Microsoft Display Dock

Microsoft Confirms Pricing for the Lumia Dock that Turns Your Phone into a PC

One of the things that I was clearly excited about Microsoft finally doing, was the dock that allows you to plug in your new Windows 10 phone into a monitor, keyboard, and mouse and allow you to use it like full-blown Windows –start screen and all. Even though Microsoft demoed the new ability at the event for us to try out, they never announced a price. Until now. The “Display Dock”, as it will be called apparently, will go on sale in November – right after the new Lumia 950 and 950XL go on sale – for $99. Honestly, I think …

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Details of All the Crazy Things Microsoft Announced at Their Event

There was a lot of info to process at Microsoft’s event yesterday. From three phones, a new Surface, a new Microsoft Band, more info on the Hololens, and even a surprise laptop (Microsoft’s first ever). While there, I managed to ask as many questions about the new tech as possible, and even grab some videos and photos of the new tech for your viewing pleasure. So without further ado, here’s the most important tech that was announced yesterday at the event and all the details on each. Holo Lens   Power – Custom processor Microsoft created strictly for holograms No …

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Comparison Between Cortana, Siri, & Google Now

Siri first introduced us to the world of technological personal assistants, and all of our collective minds were blown. Hell yeah, I wanna talk to my phone! However, Google soon gave Apple a run for its money by introducing Google Now. And now, with the introduction of Windows 10, Cortana has moved up the ladder and joined the ranks of top-notch AI. Though there are a number of other personal assistant apps that can be used on various platforms, Siri, Google Now, and Cortana are definitely the big three. While there is quite a bit of overlap in the way …

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What is “Windows Hello”?

The buzz surrounding the new Windows 10 is loud and only getting more intense. I’m sure you’ve heard about the many interesting  and useful features of the new OS. However, none is quite so groundbreaking as Windows Hello. Microsoft is treading new waters with some pretty advanced facial recognition technology. This is some Star Trek-level realness, you guys. Let’s check it out. What is Windows Hello? Windows Hello is the wave of the future –or at least Microsoft hopes so. It enables you to sign into your computer with just a look (or a touch), utilizing face-recognition technology as well …

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Bitdefender 2016 New Features

Those of you out there who have used a computer before (not many, I know…) have probably been concerned about internet and information security once or twice. There are lots of services out there to help you, from antivirus and identity protection, to secure file backups. But it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time. Which is why, today, we’re going to chat about Bitdefender. Bitdefender Antivirus has been in the online protection business since 2001, and is considered to one of the top security companies out there. With partners and subsidiaries in over 100 countries, …

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Windows 10 Start Screen

7 Best Windows 10 Features

Windows 8… What a let down! Amidst the resulting groans heard round the world, Microsoft had no where else to go but up. Lo and behold! Windows 10, released on July 29th, is the product of great strides made in the name of atonement. It’s offered to 7, 8, and 8.1 consumer edition users as a free upgrade till July 29th, 2016. For the rest of us however, the cost of Windows 10 Home version on is listed as $100. (The Pro version is $140. Learn about the different versions here.) Seemingly a return to form for Microsoft, Windows 10 introduces some exciting …

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USB Type C

What is USB-C?

If you’ve seen the latest, super-thin Macbook from Apple, then you may have noticed a very strange change they’ve made to the ports on it. Namely, that besides the headphone jack, there’s only one: a USB-C port. What is this mysterious USB-C port? Why did Apple get rid of the Thunderbolt, MagSafe charger, etc.? Let’s discuss in today’s Tech 101 for the week. What is USB-C?   The USB Implementers Forum, the same group that came up with the original USB standard, are the people responsible for the new USB-C, or USB Type C, standard. This group, comprised of over 700 different …

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Microsoft Unveils Two Portable, Windows 10 Computers

Windows 10 is just around the corner (July 29th), so there was a good deal of anticipation for Microsoft’s Computex 2015 keynote address. Nick Parker, Corporate Vice President OEM Division at Microsoft revealed two new computers powered by Windows 10. Borrowing elements from the relatively new category of “pc on a stick,” both highly portable computers plug directly into your tv by way of HDMI. Here’s a quick rundown from Microsoft: “FoxConn Kangaroo is an ultra-portable desktop PC that turns your TV into a full Windows PC, including a fingerprint reader to support Windows Hello and up to six hours of battery life. Quanta …

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Windows 10 Build 10130 Updates for Microsoft Edge

Hold on to your butts, because, as of this past Friday, Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 Build 10130 was released to those in the Fast ring update track. Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul mentioned this in regards to current and upcoming quick turnaround updates: “As I mentioned with the last build, from here onward you are going to see a lot of tuning, tweaking, stabilizing, and polishing which means fewer big feature changes from build to build. You’ll see that in this build which has a number of small improvements and more polish.” Ok, so nothing groundbreaking to introduce to you with this latest Build …

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Windows XP Modded to Boot on Android Wear Watch

Yowzers. YouTuber Dave Bennett has modded Windows XP to boot up on his Android Wear watch (an LG G Watch, specifically). The full 1.5 gb version of the OS, as Bennett mentions in his video, would’ve taken over 12 hours to transfer, so instead he boots up a slimmed down (100 mb) version in the following video: Nicely done, good sir! For those on the fence about smartwatches, this proof of concept may just tip the odds in favor of Android Wear. What other mods and ports would you like to see on a smartwatch?

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Spec Rumors

If recent rumors and specs are to be believed, then Microsoft isn’t pulling any punches with the impending release of their new Surface Pro 4. Originally intended as a supplanter to Apple’s iPad, Microsoft has since shifted the trajectory of the Surface Pro series to be more laptop than tablet. Now with this impending iteration, it seems like Microsoft may have forged a silver bullet aimed to compete against the new Apple MacBook. At least two models have been announced, both featuring 2160 x 1440 resolution. The low end model sports a 12 inch screen and is equipped with an Intel Broadwell SoC chip. The higher end model sports a 14 inch screen …

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ADB Setup

How To Set Up ADB/USB Drivers & Fastboot for Android Devices (Updated 09/23/15)(Video)

So most people won’t have to use ADB (Android Debug Bridge) ever, but if you want to learn how or want to get a little more technical with your Android phone, here’s how to get it set up. What is ADB & Fastboot? ADB is generally used for development when trying to run applications on the phone from the computer so you can debug (hence the name) issues with your app you are creating. Let’s be real though, most of the time, it’s used for rooting Android devices. Since ADB allows you to communicate with an attached Android phone on …

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