve tried at least 5 or 6 times. I’ve shut down any could-be interfering apps too. Oh well.

  47. It wouldnt’ve been a success to root my x10 mini if this video is not here….main step is connect ur mobile after command “killing Adb Server”…thanx very much broooooooooo

  48. Ultimatespeedstanley

    mine says that this application comes from an unknown source, and for your security only applications from trusted sources can be installed and the only option is “OK”

  49. Hi,
    what is the benefit of root?
    is it safe to root?
    can I update my device later(original update by the manufacturer ) with no problems ?

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