How to Use UberEats to Get Lunch Delivered in Minutes

If you haven’t heard, Uber just extended their free lunch delivery in Manhattan for another week to help promote their new UberEats service and this got me curious. How exactly does UberEats, from the people that take me to and […]

How to Change Your Apple Watch Clock Face

Although not the first horse out of the smartwatch starting gate, Apple insinuates (via ad space) that they’re beating the competition one minute ahead of par. Sadly though, Apple is behind its competitors in a few other areas. Namely, a varied collection of clock […]

Jailbreaking Petition

Help Keep Jailbreaking Legal: Sign the Petition

It’s insane the amount of comments on here and my YouTube channel asking if (or straight up proclaiming) jailbreaking is illegal. Truth is, it isn’t. It was actually made legal by the FCC a few years ago so we can […]

Routing Calls Through WiFi on iOS 8.3

Nothing quite like hustling craigslist for weeks to find that perfect new apartment, only to discover that your new digs are smack dab in the nexus of a cellular dead zone, amirite? How will you ever make all your important phone calls?! Well, until recently […]

Repair iPhone 6 Screen

How to Repair the Screen on an iPhone 6 (Complete Guide) (Video)

You’ve done it. We’ve all done it. No matter the how, it just happens: you crack your iPhone’s screen. Could have been while taking it out of a pocket of your tighter than last year’s skinny jeans, or maybe there […]

How to Take (and Make) Calls on Your Apple Watch

Let’s say you’re at home, binging on the last season of Game of Thrones and somehow your iPhone managed to slither its way deep under the couch cushion. Relegated to the very bowels of your furniture, what if someone calls your phone at […]

How to Set Up and Pair Apple Watch with Your iPhone

While the Apple Watch houses amazing components and features all on its own, it still requires being paired to an iPhone in order to work. How to Pair the Apple Watch Keep reading to find out how to set up and pair your shiny, […]


How to Use Cydia (Video)

The whole point of jailbreaking, if we’re honest, boils down to being able to get Cydia on your iPhone/iPad and the plethora of jailbreak tweaks contained within. The only thing is, that Cydia in itself can be a little intimidating […]

How to Reset a Frozen iPhone

It happens. You’re surfing the web, maybe checking out your networks that are social, and bam –it’s stuck. The iPhone screen is no longer responding and you’re stuck staring at gif shared on Twitter that is now stuck on a […]

Where is the Decline Button on Incoming Calls for iOS 8?

Whether you find yourself absorbed in the gentle retreat of a radiant sunset, the sound of children laughing, or a heady guitar solo from Trey Anastasio, sooner or later we’re all prompted to think deeply about our lives. Musing profound […]

Push Featured

How to Sync Google Apps for Work Calendar, Contacts, & Mail on an iPhone Using Push

Friend of mine recently registered her new bar’s website domain name and naturally, asked the nerdy guy who runs a tech site to help. After registering her domain for her (yes, all I essentially did was push Add to Cart for […]

How to Remove Favorites from Safari on iOS 8

Have you recently opened Safari on your iOS device only to find a bloated and unkempt favorites list muddying up your screen? At the risk of sounding like an overzealous parent admonishing you to get on the Spring Cleaning train, I’m […]

Apple Watch

Apple Watch: Everything You Need to Know

Well, it’s finally time. The Apple Watch (the watch formerly known as the iWatch) has now been fully detailed at an Apple event today and if you weren’t watching the live feed religiously (you’re clearly not a real Apple fan and […]

Video: Make Emojis Personal, How to Turn Yourself into an Emoji

Sometimes the little yellow faces just don’t quite cut it. I mean, sure, sending someone a pointing finger and an “OK” is always a good time, but what if you could make it a little more… personal. Thanks to a friend, I recently discovered […]

Take It from Photo to Art: Best Photo Editing Apps for iOS & Android

To say there are a lot of photo editors out there, might be a bit of an understatement. When I typed the words “photo editor” into my App Store search bar, it came back with 6,779 results. Woah there, developers, […]