How to Get Free WiFi Tethering on Your iPhone (Video)

If you’re paying extra for tethering on your iPhone – and don’t mind jailbreaking your phone – there’s a better way. You can actually get free WiFi tethering on your iPhone by installing a clever inexpensive jailbreak tweak from the Cydia […]

Bitdefender 2016 New Features

Those of you out there who have used a computer before (not many, I know…) have probably been concerned about internet and information security once or twice. There are lots of services out there to help you, from antivirus and […]

Send Gifs on iPhone

How to Send Gifs to People Easily from Your iPhone (Video)

If you don’t already know, one of my favorite features of iOS 8 was the ability to add your own custom keyboards. A feature, that I feel has been missing from iOS for a long time, that adds a ton of […]

7 Best Apple Watch Games

In all our wildest dreams of future technologies, who would’ve guessed that we’d remain beholden to our damn tamagotchi pets?! It’s 2015 and according to Back to the Future II, we’re already knee deep in the future, and yet without fail, we continually […]

7 Best Jailbreak Tweaks that Work on iOS 8.4

Trusty ol’ internet. Just as soon as iOS 8.4 was released, so was a tried and true method for jailbreaking. But what would a jailbroken phone be without its tweaks? Keep reading for a list of compatible tweaks for iOS […]

How to Get a Swype Keyboard on Your iPhone (& Why You Want One)

So, Apple has finally let go of the reins a bit when it comes to design and engineering, and decided to let us lowly folk change up our keyboards. That’s right, iOS fanboys, you’re no longer stuck with the one […]

Calling While Overseas

The Definitive Guide to Using Your Phone Overseas (Video)

I just recently got back from Canada for the Women’s World Cup (USA! USA! USA!) and besides a new love for Montréal – amazing food, beautiful European architecture, and everyone speaks French but isn’t angry to speak to you in English […]

7 Amazing iOS Apps for Musicians

Both in the studio and on stage, we’re seeing more and more professional musicians, songwriters, and performers adopt iOS functionality into their workflow. Without breaking the bank, some of these apps fill needs that would’ve cost a fortune just a couple of years […]

Cydia on iOS 8.4

Video: How to Jailbreak iOS 8.4

As soon as the latest update for iOS, iOS 8.4, came out, it was jailbroken. While developer team PP were the first to jailbreak iOS 8.4 this time around, the tried and true developer team called TaiG that we’ve grown oh so familiar […]

TaiG iOS 8.3

How to Jailbreak iOS 8.3

Well, the TaiG jailbreaking team has done it again –iOS 8.3 has been jailbroken. After all the reports of a jailbreak for iOS 8.3 not coming out, they’ve just released a Windows version of their latest tool that tons of […]

iOS 9 News and Features Round Up

Coming this Fall (possibly September) you can expect to see Apple rollout their free upgrade to iOS 9. There’s been minor upgrades pretty much everywhere to help streamline CPU and GPU usage, and a host of updated app icons. Read on to learn […]

Apple Watch Walkthrough

Video: Apple Watch Complete Walkthrough

Apple recently started shipping their latest gotta-have-it device this month, the Apple Watch. Given the entirely new nature of the device (see: iPhone on your wrist, sorta?), people – understandably – have a lot of questions. Whether you’re one of those who are still […]

Apple’s New Streaming Music Service Unveiled

Apple often plays the tortoise in the race — slow to start, but come the end of the race, might be the one ahead. On Monday, at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Fran, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced […]

Apple Watch Clear Notifications

How to Dismiss All Notifications on the Apple Watch

I’ll be honest, I accidentally figured out how to do this when I literally got frustrated with removing notifications one by one on the Apple Watch. I tapped the screen a bit too hard and viola, an option for dismissing […]

Apple iOS 9 New Feature Rumors

June 8th WWDC is just around the corner and with it comes our first in depth look at Apple’s iOS 9. Till then, some juicy new rumors have been popping up thanks to 9to5mac… Say goodbye to that basket of remote controls always […]