How To: Load a Custom ROM on the HTC G1/Dream


I. Before You Begin

1. You MUST have done our How To Root the G1 Procedure AND our How To Flash a Custom Recovery Image. THEN you can continue with this procedure.


II. Partition Your Memory Card for Hero ROMs, Swap, and Apps2SD –

1. With your phone STILL in recovery mode from the How To Flash a Custom Recovery procedure, click on Partition SD Card > Partition SD (this will erase everything off of your memory card).

2. When it asks you, select 96mbs for Swap, 512mbs for ext2 and fat32 for the remainder

3. Once it is done partitioning the memory card, click on Partition SD Card > SD: ext2 to ext3

III. Load the Latest Radio, SPL, and your First Custom ROM –

1. Download the custom Radio,SPL and a generic ROM for your device (you can change your ROM after this to whatever one you want, but load this one first as we need to load it to keep the recovery image flashed on the G1):

G1 Radio – Here
G1 HardSPL – Here
Generic G1 ROM w/ Root – Here

2. In the recovery screen on the phone (that the phone is still in from the first section), select USB-MS toggle to allow the memory card to be mounted.

3. Plug in your phone via usb cable and you should be able to access your memory card on the computer.

4. Save the G1 Radio, the G1 HardSPL, and the G1 Generic ROM (leave them all as .zip files) onto the root of the SD card (NOT in any folder, just on the memory card itself).

5. Once they are done transferring to the memory card, unplug the phone from the computer and click the home button on the phone to disable USB-MS toggle mode and get back to the recovery screen.

7. Once the recovery screen menu is up, click on Flash Zip on SDCard and select the RADIO .zip file (do NOT select ANY OTHER ONE, we need to flash the radio first!).

8. Once it is done, click Reboot System Now.

9. Once the device reboots, you should be back at the recovery screen. Click on Flash Zip from SDCard and now select the SPL .zip file (do NOT select ANY OTHER ONE, we need to flash the SPL second!).

10. Once it is done, click Reboot System Now.

11. Once the device reboots, you should be back at the recovery screen. Click on Wipe > Wipe Data / Factory Reset and wait for it to finish.

12. Once it is done wiping, click on Flash Zip from SDCard and now select the Generic ROM .zip file.

13. Once it is done, click Reboot System Now.

DONE! You are now Rooted with a generic custom ROM! Feel free to use any root required apps (including Wifi tethering, overclocking apps, etc.)!

If you want to load a different ROM simply follow these steps below…

IV. (Optional) Load a Different Custom ROM

1. Turn off the phone and then turn it back on by holding down Home and Power (keep holding them until you get to the recovery screen).

2. Select USB-MS Toggle.

3. Plug your phone into the computer via USB

4. Download whatever custom ROM you want from our G1 ROMs section here on our site and save it to the root of your sd card (NOT in any folder, just on the sd card itself).

5. Unplug the phone from the computer once it is done transferring.

6. Click the Home button on the phone to disable USB-MS Toggle.

7. Select Wipe > Wipe Data / Factory Reset and wait for it to finish.

8. Next, select Flash Zip from SDCard and select the new ROM’s .zip file.

9. Once it is done, select Reboot Device Now and you are done with your new ROM! Repeat Section IV whenever you want to load any other ROM as many times as you’d like!

328 thoughts on “How To: Load a Custom ROM on the HTC G1/Dream”

    1. after u did the whole rooting process i followed it up untill u did the recovery mode part at the end. i held down the power and home keys and it took me to a different type of recovery screen. it just has the alt l alt s and wipe options. whats wrong? i.m now on 1.5 cupcake and using build crb43. i cant proceed to loading custom rom till i get this squared away. any help plz.

  1. hey thanks theUnlockr.. the procedure works and my phone now has root access

    1 problem though – i had a 2GB SD card but now it only allows 1.330 GB.. is it possible for me to get back the missing 670 MB that i lost during the partitioning process?

    1. Vylle,

      That partition is necessary for most ROMs on the G1 (96mbs are used for Swap (virtual RAM) and the 500 is used for apps and other system files. So you can get rid of it but you will be limited to only a few apps.
      Just goto recovery and click Partition card and choose zero for the partitions. Then wipe data and reflash the ROM.

  2. Fastest root procedure yet! I did it on my spare G1 just for fun. Works like a charm. Now I just have to patiently wait for Cyanogen to release his N1 5 custom ROM for the G1….its hopefully coming in a few days.


  3. Kyle Brockmiller

    can you please upload on a better file sharing site? (mediafire would be great =D) or 4shared, because I cant download the generic g1 rooted. and megaupload sucks =P.. thanks in advance

  4. i did the new root for the G1 but after I did the final install . My G1 froze on the Android screen . What can I do to fix this .

  5. ok i just rooted my g1 using these steps and it was A LOT of help thanks sooo much. but now im still on step 5, can i just flash the new CyanogenMod-5 v5.0.7 to my g1 straight from here??? please reply back pleeeeease

  6. I just rooted and installed the Generic ROM for G1. Everything seems to work fine EXCEPT when trying to use the Contacts app, it tries and reverts back to home screen. Then when I try to access contacts via Dialer, i get a force close: “Sorry! The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” ALSO, the phone will NOT sync Google Contacts, but it will sync calendar and gmail! What’s going on?!
    (When trying to download the G1 Radio portion, I was sent in a circle back to this page!)

    Please help!!!

  7. UPDATE: i got it to work. After an hour of trying various things, i restored factory settings, and rebooted and got the Recovery screen. from there i again rebooted, went to home page and did a manual Google sync and … voila! Everything works and haven’t gotten any force close issues!

    thanks for the awesome step-by-step instructions … phone works as promised! now if i can only figure out the kernel problem to the the “wireless tether for root user” app…

  8. 1st problem … the link for the radio file takes me back to a copy of this page… I was able to find the same file elsewhere… The second problem I’m having is the spl file aborts… I went to android-oms and tried a few of the files from there with no luck. any assistance you can offer would be appreciated…



      The link is not broken, your computer/browser is not saving it correctly.
      Just right click the file and choose Save Link As and it should start to download (I’ll upload it to a different site ASAP, hopefully that will stop you from having to do the extra step).

  9. i just finished rooted my phone but when i tried to download something from the market… this message is keep popping up “the process has stopped unexpectedly. please try again.” is this normal? or i did something wrong during the rooting process? should i repeat rooting process all over again?

  10. I’m having the same problem as oos, it freezes at the android logo, please help! what am I doing wrong?? I followed the instructions carefully

  11. ok guys here is the deal – some of the roms that u download and put on ur phone do not have some features working – some come without bluetooth, some come without camera, so on so on – so if ur going to get a rom – CHECK and insure that all features work before u download

    anyway – my problem is 80% of the ROMS i put on freeze at the boot up screen right after the T.Mobile G1 – any ideas?

  12. if you’re stuck at the android loading screen,you need to massive reset your phone(i took it to tmoble and they did it, i didn’t see how though). this got me past the android freezing screen issue.

    btw the best rom is speed d 🙂

  13. just 1 more thing. witch you think is the best Rom for the G1, if you may say so, and thank you guys I am not complaining because this site it’s been really great for all my needs. anything I need i get it from here, your are the very best. THANK YOU.

  14. I got the radio .zip to work, but no luck with the other two. I am working on a mac and when i two finger clicked on the radio file, it gave me the option to “download linked file”. The other two only give me the option to “save linked file”. HELP! My phone is in limbo. Could you go in and change those options for the last two files?

  15. Hi, I went through this process and your directions made it very simple. after I did this I flashed the kingklick eclair 2.1 and it is awesome. I even upgraded my radio again to the newer one. But my question was if the SPL that I installed here was the Danger SPL, I see that with a lot of ROMS it is a Prerequisite. Please let me know. Thanks. When I boot up my phone with power and camera it says 1.33.2005

  16. Im having troubles with the loading the last 3 files. It loads the radio and thats it. What is my next steps to get back to where i need to be to put the other 2 on the phone? I also read that it might be converting the files. How do i change them to get it to load them? my phone is still in recovery screen mode

  17. my phone is stuck on tmobile G1 screen after i downloaded the radio, spl and generic rom. after the reboot it would leave this screen

  18. Kyle Brockmiller

    i was able to download it.. sorry about that comment. i was frustrated because i couldn’t find it anywhere. but yeah, your tutorial was great!

  19. megaupload wont let allow me to download it for some reason of “page not being found” what is another website for the Generic Rom?

  20. i did everything this video show.
    Nd yess everything workd until i did the last step rebooted my phone nd got stuck on the android logo furr ah while. left it for 2o mins stil nuthen. so i took the battery out nd started up to recovery menu nd wiped factory reset. it turned on just fine. but how do i know if my g1 is still rooted? or iz it back to its regular settings.

  21. Even with the Save link as all i get is that it could not be saved,because the source file could not be read

  22. Hello again. I am not sure if this is to be use with the G1 (CyanogenMod-5.0.7-testX). but it really souns good. can you pls tell me, and thank you guys you are #1, that is why I come to this site every day. 🙂

  23. Worked 100%, 6 out of 5 stars. I am very very impressed with this guide. Easy to understand and very smooth.

  24. Problem downloading the G1 ROM /root. The link works takes me to megaupload’s site but when I try and download the file I get an error. could not connect to I am guessing this is the server the fire is stored on.

  25. my computer had problems downloading the generic g1 rom so i skipped that and put a different rom on my phone instead now the rom that i have on my phone doesnt have service and i want to unroot my phone but the bootloader mode has change and i dont know how to use it please contact me at

  26. hey. i just rooted my my touch 3g and put the super D rom on there and it works fine..but when i try to change to a different rom, it doesnt work.. where it says it has no signature or verification.. how can this be fixed so im able to change different roms when please, help me please!?!? =)

  27. I got everything to work and its awesome but when I try to delete my account it gives me an error message and tells me to restore to factory settings, when I do that nothing changes. I have tried adding a second google account and then deleting the first one but the same thing happens. Any ideas?

  28. i’m getting a error at the last stage it aborts the rom installation and say bad…what could be the problem

  29. I partitioned my sd card, but when i go to install it comes back with with E:n signature (10 files)
    E:Verifacation failed.

    please respond !

  30. I partitioned my sd card, but when i go to install it comes back with with E:n signature (10 files)
    E:Verifacation failed.

    i reset my phone and then i got an over the air update that failed in recovery mode.

    help please, i used to have windows 6.5, which is easy. android is a little more complicated.


  31. ok well i flash my g1 and it work well i put the blur rom on it and then i wipe it and loaded antha rom and now no roms work but the generic rom

  32. This made the process sooo much easier, will all the ROMS that are listed in the G1 ROMS section work? Specifically the JACXHeroSki Hero ROM, any help/ clarification would be appreciated.

    1. Anyone having signature verification issues,

      1. Do you have a custom recovery screen? Not the ! symbol screen? If not go do the how to root again…
      2. Otherwise, try formatting your memory card, then starting this procedure over and redownload the radio, spl, and rom (sometimes the memory card being formatted weird OR the file being corrupted during download causes the signature issue).

  33. Can anyone help me are the spl and radio and the other thing for the dream to or is there other files i need?

  34. My Set Model Number

    Firmware Version

    Baseband Version

    Kernal Version
    android-build@apa26 #19

    Build number

    I tried boot in using bootloader using rc29 & rc7 to root.It stated

    not allow

    What should i do?Pls help me.Some of them says my set is from uk.Is it right.

  35. Why did you guys change all the things i renember i needded a sd card adaptar and do more steps but it is more easy now thanks the unlockr

  36. Hi Unlockr,

    I presently rooted my phone HTC G1 following all the steps mentioned above successfully. Thanks a lot for it. Now i want to load a cyanogen CM 5 ROM and was going through there website. It has mentioned one of the prerequisite for CM5 is to have Danger SPL in G1.

    i am not sure whether danger SPL and Hard SPL mentioned in this site are same. Also please tell me which is the stable version of ROM which i can use with this rooted G1.


  37. Thanks for the response, her’s another question. Do I need a class 6 memory card for the JACXHeroSki Hero ROM to run? I currently have a 4gig class 2.

  38. omg! worked perfect. thank u! now to try and flash 2.1 rom or hero? and when do you think a stable 2.2 rom will be out? thats wat i really want. thnx for the root tho =]

  39. can we now delete the files left on the sd card? or do we leave them there even if i’m flashing a rom?

  40. Thank you for this – the steps were very easy – even for a first timer.

    Question: I stumbled on this because I was looking for a way to expand my app storage space. The apps2sd links lead me here. That being said, now I see 64.96 MB storage – so it hasn’t increased. I thought the SD partitioning was giving me more space, but apparently not. How can I add more space for applications? This is really the only reason I wanted a root phone in the first place.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

    1. Justin,

      You need to partition the memory card swap, ext2, and fat32 (like in this procedure), BUT then you need to flash a ROM that says it supports automatic Apps2SD after that. (Make sure to do a wipe beforehand and check the developer’s ROM page for if it supports Apps2SD or not).

  41. Finished the precedure haven’t put a custom rom on, but now my msg won’t work n when I try to open the rom list u provide I don’t see ne where to download there roms… please help I need my phone too work 4 work. Ne response would be appreciated

    1. Gary,

      You need to go load a ROM.
      Click on the links in the ROMs section and they take you to the developer of that ROMs page, just scroll down and look for where it says download link. Click it and then follow the rest of the procedure.

    1. Gary,

      No, the procedure works for those ROMs (planned it that way :)).
      When you hold home and power to turn on the phone you get a custom recovery right? Then you select Wipe Data/Factory Reset, then select Flash zip from SD and choose the ROM you put on the root of the sd card? Correct?
      Then what does it do?

  42. Phone: black G1
    spl: Late’s SPL you guys posted in this tutorial
    build: 5.0.7

    HI unlockrs. and ty for everything you guys are doing for us. my question is . wen flashing CM 5 rom, if I do do a wipe the can’t use the navigation system, can’t never find my location, whe flashing whith out wipe tocuh flow forclose any time like every 10 seconds. any idea. I know it is very easy to do this, but you know some times you just don’t get it right lol. once again ty, ty, ty for everything. love you guys.

    1. Mrmeran,

      Ya, Cyanogen pretty much always requires a wipe for his ROMs to work (and it is usually suggested when switching ROMs anyway).
      As for the GPS not working, have you tried booting into recovery wiping again and reflashing the ROM? If it still persists you’d have to ask Cyanogen about it on his site.
      Good luck!

  43. thanks unlockr finally got a rom too work for some reason i just cant flash cyanogen rom too work, thats the rom i wanted before starting rooting. the one i have now texting doesnt work

  44. Hello

    I am a noob when it comes to this whole thing. I have a quick question about installing ROMs. When doing so do you have to reinstall the SLP and Radio each time or one we have done this we are good to go?

  45. Now it looks like most ROM files are not actual named ROM do we need to rename them or just run the *.zip file from the loader? Also, I love how you monitor your website so well. If you ever need any help with it or anything else just let me know. I own my own web design company so if you need something let me know.

    1. Jamiel,

      No need to rename it, just follow the procedure as written. Most newer recovery images let you choose any zip file on the root of your SD card regardless of the name.
      Thanks I appreciate it! Ill keep you in mind!

  46. Negate any more assistance, I got everything covered now. I am so freakin stoked! Thanks for everything TheUnlockr.

  47. Dear Unlockr, I’ve been following your instructions to the letter but still get this problem. When i restart to system Recovery Mode so that i can partition the SDcard i always get a “E: cannot mount…. and something about a recovery log.” Then it says device is out of space. Despite that i can proceed with your steps but the error always comes out every time after each step. Like after partitioning, after ext 2 to ext 3, and after plugging and unplugging usb and also after flashing the radio. Then when i reboot after flashing the radio, it does not go back to the System Recovery Mode, instead it boots right up. What am i missing? Please help, i’ve been at this for 3 days now and been trying to figure this out. Thanks in advance!!

  48. The messge that comes out whenever i enter system recovery goes something like: E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/command

    sometimes is slightly different

  49. scarfather4lyfe

    unlockr i need you help asap i did something and now i dont know what to do. on the part where you have to load the latest radio, spl and the first custom rom well you know how you said you have to click on flash zip and select the radio , zip file and it says do not select any other one because we need to load it first well i didnt notice but i selected the Generic G1 Rooted ROM and flashed it first. then i noticed what i did and i tryed to do it again so i just went to the radio and flashed it and it flashed fine. then when it booted i flashed the Latest G1 SPL and then it turned off. when it came back on it stayed on the tmoblie g1 screen for a long time so i took out the battery out it back in and pressed home and back to go to recovery mode and it still stayed on the g1 tmoblie screen. now i cant do nothing it just stays there. please help i dont know what to do and i cant afford to mess up this phone please help anyone but i know you can fix it unlockr many thanks in advance. please hurry!

  50. Stuck at the t-mobile G1 screen. Flashed Rom… I can get back into recovery, but any time I try to boot into the phone I get the same G1 screen… any help??

  51. I did everything with no problem. Now that I’m done, none of my back up is on here. It’s like starting with a new computer. I had 2 messages about force close messaging and partner set up. Where did all my info go?????

    1. Lisa,

      Just follow the procedure lol
      Push backup recovery. Then you need the recovery image on the root of the sd card (not in any folders), then type into that box in flashrec /sdcard/thenameoftherecoveryimage.img and when you type it in correctly the button to flash will appear. Good luck!

  52. Thank you, your video and steps work out great!!! Got it all working well.

    I only have one question how to I make it to not do the same ringtone to all even if I setup a custom one for user it will not use it?

  53. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG ?? after doing PART III and successfully doing the partition it starts giving me E: CAN´T READ MISC (no space left) and after i try to install the zip file for radio or DANGER SPL, it never boots back to recovery! it boots up to ANdroid OS !! Im soo frustrated !! tried it 5 times already !

    any help will be appreciated !

  54. scarfather4lyfe

    i need help unlockr i sent you a message and you havent answered me please go and look for me i posted that i need help with my g1 because it doesnt turn on and stuff so please go to June 11th 2010 at 8:52 pm and find my name scarfather4lyfe ok and please help me in anyway but please dont ignore me. i love all you videos and hacks and this time i messed up so please help

    1. Scarfather4lyfe,

      I don’t ignore people lol I simply don’t see all of the comments on this site (we currently get about 1 Million hits a month by the way lol).
      Can you turn the phone off and then turn it back on by holding down camera and power and get to the bootloader screen?
      If so do the How To Unroot the G1 procedure and that will get you back to the beginning and you can start over 🙂
      (Only thing is you might need someone else’s phone or an sd card reader to get the file to the memory card then put it in the phone and go from there, since the phone wont turn on you cant use it to get the file on the sd).

  55. scarfather4lyfe

    i know unlockr u get alot its just i really need the help. ok it does not want to go to the boot loader screen. as soon as i press both it says tmobile G1 and then it stays there. do you know anything else i can do?

    1. Scarfather4lyfe,

      Take out the battery for a while.
      Put it back in.
      Hold down either Power and Home and keep holding them, the g1 logo will come up KEEP HOLDING IT. If after 3 minutes it doesn’t come up, give up but not before then. OR Hold down Camera and Power and KEEP HOLDING them. If after 3 minutes it doesn’t come up give up but not before then.
      If you can get into either one of those screens let me know and we can fix it.

  56. scarfather4lyfe

    ok unlock i will keep on trying this and i hope it works but if not do you think there is anything else i can do to fix it? anything at all that i can do besides having to turn it on or something?

  57. juan hernandez

    hey i did the steps up to step 7 with the booting up radio and it got stuck on the install from sd card and im not sure what to do help would be really apreciated

  58. scarfather4lyfe

    hey unlockr its me again wondering if you found out a way to fix my g1. i have tried time and time again to get my g1 into bootloader mode or recovery mode but it wont go. it stays on the tomobile g1 screen when you first turn it on. i have tried alot and stayed 3 minutes holding it. i even tryed to hold it longer but it hasnet worked. can you please try and help i really like that phone. if there is anything else i can do please tell me asap because i want to use it again. by the way i have no plan on it or anything its just the phone. hope that helps and well thanks for the help but please write back as soon as you get this. thanks unlockr

  59. I wanted to root my G1 to be able to have wifi tethering. That is working well. However, did I miss a step somewhere? All my contacts are gone. Those contacts were my life.

  60. im trying to install the cyanogen mod 5.0.8 and i went through everything fine until i went to flash the custom rom. when i flashed it it said “installation aborted”… any solutions? please help. i dont know what to do next to fix it or how to go back to a point i know i can continue from.

  61. hey unlockr i need your help. i need to fix my sd card. i got a 8gb class 2 micro sd card. when i rooted the g1 and did everything in the videos i messed up my g1. but now i put in my sd card into my computer today and it said that it has 6.81 gb free of 6.81 gb. now i formated it to see if it would fix it but it says that and im mad now because i know it has more memory. its a 8gb not a 6.81gb. now i looked and saw it was the Partition SD Card part of this video that made it like that. now i know if i unroot my g1 it would go back to normal but my g1 messed up so it wont turn on or go into recovery or bootloader mode so i can do that. Now how can i UnPartition my memory card to make it go back to normal? i really needed that memory so can you please tell me how to fix it. Thanks unlockr many thanks in advance.

    1. AdrianTheAce,

      Sorry to hear about your G1… Call T-Mobile and tell them it froze like that when you tried to update it over the air (it said you had an update so you clicked ok and now it’s frozen). If you under warranty still they’ll send you a new one 🙂
      As for the memory card, the easiest way is to put it into another rooted Android phone with a custom recovery image and click on Partition and then Fat32. That’ll format it all back to normal.
      Otherwise, you can google for a “partitioning software” and use that with the memory card plugged into the computer.
      Good luck!

  62. hey unlockr umm ok so i dont have another rooted Android phone with a custom recovery image so i need partitioning software so i wanted you to give me a free partitioning software and can you tell me the steps to take in order to get it back to normal? that would help me alot because i dont want to mess um my memory card doing this. so please help me and thanks for helping me. many thanks in advance!!!

  63. hey unlockr umm ok so i dont have another rooted Android phone with a custom recovery image so i need partitioning software so i wanted you to give me a free partitioning software and can you tell me the steps to take in order to get it back to normal? that would help me alot because i dont want to mess um my memory card doing this. so please help me and thanks for helping me. many thanks in advance!!!!

  64. i rooted my G1 how it said above. just 2 things. when I try run wifi tether – it dosn’t work. I see message that my phone dosn’t have root acsees. when I run app superuser permission – nothing haping. and another one – a couldn’t update Google maps. i saw – package file was not signed correctly. any solution?

  65. hey unlockr umm ok so i dont have another rooted Android phone with a custom recovery image so i need partitioning software so i wanted you to give me a free partitioning software and can you tell me the steps to take in order to get it back to normal? that would help me alot because i dont want to mess um my memory card doing this. so please help me and thanks for helping me. many thanks in advance!!!!!!!!

  66. my phone keeps restarting like i will call people talk for a minute or be on the internet then it would just stop what do i have to do

    1. Despite the guide stating that it’s the HardSPL, I’ve double checked my bootloader and it is indeed the DangerSPL (HBOOT-1.33.2005).

  67. Hi, My G1 model is RC92. I tried to downgrade it to RC29 but at the rainbow screen it says serial0. I formatted the SD card on the computer to FAT32 and tried again. It still says Serial0.
    Can u help???

  68. after installing the file, phone tells me no signature for 10 files, verification failed, installation aborted….please any advise, really want to root and move on to bigger and better things…..thx

  69. G1 running RA-dream v1.7.0 recovery and the generic G1 rooted ROM. radio
    Danger SPL with the 1.33.2005 HBOOT signature.

    I’m new to all this and don’t have the best aptitude for this sort of thing.

    I’ve been going through the steps on this page as closely as I know how for about three days now. Every time I get to #12 and re-boot I can make one phone call, then I lose the network. I get a quick error message that I haven’t been fast enough to read yet that says something about partnership lost, or lost partner. I assume that’s telling me I’ve lost the network. It won’t reset to the network by itself, I have to reboot.

    I did go on and install v5.08 once just to do it, but no love on the radio. I’ve had to go back to R-29 with the 1.5 ROM and start over so often I’m seeing it in my dreams. Seriously.

    I’ve read on several pages beyond this one about a different radio I might be able to install that will work better; Must I go all the way back and start all over in order to install this radio, or can I just install it over 19.26I?

    1. You can install over Just download the appropriate .zip and flash it while in recovery mode.

  70. i tried installing the radio and the installation was aborted:
    E: failure at line 2:
    assert getprop (“ro.product.device”) == “dream” || getprop(“”) ==”dream”

  71. My phone only finds the radio zip file when the recovery screen menu is up; anyone know why that is? I definitely put all three on there…help please.

  72. Mike is Sleepless in SEA

    I also got to the point of trying to install the upgrade to the radio from the SD card. Error message says E: No signature (26 files); and second error is E:Verification failed. I am using a Mac, downloading with Safari. Its difficult to download the files without Safari automatically decompressing them. But I re-compresed them into zip files. Would it make a difference downloading with Firefox or Chrome? I’m happy I got this far, but I’m right at the edge and can’t get past this screen. Thanks for your help.

    Mike in SEA at 12 AM

  73. Went through your tutorials to root and load a custom ROM on my G1. Worked great! No problems during the tutorials. Now that I have done so my phone worked fine for a while. After about an hour or two it gradually got slower and slower. Forced closed a few times. I took out the SD card while I was on the camera app, Then it froze. Then, when I put it back in, it turned on with no problems. It wont completely boot up without my memory card in it and I’m not sure why I’m having so many issues. After the T-mobile G1 screen it would go blank. Just like black screen but the back light is on so it was still on. I attempted to turn it on about 5 more times taking the battery out and putting it back in. I was thinking when my phone wouldn’t turn on that I messed it up somehow after the process was finished. Does this mean I have to have the SD card in for my phone to work? Please help. Much Appreciated. Thanks!

  74. I’ve gotten up to the point where you use usb-ms to put the 3 files onto your sd card. My sd card isn’t being picked up by my PC, does anyone know what do to?

    1. I am also having the same issue. After enabling USB-MS toggle, sd card not picked up by PC. could you sort that out. Anybody in the forum can help on this..Ulocker please advise…..

  75. after i rooted the g1 and installed my ROM i was unable to use the browser, send texts, or view my contacts is that normal? i rebooted the g1 and it still occured. i un-rooted and tried again and it happened again. any help?

  76. Thank you so much guys! the detailed instructions and troubleshooting helped me reroot my phone and put froyo on my g1! you guys are the best!

  77. help guys….

    after these steps…
    2. In the recovery screen on the phone (that the phone is still in from the first section), select USB-MS toggle to allow the memory card to be mounted.
    3. Plug in your phone via usb cable and you should be able to access your memory card on the computer

    when i plug it in computer it ask to format it the card… what to do ??
    if i format it what about the partitions….
    pls help stuck in b/w….

  78. now i try to format it but windows is unable to format it.. even in the format window it shows unknown capacity…
    computer cannot recognize my sdcard…
    I m on windows 7 (32-bit).. Is this is a problem ???

  79. AFter you do the factory reset, will you ahve to sync the phone with gmail again or are you able to skip over that. because I have an unlocked phone and It took me forever to find someone with a g1 and a data plan and that person doesnt ahve their g1 anymore

    1. Mike,

      Certain custom ROMs (most of them) have an option to skip the activation screen and then you can use wifi to log in to Gmail. So long as you already rooted the phone, have a custom recovery and are ready to flash a custom ROM, then you’re good to go.

      1. also after flashing a custom rom, when i reboot it stays on the g1 symbol forever, is that normal or should i re flash the radio and the spl file and try again

  80. the link for the Generic G1 ROM w/ Root is on mediafire, and mediafire isnt working for me right now can you upload it somewhere else by any chance?

  81. damn, because my megaupload is saying that im alreayd downloading a file which i am not, and it wont let me download the Generic G1 Rooted ROM, which i need to finish this

  82. I cant change the wallpaper do you have any suggestions on how to fix this. and is there a way to prevent a load everytime i go back to the homescreen?

  83. I am going to install “update-cm-5.0.8-DS-signed” on my G1. I noticed that XDA Developers states that the “DangerSPL” (or DeathSPL or Haykuro’s SPL) is a prerequisite for Dream/G1 users. Do we really need to flash DangerSPL instead of HardSPL downloaded as you instructed?

  84. Hey Im having problems like many users on this:

    When I reach step 2:

    2. In the recovery screen on the phone (that the phone is still in from the first section), select USB-MS toggle to allow the memory card to be mounted.

    My computer doesnt recognize or see my G1 as a Device. The sound that prompts a new device connected does not come up. Does anyone have a solution for this?

    Im using windows 7 64 bit

    I tried this with a 4gb microsd which never worked
    I then tried a 2gb microsd which seemed to connect and reconnect repeteadly.

  85. Hey mr unlockr!

    Ur doing a great job. Thanks for showing me how to do this. I have a question. Everything works wonderfully when I install da rom except da internet. I tried cynogen and supereclair and still no internet. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    1. Thaghost,

      Did you out in your carriers apn settings? Go to settings – wireless – mobile networks – access point names – hit menu – add new and then put your carriers network settings in. Then hit menu – save apn. Then select the apn you just created.
      If you don’t know your apn settings call the carrier or Google them.

  86. First off, this is just the sweetest thing I’ve come across in such a while. If you can not read directions, then do not even bother with this. The video is helpful, but the entire video is also written down below it. It is by far the easiest instructions I have ever had to deal with. Its harder to put together IKEA furniture than to root the G1. Thanks Unlockr.

  87. sorry if this has been asked but can i remove all of the zip folders from my SD once it is all installed and running just fine?

  88. i believe i followed everything right but when i went to flash zip from the sd card it said verification failed and instalation aborted, what have i done wrong

  89. Hey unlockr, how are u?

    i love the way these roms have made my phone much better. i ran in to a few issues tho.
    1. i no longer have google voice search and when i use any app such as speech to text it says ‘does not have speech recognition engine.
    2. my bluetooth doesnt work
    3. i can receive mms(after an hour) but i cant send them out.

    can u help me with any of these?


  90. After flashing the G1 Custom Rom with Root, I rebooted as directed. But my screen froze on the android logo upon reboot, so after waiting 30 mins I removed battery and restarted in recovery. Then I wiped the phone to factory default. This allowed me to reboot just fine running firmware version 1.6 . Is my phone rooted? can I move on toward flashing any ROM i want? Please help.

    1. yes. the same thing happened to me. ur all set to flash a rom. i think that we can only flash the roms that were provided by theunlockr on that page tho. i flashed 2 that was on that page so far. i havent tried any that were not on the page.

  91. TheUnlockr.

    After reading through this entire list of comments, it seems as if you are ignoring this reoccuring issue. After the root procedure is finished and the final file is zipped, the phone will not reboot. It simply stops loading at the T-Mobile G1 screen. I would really like to move on to install FroYo now, but I do not know what is wrong with my phone. Is the root successful? How do I move past the loading screen and fully reboot?




      First off let me point out that I can’t get to every question on this site. I also have a full time job by the way.
      Secondly for every one person that takes the time to write their issue, 50 people do it no problem (and when they do it without an issue they usually don’t post anything in the comments), so that usually indicates a user error.
      Thirdly, I’ve already addressed this multiple times in the comments:

      Just wipe data in recovery and reflash the ROM (not the split and radio). If that doesn’t work flash a different ROM.

      Good luck!

  92. ….i had a problen where it says In the recovery screen on the phone (that the phone is still in from the first section), select USB-MS toggle to allow the memory card to be mounted. idid it but it say error ..i think my usb cable didnt work i couldnt put the 3 zip files radio spl n rom …wat can i do …i tried presin the home n power to do the partition so i could do the usb toggle …but the yellow letters didnt come out…

    1. Chapjose,

      Then turn the phone on and mount the sd normally and put the files on the sd then boot back into recovery and continue. If you lose the recovery image, then reflash it once you have the files on the sd and continue.

    1. Chapjose,

      “If you lose the recovery image, then reflash it once you have the files on the sd and continue.”

      In other words, open the FlashRec program again, flash the recovery again, and then boot into recovery and continue.

  93. ignore the last message…im on the usb ms enable screen..but when im tryin to put the folders it wont let me …

  94. I just rooted my G1 and installed the Android 2.2 Froyo update and i am on a 3g tmobile network and i can get text messages and browse the net but i cant connect my gmail account to my phone so i can sync my contacts and such, any help?

  95. i neeed help pliz i tried to root my htc g1 dream 1.. i made exactly the thing a tutorial(from the unlocker page i can pm the mesage if u need it the forum dont let me post it because im newl] ) said.. until this part in the how to load a custom rom.. i first ziped the radio file just as he said said.. an then i rebooted all corectly then i get nervous.. ad i.. ziped the generic file instead of the update 1.. and i get more nervois and ziped the update antd the reboot i dont know what to do. its a way to undo this. pliz help me i could enter again in the recovery mode presing the on of button and home.. but i dont know what to do.. anymore.. help me pliz im desperate

  96. I did everything and installed a rom and it works fine, but how can I reinstall the Market, GMail, Maps, YouTube, etc? I’m having a hard time figuring it out. I’m using the 1st Cyanogen on the downloads page. Any help is appreciated

  97. i need help puting a 2.2 froyo rom …i already rooted my fone as it says on this website(really easy n safe,, the best rooting way is here good job +++10)i wanna know if i need another spl or radio… or i jus put the rom n flash it confused…its a g1

  98. it rom manager app easy n good way to use…but how do i install the clock work mod recovery that it askme for… …i really want 2.2 on my fone cant wait..:) help plz

      1. got the apps 2 sd working!!! Thanks a lot!!! but now every once in awhile my phone reboots any ideas?
        any help appreciated!!!

  99. Very nice step by step guide and considerably easier than the original root guide. Didn’t even use the video. Just follow instructions to the letter. Froyo 2.2 on my G1 now. Loving it. Thanks. Excellent guide.

      1. Chapjose,

        After you do this procedure and have a custom ROM, then just go to our G1 ROMs section of our site and choose one that says Froyo, like Cyanogen’s or someone’s.

  100. everything was going alright up to step 2 of part 3 doing the usb toggle, when i connected the phone to my pc i said that i had to format the sdcard cuz i was damaged, i try to format it but it didn’t let me, what i did was, i went back to the “how to root your g1″ page, after i flashed the recovery image with the Linda file manager, i backed up the 3 files, ” flashrec, recovery and recovery back up” to my computer, then copied the G1 Radio, G1 HardSPL, Generic G1 ROM to the root of the sdcard, i turned off my phone and went back to recovery mode, then i went to flash Zip on SDCard to see if the files were there and walllaaaa! there they were, ok so i skipped the Partition SD Card steps because if i did, i was going to erase everything on the sdcard, so i started flashing all the 3 zip files according to the steps above, after i installed the Generic G1 ROM, i went back to recovery mode and then i did the Partition SD Card card steps, i don’t know if that actually made any difference is not like i cared any ways cuz i was planing on installing froyo 2.2, i rebooted the phone and went back to the home screen i connected the usb and mounted, so i went in to my computer looking for the 3 files that i backed up earlier, the ” flashrec, recovery and recovery back up, i copied the 3 files to the sdcard root, am sure i didn’t have to copy the 3 files, but i did it anyways just to be on the safe side lol, then i downloaded the CyanogenMod 6 (Android 2.2/Froyo) 6.0.0-DS-RC2 then the Google apps addon and copied the 2 zip files to the root of the sdcard, i turned off the phone and went in to recovery mode, i did a Wipe Data / Factory Reset then i proceeded to flash Zip on SDCard and apply the Cyanogen Mod 6, after it finish updating i applied the Google apps add on update, i rebooted the phone and when i saw the Cyanogen bot screen then i knew everything was working fine, now am running froyo 2.2 with all the Google apps working 100%, i didn’t quite fallow all the steps in here but the tutorial was good enough to give some ideas, THANKS!!!!!

  101. hey mr unlockr i need help bro.. i do radio the thingy, but it says verification failed.. help me please sir.. i can almost taste the update.. lol thanks

  102. Help plz. Heres the thing…I’m doing all this with astro file manager app because I lost my usb cord I followed all the steps exactly and moved all the downloads from the download folder to the sdcard and it worked fine up til the end….u see.. after I partitioned it I had to reboot my phone to download the zip files (yes I moved them to the sd card) then I went back to recovery mode to continue the steps but all the options I saw before are gone???? I pressed alt L to get the menu and theres it only showed 3options reboot,wipe data,+ apply there anyway I can do this without using a computer????? I tried going back all the way to flashing recovery image to at least get the partition menu again but the flash option is greyed out and won’t let me repeat the steps… helpp

  103. ive done everything step by step.

    when i go to zip the radio file, it keeps saying that the radio file is bad……ive downloaded it multiple times, restarted my computer, downloaded it a bunch more times, wiped the phone, re-did all the steps, downloaded the radio file again and again and it still shows the same message. Ive even tried different sd cards with no luck


  104. Dear Theunlocker,

    i figuered it out and thank you so much for the feed back. It took me a little bit but everything went well.

    im at 2.2 froyo, but now i cant use my google account or go to the markey. Any ideas??



  105. After doing this, and loading the ROM and such, I can’t make outgoing calls, or send texts… I can receive them both just fine though. Was this an error I made during flashing, or is my phone messed up?

  106. Hey Unlockr ,
    I Have All 3 zip Files And I Upload The Maxisma Hero ROM & The New ROM WOnt Show Up On The Main Screen Its The Same Generic G1 Boot ROM Help Pls

  107. Amazing, thanks for the great videos. Watched many to try and figure this out. This was the only one I could understand.

  108. hey, after I installed the rom, i can’t downloads apps anymore, do you know how I can fix that? it keep saying the process is not working Force Closed, when i try to download something from the market

  109. You are the best!. I just rooted my G1 now and am loving it. At first i downloaded everything on the tutorial. it took me some hours because am using a dial up connection. But after that i carefully followed the instruction and i made no mistake. It took me 20-30 min approx to finish it all.. I’m glad to try it. Love you guys. Now am going to download a different custom ROM and enjoy it..

    Thanks Again.

  110. So I was doing everything step by step. I flashed the SPL and then rebooted but it got stuck at the G1 screen. Pulled the battery and tried to go into recovery but it got stuck at the G1 screen again, pulled the battery and tried to turn it on normally and I am once again staring at the G1 screen. Any tips?

    1. Matthew,

      The SPL we have on the site is the “Dangel SPL”, not so dangerous actually lol
      So in other words, you already have it, just flash the ROM (always do a Nandroid backup first though just in case).

  111. Hey, I seem to have a problem. I followed the steps correctly and everything I was doing on the phone matched up to exactly what the steps were saying. Anyways when the setup screen comes on for google activation it now has the ability to skip so that means something was done right. I now have some apps like Dev tool, Spare Parts and Supersour Permission. I downloaded Lindas File Manager and went into My Phone files but the Directories “data” and “root” were still empty (the main reason I’m rooting my phone is to get rid of stock applications so if you could explain to me how this is also done that would be great) Now I assumed my phone at the time was fully rooted but when I downloaded Titanium Backup on the market it said my phone was not rooted. As of now I’m confused on what to do and I’m not really an expert on hacking. Thanks and I look foward to seeing your response

  112. Hey Unlockr.. Nice one.. I’m done with the first post.. I use am TMobile MyTouch 3g.. This post here is talking all about the G1.. can I follow these steps, download this G1 radio and G1 SPL for my MT3G (the one without the 3.5mm port on top)? Please reply ASAP!!
    Thank you!

  113. i’m a new Android user just started with a G1/Magic i found alot of blogs about Rooting the G1 but i never found anyone saying why or what i would gain from this ??

    1. even without any reply 🙁 i decided to root the G1 anyway but when i tried to install a new Rom i didn’t find the step for Partitioning my SD so is there any other method to do so ???

  114. Have a ? for you I have a 8gb in my phone. I tried to partion the sd card. and not for certain what to put for the swap size and the ext2 can you help me here. I tried the 96mb and the 512mb but get a error when I upgrade the ext2 to the ext3. what am I doing wrong here?

  115. Worked great until I needed to Flash the SPL. I get this

    Install from sdcard…
    Findingupdate package….
    Opening update package…
    E: Can’t open /sdcard/latest G! SPL.ZIP

    Installation aborted.

    I have tried many different things to fix this. Please help.

  116. After finding my way around that issue, I now am having a problem with the Generic G1 Rooted Rom.

    I get

    Install from sdcard..
    finding update package…
    opening update package…
    E: Can’t open /sdcard/Generic G1 Rooted

    Installation aborted.

  117. Hey Unlockr…First of all let me thank you for this guide, by far the easiest I’ve seen, rooted and downloaed a custom rom on my first try!!!! (almost peed my pants)

    Quick question though…if I wanna change my sd card, do I simply remove the one I already have or do I have to go trough the whole rooting and downloading a custom rom all over again?


  118. when i click on flashzip from sdcard it says there are no zip files. even though when i connect the phone to the computer and open up it up it says that all 3 files are on the sdcard and i’ve tried delete them and putting them in the sd card again and ive redone this whole process once. and it still hasnt work.
    Please help me a.s.a.p.
    thank you

    1. Mack,

      What ROM did you load at the end? If it was a Cyanogen ROm then you didn’t read his instructions on his download page. You need to flash the Google Apps .zip after you flash the ROM to get your Google Apps back.
      If it was a different ROM and you’re missing the Market, flash a different ROM by repeating just the last section.

    1. Pat,

      Do the how to root then how to flash a recovery then do the load a custom rom. If you are going to load cyanogens rom he has the google apps for you. Now stop asking questions and just do it lol

  119. I’m currently on the road with my eee pc running their version of linux. I’m considering rooting my phone, but I want to make sure I can make it all the way from the rooting my phone to flashing a custom rom without need access to a windows computer. It seems to me the only step of the whole process that might not work is setting up the ADB/USB drivers… I’m going to try installing the android SDK and seeing if I can get my device to appear before I do anything else. (I found the helpful comments someone posted about doing this on linux on the ADB/USB page)

    I was wondering, are there any of the other steps where you think I might encounter problems because of the slightly half-assed nature of the eee pc version of linux. If there are, is there anyway you know of to get around these or any linux specific rooting resources.

    in any case, I appreciate all the time and effort you put into trying to respond to the deluge of requests for help you recieve,

  120. Watz up! Was wondering about the 6.0 froyo cyn mod. When I go to your link it of course takes me to xda dev they say to load different spl and other steps google apps ect. Do I have to do all there steps or do I just download the link for the rom and appply it? Thanks for all yalls help KP

  121. Yeah is says the danger or death spl or haykurus does it work better with that spl? Do you have to do that with the hero rom as well and others? Idk there site is difficult for me to understand I’m LD lol I like yours bc u got the video. That helps a lot and your step by step is very thorough. Thanks please respond I just did the androot at first I got nothing when I downloaded linda when I pressed the universal root .zip but but then I read on here that its supposed to be .apk so I just renamed it in. Linda and it came up then when I pressed universal. Root apk it didn’t go to the folders it went. To the correct screen with asking me. To root it worked but I wanna go further with those to roms so would appreciate. Ur help peace.

  122. Ok I have done everything right but after i flash the generic g1 rooted rom and restart it, it gets stuck on the android logo. How do i fix this?

  123. Hey, I seem to have a problem. I followed the steps correctly and everything I was doing on the phone matched up to exactly what the steps were saying. Anyways when the setup screen comes on for google activation it now has the ability to skip so that means something was done right. I now have some apps like Dev tool, Spare Parts and Supersour Permission. I downloaded Lindas File Manager and went into My Phone files but the Directories “data” and “root” were still empty (the main reason I’m rooting my phone is to get rid of stock applications so if you could explain to me how this is also done that would be great) Now I assumed my phone at the time was fully rooted but when I downloaded Titanium Backup on the market it said my phone was not rooted. As of now I’m confused on what to do and I’m not really an expert on hacking. Thanks and I look foward to seeing your response

  124. To do this will i need internet? because when I do a factory reset I cant get passed the screen that tells you to sign in or create a gmail because I have no internet. OR am I wrong? Or when you do a factory reset you will be able to sign in or create no matter what? meaning when you do a factory reset you will be able to pass the first screen every time.

  125. Thanks for these guides Unlockr, everything worked flawlessly for a G1 and, boy, now is easy, when I first rooted my Mytouch 3G I even had to make a gold card… Once again, thank you.

  126. I have succesfuly downloaded, and flashed the cyanogenmod 6 onto my g1, except the market is missing. How do i fix this?

    1. Where you got it from this site, should have directed you to another site with the download link. It would be there.
      If not then go to and do a search.

      1. Woot it worked and I was successful at flashing SuperFroyo v2.6 Batt-save Lit version thanks so much this site is awsome 😀

  127. it took me and it was not there and i looked all over the cyanogen website and it is not there and there is no search bar!

  128. First time i tried this, it went wrong. Then i tried again, and it worked!
    Thank you, thank you thank!
    Greets from the Netherlands!

  129. Hi, I have my phone with Super D 1.9.3 but did not do apps2sd…If I want to switch memory cards and do apps2sd, keep the same rom,how do i do it?

  130. hi, i have a problem when i try to install the new rom, this shows:

    Install from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    E: cant open /sdcard/Generic G1 Rooted

    installation aborted.

    so i dowload others roms and says the same, do you wats is wrong???

  131. ok so i followed all the steps, at the last reboot my g1 gets stuck at the android screen and wont load the new rom what do i do?

    1. this happened to me too, turn the phone off then turn it back on in recovery mode. go down to wipe and select it, then select factory reset. once thats done then select flash zip from sd card and then select generic g1 rom then reboot

  132. thanks unlocker, i do have one thing to mention your video and the text are different on one step. you didnt mention to wipe data and reset to factory before loading the generic g1 this is the reason that it wasnt working for me. but since i dont give up i found it. but overall it was a great tut, thanks again. now to upload some different roms.

    1. mine is fc on calls and text nd stuff … is it cuz i dollowed video nd missed the wipe? Can i just do rom part 2 or do i need to start from root

  133. After following the procedures, wiping and loading the generic rom file, I get a black screen and an error message: “Activity Home (in application Home) is not responding”. Any idea?

  134. i just did little things different with your instructions……….at point 4 i’m copy and Save the G1 Radio, the G1 HardSPL,the G1 Generic ROM, recovery.img, and flash_image.because without recovery.img and flash_image, my htc can’t enter at the recovery the way,thank you very much

      1. the downloads for the google app mirror 1 and 2 are fine but the actual link to the cyanogenmod doesnt work anymore! and i have no clue where to get it… ive looked. the cyanogen site has it but when i click to download it says i dont have access

      2. the downloads for the google app mirror 1 and 2 are fine but the actual link to the cyanogenmod doesnt work anymore! and i have no clue where to get it… ive looked. the cyanogen site has it but when i click to download it says i dont have access

  135. so i did this and it worked! However, my main reason for rooting was to get extra internal memory… how do i do that? Another thing, if i download cyanogens mod will this radio and spl work with it?

  136. when i click on your G1 ROMS section and clicked on cyanogen it just takes me to a thread on xda… it doesnt have the ROM download or the Gapps addon dowload either… help please

  137. Dear Mr. Unlockr; I just want to say thx for evrything. I bought me a g2 and just put away my g1 without a second thought. But when I heard about these procedures/options I decided to give my first luv a second chance and I can honestly say that my Lady Android hasn’t disappointed me yet!!! Thx. HTC Dream/G1 Permroot running Chromatic (Android 2.2 Froyo)!!!!

  138. Hey unlockr. I have a problem. After I did the How To: Flash a Custom Recovery Image on the HTC G1 / Dream steps. And ended up right. And then turn my phone off. When I turned it on while pressing the home and power button at the same time. I get an exclamation point with a phone under it. And it says Android System recovery . And at the bottom of the screen says E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/command. Why is it that I’m having this problem? I don’t understand. I followed the steps on flash custom recovery image. And ended up with the right way. How can i fix this? 🙂 I cant start step 1 of this load a custom because of this. Please help. 🙂

  139. Wow. Thanks Unlocker! Help me on every step of the way! Really appreciate it you guys giving up time to help us. 🙂

  140. Depends on the ROM, but it takes up space on the ROM memory of the phone (not your sd card) that you normally can’t add things too. So it won’t effect your storage space.

    1. The links for {G1 HardSPL – Here & Generic G1 ROM w/ Root – Here} are not working. Is there another link I can download from? Please instruct. Thanks.

  141. GOD DAMN IT I did the entire root and I just come to find out that all of my pictures and videos are now ERASED Couple years worth of material gone.This root better be Fucking Worth it .FUCK!

  142. when i get to
    3. Once it is done partitioning the memory card, click on Partition SD Card > SD: ext2 to ext3
    i get Error: Run ‘fs ext3’ via console!

  143. when i get to
    3. Once it is done partitioning the memory card, click on Partition SD Card > SD: ext2 to ext3
    i get Error: Run ‘fs ext3’ via console!

  144. Also if i exit the flash and start up the phone its says sc card damaged and i have to format it and start at the flash a custom recovery image

  145. so i did everyything right, and im at the last step where you reboot and it should go to the phone but now im stuck at the android screen?? any help?

  146. ok, i didnt see the message” This procedure do not work with rogers dream”. Therefore, my phone is now screwed and now i am stuck at the rogers screen. I cant even boot into recovery mode or fastboot. Any Help? please…sigh….

  147. i wanted to kno do u have to do the steps for G1 Radio nd G1 HardSPL nd Generic G1 ROM w/ Root first befor u put a rom on the g1 everytime

  148. If I have a HTC Dream (Roger’s) can I do the steps previous to this and not this?? What can I do for my HTC Dream?

  149. and once again its done youre the greates realy bro jou hav learn me somthing thats me realy learn somthing great work thanx bro again

  150. The links for {G1 HardSPL – Here & Generic G1 ROM w/ Root – Here} are not working. Is there another link I can download from? Please instruct. Thanks.

  151. I installed Yoshi Froyo and now I am unable to get the recovery screen! Whenever I press the home and power buttons, my phone gets stuck on the T-mobile G1 screen. I also tried to install another version with ROM manager with no success. Can anybody help me?

  152. M Paluchowski

    Um so if this doesn’t work for the HTC Dream Rogers then how in the world do I get the ROM? :@

  153. hello…
    everything installed for me nicely excpet that it doesn’t fully turn on. It stayed on Tmobile G1 for about 2 hrs. Don’t know what i’m doing wrong.Any idea?

  154. Thanks for this very useful post………….done it………..couple of hours ago…..working perfectly with
    COS-DS Gingerbread ROM………….but little bit of slow…….

    but i have a question……… after i installed this
    COS-DS Gingerbread ROM …my android version showing like Andorid 2.34………..but if i want to put android version 2.2…………….do i need the same procedeur????like download the Custom rom…and Wipe Data / Factory Reset then select Flash Zip from SDCard and select the new ROM’s .zip file???

  155. you saved my as*
    thank you so much this is the best step by step (pull you from the nose for dummies like me!!!) i have seen!!!!

  156. I did this four times and I finally got it, my g2 got stolen, so I’m using my old g1 as a back up, until my new one arrives. Its faster than 1.6. Everybody follow directions word for word, dont skip a step and you will get it. I am using froyo 2.2 rom

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