How To: Root The MyTouch 3.5mm and Fender MyTouch (Updated 12.13.10)

I. Setup ABD/Create a Goldcard

Follow this procedure completely to create a working goldcard, then return to this procedure and continue:

How To Create a Goldcard

II. Flash the Sappimg file

1. Download the Sappimg File and save it to your newly created goldcard (NOT in any folders, just on the Goldcard itself).

2. Once the file is on your goldcard, turn off the phone. Then turn it back on by holding down Volume Down and Power. It should boot into bootloader mode and automatically find the sappimg file and ask you to push the trackball to begin the update. Push the trackball and let it update.
*If it tells you Error – Wrong Model ID or anything similar, the goldcard was not created correctly, go back to that procedure and try again.

3. Once it finishes flashing, it should reboot and you will notice your touchscreen does not work (don’t panic). Turn off the phone, then turn it back on by holding down Back and Power (to get into fastboot mode).

4. Download the following zip file, and extract it then copy all the files inside and save them into the AndroidSDK\Tools folder you setup during the ADB setup procedure:

MyTouch 3.5mm Rooting Files

5. Now that you have the recovery, spl and radio all saved in the tools folder of the Android SDK (same folder as the adb program), plug in your phone (while in fastboot mode from step 3).

6. Open the command prompt on your computer and type the following with hitting enter at the end of each line:

cd AndroidSDK\tools
fastboot devices

A serial number should come up, indicating that your computer can see the phone in fastboot mode. If so continue by typing in the following with hitting enter at the end of each line:

fastboot flash radio radio.img
fastboot flash hboot hboot.nb0 (the 0 at the end of this line is a zero not an oh).
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
fastboot reboot-bootloader

7. Once the phone starts to turn back on begin holding home and power (do not let go until you see the recovery mode) to boot into recovery mode.

8. You should end up in Amon Ra’s recovery mode. Now click on USB MS Toggle to turn on USB mounting. Plug in your USB cable and you should be able to access your memory card on your computer now.

9. Load the custom Fender ROM with Root added below onto your SD card (NOT in any folder, just on the SD card itself, do NOT extract it, leave it as a .zip)

Cyanogen ROM

Google Apps

10. Then click the button on your phone to disable USB MS Toggle and then click Apply .zip and select the Cyanogen ROM .zip file we just put on the sd card.

11. Once it is done flashing Cyanogen’s ROM, select Apply .zip and select the Google Apps file and wait for that to flash as well.

12. Once it loads click reboot and you are all set!

III. (Optional) Load a Different Custom ROM

1. Save whatever ROM you want to flash onto the phone onto the phone by following this procedure:

How To Load a Custom ROM on the Magic (make sure you only flash 32A ROMs w/ the new kernel or you wont have a touchscreen).

IV. (Optional) Change Your Splash Screen

1. You can get your MyTouch splash screen back by flashing it here.

Thanks to Cursor for his ROM!
Thanks to Amon Ra for his recovery images!
Thanks to Caesar for sending in the original how to!
Thanks Crypysmoker for the original how to!
Thanks DonJuan692006 for his additions and sending us the files!

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    1. OK help i don’t know what to do with the custom fender Rom do i install that before the cyanogen’s Rom or after you didn’t say what to do with it??i just put it on my sd card and thats it??

  1. @unlockr looks good but I didn’t make the original how to… if you go to the xda page for the how to it was @crypysmoker, I jus tried to clear it up alil for you.. I don’t want to take credit for someone elses breakthrough.. plz correct credit to @crypysmoker

      1. I did everything in the tutorial correctly, but when i rebbot my device it loads and when it says android the screen freezes and then goes blank, can someone help me please?

  2. I have a question, can I get tethering and apps2sd if I root my fender? What are the things I can gain out of this? Thanks a lot!!

  3. Number7. fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    I get error cannot load ‘recovery.img’ pretty sure ive done everything right up until this point. Thoughts?

  4. After the ROM Stock Fender w/ Root Access is loaded and reboot the phone it shows HTC MAGIC, Then ANDROID then it disappear and freeze up the phone. Blank Screen… It is not working…

  5. Hey unlockr, im having problems with the procedure, ok i did everything of the goldcard, now i can go to the recovery mode. but now i dont know what to do, becasue i dont have any 32Arom for my device. i pressed restar phone now, but it wont go anywhere.

    And i have another question. when i finish doing the gold card, can i use my regular memory card after that or what?
    Because i put my regular memory card and when i put it, i had a diferent information about the sapphire, radio. before i had sapphire 32A ship on G, and now i have sapphire 32b ship off on H.

      1. assert failed: write_raw_image(“/tmp/boot.img”, “boot”)
        E: Error in /sdcard/
        (Status 7)

        I’ve downloaded the ROM about 10 times and tried it but it still hasn’t worked.

        Any ideas?

  6. Thanks Unlockr for your help. Now my touch 3g 1.2 is rooted. Im just waiting for the new roms to come.
    Just one thing I want to say, I dont know if this is going to happen to someone else. but when i was typing at the cdm comands, at the part where u type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img, the recovery that u put at the download we have to renamed it to recovery.img right. Because when i was trying to flash it with the whole name that appears that is recovery-RA-sapphire-v1.6.2G.img. at the commands it said recovery fail, because of the whole name i think. but i renamed it to recovery and it works fine.
    But thank you anyways for your great job. You are a big help for us the noobies.

  7. I followed all the instructions, but when I flash to the stock fender rom, or any other rom, it just hangs at the android loading screen, or it goes as far as a black screen. I’m not quite sure where I messed up, but I’ve gone over it multiple times and I still get the same result. I have a Black Mytouch 1.2 but I doubt it’s any different internally from the White one. any ideas anyone? thanks!

  8. I am at number ten in the process, i am having issues with loading a rom i am not sure what to do to get either the stocker fender to load or any rom at that. if someone could let me know what to do please i have it turning on but i can’t touch my screen yet i am not sure how i go about adding stocker fender.. please help

    1. Supa Dave,

      10. Load the custom Fender ROM with Root added below onto your SD card (NOT in any folder, just on the SD card itself, do NOT extract it, leave it as a .zip)

      Custom Fender w/ Root Access (THIS WORKS FOR THE MYTOUCH 1.2 OR FENDER).

      Then click the button on your phone to disable USB MS Toggle and then click Apply .zip and select the Fender ROM .zip file we just put on the sd card.

      Once it loads click reboot and you are all set!

  9. HELP!

    I need to send my phone back for warranty repair, is there any way to UNROOT the mt3g 3.5mm? I’ve spent the past 5 hours on google with no resolve!

  10. I flashed the and it updates but radio stops at the top. right now my radio is


    What can/should i do. Help Please ??


  11. i was just doing some research and the radio is rogers magic radio
    and i have t-mobile mytouch 1.2 (3.5mm jack)
    and i cannot get off that radio if you can help me i would really appreciate it !!! =) ALOT


    1. Xdroid426,

      If you are able to use the phone without serious signal issues, then there is no point in changing it. Otherwise, you need to find a compatible radio in format (Google) and then flash it like you did the ROM and that will update your radio.

  12. i realized my phone is bricked and i cant get into recovery to flash another spl. if someone can help me i would really apprecitate it.


      DRIVER PROBLEM ( you dont need to conect to the pc to get the serial number , there is a free APP in the marketplace , just search for GOLDCARD ) ( MY DRIVERS DIND WORK SO I USED THIS APP )


      FIRST YOU did not brick you phone .
      1.start the phone holding the power and the back but. ( fast boot )
      connect the USB . ( it will work )
      do the step 7.

      Wipe Data and reflash the rom

      DO NOT BOOT THE PHONE , ( ITS POINTLESS ANYWAYS ) just turn off the phone .

      NOW GO TO fast boot mode ( POWER AND BACK )

      connect the USB AND DO THE STEP 7 ( AGAIN )

      WORKS 100%

  13. thanks for the response TheUnlockr.
    i need the mytouch 1.2 stock radio so i can flash it because right now i have the rogers radio and i can only turn on the phone and see the splash or boot into
    fastboot or hboot.

    do you any solution to this ?

  14. oh by the way i cant get into recovery either i try flashing recovery through fastboot and it goes throught but when i power on the phone pressing (power+home) it stays at the splash screen

  15. Thanks TheUnlockr.

    But i tried holding (home+power) and the recovery screen still doesnt show up is the anyway i can do and update through fastboot mode ?

  16. Unlockr are there any roms for this device yet? I’d really like the sense ui on my Mytouch 3g 1.2. Do you know of any roms that have released for it yet? Or does anyone know of any roms that work for the new mytouch. I tried some but the touchscreen didnt work,I now realized that old roms dont work with it. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME ROMS OR ROM LINKS THAT WORK W/THE NEW MYTOUCH. I WOULD PREFER A SENSE UI!

    Thanks! 🙂

  17. Woot, I feel special for seeing ym name in the bottom there lol, This took 3 days of 4 hours of sleep to get fixed and also the help of Cursordroid from XDA forums.

    What I see is people, you have to go back to stock radio and Hboot for full working rom with no freeze ups. Also, dont forget to try H and G recoveries, my phone picks and choses, 1st H worked then only G would work.

    And no, There are no full roms for this yet. But we do have some themed roms on the XDA forums.

  18. Help please i installed radio now i cant start phone or go in to recovery mode, i try flashing the radio or the recovery and it freezes

  19. ok mangaged to flash the boot and radio back and reinstalled amaon ra recovery but it freezes when tryin to open recovery any ideas?

  20. followed root instruction to a t. i have a mytouch 3g 1.2 on tmobile. everything worked untill i installed the fender/mt3g1.2 w/root rom when it reboots it gets stuck on the htc magic screen.

    anyone else with this problem?

    1. Tim,

      That happens sometimes when loading ROMs. To fix it, boot back into recovery, redownload the ROM from this site and put it on the SD card again. Then make sure to Wipe Data in recovery (click Wipe Data then Wipe Date/Factory Reset), then click Flash the .zip.
      Might have to do that multiple times to get it to start up, also make sure you wait long enough when it’s booting up can take a good 5 mins or a bit longer to boot up the first time.

  21. i dont wann be a pain but i been at this since 5 am yesterday. ive loaded reloaded tried almost everything with the same outcome everytime. gets stuck on htc magic screen. ive checked out forums and everywhere i can to figure this thing out. ive even let it sit for an hour hopeing it would load. have they updated something?

  22. Quick question, My Mytouch 1.2 is running Android 1.6(donut) Do i need to get back to cupcake before I begin rooting this phone?

  23. i made a mistake with my mytouch… i though my phone was a 1.2… but it doesnt have a head phone jack…. so im stuck in the recovery.img is it still possible to go on?

  24. hi guys when i try to use wireless tether i have a notification. says no netfilter sorry, but your kernel does not have the necessary features for tethering. my phone is ready rooted and is 1.2 3.5mm i use theunlockr procedure

  25. I ordered a 2gb kingston microsd for gold card usage and should begin the rooting process in a week’s time. However, prior to rooting (first time): I have 2 questions.

    1) Isn’t it recommended to backup with nandroid? If I follow your guide exactly, wouldn’t this step be skipped?

    2) I noticed you told Victor to search google for the wifi tether site. I presume you meant
    => However, I don’t see what steps Victor should have found in case I run into the same road block.

  26. I take that back is a custom theme rom. Wifi tether still no working i search googlecode but i cant fine a solution. Is ok i’m gonna use pdanet

  27. Xdroid426 and TheUnlocker
    Xdroid426 I think your phone is not bricked just insert again your golcard and start like the first time for root your phone, with the goldcard inside hold down volume and power.

  28. Thanks for this very helpful resource. Got my phone stuck at the “black screen after splash”. The wipe + reflash worked perfectly. Thanks again.

  29. In step 7, after i type in ‘fastboot devices’ into the cmd, it doesn’t show a serial code, it just goes back to C:\AndroidSDK\tools>


  30. I’ve been stuck at this for 4 days. I followed the step by step and video, but at Number7 when I type in command fastboot flash radio radio.img I get this error
    sending ‘radio’ …OKAY
    writing ‘radio’… INFOsignature checking…
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    1. Jamahl,

      You need to make the goldcard and put the sappimg file on it and use that to downgrade first. You will not be able to flash the radio etc until you do all the steps before it.

  31. @unlockr Thanks for the fast reply. I did follow all the previous steps first, but I’m still getting this message. I set up ADB, and then made my goldcard. I put the sappimg file directly onto the root of the card. Everything seemed to be going fine until I reached this point. My serial came up and it recognized my device in fastboot and I can my phone says updating when I enter the command. Could it be a problem with my goldcard itself. Thanks again. I really appreciate all the help.

  32. I have been trying to figure out this Wireless tethering for the past few days. Still no luck with this. Let me know if you figure out how to use Tether, thanks.

    Also, I saw that there are like 2 roms on Android Spin that are compatible with this version. Let me know if you can confirm this, Unlockr. Thanks!

    1. Jonas,

      Here is the problem.
      All of those say “32a Magic/ Fender” so I’m willing to bet they just lumped in 32a Magics and 32a Fenders because they have the same motherboards. BUT the problem is the new kernel in the Fender / MyTouch 1.2 will not support the touchscreen if you use a 32a Magic ROM. So until we can flash a new kernel into those 32a Magic ROMs, they will load on the Fender and 1.2 BUT you won’t have a touchscreen…

  33. i flash a super d white and super d black witch touch screen working but no internet i think we can fix those roms the page is MYDROIDWOLRD.COM THIS ARE REAL SUPER D ROMS NO THEME ROMS

  34. Is there wireless tethering for the mytouch 1.2/fender after i have already rooted it? i tried downloading some wireless tethering apk files already but all of them say ‘No Netfilter’ and that my kernel does not have all the features for running this app. Help pleasee?

  35. Hey I got past the goldcard step, but i keep getting a wrong ID number for it. I checked the numbers and I have everything right, could it be the sd card? also do sandisk sd work?

  36. Ok so i have a problem , I’m on step 3 and i already flashed “” then it proceeded to reboot , after the reboot it just freezes at the Htc Magic boot screen. I tryed to re-do the process of flashing the “” but it takes way longer and the progress bar has not moved. Can anyone please help?

  37. now i have another problem (sorry) i just tried to un-root my mytouch and now the touchscreen doesnt work but its back to stock.. help please..

    1. Mikenice,

      Do you have a mytouch 1.2 and tried to use the original mytouch unroot process, there is no way to unroot the mytouch 1.2 at the moment . Just do the how to root the mytouch 1.2 procedure again to fix it.

  38. Can someone help me please? when ever im in fast boot to load the sappimg it always says no image or wrong image! and it ends up saying model id incorrect.. I have all the numbers right and everything for the goldcard

  39. Im having the same problem as SteezyR. After I load I boot in bootloader mode and it seems like its loading but at the end it says:
    Model ID Incorrect!
    Update Fail!
    Do you want to reboot device?

    What do I do now?

    1. Ronald,

      That means you did not make the goldcard correctly. Retry to make it and make sure you alter the memory card as a Physical disk NOT Logical disk (common mistake).
      It may also just be the memory card you are using… read the goldcard procedure carefully.

  40. How long does it take for the ROM to load my screen has been stuck on the Android boot screen for awhile now? It just keeps flashing Android.

    1. Ronald,

      Don’t panic If you can get to either recovery or bootloader screen your phone is fine.
      Getting stuck at the logo is a common problem. Most of the time it can be fixed by doing the following:

      1. Reformat the memory card (also check to see if the ROM requires partitions for it to work properly, i.e. Swap, Ext2, and Fat32. If this is the case then partition your card before continuing in the recovery screen).
      2. Then since you just partitioned/formatted your card, you need to put the ROM you want back on it.
      3. Then select Wipe Data/Factory Reset in Recovery Mode (most ROMs require this before you flash them)
      4. Then flash the ROM again.

      Repeat a few times if it doesn’t work the first time.
      Good luck!

  41. OK I am having the same problem as Ronald and Steezyr ….. I have tried 5 Different SD’s and have followed the videos to the T for every Gold Card I made and I know 2 of them would not even get me to this far and would only come up with wrong img or no img. What is going on or am I doing wrong?

  42. Ryan,

    I thought I was following everything to the T as well, but I was missing some things that they didn’t post. for instance: When your extracting the AndroidSDK file to your C:\ it extracts to a folder named android-sdk_r05-windows. You have to rename this folder in your C:\ to AndroidSDK so when you use command prompt thats the exact folder your going to other wise if you didn’t rename it you would have to type the command as:

    cd android-sdk_r05-windows\tools\
    adb devices

    Also my computer wouldn’t download the driver for the phone so I had to download it from here and then click on motorolla droid drivers. So you can manually select it from the folder once you extract it to your desktop or where ever you want to extract it to. Everything else I would follow every detail other wise you’ll end up stuck. And once you’ve gotten to the point of loading the roms and you get stuck try what Unlocker told me above. hope this helps. Cheers!

  43. I am getting a error message, “unknown partition” radio.img error cannot determine image filename for radio.img HELP! Does the same for the recovery as well. HELP!!!

  44. Ok I just renamed the files I was trying to flash, now I get “sending radio..(21504kb) failed (remote not allow). I did the androidsdk/tools/fastboot devices and it sees my phone. (serial) BTW I am running win 7 and have a mytouch with the jack on the top. Help me jesus

  45. i did the goldcard, i still getting the message update fail. model id incorrect. i did the gold card with 2gb kingstone. what can i do?

  46. i rooted my mytouch 1.2 everything went good except now i can not hear or the other person can not hear me during a call, i have tried wiping and reloading rom, nothing seems to work, anything else i can try?

  47. unlocker, I goy the same problem as victor,i did it wa kingstone 2gb n I still get the message for the error id,idk what to do i followed the vid u have up n cant get it to work, what I noticed is that the goldcard file I get emailed says (your G1 goldcard on the top) is there something I need too add when im doing the CID numbers in that site or maybe change,

  48. Oops not victor alejos problem. also my reversed cid had 2 ceros in the front when it came back I doing change idk if it maters

    thanks dude for taking the time too help us

  49. hey unlokr: so i rooted my phone (fender) and everything is great but the thing is swype keyboard is already installed within the system and there is no way to update it. i tried to get rid of it using back up but after installing the new version it keeps fc. any ideas how to deal with that?

    and if there is any other rom’s i can use would be awesome … thanks and awesome videos really helpful =]

  50. Hey Unlockr,

    Until step 10 I did everything correct. I am in the android system recovery right now and try to flash zip from sdcard >>> . It starts the process but in 10-15 seconds aborts the process notifying that there is a corrupt file called system/app/vending.apk and says installation aborted.

    What do I do?

  51. Unlockr, I tried to download the again from the link you provided and again did all process but this time I got an error saying corrupt file: system/app/youtube.apk and aborted the installation. Any thought?

    1. Cnonline,

      Not sure, that’s a new error to me. Are you downloading it directly on the phone? Try to download it to you computer then transfer it to your phone.

  52. Thanks Unlockr,
    After many tries, I was able to root it. Only the last part was a little critical. Not sure why but it gave errors. Now that I have rooted and have the fender w/root access, my 3g speed is gone. Does not look like there is any boost in performance. Pandora radio does not load a single song! Android market runs slow, all download is very slow. The download speed i get is 55 kbps and upload is 64 kbps at 401 ms ping. Not sure what the problem is. Will research more on this, if found post a reply here. Any one faced such a problem? Kindly reply. Thanks in Advance.

  53. MyTouch 3G 3.5mm

    I just ran thru the whole procedure. And I mean the WHOLE procedure, pretty easily. Everything went by the book, all the way down to AND including the part where it says “one it loads click reboot and your all set!”… it reboots, makes a sound, displays HTC Magic for a few seconds, switches to the word “ANDROID” with the little highlight animation swooping across it. It sits there for a minute, then the screen goes blank….. and stays blank. I’ve let it sit for half an hour. I can tell the backlight and LCD are active, just nothing ever happens. Any ideas?

  54. Hey anybody using this ROM:
    I recently flashed this ROM. It has got good interface, 5 home screens, built in wired tether (but does not work coz MT3g 1.2 kernel requires some kind of netfilter), slide home screen lock (okay kinda), live wall paper, additional settings etc. The cons – camcorder does not work, does not have youtube, no videos work! Gallery part is very sluggish. ! Does not load the pictures. Camera feature is improved. Guys if any of you know how the camcorder, youtube and other videos can work on this ROM. Kindly share.! Thanks.

  55. When I flash any rom, first I try to flash a new rom on the existing rom, the new rom starts, works but sluggish and most features force close. So I go back to recovery screen and wipe all data to factory settings and then flash the new rom. The latter works, but all installed apps in the phone are gone.! I am a novice with apps2sd and so use to install all apps on the phone. Is there any way to avoid wiping off the data and still have the new rom working smoothly? I am ready to go with apps2sd if the answer is NO! 🙁 Unlockr what do you say?

  56. So I am stuck on the first couple of steps, I created a goldcard, flashed the sappimg and it sat there for 10-15 minutes so I restarted and booted back into the bootloader mode to reflash the sappimg but its stuck at “[1] SYSTEM – Unzipping” What should I do? Should I restart the phone again and try again?

  57. need help. i have done everything step by step now i am to the point where it recognized my phone in fastboot but now i am trying the next step which is fastboot flash radio radio.img and it says can not load radio img. any help would be great

  58. @ Shadow:
    You might be doing something wrong. Buddy I was skeptical of working on the process. I did some wrong steps but then re-read the instructions and saw the video almost 3-4 times to be on the safe side and finally was able to root it.

    @ Dustin:
    Only thing I could guess is the typo when you write on your computer radio.img >>> make sure you have the same name in the adb you created in first step. Double check I had a similar problem.

    @ all others looking for the wifi tethering….. it now works with the patch provided by Zinx here: You developer guys are awesome. Do exactly what is instructed and you have an awesome device… not to say it will be much better than something called iphone…

  59. after “cd androidsdk\tools
    fastboot devices” i dont get a serial number. so i kept going with the instructions and it said “waiting for device” the phone is plugged in and in fastboot what could be the problem? thanks in advance again for you help.

  60. ok guys i no this cant be a big prob. but went back repeated the steps and again cant get past this point.
    my phone is seen in fast boot. however when i get to the fastboot flash radio radio.img it says “cannot load ‘radio.img’
    i type it just like this fastboot flash radio radio.img am i missing something?
    is there a # i can call to get help?

  61. ok no i have got past all that. i have got to the last step where i am to press track ball to restart my phone and be all done. i have done that and get nothing other then a black screen!

  62. yeeehaa! i went up and read some of the issues others were having and done some of the solutions which the “unlocker” said to try and well all i can say is the “unlocker” knows his shi* thanks guys got it working.

  63. i got this to work my one and only android phone i thought i fucked it up cause i was at a different site and i used a vodafone rom lol… i stumbled upon this and trial and effort i got it to work. if you need any help with this send me an email @

  64. i keep getting adb device serial number and fastboot serial number but when i go to flash files in fastboot it says cannot load is there any way to go back to original settings or can i fix this help!!!!

  65. anybody no how to load the .img files i know alot of people have had this problem but nobody has postead a solution help

  66. error cannot load radio.img please help me i have done all dteps correctly my adb reads its serial number and so does the fastboot i realy need help anyone please respond!!!!!

  67. the issue i had w/ mine is this.
    i had my androidsdk saved under to much shi*
    it was like this C: users/dustinparks/mydocuments/downloads/androidsdk.
    when all it is suppose to be is c:androidsdk
    after i moved the folder out of all the other folders and brought it out to the c: drive i had no more issue with steps 7-10
    only other issue i had was i thought i bricked my new phone and well i didnt all i had to do was remove and reinstall custom fender with root access. i hope this helps if not and need more explaining ill be more the welcome to try helping! ty best of LUCK to all.

  68. Windows 7 64bit is not updating the adb driver for my MYTOUCH FENDER. Can I manually install it from somewhere. And does anybody know where i can download it from.

  69. No lights on my phone, don’t know what to do! I made it up to step 7, when I got the following:
    C:\android-sdk-windows\tools>fastboot flash hboot hboot.nb0
    sending ‘hboot’ (512 KB)… OKAY
    writing ‘hboot’… FAILED (remote: image update error)

    Turned off the phone and now I can’t turn it back on. I tried vol down+power, back+power, menu+send+power, but none of them give me anything. I also tried removing the battery and still nothing. This is a black MyTouch 1.2, Please help, Thanks!

  70. Hey unlockr, I have done all of the steps to make a goldcard, it worked just fine, but it wont upload the sappimg file. Is there something im doing wrong?

    Mytouch 1.2

  71. I moved it to the desktop still keep getting the error Dustin can you write down exactly what you wrote cmd because it still says error. if any body knows how to just get back to the orginal settings please add that to because Im getting tired of this.

  72. ok i finally rooted but now the fender rom gets stuck booting up on the part were it says andriod it appears then goes away

  73. hey Unlockr, I rooted with total success by your guide, but when I start the phone I do not get 3G or Edge and can’t send any data. This is a really annoying issue since thats what I want the phone for. 🙂 await your reply.

    1. Erik,

      You need to put your APN settings in. Goto settings > wireless settings > mobile networks > then APN and add your companies info. Then select it.

  74. Question: When I get to the step where I download the Goldcard.img I get redirected to another website that wants me to download PSAS. I did download the software and it appears that they have created a program to do several phones and other stuff like that. Does anyone know where I can find a tutorial that explains how to use the software so I dont brick my phone. thanks 😀

  75. I successfully created a gold card and copied over the sappimg file over the to gold card. I then rebooted the phone as instructed by holding down the volume and power button and the file loaded. It asked me to update, i clicked yes, then it asked me to reboot and I did. Upon reboot however my screens is stuck on htc magic. Nothing ever happens from there. Please help

    1. Jason,

      Now continue the procedure…

      3. Once it finishes flashing, it should reboot and you will notice your touchscreen does not work (don’t panic). Turn off the phone, then turn it back on by holding down Back and Power (to get into fastboot mode).

  76. I was confused, in the video is shows the phone was fully booted with the clock and some wallpaper icons. I understand that you are unable to click on anything when this happens. The problem is I dont get that far. When the phone reboots all i get is a black screen that says htc magic. The phone never gets to what is shown in the video. If this is ok, i will continue. Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.

  77. I’m in the same boat as Jason, stuck on HTC Magic screen. I tried doing the Sappimg update again, but that hangs on unzipping Sappimg.

    Fastboot devices doesn’t show anything either 🙁

  78. Just an update, ADB reverted back to the android 1.0 driver, so I had to install that, I’m not doing the fastboot stuff…

  79. Jason Berrios

    How did you revert back to the android 1.0? Is there anything I can do to get my phone off this black screen that only says HTC Magic? Im stuck help.

  80. Hi Unlocker ,
    One time after creating goldcard ( sandisk 8gb ) , I update with sappimg.nbh ( I think this was for first version of mytouch)
    right now , I can not do anything.
    do you have any suggestion what can I do. now I have goldcard with ( for 1.2). when I start hboot I shows searching screen ( sappdiag.. )
    after it goes to back hboot.

    my mail

  81. ok so fuckshit i think i bricked my phone i got to step 8 and it wont go to recovery i held it for like 30 mins… help???

  82. i was wondering how come when i do the adb and try to load the drivers it doesn’t show up but when i do the cmd…
    it comes up with the device does that mean i did it right.
    i type
    cd /
    cd /androidsdk/tools
    adb devices
    than it gives me list of devices
    like something like
    htc784612667(not the real device)
    does that mean it adb ready

  83. Dear,
    Jason Berrios

    I had the same problem as you and was stuck at the HTC magic screen to. Just skip that process and continue. I didn’t know what it would do but it worked. I just started to do step 4 and on so don’t worry it worked for me and should work for you.

  84. Hello Unlockr,

    Thank you for your expertise/effort/time to maintain this website. I’ve been reading lots of information online attempting to gain an understanding of the root process for the MyTouch Fender phone. One point of confusion…I’ve read in many other posts to NOT flash a new SPL on the MyTOUch since the MyTouch SPL is capable of working through this process. However, in your process steps you instruct to “fastboot flash hboot hboot.nb0”. Maybe it is due to terminology confusion…does this step replace the MyTouch Fender’s SPL?


  85. I got a strange problem. I am on the step where where the is being checked to flash on the phone. I do the whole booting with the volume down button and and power held, thing. It notices the the file and begins checking it. The blue bar appears in the upper right, it eventually completely fills in and then it dumps to a menu informing me that the “back” button would take me to “fastboot mode”.

    It doesn’t say anything failed, it looks kinda like nothing happened at all.

  86. curtis ,
    I think we have same issue, I started with mytouch steps not my touch 1.2. It loaded and updated. after it does not say anything about what went wrong.

  87. ok when im in fastboot mode and i plug the usb i get a new driver android 1.0 and nothing happens when i do procedure 7.

  88. I SUCCESSFULLY flash the my mytouch fender up to the part where it ask to reboot the phone and when i did it stuck at the htc magic screen why is that?
    how can i fix it?

  89. Will a better/easier version of root be out or is this the only way period? Cause I am having trouble getting the goldcard to work and I really dont feel like buying a new microsd just to hope itll work.

  90. I do not get the serial number after typing the commands in cmd during the fastboot part after i placed the files in the androidsdk tools folder.
    please help

  91. can i flash the fender rom with root via fastboot because i cant flash a recovery img. whenever i try to flash the recovery it says ‘image update error’

  92. Hi there. I’m trying to download the stock radio and spl file from the link you provided, but nothing happens. megauploads gives me this error “The server at is taking too long to respond.” Do you have another link for this download?


  93. So I’m trying to unroot my mytouch because when i tried rooting it I got stuck at the HTC magic screen. Now I’m stuck at my mytouch unzipping the system file from the unroot zip. Is it supposed to take a while for it to unzip or is there something wrong?

  94. After I flash the file when I reboot it just stays stuck at the HTC Magic screen. I have the black mytouch with the headphone jack…. I thought I read up pretty good about this before proceeding but it seems I am stuck. I pull the battery reflash it again and the same thing I have pulled the battery 20 times. I then booted into fastboot and went ahead and flashed everything radio, hboot, and recovery. rebooted again and went into recovery and flashed the rom and nothing it will not boot if just goes black screen so I reflashed the rom wiped reflashed wiped and so on and I now have no clue anyone got a clue?

  95. i need immediate help please.

    i updated using the sappimg file. and then got to the
    “htc magic” screen. it hung and froze, i cannot turn off, or access any kind of boot modes, recovery,..etc. i took out the battery, and that seemed to fix it, i then re-updated, and AGAIN got stuck in the “htc magic” screen, and have the same problem cannot access anything.

    i can only turn off by removing the battery. and i keep getting stuck at the htc magic screen


  96. ok i been at this for a week and still nothin i did a goldcard and still nothin idk wat else to do…i made a goldcard wit 2gb,1gb,4gb,8gb and even 16gb!!!!!! wat do i do? plz help

  97. chippy,
    i used a PNY 2 gig
    bought from bestbuy. around 10 dollars. and what part have you gotten up to so far? that way i can atleast help you from not bricking your phone like i did.

    im sending my phone in under warranty so i can hopefully get a new one, without them noticing that i tampered with it by trying to flash the roms.

  98. Curtis,

    I had your problem for a bit, but when I redownloaded it and put it on my sd card then safely removed it from my computer it worked. Safely as in right click it from my computer and click safely remove. Worked for me best of luck.

  99. Wish I could say that I can get this to work, but unfortunately, that is not the case. I have been trying this for about 15 hours spread over the past 3 days, and I have had 0 luck. I keep getting the “Model ID Incorrect!” error, and after retrying to make the goldcard roughly 20 times, on 5 different cards (512MB Sandisk, 2GB Sandisk, 8GB Sandisk, 2GB PNY, 2GB Kingston), nothing has worked, and I have given up (unless someone has any other advice). I followed the steps on this page exactly, and also the steps on the the pages about the gold card, setting up ADB, Downloading Android SDK, and the procedure for if you have windows 7. I have tried it on 3 different computers (2 Win 7, 1 Win XP). Still, same error. Also, apparently the file on this page is out-of-date, so I tried using the one found on (supposed to be updated). Wish I could get it to work, I would really like to run Android 2.1 on my phone (I have heard conflicting rumors about the MyTouch 1.2 getting a 2.1 update sometime in the near future, but I was also told by a T-Mobile rep today that only the MyTouch Slide was getting it). Anyways, hopefully everyone else has better luck then I did. Have fun with your rooted 1.2’s, as I unfortunately am not allowed to join the party.

  100. I’ve done everything ok until the 7th step. Everything i type fastboot flash radio radio.img all i get is ‘remote not allowed’. I’ve already created the goldcard. Where did i go off track???

  101. Okay, so I got my gold made, downloaded the spl/radio, sappimg, recovery image, and fender/mytouch 1.2 rom. I’m all set to root, but rumors are out that T-mo will send a 2.1 w/ sense update shortly after the release of the slide. If I root my phone will I still receive the update to 2.1 and if so will it be compatible with a rooted phone. If someone could email me @ I’d really appreciate it, thanks.

  102. won’t flash, i have created a goldcard..but i dont know why it never ask me to flash, HBOOT did detect and uploading when HBOOT checking the image, suddenly it just go back to HBOOT Screen, no dialog asking me to flash..and there no message at all..
    Plz Help me…………… been 2 day doing root mytouch fender but no results at al

  103. I set up the root exactly as unlockr instructed and it works pretty well ECEPT when I open the android store its not showing apps that I know are available. WHat happend does it think its a older version ?? and how do I fix that ??

  104. Two questions.

    First, I heard that if you don’t do this right, it could brick your phone, although I’m not quite sure who true that is. Is it? Are there any extra precautions that I should take to make sure that doesn’t happen?

    Second, I understand that once it’s rooted, it will go back to out-of-the-box settings, which means I’ll have to redownload my apps and rearrange everything to the way I want it. What about my paid apps? Will I have to pay for them again, or is there a way to save everything?

  105. @TheUnlockr

    Great how to but how come no

    recovery-RA-sapphire-v1.7.0G or recovery-RA-sapphire-v1.7.0H

    your tut works flawlessly with the old version but there seems to be some issue with the new 1.7 version as i cant boot into recovery after a flash

    1. MasterMike,

      I stick with one recovery image simply for instructions sake (to keep it the same for everyone). I always suggest that if you want to change the recovery image to a newer one after then search the site for How To Flash a New Recovery Image and follow that quick procedure to get the new one on the phone.
      But you are welcome to flash any version of the recovery you want so long as you are confident with it.

  106. i have the fender mytouch evrytime i try and download the sappimg file it says file corrupt as soon as winzip pops up any ideas

  107. T-Mobile MYTOUCH WITH THE 3.5MM HEADPHONE JACK cant seem root this phone i have tried everything SAPHIRE PCT 32A SHIP S-ON G HBOOT-1.33.0013 (SAP31000) CPLD-13 RADIO- even fast boot method i get no device like ????????? device i even tried flashrec method also i get cant verify ebi version so if you cna please give a hand here someone post or email me.

    1. Frank,

      At the beginning of the How To Create a Goldcard method is a link to How To Setup ADB, you must do that first then when you can see the phone by typing in fastboot devices and a serial comes up you can continue and you should be good to go.

  108. I got a reset Tmobile MT3G 1.2 but dont have data plan to activate. I want to skip the ‘touch the android’ activation screen to use the phone. I believe to skip this screen we need to root.

    But for rooting we need to get into phone atleast once so we can create the gold card.

    Is there any workaround? to get it rooted without getting in at all?


    1. Ds,

      Just add the data plan for a day (literally takes 5 minutes and costs $1 as it is prorated) or get a friend with a data plan and put his sim in then activate it and then put yours back in after.

  109. I’ve followed the instructions, but like others when I get to step 7 I don’t get any devices after entering fastboot devices. The issue I believe is that after installing the whenever I connect my phone via usb the driver install fails. It comes up as an Android 1.0 device and I can’t get the usb driver to work. Any ideas?

  110. when writing the recovery.img it give an FAILED everything spelled right and its in the tools folder

  111. Goldcard method wont work on this device T-Mobile MYTOUCH WITH THE 3.5MM HEADPHONE JACK cant seem root this phone i have tried everything SAPHIRE PCT 32A SHIP S-ON G HBOOT-1.33.0013 (SAP31000) CPLD-13 RADIO- even fast boot method i get no device like ????????? device<—–this one of the steps for gold card method after i even clean remove drivers and reinstalled drivers from C:\android\usb_driver

  112. Unlockr
    i tried to add a theme , i have a mytouch 3g 1.5 mm rooted with 1.6 rom, the first thing i did was changing the SPL to a engineer one following your tutorial on changing splashcreens, then i did the update for the theme i though everything was fine but no, my phone does not have sound, i can’t hear people when they call me and they can’t hear me either. any solution?? will im gonna have to root again?? if so which engineer SPL can i use for the new mytouch 3g 1.5 mm??

  113. When i get to step 7, and type these commands into the cmd prompt

    fastboot flash radio radio.img
    fastboot flash hboot hboot.nb0 (the 0 at the end of this line is a zero not an oh).
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    fastboot reboot-bootloader

    i get an error that says FAILED

  114. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I set up the Root exactly as Unlockr instructed and everything is fine but I have error “SD card removed. Insert a new one” I tried many different cards – result is zero! Help me PLEASE!!!

  115. I’m using a 4 gig sandisk sd card as my Gold Card and it did past the test at the end of the Gold Card tutorial. Was able to open it up on the computer without any errors. But when I load the sappimg file onto the card and I go into the bootloader mode, I get the error. I’m not really sure what to do now, help please?

    Also, once I’m done rooting will I be able to use a different sd card than the Gold Card 1?

  116. All the thanks in the world unlocker the best instructions on the web I have seen them all while looking for an easier way…This is also the best compilation of software downloads after rooting my touch 1.2 my first rom was the stoke’s eclair you provide the link for. 24 hours of rom testing later I came back and flashed it again being assured if the unlocker provides it it’s probably the best available…MUCH THANKS FOR SUCH A QUALITY SITE.

  117. how can you tell a mytouch 3g to the mytouch 3g fender? cuz ima bout to trade for one and like i saw it and it looks like if someone just replaced the case to made it look like the fender bcuz it has a white trackball and when you take off the cover the piece under the sim is white? and supposely the 3.5mm headphone jack isnt working?

    so is it a reg. mytouch or the limited fender edition?

    1. Jacob,

      Its a fender mytouch if it has a 3.5mm headphone Jack at the top and the fender back plus I believe there are fender specific apps on the phone too like a guitar program or something. If anything you can call TMobile with the imei and ask them to confirm it’s a fender before you buy it.

  118. THank You!!
    if you see in the video it doesnt have the same theme as the Fender would, it kinda looks like if it has bin mixed or has bin replaced with other mytouch parts

    oh yeah another thing that he said that the 3.5mm headphone jack isnt working and that the speakers dont work occasionally
    THnx UnlockR!! Jacob

  119. Still wainting for an answer to my question please ><
    Also, I went out and bought a 2gb kingston sd card and had the same exact problem

  120. Hey TheUnlockr,
    I have the,
    Sapphire PVT 32A SHIP S-On G

    The problem is when I try to flash the it doesn’t give me the option to update, it just hangs after several images cannot be found. You think it could be the goldcard or any idea?

  121. Dave,

    I had the same thing happen to me when rooting the FENDER EDITION, In the same exact steps, A solution I have is that check the SPL in fast boot and make sure still has the custom splash screen SPL file.
    To get the original back follow steps 4-10 of the end of guide again after a clean wipe from recovery screen.
    Reboot back to fastboot and verify the SPL should end in 0013. Reboot FENDER ROM and verify if sound works…Hope this helps …

    Akeem (sorry about being long winded)

  122. Hi, TheUnlockr, could you please, help me? I followed precisely the instructions, created a goldcard, flashed the sappimg without getting any errors. However, the phone does not want to boot, it stays on the HTC Magic screen forever. What should I do? If it cant get rooted, I just need to get it back to unroot, is that possible, or the phone is bricked? Please, help. Thanks.

  123. Ditto, followed everything exactly, everything worked perfectly, now it shows the HTC screen, then just goes to a blank back lit screen, non responsive to any button or screen presses. Any further help would be great!! Thank you.

  124. how do i update the radio and spl? and are there any stable roms out there like sense espresso or anything stable really

  125. Hey unlockr, I follow your steps (Great Steps) But I ran into the following issue:
    My phone is stuck in the headphone mode . The microphone nor the speaker works. I can put in a head set and it works but without the headset i get nothing. I read through the thread and saw some similar issues and I wiped and re-flashed but it did not help. I did this about 3-5 times. Any Idea’s? I know it might seem mundane since you get thanked all the time but I really appreciate your site and the help that you give. Thanks Spardac

      1. I tried to unroot my phone with the steps that you provided but it did not work. So… I had to root is again and this time it worked properly. My phone is now running Cyanogen 5.0.8 Android 2.1. It is working flawlessly. Apparently I did something wrong in the beginning that caused all of my issues. But now I am FREE!!!!!!!! My phone works perfectly!!!!!!! Thanks for your help!!!!!! Spardac

  126. The Unlockr . i really need help!!!! i trued deleting my radio,hboot, and recovry img’s on my mt3g 1.2 through fastboot and when i did i was going to reinstall all three right bak but then it wuz installing the radio n stopped because my battery was low! so now i have my fone charging. and when i try to push home+power nothing shows and the power led just shuts off!! is my phone bricked?

  127. i have a problem after i downloaded the sappimg file i followed the intructions and it updated but when it booted a red screen came up with the word vodafone i am new to this please help me out or is this normal

    1. i read through the forums and continue through the instructions and now when i entered cmd fastboot flash radio radio.img it fails to verify signature i tried the rest of the commands and get same response what do i do now please any help would be appreciated

  128. Hi Unlockr,
    Help Please, I am worried I bricked my phone. I am unable to recovery the image. Also holding power+home doesnt take me to recovery mode. Thanks in advance.

    C:\AndriodSDK\tools>fastboot flash radio radio.img
    sending ‘radio’ (21504 KB)… OKAY [ 6.520s]
    writing ‘radio’… OKAY [ 37.349s]
    finished. total time: 43.870s

    C:\AndriodSDK\tools>fastboot flash hboot hboot.nb0
    sending ‘hboot’ (512 KB)… OKAY [ 0.497s]
    writing ‘hboot’… OKAY [ 0.555s]
    finished. total time: 1.053s

    C:\AndriodSDK\tools>fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    sending ‘recovery’ (4494 KB)… OKAY [ 1.832s]
    writing ‘recovery’… FAILED (remote: image update error)
    finished. total time: 33.649s

    1. i have that same problem with the recovery!! but than my phone won’t turn on but it heats up from the battery.

  129. help went put file in the goldcard enter in fastboot went read say no image what the problem ?

  130. mytouch 1.2
    hey i did every thing but when i get to the htc magic screen(not mytouch screen) it won’t go any further? any ideas? plus when i went to fast boot usb my phone won’t trun on or charge. whats’s up? any idea?

  131. Blazin' J 4 NYC

    Ok unlockr, I went thru 1 Mytouch and I thought the 2nd one I received was bricked too. The 1st one the fone wouldn’t turn on after I missed a step and try using the from the old mytouch (FYI the old mytouch was so much easier to root, had so many roms on it thanks to the unlockr). I had my new 3.5mm fone for two days and almost lost it when the HTC magic splash screen would not go away, it did not take me to the Amon recovery screen (so my touch screen was working). Then I did some xtra research at xda, and some how (I followed every step carefully again!) I held the Home and Back button and finally I got the recovery screen. There is a god! So for those who are still stuck, here’s my advice: watch the video 3x, read and follow the directions super carefully, and take your time. I’m lucky I opened a brand spanking new account with T-Mobile and I was still within the 14 day return policy for defective devices. So as a true android fan, don’t rush it. The mytouch 1.2 is gonna blow a hole in your wallet/purse if you don’t have the insurance. On the other hand unlockr, I’m disappointed on the custom fender rom, I was expecting the landscape call feature like in the commercial where incoming calls appear in that mode. Other that, its great.

  132. Jeremy Milligan

    Hey Unlockr,
    I tried to root my mytouch fender, each time I type the “fastboot flash radio radio.img” it says sending okay writing and next to that it says info signature or something the problem is after that it says failed and I have followed everything step by step what do I do?

      1. Jeremy Milligan

        I’ve redownloaded the radio a couple times now and still the same problem, I keep hearing that the spl is supposed to be1.33.0010 mine is 1.33.0009 does this matter?

  133. I went throught the steps to make my goldcard success to that point, installed sappimg to goldcard but when I try to flash it using the methods above I keep getting:
    “Model ID incorrect!
    Update Fail!”

    I went through the steps even redownloading all files needed 4 times. Any help I can get? I have tried 4 different cards (2) 8Gig, (1) 4Gig, and (1) 1Gig sandisk cards. I am stuck at this point, adb recognizes the device seems to be working well.

    MyTouch 3G 1.2

  134. UNLOCKR

    i did everything , when i click on reboot the screen goes blank after the logo ” android ”
    what should i do ?? how long it suppose to take ???

      1. All sorted. Did a wipe and re-applird the fender and worked a treat. Thanks for all the awesome Hoe to’s on this site.

  135. ok i followed all the steps and everything went like it did in the video…but after i flashed the fender w/ and rebooted the system, the HTC magic splash screen came on…the the android splash came on…..but then after that…just a blank screen… What did I do wrong? Do I absolutely HAVE to have an SD adapter? My computer has a slot for micro SD’s….so do i still need the adapter? I did the gold card steps right and everything….and my serial number showed up in the cmd, no problems….this is the only problem im having.

  136. Help pls! I followed instructions up to step 3. The phone got stuck at a black screen with “htc magic” on it. I then took the battery out and tried to update the sappimg again. Now the phone is stuck at trying to unzip the system file. What do I do? It says do not power off device.


  137. Unlockr,
    I can fastboot flash radio and hboot but got this error > remote: image update error when trying to fastboot flash recovery image. Tried to redownload and do it again several times. What do I do now?

  138. I did everything up to the first time you enter fast boot after updating with the now my Mytouch3g 1.2 hangs at the “HTC Magic” screen. and when I enter fastboot mode it isn’t detected by adb anymore on my Windows XP Machine. I have tried uninstalling the driver and reinstalling, it comes up as ADB Interface but doesn’t show up in the command prompt when I call ‘adb devices’ anymore. looking for answers.

  139. fireflamesniper

    thank you, I used my old 1gb micro sd card from my old G1 and it worked i am in amons recovery on my Mytouch 3g 1.2/ 3.5mm!

  140. I unzip the original file and it works fine. I got to restart the phone and it just shows HTC Magic and stays there…any suggestions?

  141. does this rom has some issues seems everyone is getting stuck at htc magic black screen ihave done everything step by step and once more still stuck at black screen

    1. i had the same problem as you i partitioned the sd card still didnt work then downloaded the update-cm-508-ds image from a different site and it worked hope this helps

  142. please help i am able to get to the end ,boot in recovery mode tried to wipe data and install rom ten times it says e:cant open / sdcard/update-cm-5.0.8-signed .zip (bad) installation aborted when i reboot all i get is a black htc magic phone is a tmobile mytouch 1.2 thanks for any help been at this for days now

  143. e:cant open / sdcard/
    update-cm-5.0.8-signed .zip yea the above link on here is bad I downloaded from a different source and hurrah I got finally flash kind did a lot of reading before started doing this but I’m wondering is there a way to flash back to old stock rom with out all the fancy gizmos if you ever wanted go back

  144. yea John I figure that was it case since I couldn’t extract anything out it with even a pc 7-zip update-cm-5.0.8-signed .zip

  145. I just rooted my fender mytouch and just installed the 2.1 rom. Could someone help me find fast and cool roms to download. Also, how can I know if a rom is compatible with this mytouch? thanks in advance

  146. Unlockr,
    Everytime I got to add the radio in from my command screen it says “error: cannot load ‘radio.img” why is this? I’ve tried several times and it keeps doing it. Please help ASAP!

  147. I use to have the following:
    Sapphire PVT 32A S=ON G

    when I restore the here, it shows:
    Sapphire Unknown 32B S=OFF H

    What do I need to do to get my phone to show:

    When I flash to the new radio, I can’t get it to boot into Recovery mode to flash a ROM.

    I’ve followed the steps, don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

    PHONE: T-Mobile myTouch 3G (3.5mm Jack)

  148. Hi Unlockr,

    Thanks for the detailed how to guide. i did everything until step 11 and the custom rom zip file was corrupted. I don’t know if this something that can happen during download, but i tried several times but it wouldn’t flash and said file was corrupted. so i downloaded the same custom rom from cyanogen mod site and it worked. so i wanted to alert you to this and if its a problem for everyone change the file to the correct one. if it is something that can happen during download ignore this msg. thanks once again for the great step by step guide

  149. hello,
    I managed to get up to the point where my comp can see the phone while in fastboot, but after i enter the command ‘fastboot flash radio radio.img’ it gives me “sending ‘radio’ … FAILED ”
    can anyone let me know what i’m doing wrong pls?

  150. (EDIT)

    I managed to get up to the point where my comp can see the phone while in fastboot, but after i enter the command ‘fastboot flash radio radio.img’ it gives me “sending ‘radio’ … FAILED ”
    can anyone let me know what i’m doing wrong pls?

  151. Hey Thanks for the tutorial… i got (Android 2.1 ) running on my phone. But the problem i’m now having is that i keep getting “” has stopped force close errors. It appears to happen whenever my phone attempts to connect to a cell tower. When i do an adb logcat , i get the following stacktrace

    vm( 2229): threadid=3: thread exiting with uncaught exception (group=0x4001e178)
    dRuntime( 2229): Uncaught handler: thread main exiting due to uncaught exception
    dRuntime( 2229): java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: column ‘authtype’ does not exist
    dRuntime( 2229): at android.database.AbstractCursor.getColumnIndexOrThrow(
    dRuntime( 2229): at android.database.CursorWrapper.getColumnIndexOrThrow(
    dRuntime( 2229): at
    dRuntime( 2229): at
    dRuntime( 2229): at
    dRuntime( 2229): at
    dRuntime( 2229): at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
    dRuntime( 2229): at android.os.Looper.loop(
    dRuntime( 2229): at
    dRuntime( 2229): at java.lang.reflect.Method.invokeNative(Native Method)
    dRuntime( 2229): at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
    dRuntime( 2229): at$
    dRuntime( 2229): at
    dRuntime( 2229): at dalvik.system.NativeStart.main(Native Method)
    s ( 118): Sending signal. PID: 2229 SIG: 3

    can you point me in a direction

    1. You can put several different types of ROM’s, most recent one’s are based off of 2.1, but people are starting to roll out one’s based on 2.2 (however their kind of buggy at this point). CyanogenMod 5.0.8-DS, the one in the guide, is a 2.1 based ROM and works flawlessly.

  152. Hi,

    I followed all the steps and thought the process work. That was until I got the phone booted up, and now I can not get service at all. The process keeps stopping unexpectedly too, with my only option to force close.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  153. Help, anyone! I’ve successfully installed 3 Roms, the first two were CyanogenMod’s 6.0 RC2, and the second one was St0kes LE Android 2.1, and the installation when through perfectly but every single time it finishes and finally turns on it keeps getting “ has stopped unexpectedly” over and over, so i really can’t even use the phone since it pops up like every 15seconds! By the way I’m running a MyTouch 3G with 3.5mm headjake or HTC Magic originally 1.6.

    1. I had that same issue. go in to your recovery mode by turning off your phone. Turn it on while holding home and powere buttons together. once in recovery, wipe the phone. there should be an option. after you wipe everything, turn off your phone. Restart in recovery mode again and flash the phone again. All parts. rom and apps. it should work fine after that.

  154. I guess I should add that I have a myTouch 3G 1.2

    Every step worked perfect until the very end of the process.

    Did I brick my phone?

    1. be advised, i did the process on my phone as well and the last process in this shouldnt make a differance because even though i used a different way to get my phone rooted it is virtually the same methods.

      after you flashed the file onto your phone did you restart the phone and it didnt turn on…?

  155. Im stuck after it updated on my phone it froze at the htc magic screen and not i dont know what to do . i even tryed to reupdate and do the steps again. i took out battery and everything at the top of my phone in the hboot mode it reads (sapphire unknown 32a eng s-off H0 idk what do do now someone plz help

  156. Unlockr,

    After I flashed Cyanogen’s mod my phone gets into an infinite loop and restarts over and over.



    1. You don’t need to build a kernel for your 32A as there’s already one available from CyanogenMod. This guide didn’t work for you because it’s not for your phone. If you don’t have the 3.5mm jack, you shouldn’t have used it.

      1. Just saw your other post at the bottom. The 1.2 is a 32A board, but it’s got a 32B radio, so you don’t need the kernel for it to work. Boot back into fasboot (back+power) and make sure that it’s showing 32A and not 32B and that you’ve got the 2.22 radio, not the 6.35. If both are good then reflash the ROM doing a full wipe from recovery. If they don’t, then you didn’t follow the guide properly.

  157. How can i tell which radio software version i have. i installed the one from this tutorial. All help would be appreciated.


    Everything went smoothly until I got to the part where you have to flash the recovery

    C:\androidsdk\tools>fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    sending ‘recovery’ (4520 kb)… okay [ 1.729s]
    writing ‘recovery’… failed (remote: image update error)
    finished. total time: 33.566s

    I tried flashing different recovery’s and nothing seems to work!
    I have engineers spl so why can’t i flash the recovery?

    1. Hey Aaron, did you have any luck with this problem. I have five phones that are afflicted with the exact same problem


  159. I did everything I was supposed to and didn’t have any problems until I tried flashing the recovery via fastboot.

    C:\androidsdk\tools>fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    sending ‘recovery’ (4520 kb)… okay [ 1.729s]
    writing ‘recovery’… failed (remote: image update error)
    finished. total time: 33.566s

    I tried flashing different recovery’s and nothing seems to work! I have engineers spl (1.33.2010) so why can’t i flash the recovery?

    1. Thanks for the reply, but i did as you said and did the whole process over and I still keep getting stuck when trying to flash the recovery.

  160. I have the MY Touch 3G with headphone jack that came pre-installed with Swype. But after rooting, Swype will not work anymore and it can not be installed on this configuration. Is there a future update or another ROM that will be able to install Swype?

  161. @theunlockr hey if i root can i use the HTC Magic’s roms from the download section and flash them on my rooted Mytouch 1.2????

  162. i finished successfully but i can get a signal anywhere. i tried the radio from these instructions & on the Cyanogen website without any luck even after several tries. what do i do?

  163. hi unlockr,

    i currently just rooted my mytouch 3g 1.2 and it is pretty good but after rooting the mytouch i am a bit lost other then just using the phone. what sort of performance differance am i supposed to see…? also the other question is more of less when tmobile comes out with the 2.2 update will i be able to receive the over the air update and upgrade that way?

    thank you,

    1. 2.2 update for the myTouch 1.2 from T-Mobile will not be happening. Actually T-Mobile just announced plans for end of life for the 1.2 so there won’t be any future updates at all.

  164. @theunlockr
    after step 6 i plugged in my phone and it said “Found new hardware Android 1.0” i tried new drivers, htc sync, updating drivers. nothing works. running out of ideas.

  165. hello everyone i tell one thing before rooting your phone please make sure to read everything enough into everything implanted in your brain other wise you have to be a geek like me that spends half of his days working on pc’s

  166. Hello

    I have a T-Mobile MyTouch 3G 1.2 -with the 3.5mm- and I got it from my cousin at USA, I live in latin america.

    Anyway I cant bypass the Activate Screen on the Mytouch and Ive read a lot about borrowing someone’s SIM card with data plan, or activating it, Ive even tried the touching on the corneros of the touchscreen, but didnt work, And as I said im outside the US and would be impossible for me to get a T-Mobile sim card with data plan over here.

    So, is there any way I can bypass this screen, I looked for the WIFI option but its not showing it, Only 2G network, APN, etc.

    If I ROOT it, would it give me the WIFI option?? or any other advise you can give me to bypass the activation screen.



    1. Angel,

      The only way I know to bypass that screen would be to buy an unlock code for the phone and have it unlocked. Then you can start the phone with your Latin American SIM adn push the Menu button on the Activation screen and select APN and add your carrier’s APN settings and then go back to the activation screen and you should be able to continue (this does still require that you have a data plan on your SIM card though).

  167. Hello so i recently rooted once i finished all the steps it pops up a lil screen that say “sorry the process has stopped unexpectly. wat does this mean is this why the doesnt read my sim card??????? please help

  168. After flashing the cyanogen rom its boots up perfect but there is no android market app and like every other rom I’ve tried it doesn’t take you to the google setup.Everything works perfect just can’t go to the market

  169. Unlockr
    you know any procedure to change the SPL?? preferible a safe one, i followed this tutorial and now i have a mytouch 3g 3.5 mm with 2.1 BUT i need to have a engineer SPL to make several changes, any advice? do i have to wipe the phone completely and reinstall sappimg, radio, SPL, and rom?

    1. If you check back in on this here’s your answer. The myTouch 1.2/Fender will only work with the original SPL installed. If you need to switch to the ENG SPL because you want to flash a new splash screen or something, you’ll need to run steps 2-8. After you load up the sappimg from your Goldcard, do whatever you need to from fastboot and then finish the rest of the steps.

      If your trying to change your SPL because a ROM says you need an engineering one, don’t. That ROM is not made for our phones and you can end up bricking your device.

  170. when i finished the fastboot reboot-bootloader the phone turned off and will not come back on. i have nothing. please help. everything was going great until then

  171. So im trying to load a different rom by clicking the link you provided above, how to load custom roms on magic. But then it says to make sure you do the 1 click root procedure. Is this rooting method the same? Also, can other magic/mytouch roms be used on the mytouch fender? sorry if the q’s sound like a noob! THanks!

    1. Sandman,

      1. If you are rooted and have a custom recovery image, then you are all set.
      2. No, you must use ROMs for the specific phone you have, so MyTouch 1.2 ROMs on any MyTouches with a 3.5mm headphone Jack at the top.

  172. I have successfully created a goldcard, but when i try to download the mytouch SPL, radio, and amon ra recovery files it directs me to a massive text file and not a download. I’m running Mac OS X 10.6, is this a problem with my system being incompatible with the files or is there a different place i should try to download from?

  173. I followed all the adb steps and gold card steps to what i think to be correctly. i keep getting model id incorrect when i put my goldcard with the file and go into bootloader mode. i re tryed all the goldcard steps and got the same result…help please?

  174. I am thinking about updating my phone to Android 2.2. Watching your video has helped me alot. One question I see you have in your down loads cm-5.0 can I used the same walk through and use cm-6.0 I know thats the newist version. Please let me know.

  175. Hey I’m researching rooting my fender mytouch and I was wondering what can I do once I root my phone and can I back up my default setting if I wanted it back the way it was?

  176. I can not get my MY Touch 3g 1.2 Black to get the drivers installed it can not see my phone what do I do. I went step by step on your how too and no luck.

  177. Worked like a charm on my new stock htc mt3g 1.2 running 1.6 out of the box.
    Followed the directions EXACTLY and read through a couple of times, and watched the videos.
    Running the cyanogen mod you had on here. I love it so far. Will probably try others later.
    Thanks so much for all your hard work. You made it easy for an old tech to have some fun.
    It did take a few hours of researching but worth it.
    I used a sandisk 2gb card I got at radioshack for 13 bucks with adapter. Worked just fine.
    The HEX programmer opens the card as read only by default, so may want to mention that.
    Also I had to take the battery out to restart after step three. The first Magic boot was also scarily slow.
    All in all a fun and interesting process plus it gave me an excuse to chat up the hot radio shack geek chick. lol.

  178. Bradley I had the same problem. You can get the HTC USB drivers by telling windows to find them for you.
    It will download a package from HTC called download and install and read my other post. Hope that helps

    1. Because for the most part CM 6 runs like butt on the myTouch 1.2/Fender. There are a few people who get lucky and don’t have issues, but the majority of people with this phone have had major issues with lag.

      Plus, the major point of this tutorial is to get you rooted. If people want to try different ROM’s, feel free to go and flash a new one.

  179. This tut is a lil too hard…:( im running donut and i need to run froyo or sumthing!!! i tried and tried still nothing something wrong with recovery flasher

  180. I’ve installed this on my mytouch 3g now, i’m unable to receive a phone signal to complete the gmail sign in, what should i do ?

  181. Whats your fastboot info showing (back+power)? You probably didn’t flash back to the original radio/hboot after you got done.

  182. Hi I recently rooted my mytouch 1.2 fender in I have cynogenmod 6.0 in I turned on my phone in it booted up until I noticed when press the home button it want work or nome of the other buttons besides the power button in the volume button so can someone please help me I would appreciate it

  183. im doing the whole thing and it all flows swimmingly until i get to the last step i have re started twice and i know i have done everything right. but on step 13. when i reboot it just sits (frozen like) and all the screen says is HTC Magic. its been a while and my phone is useless atm. the first time i did it it seemed to be working well but it would say force close (something like that its not exact) and i didnt have service at all (like not even connected to a network) and it was useless so i tried re installing and now my phone is reduced to just plastic lol

    please reply im very frustrated and need help i miss my phone =[ im thinking of just un rooting? =[ but i dont want to please help

  184. ok, check this out, i got it going BUT i keep getting force closes and im not able to make calls or do anything but look at the home screens, please help!!

    1. Did you do a full wipe when you flashed the ROM (system/cache/Davik-cache)? Either way, go back and do a full wipe then try flashing the ROM again.

  185. DId everything with cyanogenmod 6 on tmobile mytouch 3g 1.2 and i constantly get force close making it impossible to use data & make calls/text. have no idea what went wrong tried redoing it several times with same effect… Also one click root method did not work the drivers are installed correctly… not having any luck with this phone!

    1. If you haven’t resolved the issue, just go into the recovery menu and wipe the cache, and reboot the phone. It worked like a charm for me.

    2. I’m a little new to rooting my mytouch 1.2 and I follow theunlockr way of doing things and ended up with a phone that get stuck on the htc magic screen i can use fastboot and hboot but no recovery. when in fastboot my phones says

      Oct 21 2009,22:33:27

      :/ please help

  186. hboot will not load…any suggestions?

    I formatted the SD card, twice. I have check and double checked. I have followed the steps perfectly. I must be missing something…something to do with

  187. I found I had a problem after the initial startup with constant force closes in a couple of the system processes. Wiping the cache from the recovery menu made the difference there.

    The problem that I AM running into though, is that I am now burning through my battery at about twice the rate I was using it with the original T-Mobile/HTC rom. I’m using mostly the same settings and software as far as I can tell. The only other difference I can see is that where the processor was gimped at a max of 384MHz, it’s now able to run at the full 528 when the load dictates, otherwise, it still scales the processor clock.

    1. Ok. I found that on the day I had such a battery drain, I had my wifi turned on all day. Since then, I’ve been pretty diligent about keeping it off if I don’t need it, and my battery is lasting more like it used to with the stock T-Mobile Rom. It’s still going down faster, but it’s probably more like it should be now.

  188. I had a problem with the hboot. I get an error message every time I try to update it. It says no image or wrong image. I am using an kingston 2gb if that and I created a goldcard with it. please help!!

    1. Artie, I am by no means an expert.

      I suspect based on what I’ve read, that you made a boo-boo when you created your gold card.

      First thing I’d suggest is remake the gold card. Start first with a format in the phone, and then follow the steps step-by-step exactly as they walk you through it. The page that inverts the hex code for you now automatically puts the 2 zero’s in front of the number now so you don’t need to do that.

      I had absolutely zero trouble with this whole process from start to finish and successfully rooted my phone with the Cyanogen mod they cover here on this page.

      Once you’re finished, boot the recovery console, and wipe the cache then reboot the phone. It should all be golden at that point in time.

    1. This is what it is supposed to do. Now download the files and place them in your AndroidSDK tools folder, boot into fastboot mode, plug in your phone to the computer through USB and using the command prompt, flash the files using the fastboot commands in the instructions.

  189. ok so i followed everything perfect after i did the update and rebooted it got stuck at the htc screen and nothing happens i tried everything and now when i try to dl any of the files above it asks for a password