I. Read Before You Begin

1. Try the procedure as is first, then if you get a backup failed response from flash rec come back to this section for what you need to do BEFORE using the rest of the procedure.

Orange UK Users – Please downgrade your ROM version to using this HTC Program. Then you can follow the rest of this procedure as it is written. Good luck!

Orange Spain Users – Just continue with the procedure as written, should work fine for you 🙂

Unbranded European Users – Please downgrade your ROM version to 1.76.405.1 using this HTC Program. Then you can follow the rest of this procedure as it is written. Good luck!

Sprint Users – Please downgrade your ROM version to 1.29.651.1 using this HTC Program. Then you can follow the rest of this procedure as it is written. Good luck!

T-Mobile UK Users – Please downgrade your ROM version to using this HTC Program (link is gone, if anyone knows where to find the RUU please post a link). Then you can follow the rest of this procedure as it is written. Good luck!

If None of The Above Worked For You – You may need to do things the hard way (goldcard method), do this procedure and then come back and follow the rest of this procedure.

II. Let’s Get Started

1. On your phone, goto Settings, Applications, and make sure Unknown source is checked ON.

2. On your phone, goto Settings, SD card and phone storage, and click Unmount SD card.

3. Then click Format SD card (it should automatically remount after this).

4. Plug the phone into the compuer via USB, then pull down the notification bar and click on the SD card notification. Then click mount.

5. Download this APK and recovery image and save it to your computer:

FlashRec.apk (Updated 01/10/2010)
Amon Ra’s Hero Recovery Image (Updated 01.10.10)

6. IMPORTANT UPDATE: Do NOT follow the video instructions from this point on (use them as a visual aid only!) We have replaced the Cyanogen Recovery Image with the Amon Ra one  so when it says anything about the Cyanogen Recovery Image, just ignore that and put the Amon Ra one in it’s place. This is VERY IMPORTANT when typing into the FlashRec program. You will NOT be typing what is written in the video, type what is written here in this procedure instead!

7. Save both the recovery-RA-heroc-v1.5.2 and the FlashRec.apk to your computer, then copy them both to your SD card (do NOT put them inside any folders on the SD card, just put them on the SD card itself).

8. Unplug the phone from the computer once they are downloaded to the SD card.

9. Goto the Market and download Linda File Manager or any file manager program if you do not already have one.

10. Open the file manager and goto SDCard and then find the FlashRec apk file and click it. If asked tell it to use Package Installer to open it. It should automatically install the apk.

11. Open the FlashRec program and click on Backup Recovery Image and wait for it to finish.

12. Once done, click on the empty text box in the FlashRec program and type (again remember we have replaced the recovery image from the one in the video so type what is written here, NOT what is written in the video!):


Then click on the Flash Custom Recovery Image button (this button might say something else in different versions of Flashrec, but similar to this) and wait for it to finish.

13. Turn off the phone and turn it on into Recovery mode by holding down Home and Power to turn it on (keep holding until the recovery screen comes up has a bunch of text on a black background). So long as that screen comes up, you have done it correctly and can now go on to the How to Load a ROM video for your appropriate device!

14. To get Root access you MUST go to the next video mentioned above and load a custom ROM.

Reported Issues

Issue: It says Backup Failed/Flash Failed when trying to use the FlashRec program to flash the custom recovery image.

Solution: Try the older version of FlashRec (version 1.1.2).

Issue: When I download the FlashRec.apk it shows up as a .zip not an apk.

Solution: No problem. Do NOT extract it, just simply replace the .zip with .apk and then proceed with the procedure.

Issue: I don’t see the Flash Custom Recovery Image button (or anything similar).

Solution: This means you either are typing in the file name incorrectly or the file is not in the right place on the memory card. This button only shows up when you have the correct path in the text box and everything is spelled correctly.

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  • david .l

    where did you buy this phone at?

  • KCII

    Yeah where did how did you acquire the Hero I really want one!! And I watched the videos on rooting my G1 and loading the Hero Rom but Im still nervous on doing it. Please help.

  • Antony John


    I would like to take the time to offer my sincere thanks for ALL your help and obvious expertise.
    I am pleased to announce that my phone is finally ROOTED – **I could not have done it without your help**.
    These may be some silly questions (if so apologies!)

    1.If I was to install the original orange(my service provider) ROM – would that cause me to lose my root privileges?

    2.Is it possible to make my Hero dual boot so that I can boot into either the standard Hero ROM or boot into a custom ROM?

    3.Do you know of any PC app’s that I can install onto my pc(obviously) that will let me browse/write to the ROOT of my phone so that I can change the sounds – wallpapers etc?

    Last silly question (promise)

    4.SEE ABOVE – if there is no app available – how do I add/remove wallpapers sounds fonts and the like?

    In conclusion:

    You are an all round good guy – that doesn’t receive the thanks that you so rightly deserve:


    If this guy’s tutorials have helped you root your phone – have the decency to thank him.


    • Hello Anthony John,

      I truly appreciate it! Just glad to help 🙂

      As for your questions:

      1. Yes it will. You are better off using a custom ROM that was maybe based off of the Orange Original ROM (be patient though as ROMs for the Hero are just now starting to surface.
      2. No, clever idea though (for dual booting two different ROMs). But at the moment, don’t know of anyone working on something like that since there is no real reason to go back to an original ROM (the custom ROMs have the same features and more). Why would you want to goto the Original ROM?
      3. You don’t need to do that. You should be able to just put whatever song you want on your phone’s memory card and then use a program from the Market to set it as a ringtone, notification, etc. Same goes for the wallpaper, just save an image to your memory card then click Menu and Wallpapers to change to one of them.
      4. SEE ABOVE 🙂 Fonts on the other hand are a bit more tricky, there is a way to load different fonts onto a Dream or Magic, not sure if they have started doing it for the Hero yet… would have it somewhere buried in there though.

      Thanks again and tell your friends about my site!

    • joey

      wanted to know if this voids warnate

  • Paul Simpson

    At the risk of anyone thinking I am labouring a point. Could I please ask if you would include the internal root process in your tutorial because to be honest that is what everyone thought they were doing. You will probably say to update the Rom but I am a noob am that does not mean a lot. I am just trying to pick it all up and I’m confused to say the least.

    • Hello Paul Simpson,

      Lol, I was about to say load a ROM actually 🙂
      It’s really easy and it’s going to be addicting once you figure out how to do it 😉 (and once more ROMs come out for the Hero…)

      So did you do this procedure first? If you hold down Home and Power when turning on the phone do you get the Recovery Image?
      If so then just follow these instructions, let me know if you get stuck:
      How To Load a Custom ROM

  • Phil Levy

    Thanks for so much valuable information – I take it that if I do this and then flash with the MoDaCo ROM, I will have to reconfigure all my Orange settings manually? Therefore if I hold back and wait for an Orange-based ROM is there any other benefit of doing the first step now – what would I boot into after doing the first step?

  • J Brown

    Hi Dave

    Top work – thanks a lot. Two questions.

    1) If it all goes wrong, or I simply don’t like the ROMs – how can I revert to the original ROM ( Orange UK )?

    2) If I update the ROM – will I still be able to use the factory updates ( HTC )

    I use a Mac, so am trying to avoid anything that requires a PC.

    Thanks again for your work !

  • scoopex

    FlashRec.apk downloads as a .zip file and not a standalone .apk file.

    • Hello Scoopex,

      That is your computer doing that. Try changing the .zip at the end to .apk and then put it on your memory card.

  • stanleyj

    flash failed…….what is wrong?

  • zak


    is this a normal root? is it the same as the last 1 you shown here but only in a faster way?

    • Hello Zak,

      This method loads a custom recovery image so you can then goto the next video and load the custom ROM. If you do both videos you will have your normal WWE Hero and root access (with a few other optimizations) and it is much faster and easier than the old method.

  • Alex Ja

    One question though, in a week or so there apparently will be an update for the HTC Hero, to fix the lag and other bugs, if rooting and applying a custom rom on our phones, will their update work for us? what will happen?

    Thanks in advance


      Rooting and loading a custom ROM will NOT effect the new update from HTC.
      The update will be from HTC as a download and not an over the air update. So you will just download it and install it over the custom ROM. It will erase everything and give you the update. You will lose root, but thats about it.
      Also after the Hero Update comes out, someone will make a custom ROM version of it within a few days of it coming out most likely and you can install that instead (or as well) and that will give you the update and root. Up to you.

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  • Simen Haugen

    and thanks for helping us scrubs out.
    What should I actually do once I get to the last system recovery screen as per your latest post? I just rebooted and it went fine.

    On an unrelated note, is it an error/settings problem with the phone when I get a full wi-fi signal but no browser/weather/mail access? Or something with my router?

    • Hello Simen Haugen,

      No problem!
      Goto the next video How To Load a Custom ROM, etc. and load a ROM. The one there is a nice touch on the standard ROM/

      No that sounds like your router if it connects to the Wifi but can’t get past the router to the internet…

  • Nik

    When you do the Backup Recovery Image, is that a backup of the original Image on the phone? Can you flash that back on if you want to revert?


  • Kenshiin

    Hello, first of all thanks for taking time to make this guide.

    After installing and opening Recovery Flasher successfully I press “Backup Recovery Image” and after it’s done I get “Backup FAILED”.

    Any ideas? Followed the previous steps as in the video.

    • Hello Kenshiin,

      Try formatting your memory card then start over.

    • Mozza

      The same happens to me, I have formatted SD card and re-tried multiple times but it wont work..

      Help please??

  • Kenshiin

    I didn’t find a solution for the problem but instead I followed the previous guide for rooting your Hero and it worked flawlessly!

    Thanks a lot

  • Kenshiin

    It worked, cheers mate.

  • Raju

    Hey I followed your rooting process, and then installed modacos newest custom rom using your one click method.

    Everything went fine, but then I realised that I dont have options to create partitions using the Cyanogen’s Hero Recovery Image as it was version 1.0

    Can I still flash the new Cyanogen’s Hero Recovery Image 1.4 without unrooting, or do I have to start all over again?

    Please help, thanx.

    • Hello Raju,

      Yes, you can. Just put the Cyanogen Recovery Image on the root of you SD (like you did before) and install the FlashRec.apk and use it to flash the new Recovery Image and that’s it.

  • One question.
    How to unroot my hero?

    • Hello Kurdak,

      We do not have a method for doing so on here yet. Check or just wait for HTC to release their Hero Update, if you install that it will unroot your phone automatically.

  • Raju

    Thanx for your help, unfortunately I am no longer able to backup, so I put my old recovery-backup file in the root of the sd card, now it allows me to select flash recovery 1.4 but it keeps saying flashing failed.

    I’v tried formatting the card but still no good, any ideas? thanx for your help again in advance.

  • Raju

    I can no longer use recovery flasher, it says “Application Not Installed
    Recover flasher could not be installed on this Phone”

    • Hello Raju,

      Format the card, factory reset the phone, redownload the FlashRec.apk and the recovery image and put them on your SD card and then try again.

  • Raju

    I’v tried all the methods u have mentioned, backup keeps failing, so I skip backup and try flashing, that also fails, regardless, Thank you for all your effort into this.

  • HoaH!

    Thanks for this guide, but..

    ..did the “1-click procedure”. All went well, boot screen appeared after pressing + as expected. But when entering ConnectBot I still get “permission error” when entering the su-command? Wtf?

    • Hello Hoah!,

      That is because you need to goto the next procedure, how to load a custom rom etc. and load a custom ROM to have internal root access. This procedure only gives you external root to load custom roms, if you want internal root you have to load a ROM.

  • HoaH!

    ..should say “..after pressing ‘power’ + ‘home’…”

  • HoaH!

    Well… trying it again from the top. Definately don’t have root. Didn’t format my sd first time around, so will try that now..

    “Keep on muddling…” (Larry Laffer)

  • HoaH!

    After muddling along abit I realized just that. 🙂 So this is really more of a “how to change bootloader” than “how to get root”. Well… new rom it is then.. Thanks alot for your prompt replies 🙂

  • Chris O’Doherty

    Hi, downloaded the flashrec.apk from the link above. The download is a .zip folder with numerous sub-folders, none of which are labelled flashrec.apk?

    • Hello Chris O Doherty,

      Some browsers change it to .zip instead of .apk. Do NOT take anything out of it, just rename the .zip to .apk and continue.

  • Raju

    Does anyone have any idea as to why it keeps saying backup failed/Flash Failed when trying to flash Cyanogen’s Hero Recovery Image 1.4

    I’v formatted the card, even tried different cards.

    Is there a more updated recovery flasher

  • Thomas


    “After installing and opening Recovery Flasher successfully I press “Backup Recovery Image” and after it’s done I get “Backup FAILED”

    This also happened to me.

    Help please!!

  • Par


    Why does my computer save the FlashRec.apk file as i zip file? Can’t follow the steps because in the file manager i only open up the FlashRec.apk file and see the content of it.

    • Hello Par,

      Change the name of the to FlashRec.apk and put it on your memory card. Then use Linda File Manager and click on the Apk fle and choose Package Installer to open it when it asks and you should be fine.
      Your computer does that because the way an APK file is set up is basically a Zip file so the computer just assumes its a .zip since apks are new and it doesnt know what that is. Just change it back and no problem.

  • Hello.

    What is the Backup Recovery Image?
    When I use it, I go back to original ROM?

    • Hello Kurdak,

      It backs up your recovery image… lol
      You won’t need to go back to the backed up recovery image though, we just need to push that button to let the program allow us to flash the recovery image we want. Then you continue from there.

  • OK, I know this, but my question is, if I use this, to my hero back to orginal ROM ? sorry for my poor english.

    • Hello Kurdak,

      Oh ok, sorry I misunderstood.
      No it will not bring you back to your original ROM, it simply brings back the old recovery image (which is separate from the ROM).

  • So if I press Home + Power button if I have a standard program or the modified?

  • bling

    mines got stuck on the my touch 3g screen

    • Hello Bling,

      Please read the Reported Issues for a fix.

    • Hello Bling,

      You are doing the HTC Hero procedure (for the HTC Hero phone) NOT the MyTouch procedure… goto the MyTouch procedure and do that one instead.

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  • mario

    i done the old method to install root and got the $ # sign in cmd but couldnr get apps working with root.

    i used this 1 method version and when i run su filemanager it doesnt work because it needs root.

    what am i doing wrong? im using g2

    • Hello Mario,

      You need to load a custom ROM in the next procedure to get internal root access (to have root access for your applications in other words). Goto the next procedure.

      ALSO, when you say G2, you are referring to the European T-Mobile UK G2, right? Not an HTC Magic?

  • annie

    i download both files but the flashrec.apk is a zip file so im getting confused do u have to unzip them both, im bit stuck help would be apreciated

    • Hello Annie,

      Some computers (browsers) turn the apk into a zip file. Do NOT open it. Just click on it and change the .zip to .apk and you are all set.

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  • mario

    yes im using tmobile g2 aka hero

    seem to have root working now but cant seem to backup my paid apps via terminal

    this is a guide i was following

    * Enter cd /data/app-private/ to enter your protected App directory.
    * With ls you can see the contents (apps) in the directory.
    * Enter cp filename.apk /sdcard to copy an app of your choosing to your sdcard.

    cp: not found

    • Hello Mario,

      CP not found sounds like Busybox is not installed (it is the program that allows you to do things like Copy stuff (aka CP).
      You will need a ROM with busybox in it first to do that method (although that would defeat why you are backing them up I would assume…).

  • Dave (wants his hero to be faster)

    Hi. First of all, Mr Unlockr, great job you are doing a great service, really helping people out. I have had my hero for about 2 weeks, and it is starting to lag (despite taskiller etc). Please could you simply list the order of what to do, as this is all very new to me. Is this video the first thing to do, then install a ROM? Then is that it?? Where does backing up and formatting memory cards fit into it.

    Cheers mate, Dave

    • Hello Dave,

      Mine was slowing down too and I did this procedure and the next one (with the updated ROM) and works 10x better now.
      Just do this procedure (read the procedure and use the video as a visual aid) and then goto the second procedure How to Load a Custom ROM onto Your Hero and do that one. There is no formatting or partitioning required for the Hero phone (that is only for people without a Hero trying to put the Hero ROM on their phone).
      Good luck!

  • Ben

    Hi Need to ask is it possible just to rooted the phone but I dont want to change the original rom ? Thank you

  • mario

    where can i get busy box as an application or is it in a rom? the file that i flashed with your guide, was that a rom?

    sorry for being n00b

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  • Ralph

    Thanks for the tutorial. It worked wonders!! I’m just not sure exactly what to do now that it’s Rooted and Loaded with a custom ROM.

    Most of the guides and tutorials are based on G1 Devs. Cant find too many infos on the Hero scene. Can someone point me on the right direction?

    • Hello Ralph,

      Your very welcome!
      Well, the truth is that there are a lot more G1 users than Hero users. As the Hero becomes more popular, more people will start to develop for them. XDA (and here, of course) are still the best places to check for new updates for the Hero ROMs.
      In the meantime, you can download programs from the Market that have Require Root Access in them and use those… Not too mention the Wifi Tethering program that comes in the ROM is awesome 🙂

  • TK

    I am completely new to all this rooting/installing custom ROM- and so was wondering if there are any known risks if I want to root/custom my HTC Hero which I have on Orange UK contract?? I hear I could do a Nandroid backup so I could roll back incase something goes wrong??

    • Hello TK,

      There is no risks with having a rooted phone, only benefits 🙂
      The risk is in doing the procedure wrong (but it is pretty easy). Once you do this How To Root procedure, it automatically backs up the recovery image (so you can switch back no problem) and then once you have that recovery image you can just click Nandroid backup and then proceed to the next procedure (How To Load a Custom ROM) and if anything happens you can always revert back using Nandroid from the Recovery screen.

  • TK

    Ive used the steps you showed here to root my HTC hero;
    on step 10- after I click ”backup recovery image”….after a few good seconds it says ”backup failed”
    Now ive read thru some posts here and saw some other people having the same problem. Reading your replies to them- I formatted my SD card and started over- but still getting the same ”backup failed” message.
    Hoping it might work, I also tried to follow the steps in your old video for rooting hero- but that didnt work either (I get ”device not found” when I type adb shell mount/system on command prompt)
    What shall I do now??? Help please 🙁

  • AMZ

    I’m new to android and rom things , I want to root my phone but I’m hesitated , I want to know would I be able to download OTA updates , and what is this nandroid backup ? how can I do it , do I need a program to do it ?
    I know its noob questions , but like what I have said I’m new to this , thanks .

    • Hello AMZ,

      Don’t be weary 🙂 You would not be able to receive OTA updates but that is because we usually have the OTA updates here for download BEFORE they come out for OTA 🙂 (Someone gets it first then loads it up on the internet and developers perfect it and we put it up before you would probably even get it OTA).
      Nandroid backup is built in to the Recovery Image (just do this procedure, its easy and you cant mess anything up) and you can use the Nandroid back up to save stuff before you start getting into the stuff that can affect the phone (loading ROMs etc.).
      Good luck!

  • AMZ

    Oh thanks .

    I will be doing it today then !!

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  • Joe

    Hi guys,

    I keep receiving the “Backup failed” message when I’m doing the backup recovery procedure, just like TK described it. I’ve formatted the SD card from within the phone’s menu (HTC Magic, 32 A), yet nothing happens.


  • Joe

    Update: I’ve just restarted the phone and it worked.

  • SDMR

    I have the same problem as TK. Cannot get round “Backup FAILED” in step 10. Any suggestions?

  • SDMR

    I solved my own problem by restarting the device!!

  • TK

    Ive managed to root my hero finally- and ive installed Modaco’s custom rom- its all sooooo cool 🙂
    Everything running smooth 🙂
    Ohh- and for anyone whose having problems when backing up the recovery image (get ”backup failed”)- just try a different sd card (formatted); thats how I got mine working in the end 🙂

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  • Crudz

    awesome and easy! thank you so much for this, really do appreciate the work you put into this

  • jake

    Hey Unlockr!

    Thanks for your help earlier. I installed the ‘Toggle headset’ and that resolved the problem.

    On a more serious note, after rooting my Hero, I tried to apply a theme to my phone via ‘’. When I rebooted, my phone was hanging on the screen with the animated Hero icon. The problem is that I did not back up my phone. I’ve even tried a factory reset but I still get stuck on this screen. Please tell me what I should do? I hope my phone is not bricked!



    • Hello Jake,

      Where did you find a theme for the Hero? Dont try to install a theme not meant for your phone.

      To fix it just put the MoDaCo ROM on your SD, rename it to, boot into recovery, do a wipe, then apply and you should be fine, dont panic 🙂

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  • dlads

    Hi all,

    I just applied the orange update and it sucks balls, i compared it to this with a few simple tests and this one is way quicker, possibly due to the extra settings this patch gives, but overall, the orange one was was slower so if you havent already got this one THEN GET IT, IT BLITZES THE ORANGE ONE BY A COUNTRY MILE.

    F u orange i had faith in you man.
    Let me down big time, by the way my phones a HTC Hero on orange and i think i was one of the lucky few to get mine in the first few days of it being released so this ROM is welcomed lol.

    Laters, gr8 work keep it up.

  • alfredB

    please help.

    after clicking on Backup Recovery Image, the phone prompted “Backup Failed”.

  • Spider86

    Hi got a totally noob question, I want to get root access and install a custom ROM to my Hero, but will doing this mean i lose data on the SD card such as photos, and does it mean i will have to reinstall all the apps i have installed previously?? Or will everything still be there?
    Thanks – Chris.

    • Hello Spider86,

      You will lose data (because it requires a wipe) but nothing on your SD card. Just incase though just backup everything from the SD and save it to your computer before you begin and sync your contacts with Google or save them to your SIM card and then no worries 🙂

  • krime2001

    No matter how long i hold the power & home buttons on my T-Mobile branded HTC Hero (G2 Touch), it wont go to the ‘recovery’ screen wont load. It just stays on the initial screen that comes on when you power up with ‘G2 Touch’ in big letters and T Mobile underneath. Is this a specifically T-Mobile problem? Has anyone with a T-Mobile G2 managed to root their phone?

  • Dew

    Hello Mr. Unlockr,

    Thanks for the videos I can root my hero smoothly. However, I have a question about installing other languages fonts after rooted my hero using the “1 click” method. What will be the proper way to install the fonts? I found out several websites doing it after rooting it from the previous method (access through cmd command). Will I be able to follow them since I need to download all the Android SDK,, and the fonts I want to install? Is there any easier way to do so?Thanks

  • japher

    For anyone getting the ‘backup FAILED’ message when trying to complete step 10:

    Try downloading Task Killer from the market and using it to kill any unnecessary background tasks (Peep, Gmail, Settings, Installer, etc etc). I was getting this message until I killed all the tasks that looked non-essential. After doing this, the backup succeeded.

    With a pretty empty Hero the backup took only a couple of seconds.

  • jt

    Same issue with the failed back up. Could it be cos i’m using the latest patch released by HTC? Any workaround for this? I really want to root my fone thanks!

  • Pete

    Hi thanks! I rooted my Hero without a problem with this !!

  • Mike

    I did your procedures as written but when I went to restart to recovery screen it won’t go…I hope I didn’t brick my phone…Please help!!

    • Hello Mike,

      No you are fine. You didn’t finish the procedure 🙂 You have to goto the next video (link at the bottom of the procedure) and load a custom ROM.

  • Mike

    I can still boot to the stock, but not to recovery…So at least my phone isn’t bricked…but I don’t understand why I won’t go to recovery…Did I do something wrong?

    • Hello Mike,

      Start over, then once you get the recovery screen up, go to the next video procedure (How To Load a Custom ROM) and go from there.

  • AC

    I got a fail flash error when I do backup

  • angel


  • SB168

    Just want to know after I load the custom ROM, can I back to the original config to repair the mobile under warranty??

    • Hello SB168,

      Yes, you can unroot by just loading the regular update on HTCs site for the Hero. Once you did that you could send it in for warranty without any issue.

  • hello, im a complete noob when it comes to this kind of upgrade, i just bought my G1 and i want to upgrade to HTC Hero but honestly im a little scared. Do i have to root or jailbreak my phone before being able too upgrade too HTC Hero? Or can i just go straight too HTC Hero? If so please provide link. I read a lot of comments on youtube videos and alot of people are having problems, which kind of concerns me. Im worried in going to run into a problem and mess up my phone. I hear that your the best guy to talk too if i have any ?’s…Im sorry if im reasking any questions that have been previously asked thanks! Ps if theres a website for HTC Hero for dummies let me know haha

    • Hey Sonny,

      “Hero for dummies website”, think we might be the closest thing to that lol
      First off dont be scared. The procedure is easier than ever and regardless I have yet to see a phone get permanently screwed.
      Go to the How To Root the G1 in One Click procedure, then while the phone is still in recovery mode (dont worry, youll know what that is when you get to it lol) immediately go to the How To Load a Custom ROM etc procedure and do that (all 4 sections) and you will be all set.
      Good luck!

  • SB168

    it still shows Backup FAILED even I formatted the SD card and restart the device, any suggestion to solve it??

  • SB168

    just found that my rom version is 2.73.721.9 and kernel is 2.6.27. Is it the main reason for Backup FAILED??

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  • atasa

    step 11 will not give me that option.:-((((
    will only have 3 buttons:
    Download Recovery Image
    Restore Backup Image
    Reboot into Recovery Mode

  • MrJ1s78

    Im stuck on the G1 screen! Break it easy to me Doc!!!

    • Hello MrJ1s78,

      G1 screen? You realize your doing the procedure for the HTC Hero phone, you need to goto the How To Root the G1 procedure… lol

  • Brett

    Hey unlockr..

    I rooted my hero a while back using the Cynagen image an ur instructions.. i have flashed a custom rom an then ame across the new image, amon ra.. i am having trouble flashing the new image, i am unable to format my sd card.. it says it formats then wont reconect an mount… i still copied the files onto my card an when i am in lindas file manager it says “open parent folder of … after manually wiping my SD card i decided to do a nandroid bakup..

    i have tried using my 2gb SD card aswel an i have the same issue… hopefully u can help.. cheers.. brett

    • Hello Brett,

      The error tells you what is wrong 🙂 The .apk has a .zip at the end so the phone thinks its a .zip.
      You need to remove the .zip at the end of the file so it is viewed as a .apk (should have an icon of a little android).

  • setupr

    The new version of flushrec shows
    [flush] button only after
    [Download Recovery Image].

    and it try to find the right cm-recovery-*.img for your phone.

    Check it is right image or not by file name.

    • Hello Setupr,

      You should not need to download the recovery image they have, just hit backup recovery image and then type the recovery image we gave you’s name (look at the instructions for what to type exactly) and then Flash Custom Recovery Image will no longer be greyed out (assuming you spelled everything right and didn’t put any spaces where they dont belong).

  • Brett

    thanks for your quick reply.. i extracted the zip folder an now i think the issue is i am unable to format the sd card.. when i choose unmount, format is doesnt automatically remount an i dont think it actually formats.. i dont know what to do.. 🙁

    • Hello Brett,

      You are not supposed to extract it. You need to change if from a .zip to a .apk.
      Google how to do that on your specific computer. I know with Windows 7 you can just right click it and change it in that menu.

  • Keigosky

    Dear All,

    I believe HTC have started their attack on the new Asia Roms, by locking the Hboot/CID, which now many of us who is holding on to Asia stock image is stuck.
    which i think many having problem with rooting for now.

    which is also why we face error in Asia
    Dear Asia User, if your Hero version is as below, please be aware that you cant use the above method as yet till someone found a new solution for us,
    I also tried “FastBoot” which is also impossible.

    Kernel 2.6.27-44690c1a ,
    build 2.73.707.9 ,
    Software 1.0.0.A6288 ,
    HBoot 1.76.0007,
    Phone type EBI1/32A

    I just hope someone could save us soon.
    thank you so much for your efforts.

  • JK21


    when I tried to run the “flashrec-1.1.2-20090909.apk” from Linda File Manager, the message “Recovery Flasher could not be installed on this phone” popped out.

    I’ve followed exactly the previous steps mentioned and just got stuck there. What could have gone wrong?

    Any suggestions or similar experiences? Sorry for being a n00b here.


  • Jason

    Hi Bro,

    I followed your original tutorial and reworked my orange uk phone to have cyanogen and 2.2 modaco roms, it all worked spot on but, the handset became faulty so i need a new one. i have backed everything up and as i made a backup when i started with nadroid, have restored that, now I want to know, how do I remove the cyanogen mod, so you cant boot into that option by holding down home and start??

  • atasa

    Hello TheUnlockr and setupr,
    It is not possible to flash and also not possible to run other than cm image. I don’t see ant Flash Custom Recovery Image Button.

    I get the message
    Flash FAILED: Could not run command

  • Rob

    Having some trouble rooting my hero, when I get into the FlashRec program I don’t get the empty box and two options saying “Flash Amon Ra Recovery 1.4” and “Restore Back up recovery image”… Instead I get a box which says and two boxes underneath saying “Download Recovery Image” and “Restore Backup Image” When I click “Restore Backup Image” I goto a screen which has the same text box and then 3 buttons which say….Flash Recovery Image, Restore Backup Image, and Reboot into Recovery Mode..

    Any Ideas? Thanks

    • Hello Rob,

      Click the Backup recovery image button first. Then you can put the text into the empty text box above and when you enter it in correctly it will let you click Flash Custom Recovery Image

  • Rob

    I don’t get a Backup Recovery Image button. I have two buttons named:
    Download Recovery Image and Restore Back Up Image (Is this the one you mean)? When I do click Restore Back Up Image, I get three buttons names
    “Flash Recovery Image, Restore Backup Image, and Reboot into Recovery mode”

    Have also just tried a factory reset on my phone but it freezes on reboot at just saying “HERO” on the screen, took battery out and booted up all apps still there and SD Card not working properly says “SD Card (Shared)” when I go into Linda App Manager

  • Rob

    SD card said Shared cos I hadn’t unplugged it…dur… however I found the Cyanogen file from a friend and used that and it worked flawlessly for me so i’ve managed it, thanks anyway man!

    • Hello Rob,

      Glad you got it working! Hey would you mind posting the link or send it to us in the Contact Us section so we can post it up for others?

  • Rob

    I used the files that you previously had posted up here, cm-hero-recovery.img and the 20090815.apk flashrec file, but the link they are hosted on is

  • Ari

    Tried to Flash it but got 2 buttons only:
    1. download recovery image
    2. restore backup image

    This was done after ive backup my image. But i dont see the “Flash Recovert Image” button…. help

    • Hello Ari,

      Do the download recovery image then and use that one. Then you can manually flash the one we want you to use later.

  • Ari

    did that and then i click on Flash Recovery Image. As soon as i try to type something in the box, the button becomes “download recovery image”. How do i go about this?

  • Ari

    I tried it from scratch, still no luck… the “Flash Recovery Image button” is not there

  • ST

    Hi Unlockr,

    I’ve already undertaken the HTC Rom upgrade on my Hero. I’ve been told that this now blocks any attempt to root? Is that true or will the above instructions work?

  • MySQL

    Dear The Unlockr

    May I have a permission for this article to be translated in Thai by myself

    cause of many thai people still unknow about how to root in Hboot after 1.76.000007

    Thank you

    • Hello MySQL,

      Yes, of course. You could do it easier though by telling them to goto and then copying and pasting the website url into the box and Google will translate for you.

  • taz


    maybe u shd include a note that the below hero config cannot be rooted, seems like many ppl with this rom (including myself) are looking for solution.

    Kernel 2.6.27-44690c1a ,
    build 2.73.707.9 ,
    Software 1.0.0.A6288 ,
    HBoot 1.76.0007,
    Phone type EBI1/32A

    • Hello taz,

      Have your solution. Do the new hero unroot procedure then you can use this procedure just fine 🙂
      Ill put a note in here for others shortly.

  • taz

    nope, currently still no rooting solution to my hero with that rom.

    from what i gather, flashrec do not work as htc has patch up the flaw

    • Hello Taz,

      You need to do our unrooting the Hero procedure and then come back to this and it works (just did it on My Hero which it didn’t work on before).

      • newbiw

        Hi Unlocker

        i have installed the official 2.1 Rom on my HTC Hero, how can i root my phone to install other roms out there ? when i follow your method postedm i get 2 button

        1 Download image file
        2 backup Recovery image

        the Download Image file is greyed out and the backup recovery image is available, when i click backup Recovery image i get this error message “Backup FAILED: could not run command

        phone info:
        Firmware version: 2.1 Update 1
        Baseband version:
        Kernal Version: 2.6.29-36d5cd8d htc-kernel@and18-2 #1
        Build number: 3.34.707.1 CL194466 release-keys
        software number: 3.34.707.1
        phone type EBI1/32A

        please help me out here, hope to hear from you soon, thanks in advance.

  • taz

    hmm… let me try when i get home after work.
    i remember trying to flash to other rom & they don’t seem to work due so some security issue.

    btw my hero comes with build 2.73.707.9

    will update again once i try

    • Hello Taz,

      The unrooting procedure flashes an HTC signed ROM so the phone won’t stop it. It will work as if it was a real update from them (because it is, it’s just an old one). Should be fine after that. Let us know if it works for your build.

  • taz


    i tried & unable to load the rom as described in the unrooting process. happen too fast & im unable to get a screen shot of the RUU failure.
    it displayed something like customer or custom id failure.

    so asian hero sets with build 2.73.707.9 will not able to do anything for now, rooting or loading to other roms. believe can only do so when htc release a new rom for these asian sets

    • Hello Taz,

      I found the South East Asia RUU here, but it’s build 2.73.728.5 so it’s after yours. We need to find a build BELOW 2.73 (that is when they made the change to the firmware). Try and look with Google for any version below that. If you find it let me know.
      Other than that, I wonder if the old Goldcard method for the Magic would work on the Hero…. search for the word Goldcard on our site and you’ll see what Im talking about.

  • taz


    first of all, a BIG THANKQ for being so patient with me.

    unfortunately, 2.73.707.9 is the first rom for the asian sets (singapore, malaysia, thai….) when first launched.

    someone did mention in xda that the last 4 digits of the rom version actually is used to indicate the different region. im not really sure which is the problem here, the rom 2.73.707.9 or the hboot 1.76.0007. many said rom in the asian sets are the “perfected” rom where they patch the flaw, that’s why we are unable to use the flashrec method for the recovery image.

    someone also did mention abt the goldcard method in xda. i’ve yet to read up on it, thus won’t try yet. think a better understanding is safer… hehehhe… i took a quick browse through your instructions, wow… seems lengthy & complicated. will definitely watch it tomorrow, it’s after 3am now. been troubleshooting my home internet, no idea what my sis did to it, finally just got it up

    hmmm…. i wonder if the local htc care center is able to flash hero rom to the wwe version… think i call them & screw them first & then make the request. i’ve been sending many emails on the bugs found & i solve them myself which rather pissed me off, they are not “helpful” at all or shd i say the product is not tested extensively enough.

    will keep u guys updated on the progress
    *cross fingers*

  • taz

    someone posted in xda that the goldcard don’t work as well

    • Hello Taz,

      But if it works then you can do the one click root after to get the correct recovery image.
      Just the only option I can see for you at the moment.

  • cklooi

    Hi unlockr,

    Just a quick question. Why there is a need to flash to other ROM after done the process above? I am currently using official HTC ROM (Updated version). Isn’t it true that the phone has gain root access as long as “superuser” command is loaded to the phone?

    by the way, i think my phone can’t be rooted yet after reading conversation between you and taz. Mine is SEA HTC HERO too.

    Thanks for reading my query.

    • Hello CKlooi,

      The recovery image just gives you external root access so you can load ROMs, the ROMs themselves have internal root access built in (and you can use Modaco’s ROM and you won’t have any difference between your current ROM and his besides gaining root access).
      It is MUCH easier to do that than to push SU over to the phone and get it setup, so we just recommend doing that instead (since there is only benefits in doing so).

      Try it, worst that happens is it blocks you from flashing. Let us know if it works.

  • hmptec


    Tried this procedure on a T-Mobile G2 Touch. All seems to work OK, but cannot get into recovery mode. Holding down Home & Power buttons just boots into normal mode. Any ideas please? Thanks

  • hmptec

    Further to my previous post, I notice that I just get the option to flash ‘recovery image’, not ‘custom recovery image’. Any ideas please? Thanks again

  • taz


    i went thru your goldcard videos, & the first flashing is on the hboot file (1.33.2005 HBoot), am i right? that is only for magic sets.
    now im quite unsure if the asian rom 2.73.707 or the hboot 1.76.0007 that is stopping us from flashing the custom recovery.
    i only noticed ppl with 1.76.0004 are able to root successfully without problems.

    btw, anyone tried using the goldcard method to change hboot to 1.76.0004?

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  • Romano

    Hai were did you gget the wallpaper you had on your hero in the video

    • Hello Romano,

      I got it in the Wallpaper app in the Market under the Abstract category I think lol Matches the White phone nicely right?

  • BibiTurtle

    Hi TheUnlockr,

    I have a build: 2.73.728.5 (asian) brown htc hero. This asian hero does not come with android market since android market is not available in asia, however i live in Canada, so it should be available to me:

    i have a few questions

    1. If i root my hero will the phone include android market.

    2. as Taz said from previous post, asia htc hero can not be rooted, but his build is 2.73.707.9 , which is slightly different from mine, so will mine work?

    3. I found from xda that notxel21 has the same model as me, the methods seems the same but is the ROM version different?…

    • Hello BibiTurtle,

      You technically should NOT get the Market just based on where you live, it is based on the model phone (and yours doesn’t have it). BUT we won’t tell if you don’t 🙂
      Give the rooting procedure a try (if it doesn’t work it’ll just stop you so its worth seeing). Do the How To Root the Hero in Once Click procedure and then goto the How To Load a Custom ROM procedure and load the Modaco ROM in the Downloads section and you’ll have your Market and much more 🙂
      Please post if it works and what your Build Number is etc so we can use it for testing to help those that it doesn’t work for, thanks!

  • BibiTurtle

    one last question, I’m using a 2gb microSD card but am planning on buying a 16gb in the future. So if i root my htc hero today with my 2gb microSD card, and if i swap to my 16gb one month from now, will my root htc hero not work anymore since all the apk application are download onto my sd card.

  • Phil Levy

    Thanks to yourself I’m already rooted with a custom ROM – however I would like to replace my Cyanogen recovery image with the newer Amon Ra. Can I just repeat the above procedure to overwrite the Cyanogen or do I have to do anything else as well?

    • Hello Phil Levy,

      No it wont let you flash a new recovery. Goto the Forums and click on Modifying/ROMs section under your phone and you’ll see How to flash a new recovery.
      Good luck!

  • BibiTurtle

    hi TheUnlockr,

    I just finished the “Root your Hero in 1 click” and “Load a custom ROM on your HTC Hero” and it works perfectly, Thank you very much. For those who’s hero (asian) does not come with android market, after installing a new custom ROM.. there was android market and it runs a lot smoother.

    Build Number:
    Baseband version:
    Kernel version: 2.6.27-8dd6deee htc-kernel@and18-2
    Build #:2.73.728.5 146733 CL#61267 release-keys
    Software version: 1.0.0.A6288

    Thanks again TheUnlockr =]

    • Hello BibiTurtle,

      Glad it worked! Thanks for letting us know!

  • Romano

    Hai thanks for your first reaction. But could you give a download link or can’t you say which app you have used because there are allot of wallpaper apps.

    • Hello Romano,

      I did, it’s called “Backgrounds” lol I think it’s by Stylem Media…

  • Leo

    Hi TheUnlockr,

    I am trying to root my HTC HERO that I bought in UK (device unlocked). Last week I upgrade my device with the RUU 2.73.405.5, so now I know that I need to downgrade my HTC Hero to RUU 1.76.405.6 to root my device. But I tried to downgrade with all RUU available bellow. (RUU_Hero_HTC_WWE_1.76.405.6_WWE_release_signed_NoDriver; RUU_Hero_HTC_WWE_1.76.405.1_R3_WWE_release_signed_NoDriver and RUU_Hero_T-Mobile_UK_2.73.110.26_release_signed_NoDriver) and it is not working.
    The message in the Cell screen says:

    HBOOT-1.76.0007 (HERO100000)
    Aug 4 2009,19:43:30


    Checking Main Version…
    Update Fail!

    What can I do?

    • Hello Leo,

      By upgrading to the new version you are on a Hero Build that can NOT be rooted at the moment. It blocks flashing the recovery so you gotta just check back later, people are working on it and should only be a matter of time.

  • Leo

    ok thanks

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  • asaf

    Hi TheUnlockr,

    is there a way to roor 2.73.707.9 version?
    if not how long do you thing it will take before we find a way?


    • Hello Asaf,

      Not yet, they are working on it though and I’m sure it will progress faster now that Sprint here in the US has picked up the Hero (and it has a similar version that can’t be rooted). So people wil be trying hard to get that phone rooted, once they do the method will most likely work for other Heros as well.
      Soon as there is one, we will have it here.

  • Niall

    Hi unlockr, I tried this process and think I have totally messed up my phone. When I tried to save the file so I could flash the recovery, I noticed that the Flash recovery box was grayed out, but the correct file was added to the root of the sd card. So I tried a different .img file (/sdcard/recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.2.img as this worked when I was rooting the Magic in the first place) It was also grayed out, so I tried to boot the phone by holding the power button and home key and it booted in root mode, but I noticed at the bottom of the screen the build was the dreamv1.2.2. As I thought this would be ok I then went through the next video – How to load a custom ROM. I wiped factory settings and ran the format fat32+exe2+swap, But since I have no adaptor I tried doing it the alternative way. But when the phone boots up I just keep getting the HERO welcome screen over and over again. What can I do to make it work correctly? Really need your help please!! Thanks.

    • Hello Niall,

      Boot into recovery and mount the SD card via the recovery image (there is an option at the bottom that says something about mount on). Then put a different rom on the sd card and rename it to like normal. Then click unmount in the recovery image and then click Wipe Data and then Apply update.

  • taz


    just to update, manage to update my asian set with rom 2.73.707 to 2.73.405. using the goldcard method which you recommended.
    but i did not try as a couple posted it doesnt work in xda, today i chk xda again jesterz managed to do it & do a write-up

    now im on 2.73.405, gonna flash custom rom in a while


    • Hello Taz,

      Would you mind explaining what you did a bit, or give a link to Jesterz qrite up? I’ll adapt it and make it easier and do a video for everyone. Really appreciate it.

  • ma
    • Hello Ma,

      Awesome thanks! I will adapt this today and do a video. It is almost identical to the How To Root the MyTouch (Goldcard) method we have listed here on the site… so shouldn’t be too hard to adapt.

  • taz

    did not check till now, sorry
    but like what ma posted, it’s abt the same as your instructions.
    really no idea why couple guys posted before goldcard do not work which make me reluctant to try as suggested by u. anyway, now all hero can be rooted, hooray…

  • pyrofates

    o.O Read a bunch… the reply i posted in “how to unroot the hero” is a seperate problem. Guess hav to go thru all the trouble to root my hero which is from SEA zzzz

  • tommi

    Hey. In Flashrec I have ‘Flash Recovery Image’ instead of ‘Flash Custom Recovery Image’ Should I just choose that ‘Flash Recovery Image’ ?

    • Hello Tommi,

      Yes, so long as you have the correct thing typed into the text box.

  • curt

    damn i just got my hero yesterday and been coming from windows mobile i presumed that i could save apps and games to my 16gb sd card. Seems the only way to do this is to root the phone and use apps2sd but the first thing i did with my phone was upgrade the rom to RUU 2.73.405.5 . Am I totally stuck now then until a solution appears?

    • Hello Curt,

      A solution has already appeared 🙂 Goto How To Downgrade Your Hero (So it can be rooted) procedure on our site. Good luck!

  • curt

    Cool i will try it at the weekend when i get my 16gb sd card. Do the custom roms contain all the same performance tweaks that my new htc update contained. Also how easy is it to get the phone up and working how it should be when using a custom rom. Sorry for all the questiongs 🙂

    • Hello Curt,

      Yes, and more! And it is really easy, give it a try and if you have any issues post them in the Technical Support forum for your phone in our Forums

  • curt

    Ok thank for the advice I will have a go tommorow when im in a better frame of mind! ITs annoying cos i only updated firmware last night and now ive got to go through the complicated process of downgrading 🙁 .

    So to see if i know what i need to do as all i really want is to use sd card to save some of the apps to so i can free up space on my device.
    1) downgrade firmware
    2) install original htc firmware
    3) root the phone and install custom rom (modaco version for example)
    4) follow your instructions about app2sd
    5) start using phone and enjoying it!

  • XZhang

    Hi, the Unlockr:
    I just update to T-mobile rom can I use this method to get my Hero rooted? thankx.

    • Hello XZhang,

      Use the How To Downgrade Your Hero (So we can root it) procedure on our site first, then come to this procedure and then go to the How To Load a Custom ROM on Your Hero Procedure

  • XZhang

    And one more thing is my firmware is 1.5, so do I need to downgrade the firmware? Sorry for asking so many questions, I just get confused…
    Thank you very much.

  • Petey695

    you said this doesnt work for the sprint htc hero with google right because the phone in this video has a different shape but the backround and stuff is the same on it its jsut not the extended version thanks

    • Hello Petey695,

      I. Read Before You Begin

      1.This ONLY works on the HTC Hero (AND DOES NOT WORK ON THE SPRINT HERO, you will have to wait for a new rooting method).

  • Soulja24

    hey unlockr

    thanks for ur help so far (in ur other vid). ive seen this vid and the loading a custom rom vid and ev thing seems much clearer now.

    i just need to ask using the flashrec.apk and Anon RA recovery image is this making a backup of the entire phone state in case anything goes wrong during the ROM flashing procedure?

    if yes how to recover from the image and where does image save (sdcard/ root?) and if no, shld i consider nandroid backup and how does that play into your system

    again thanks u very much, ur a star!!

    • Hello Soulja24,

      Flashrec will make a backup of your recovery image (but that’s pretty unnecessary since unrooting puts that back anyway).
      If you want a back up of your current ROM, data, etc. then in the recovery image, click Nandroid backup. It saves a backup to your SD card. So long as that backup is on the SD card, you can then go into recovery and click on the restore Nandroid backup.

  • Ace

    I cant seemed to get step 10.. after clicking backup recovery, i get an error msg.. why?

    • Hello Ace,

      You need to use the How To Downgrade your HTC Hero (So It Can Be Rooted) procedure. Then come to this procedure next.

  • Brett

    Hey Unlockr,

    I have a Hero.. I have already flashed a recovery image a while back, i came across ur how to flash an image on an already flashed hero.. now i wanna upgrade to the amon ra image, the only issue i have is that i dont have any credit or wifi to get a terminal emulator on my phone. if i were to copy the flash.apk an amon recovery image onto my phone an flash it would that work??? cheers.. brett

    • Brett,

      You could try to look online for the terminal program’s .apk and install in manually like you do with the Flashrec.apk file we give you. Google Better Terminal.apk or Download etc.

  • Danaan

    Hi Unlockr,

    Any procedure for rooting the sprint hero yet? Soon? Thanks for all your great work!

  • karro

    many thanks for this guide, I’ve never done anything similar, but it was really straight forward. hero’s happily running modaco’s firmware, root access is there, and this evening was like lolcats: “Happy face. I haz it” 🙂

  • bhellimme

    Hi Unlockr,

    I was just wondering why your boot image is not the same as mine? Mine is htc will yours is android? Thanks,by the way Thanks for the video I did rooting today following your video.

  • @TheUnlockr

    Nice tut to bad i have a ROM that can’t be rooted without downgrading it.


    Will root it when easier method comes around 😉

    • Visitor,

      You just have to do the Downgrade Your Hero (So It Can Be Rooted) method on our site…. then come back to this procedure.

  • kawai_sammi

    i have follow all the step, but also can unroot my hero with the hk rom, 2.723.721.9

    i have already read Mr Taz’s reply here, he said he rooted his hero also with 2.723.721.9, but i have try but it doesnt work

    my cid is 035344535530324780001b9c8c009664
    it will show “00609c0c8b901007824035335453435”

    when i revert it the first “0” will not show,
    is it a problem ( but i also try to add back the “0” and create a goldcard, and it also not work for me)

    • Kawai_Sammi,

      Please post your issue in the Technical Support forum for your phone in our Forums and we would be glad to help. This way we do not clog up the comments with support back and forth.

  • james
    • James,

      Thanks I just saw that. Will be doing a video next week and elaborating on it for anyone.

  • Antoine

    on step 11 of the written tutorial i have a Flash Recovery Image button but not a Flash Custom Recovery Image button. Should i click on it anyway or have i done something wrong?

    • Antoine,

      Same thing, the FlashRec app was updated since the video was made and they changed the wording is all.


    hey i dont have market on my hero…therefore i dont have file manager so wat should i do now?????….how can i get market on my hero

  • Connir

    We do not have to use the Recovery-RA-HERO-v1.2.2.img right? Can I use the modaco recovery img?

  • Connor

    If I flash the modaco.img do I have to load a custom ROM?

  • flex

    My Hero have Norwegian language in its menus, will this be English if i root?

    Another thing, will i loose all the aps if i root?

  • foobar

    I rooted using the old procedure. I would like to use new procedure (also installing the cm recovery image), but the documentation says, that I have to unroot first.
    Why is that?
    the issue is that I have a german G2 Touch and it seems there’s not RUU file for it.

    • Foobar,

      If you just want a new recovery image, search our site for the How To Flash a New Recovery Image procedure instead of doing this since you already have root.

  • tom

    Hello all,

    I’m new to mucking around with phones so sorry if this sounds silly 🙂

    When we’re talking about having root access on the phone are users permanently logged in as root or are required operations carried out on a



    Will want to root my phone soon but just wondering about potential security issues of being logged in as root all the time 😉 if that is the case..

    thanks very much 🙂

    • Tom,

      That is a good question. There is an app called superuser.apk that most devs install in their custom roms, this app pops up a notification asking to allow or deny root access everytime it is asked for (you can also click Always Allow as well).
      If you load a custom ROM make sure it has that app in it or download it yourself and install it if you are concerned.

  • tom

    Many thanks 🙂

  • m112

    I ve noticed that RA-hero-v1.3.2 is available
    I got my hero yesterday

    Should I use the RA-hero-v1.3.2 instead listed in the instructions on top of the page?

    Any benefits/cons of doing that?
    thanx m112

    • M112,

      I would recommend using the recovery listed so you dont get confused during the procedure, then you can use our How To Flash a New Recovery Image procedure after.

  • HeroS

    I have recovered the stock rom by nandroid restore, how do I remove the bootloader? (RA-hero.1.2.3) so it is factory condition.


    • HeroS,

      Do the how to flash a recovery image procedure if you still have root access.

  • HeroS

    thanks for your help, restored fully now. much appreciated.

  • schlep

    EMERGENCY!!! I went through the procedure and got to the last step (the one when you turn the phone off then restart it holding down the home button with the power button.

    My phone started up with the HTC logo in the middle of the screeen and has not changed in five minutes so far.

    I can’t turn it off or anything. Please help!

    • Schlep,

      Just turn off the phone and turn it back on by holding down home and power till it gets to the recovery screen. If you hafe more issues, please post in the Tech Support Forums for assistance

  • oawalker

    I am slightly confused i want to buy this phone but i basically want to save my apps to my sd card will these steps allow me to do so and do i need to do so the second part where i load a custom ROM on it as well??
    and will this void my warranty?


    • Oawalker,

      Yes this will let you do that.
      Yes you need to load a custom ROM.
      Yes it will void your warranty but you can just do our Unroot procedure before you send it in and you will have your waranty again no problems.

  • Samir

    Hello Unlockr,

    I have the Asia Rom with Build # 2.73.728.5. I read thru these replies and see that someone was able to root this build with one click method and then use a custom rom. I have a problem here though, not only do I not have market in this build, I do not have any kind of File Manager on this phone to access my SC card to open the FlashRec file. Any suggestions on how do I go about with this??? All I need is a file manager but dont know where and how to get it installed on this phone.

  • Ali

    i got the recovery screen! does it means that i have done well and my phone is rooted?

    • Ali,

      You now need to load a custom ROM in the next procedure and you are all set!

  • Ali

    thanks unlocker. but i have problem to loading the modaco rom i told my issue in the relevant link.which that is hanging on HTC hero logo. i thought i perhaps didn’t root my phone? is it possible ?

    • Ali,

      This is a common issue when it hangs on the logo (it is usually in the reported issues at the bottom of each procedure). You just need to reformat your sd card, wipe data, and then apply the update again (basically do the How To Load a Custom ROM procedure over).
      Good luck!

      If you have any other issues, please post them in the Technical Support forums so we don’t clog up the comments.

  • Connor

    We do not have to use the Recovery-RA-HERO-v1.2.2.img right? Can I use the modaco recovery img?
    And what is the recovery img for in this step?

    • Connor,

      You can use any recovery image you want, I prefer Amon Ras since he puts in ALOT more features.
      If you use a different recovery image you will have to type that name in exactly in place of where you see the name of Amon Ras recovery image in this procedure.

      If I were you and you were new to this, I would follow the procedure to a T and then look for our How To Flash a Custom Recovery Image procedure and use that to flash a different one AFTER you do this procedure AND the load a custom rom procedure.

      Good luck!
      If you have any issues, please post in the technical support forums.

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  • ShiDi

    Hi TheUnlockr ,
    Just wanna ask if HTC Hero from Singapore are able to do the rooting & installing the customs roms.
    Below are my phone specs:
    Firmware – 1.5
    Baseband –
    Kernel – 2.6.27-44690c1a htc-kernel@and18-2 )
    Build – 2.73.707.9 146733 CL#62020 release-keys

    I’m new at this and watching your videos sure is tempting.. 🙂

    Btw i see some vids about flashing the radio. what is it for? need to flas the radio b4 flashing the custom rom i.e. modaco?

    tks in advance.

    • ShiDi,

      So long as your are on firmware 1.5, should work just fine. You might need to downgrade your firmware first though, try this procedure and if it says Backup Failed then search our site for the How To Downgrade your HTC Hero procedure do it and then come back to this.

      Good luck!

      PS Radio can be loaded later if necessary, they ask you to load it first because some ROMs require the latest radio to get signal, bluetooth, etc correctly. But most phones now have this radio already so we dont have that step in the procedure.

  • ShiDi

    thanks for the advice…gonna try it soon… 🙂

  • ShiDi

    rooted, perform nandoid backup.. apply modaco’s rom.. reboot to find my phone back to factory default as from the open box and not of modaco’s… =\

  • zach

    I have completed the steps and when i try to install it keeps sayin that the flasher could not be installed whats wrong?

  • Pnkmonk1984


    Will this way work for a uk orange branded htc hero as well with the lateset firmware version 1.5 build ?

    • Pnkmonk1984,

      Yes but you would need to downgrade first. Search our site for How to Downgrade the Hero.

  • oawalker

    I tried this way and i get backup failed i am using t mobile i read on another fourm that you need root it first before you can backup using flashrec. what do i do??

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  • Willie

    How do you extract the hero recovery image.

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  • marscel

    i tried to downgrade but there was no success….is there any way to downgrade?thanksss

  • Pingback: Can HTC Hero be unlocked ? - Digital World Cable Satellite Console Forum()

  • Pingback: K-Voltage blog » Pimping your HTC Hero()

  • Joker5089

    Hi Unlockr,
    could u please put the download links as a direct download , couse its more easier for us to get instate of going to another website and download it there…….thnx alot

    • Jokey5089,

      Reason I have a link to a site is because the developers update their stuff and update that link on their site, as opposed to having a direct link that I would have to update everytime (times all the different procedures).
      I think the fact that it automatically is updated by its creator is enough benefit to warrant you to click to a separate page and scroll down a bit 🙂

  • Joker5089

    and could u please explain for me or anyone who dont know What is the benefit of rooting and loading a custom ROM on htc hero…….thnx again

    • Joker5089,

      Rooting gives you the ability to change all aspects of the phone. The custom ROMs use this ability to make changes that the regular ROM that comes on the phone would not have.
      For example, performance tweaks, removing unnecessary software put on by carriers or manufacturers, adding software (like backup programs), allowing WiFi tethering when it is blocked by the carrier, get newer versions of Android when the carrier refuses or takes too long to update the phone on their own, get new features before they come out officially, and other reasons too.

      Hope that helps a bit, good luck!

  • deeone

    Hi There, just wanna say thanks to this super duper guide! Flashed succesfully in a stock italian HTC Hero 2.73.405.5

    • Deeone,

      Your very welcome! Happy to help!

  • Joker5089

    sorry again,
    i did tell stip #11 but, i cant click on flash custom recovery image.
    its dark and written on it (download recovery image)!!!

    • Joker5089,

      You need to make sure the recovery image is named correctly, you are typing it in correctly into the box, and that it is on the root of the SD card (not in any folders on the sd card). Check the reported issues for more details.
      Good luck!

  • Joker5089

    i tried again this time its just dark, (not written download recovery image)
    just i cant click on flash recovery image.
    i wrote it correctly

  • Joker5089


  • Joker5089

    hi, this time i did it.
    but my options is more than your options !!! i dont know why ????
    -reboot system now
    -nandriod v2.2 backup
    -nandriod v2.2 rstore
    -apply sdcard
    -fix apk ””””””””’
    -fix rotate”””””’
    -usb mass storage on
    -usb mass storage off

    • Joker5089,

      It is the same options, just reorganized into submenus. So you want to goto the next procedure (How To Load a ROM) and just choose the Part one and then part swap+ext2+fat32 but you’ll see that section in the next procedure. If you have any other questions or concerns please post in the technical support forums.
      Good luck!

  • Joker5089

    i just finished all the stips and i uploaded a costum ROM also,thank U
    U R the MAN. 😉

    • Joker5089,

      Ha, you are very welcome! Glad to help! Check back soon!

  • Fadhel

    Thanks Mr. the unlocker,

    I have one hero HTC mobile and I want to have the arabic language interface installed. when I Installed the morelocale 2 application and switch to arabic egypt or Isreal the letters change to squares

    I appreciate if you can help get the arabic language in my phone.

    Thanks again and best regards

  • Will

    doesnt work on cdma htc hero..

    • Will,

      That is because there is a separate procedure for the Sprint Hero. Seacrh our site for How To Root the Sprint Hero and good luck!

  • youNes

    hi unlockr,
    i root my htc hero as you show as on your 2 clips :
    1- how to root htc hero
    2- how to load custom ROM on htc hero

    so, if i want to get back my hero as it was before what should i do…… pls help ???

    • YouNes,

      Searcg this site for How To Downgrade the Hero or How To Unroot the Hero.
      Good luck!

  • Benjamin

    hi unlockr

    is there any way to improve the quality of htc hero camera, cause its really bad even the recording camera, nokia 3 m.p are better than hero 5 m.p

    • Benjamin,

      Nope, but send both the pics to a computer and view them side by side on the same screen, sometimes the camera is good but the screen of the phone is worse.

  • Benjamin

    one more question mr unlockr ;

    how do i know what is my device id in htc hero?
    some app that need to crack asking for Device id…pls help

  • messi11

    hi unlockr,
    how could i know what is my device id on htc hero?

    is there any way to access blocked websites with my hero , cause iam living in dubai and most sites r blocked ?????????


    • Messi11,

      Google proxy sites, thats the only way to get around those things.

  • cheetah

    hi unlockr,
    how could i know what is my actuall ROM version and how could i know whts my device id on htc hero ????
    thnx 4 ur help ;

  • apples

    hi unlockr (Happy New Year 2010)

    how can i delete some software that r comming with the phone ??
    i have hero, i want to delete (teeter)=game , but its not able……..thnx

    • Apples,

      Happy new year!
      Simplest way to do that is to load a custom ROM that has teeter removed.
      Good luck!

  • MemoAzzaq

    hi unlockr,
    happy new year, i have a hero but when i downloading any software its using phone storage and day after day become full.
    so is there any way 2 download the software on external memory. thnx so much…

    • MemoAzzaq,

      Yes you need to root, then partition your memory card then load a custom rom that has auto apps2sd. Good luck!

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  • gizmoastrix

    Everything goes smoothly, but i cant get into recovery mode while holding power+home,when i press those buttons the hero is frozing so i have to remove the battery and restart again . Why?
    Please Help
    By the way i have RUU ver.2.73.405.5

    • Gizmoastrix,

      Does it let you flash the recovery in the Flashrec app? (Does it actually say successful, etc.?)
      If not, you need to downgrade first. Look for the How To Downgrade the Hero procedure.

  • sarah

    hi unlocker,
    Happy new year 🙂
    thanks alot for your explaination, I just have my mobil 2 days back, i tried alot to find where is the Sd card but I didn’t find at all in menu…
    I bought a new one and i have the same problem…
    what can i do mow???

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  • Hally

    Just followed this on my UK Orange Hero with the 2.73 firmware and it worked like a charm! no need to downgrade. Thanks!

    • Hally,

      Thanks for letting me know the updated version worked! Glad to help!

  • Kyle

    I tried this updated method on my TELUS HTC Hero and I received the same FAILED: Command not found result with both versions of the FlashRec.apk

    • Kyle,

      Thanks for letting me know! Some with 2.73 are saying it worked fine and some are saying no. Trying to find the difference.

  • dEviLz

    I confirm too… it works with 2.73 firmware… Thank you so much…

  • bustscape

    it sais:
    Backup FAILED: Could not run command.
    t-mobile unlocked phone
    What am I supposed to do now :'(

    • Bustscape,

      Seems to work for others.
      Try the 1.1.2 flashrec now and see if that makes a difference.

      • Cam

        Nope. Still failed for me.

        Phone: HTC Hero
        Firmware Version: 1.5
        Baseband version:
        Kernel Version: 2.6.27-0078c992 htc-kernel@and18-2 #851
        Build Number: 2.73.661.46 CL#74632 release-keys
        Software Version: 1.0.0.A6288

  • Saygi

    Hi, every one. how are you.

    I’m having trouble rooting my T-Mobile G2. I have done everything in this tutorial and repeat over and over, and still I get the same result.

    from step 10 it says , ‘Open the FlashRec program and click on Backup Recovery Image and wait for it to finish.’ when I click on the Backup Recovery Image it displays ‘WORKING, DO NOT INTERRUPT’ for less than a second and then goes back to the original screen saying ‘Backup Failed: Could not run command’ I’ve also tryed aentering ‘/sdcard/recovery-RA-hero-v1.5.2.img’ in the text box still the same result.

    can some one please help me.

    My Phone details holp it helps.
    Model: T-Mobile G2 Touch
    Firmware Version: 1.5
    Kernal Version: 2.6.27-0078c992
    Build Number: CL#69351
    Software Version: 1.0.0.A6288

    • Saygi,

      Thanks for reporting and putting in your info! We are noticing it working for some and not others so we’re waiting for more people to report so we can find the difference and why it works for some and not others.

  • bustscape

    I’ve also done the 1.1.2 yes, but
    unfortunatly, that did’nt work
    either 🙁
    I see btw that Saygi and I have the same problem 😛

    Thanks for your help so far, the unlockr 🙂

  • Hi, I have a normal hero and i can backup the original img. but when i try to flash the 1.5.2 one it says do not interrupt verry quickly with no error message. when i try to reboot the phone using home and power i get to see a traingle with a ! in it next to a phone on its back. only way to reboot it is by pulling of the batery then it boots normal like it always was

  • Hugh

    I also have a Telus HTC Hero with 2.73.661.46 and the back up fails with both flashrec’s.

    • Hugh,

      Thanks for testing it and letting me know!

  • dlads

    Hi All,

    I’m on orange UK and my phones build numbers and well all that stuff is as follows.

    Model Number: HTC Hero
    Firmware Version: 1.5
    Kernel Version: 2.6.27-8dd6deeehtc-kernel@and18-2 )
    Build Number: 2.73.405.5 14733
    Software version: 1.0.0.A6288

    I would like my phone updated to the new Rom (2.1) i have been through this procedure before but i just dont want to wipe my phone for nothing, can someone confirm that this is the new rom please, I’m not feeling 1.5 anymore and i don’t want to bother with 1.6, and another thing is when your looking for an update where does it say what version you will be updating to?? It never seems to say update to 1.6 or 2.1??

    Many Thanks,


  • dlads

    Sorry the second part of my build number is incorrect its,

    Build Number: 2.73.405.5 146733 CL#61267 MCR2.0e release keys.

  • aryan

    i cant go to android market on my phone, because i cant make an google account, is there a other way to download lindas file manager without the market?

    • Aryan,

      Why can’t you make a Google account, just curious? Can’t you just choose your name at

  • Caleb

    I also have the t-mobile g2 touch with the 2.73 rom and when trying to backup with the recovery file I get “Backup FAILED: could not run command”. I did try the 1.1.2 file but that didn’t work either.

  • Caleb

    It looks like people with the t-mobile g2 touch can not backup successfully with the flash recovery file if they have 2.73

    • Caleb,

      Thanks for reporting! Did you try the goldcard downgrading method (that should still work).

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  • Nuno Branco

    Thank you.

    It works! 🙂

  • Chopper

    I have an HTC hero from AMAZON UK it is unbranded and its not the T mobile G2 and i tried 1.1.2 and it said “could not run command” when i tried to install 1.1.3 it said Error it cannot be installed on this device. so now i cannot root my Hero.


    Many thanks in advanced! 😀

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  • Mike in TT

    I have an unlocked GSM Hero purchased on the Amazon USA site, but it is obviously from an Asian market. Locale and text choices were limited to English (Indonesia), English (Vietnam) and English (Malaysia)….how bout regular old English?!

    Furthermore, the phone did not come with the Android Market app just some bootleg looking app called Slide Mobentoo which doesn’t have many of the official, reviewed apps that made me want the phone in the first place. I’ve tried entering official .apk URLs but get a message about not having access…I’m convinced now it must be because of my location….I’m in Trinidad and Tobago. As an alternative I’ve had limited success downloading and installing apps from sites like rapidshare and torrents but I’m wary of exposing myself to a virus or malware.

    And of course because the phone is running the 1.5 ROM so it’s laggy. I tried going to the HTC site for an official ROM update (ROM version 2.73.405.5) but when I put in my serial number it gave me some message about not being available for my phone….did I get a dud or what? I decided I would wait for the official 2.1 release but it looks like I’m not guaranteed to be eligible anyway.

    So all these things being considered, I want to root and load as close to an official, updated, FAST ROM as possible but I’m also afraid of bricking my phone.

    Has anyone with an unlocked, Asian market, GSM Hero from Amazon tried this with success? Or can someone at least assure me that it’s mostly safe or offer further advice?

    Sorry for being such a rookie and probably having asked a question that’s been answered several times over by the more experienced posters on this site.

    • Mike in TT,

      The phone you have is an Asian spec and they do not come with Google services (you’ll notice no With Google written on the back). You will not find an official ROM to get the market etc, because that device was never meant to have them (HTC has to pay Google for those apps; Market, GMail, Google Maps, etc. and since they didn’t for that region, they are not allowed to put them on that device).
      You can however root your device and get those apps through an unofficial custom ROM.
      Plenty of people have done so using this method without any issue. So go ahead and give it a try, worst that happens is that it says error and wont let you flash the recovery image (then you need to do our How To Downgrade the HTC Hero procedure first then come back to this).
      Good luck!

  • brian

    Hi, really need some help. im running firmware 1.5 and build 2.73.405.38 and i cant get my hero rooted. Im getting as far step 10 where i have the backup recovery image button and a greyed out download recovery image. when i press backup rec image image im getting backup failed.. can you offer any advice where im going wrong?

    • Brian,

      Then you are one of the few that need to downgrade first. Please head over to our How To Downgrade the Hero procedure then finish it and come back to this one (it will downgrade you from 2.73 firmware down to 1.73 so we can root it).

  • JohnS

    Hi Unlockr,

    Neither 1.1.2 or 1.1.3 works for me. Both load and run but fail with message:
    Backup FAILED: Could not run command

    Phone is Ausralian sourced unlocked Hero
    Phone type is: EBI1/32A
    Kernel version: 2.6.27-430d1aea htc-kernel@and18-2 #951
    Build number 2.73.710.61 CL#79576 release-keys
    Software version 1.0.0.A6288

    Hope someone can help.

    • JohnS,

      Goto the How To Downgrade procedure.

  • Daniel Dare

    Can you please tell me will this work with T-mobile G2?
    I believe this is T-mobiles branded HTC Hero?

    • Danial Dare,

      It theoretically should 🙂
      Try it, worst that happens is when you try to backup the recovery image it says FAILED and you cant continue (no harm done).
      Then if you really want to root and this method fails, you can do the How To Downgrade the HTC Hero method first then come back to this one and it should work (but its a bit more complex).
      Good luck!

  • Mark

    Both 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 failed to work, Same error as the others, “Backup FAILED: Could not run command”

    I have a Sim free Hero but on Vodafone UK (Not locked)

    Firmware Version: 1.5
    Baseband version: 63.18.5506EU_6.35.06.18
    Kernel version: 2.6.27-8dd6deeehtc-kernel@and18-2 )
    Build number: 2.73.405.5 146733 CL#61267 release-keys
    Software version 1.0.0A6288

    Don’t really want to downgrade but would love to root, however what will happen when we finally get 2.1?

    • Mark,

      Seems you would have to downgrade to root.
      Nothing, when 2.1 comes out there will be a custom ROM based on it to upgrade to if you want to keep root access (usually comes out before you get the official update actually) or if you want to lose root just apply the official upgrade.

  • Mike in TT


    Thanks for taking the time to answer….you’re a gentleman and a scholar.

    Oddly enough the phone did come with GoogleMaps and Gmail…just no Market. But you’re right, it doesn’t have “Google” on the back and i hadn’t noticed that until now.

    Thanks so much again…you put me at ease a bit so i think I’ll give it a try!

  • James Moore

    are u gonna maake one for g1 or mytouch 1.6

    • James Moore,

      Make what? This procedure? Use the category drop down on the site and select G1 or MyTouch and you’ll find it.

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  • I followed your tutorial, and i successfully rooted my htc hero.

    Thanks a lot for this fantastic video 🙂

  • Nicce

    Hi, i just want to make sure if i can still update to the original 2.1 firmware if i flash the Amon Ra recovery image?

    • Nicce,

      Yes you can. Any official update would wipe anything you do here. You are actually better off doing this and then when the 2.1 update comes out, get a custom ROM from our downloads section that is based on 2.1 instead of the official update (it’ll be faster, have more features and still retain root access and no downsides).

  • Nicce

    Thank for taking time to answer me and for the quick respons.

  • arawahy


    i could not download (Amon Ra’s Hero Recovery Image) any other website that i can download from ?


    • Arawahy,

      That site let me download just fine. If you still can’t use that link then just google recovery-RA-hero-v1.5.2.img and you’ll find it.

  • Vigo

    Hi unlockers, I got an HTC Hero Build – 2.73.707.9 146733 CL#62020 release-keys. I tried many ways to unlock my phone including the GoldCard way. In my last try I got “the main version older” message. Google didn’t offer any decision to this. Is there any way to go around this problem ?
    Sorry for my english 🙂

  • Daniel Dare

    Many thanks I followed the processes detailed in both your video and my T-mobile G2 is now Rooted and fitted with the latest Modacom 3.1 ROM.
    Faultless procedure.
    The Wireless Tethering app that is bundled with the ROM is worth the trouble on it’s own!

    Cheers, Dan.

  • Calsa

    Could anyone tell me how to change .zip to .apk in windows 7? Thank you in advance

  • Calsa

    OK did it so for anyone also wondering…
    Go in windows explorer
    go to ‘Organize folders and search options’
    under View tab uncheck ‘hide extensions for known file types’

  • arawahy

    Thx. alot Unlockr

  • I have also a HTC Hero with EBI1/32a.
    After install Recovery Flash i did a reboot and then did a recovery flash..

    That was working for me.. 🙂 THANKS for the flash guys

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  • jim

    i followed all the steps and it says FLASH COMPLETE. when i turn it off and do the home-power thing when its off, its goes to a white screen with little androids on a skateboard instead of the black screen you mentioned. needdd helppp!!!

  • jonathan

    will this rooting work on the new model htc hero

  • jonathan

    and also this will let me store apps on my sd card correct?

  • chlywly

    So what’s the best custom rom to put in place of the stock? modoco or something else.

  • Hey my when I go to root my phone. After the installed and opened the Recovery Flasher successfully I press “Backup Recovery Image” and after it’s done I get “Backup FAILED. the 1.2 and 1.3 version are apk files so I have no idea what’s going on.

    Help please!!

  • Erik Hughes

    Thank you TheUnlockr 10 times.

    A previous post here stated that you can gain superuser access through a command in the phone. Is this possible to do through the external root. I am not to keen on installing a custom rom because i do not want to add all my settings again and phone contacts/themes. All i need is to get the program Wifi Helper working. Thank you!

  • castra

    Just read your instructions and it went smooth with out issues.I am running hero with firmware 1.5 and build nr is 2.73.405.5


  • morten

    Wheres the flashrec.apk? when i download it its a .zip file :S . if i extract it, its only some resources and manifest and classes and that kind of bullshit!

  • Gugi_sat

    hi unlockr

    can u or anyone confirm this method worked on T-Mobile G2 with

    well not working for me at all

    please advise…

  • James

    Doesn’t work for me either, T-Mobile G2 Touch, 2.73.x.x firmware.

  • Lisa

    ummm…im stuck at step 5..there are no 2 files. what 2 files am i supposed to download and where do i find them?

    • Lisa,

      They are right there…

      5. Download this APK and recovery image and save it to your computer:

      FlashRec.apk (Updated 01/10/2010) * Try Flashrec 1.1.3 FIRST, if that gives you an error when clicking Backup, then uninstall it and then try flashrec 1.1.2 instead (located on the same page just below 1.1.3).
      Amon Ra’s Hero Recovery Image (Updated 01.10.10)

  • bass monkey

    it worked!!!! thanks 🙂

  • Nick

    Like some 2.73 users I’m getting the ‘Backup Failed’ message with both versions of FlashRec.

    Here are my phone details, helpfully they’ll help:
    Model: T-Mobile G2 Touch
    Firmware Version: 1.5
    Kernel Version: 2.6.27-0078c992 htc-kernel@and18-2 #821
    Build Number: CL#69351 release-keys
    Software Version: 1.0.0.A6288

  • Andrew Hooks

    if you cant get this to work on the official t-mobile update try updating to this worked straight away for me
    many thanks unlockr

  • abhiroopb

    Hi Unlockr

    Getting Backup Failed. Tried everything 1.1.2 and 1.1.3. Restarted phone, used different SD Card, etc. etc.

    Phone info:

    HBOOT-1.76.0007 (SAPP10000)

    Any suggestions?

  • Nick

    So I followed the downgrade guide – – and ended up upgrading to 2.73.405.5 and then I was able to follow this guide.

  • Gaz

    Hi Unlockr.
    I bought a HTC hero from a UK company, which was unlocked and sim free. It didn’t come with the market app installed, so I tried to root the phone using this guide. However, one step says to go into the market app to find the file manager. As I’ve said, I haven’t got the market app, so I can’t get past this step. I tried to download the ROM using the guide on this site, but got stuck as well. What am I doing wrong? I think the phone comes from the Ukraine. I wanted to use an o2 pay and go sim, I thought buying an unlocked and sim free phone would allow me to do this.
    Any help will be very Mich appreciated.

  • Daniel

    When I root it and go to the recovery menu when I turn it on I can’t find nandroid or anything, just reboot, apply sdcard:zip. Is anything wrong?

    • Daniel,

      Then you didn’t load a custom recovery image. That screen is the original recovery image that the phone comes with.

  • Gugi_sat

    HI Andrew Hooks

    can u please explain in details , i didn’t get u exactly?

    do u have a G2 or Hero version

    Please advise

  • Jake

    I have been trying and trying to get root my phone now.
    Every time i try and click on Backup recovery image it says backup failed, command could not be run.

    I am currently on firware 1.5 on my hero, does this need to be changed.

    Can someone please help….

    Many thanks


    • Jake,

      Read the reported issues and before you begin. You need to downgrade.

  • fredphoesh


    #12 leaves you in recovery mode, so then how are you meant to load a rom to your sd card while in recovery mode? This tutorial does not flow smoothly into the next one. Ive not been successfull following these instructions, the system boots up (eventually) and initially thinks there is no Sim card, but then finds it and Android looks just like it did before I followed the process.


    • Fredphoesh,

      The recovery screen we have you use has a Mount USB option (or something similar) and you can plug the phone in to the computer and put things on the SD card…

  • huf

    Worked perfectly on my 2.73(Norwegian).


  • Carlo

    I noticed that it said you can have the firmware 2.73.x.x and wondered if I could root while still having the hero sense UI ?

    I have to be honest – I HATE the look of cupcake 1.5 and really dont want it. Anyway around this?


    • Carlo,

      Rooting the Hero, you still keep Sense. Don’t worry we all love Sense, and wouldn’t force you to lose it 🙂

  • Carlo

    hey, it doesnt say but do you need to extract the two files we download?

  • Works perfectly on an Orange (UK) HTC Hero bought November last year with 2.73.XX firmware – nice….now I just gotta wait for the 2.1 ROM from MoDaCo when HTC finally decides to release it…Woohoo!

  • Jason

    European (bought in Norway) HTC Hero, Build 2.73.405.6, worked like a treat 🙂 Thanks!

  • Elliot

    Hey, ive been trying to get root for my HTC HERO all day and everytime backup recovery image it doesn’t work. It comes up on the screen for 0.5 seconds “WORKING DO NOT INTERRUPT” and then says backup FAILED: could not run command. Just wondering if there was any way to fix it.

    P.s. I received my HTC hero, have done nothing to it.I live in Australia although i think that it is an English Hero. It is unlocked.

  • Nasir

    Hey, I have Orange UK HTC HERO that I unlocked only yesterday. I was looking to flash my ROM, I didn’t know the process but on this page u have explained it thoroughly, thanx for that. But the problem is …..

    I can’t Backup the Recovery Image. I have tried both versions of FlashRec, i.e. 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 but on both it fails.

    I’m v desperate to get into the stream of ppl flashing their Heros’ ROMs and enjoying. So pls help…

  • voicelink

    Issue: When I download the FlashRec.apk it shows up as a .zip not an apk.

    Solution: No problem. Do NOT extract it, just simply replace the .zip with .apk and then proceed with the procedure.

  • voicelink

    plz any 1 explain how to replace the .zip with .apk ????????

    • Voicelink,

      Literally find the file on your computer and delete the “.zip” off the file and type .apk instead.
      If you cannot see the .zip then you need to have Windows show you file extension in the folder view.

  • TrueBlue

    Issue: It says Backup Failed/Flash Failed when trying to use the FlashRec program to flash the custom recovery image.
    Solution: Try the older version of FlashRec (version 1.1.2).

    This is actually happening with the older version. The newer version won’t install.

  • Zen

    I believe it’s the ROM version I was on 2.73.405.66, then I flashed to 2.73.405.5 and I was able to to flash the RA recovery. Now loading custom rom from Modaco.

  • IGOR

    Issue: It says Backup Failed/Flash Failed when trying to use the FlashRec program to flash the custom recovery image.

    Solution: Try the older version of FlashRec (version 1.1.2).

    I try the the 1.1.3 and 1.1.2 and i still get the error.

  • rowhun

    I am facing the exact same problem as TrueBlue and Igor!

    // # TrueBlue Says:
    February 8th, 2010 at 11:58 am

    Issue: It says Backup Failed/Flash Failed when trying to use the FlashRec program to flash the custom recovery image.
    Solution: Try the older version of FlashRec (version 1.1.2).

    This is actually happening with the older version. The newer version won’t install.

    # IGOR Says:
    February 10th, 2010 at 9:44 am

    Issue: It says Backup Failed/Flash Failed when trying to use the FlashRec program to flash the custom recovery image.

    Solution: Try the older version of FlashRec (version 1.1.2).

    I try the the 1.1.3 and 1.1.2 and i still get the error.

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  • Samuel Ho

    hi there i have a question.
    after i click on back up recovery at step 10) i get this Could not run command error. i have tired it with
    flashrec-1.1.3-20091107-2.apk and flashrec-1.1.2-20091107-2.apk, the results are the same! please help me.

    thank you!

  • Paul

    Hi unlockr, I have had my phone rooted and i had loaded a custom rom successfully.

    But Orange released an updated rom and stupidly i went with it.

    It installed fine but I am now lagging a little and i notice the phone just running generally slower.

    I have tried to use your videos and tut’s to get it back the way it was but i can’t seem to progress.

    Any help would be great.

    Also, i figuered that i would need to downgrade seeing that i had an orange upgraded rom, but my sd card always comes back as needs to be formatted after i do the gold card procedure.

    When i simply use the guide on this page, flashrec.apk asks me do i want to download a recovery image, and it will not allow me to backup recovery image.

    Any ideas plz??

  • john

    Hi, thanks to the unlocker phone is finally rooted!!!! thanks. Now that i have a custom rom how do i do apps2sd? thanks

  • Paul

    Doesnt anyone reply to these messages no more?? I got past my initial problem but now i can’t install the ruu and i am getting a [132] error when installing? what gives man.

    wish i could just have my phone routed like it was again.

  • marc

    just rooted Spanish Orange unlocked htc Hero with Ra Hero V1.5.2, flawless, congrats!

  • duluoz

    Just to confirm my understanding – flashrec no longer works with the current firmware ?

  • Paul

    To duluoz,

    Thanks for pointing that out to me, do you have verification of this? I’m still unable to downgrade as i get an error [132] when i try to install the required RUU, i have tried them all.

    Phone works but it’s just not rooted and the lag is annoying the hell out of me.

    It appears that some people get answered on this and others don’t.

    If what you say is correct then thank you, do you know of a way i can root my phone now??



  • v33r3n

    hi TheUnlockr,
    thanks for putting this step by step guide up. i have been reading the replies and i seem to be having the same problem as a number of other hero users. i get to the stage of ‘backup recovery image’ and get the same msg as everyone else: ‘backup failed: could not run command’. im sorry to hassle you with same problem as many others are gettin but i was wondering if you had any clues on how i could root the phone.
    my phone details are:
    baseband version:
    kernel version:2.6.27-430 etc
    build number:
    software version: 1.0.0.A6288

    thanks for your help in advance

    • V33r3n,

      Are you on Orange? Just updated the post to help Orange users.

  • v33r3n

    Yes I’m on orange UK, I will try to downgrade and will let u now noe what hapens!
    Thanks for all the help unlockr
    Much appreciated

  • v33r3n

    i tried to downgrade with the tmobile rom but when the phone goes into the bootloader screen it says custom id upgrade failed or something…
    any other thoughts?

  • v33r3n

    hey i figured out how to do it…. basically i was able to download the orange rom from htc website and downgrade my phone to this rom. then i was able to root and up load the modaco 3.1 rom!! thanks for ur advice and help unlockr!!
    can i ask however whats the radio for, how do i find out what version im running and is there any point in upgrading it to the if so how do i do it?

    • V33r3n,

      Glad it worked!
      You shouldn’t need to upgrade the radio, but if you do just make sure to do a Nandroid backup first (search our site for How To Backup and Restore an Android phone for more info).

  • fetfree

    IT WORKS FOR ME!!! Like some good guy says: “YOU’RE AN ALL AROUND GOOD GUYS…”, you know that, right! THX mate, keep on. 🙂


    i tried again. but nothing is happen 🙁 🙁

    i hope to help me 🙁
    now i have tow problem
    – Dawngrade [ERROR] 130
    – and problem wtih One Klick

    Bulid number
    2.73.661.46 cl#74632 release-keys

    that’s mine

    can i root it 🙁

    heeeeelp !!

    • Abode,

      That means that the file is not named that on your SD card, OR it is not just on the SD card and you have it in a folder on your SD card. Good luck!


    sure i did every thing in the video !!


    then i unamed card then format

    then :
    i copy the img file in ( \sdcard )

    then :

    !!i don’t know what the preoblem !:( 🙁 🙁

    • Abode,

      Did the recovery image lose the .img accidentally or is the file manager just taking it off (some do and some don’t). Try adding it and see if that works.

  • Chau

    Hi, I have a htc hero from sprint. I’m stuck at step 11. I keep getting “backup failed: could not run command” Please help! I’ve been trying this for 2 hours and it’s not working.

    • Chau,

      Read the Before You Begin:

      Sprint Users – Please downgrade your ROM version to ? using this HTC Program. Then you can follow the rest of this procedure as it is written. Good luck!

  • Skerce

    Hi i have a hero locked to Orange UK.
    baseband version :
    Kerbal version : 2.6.27-430D1AEA
    HTC-KERBAL@AND18-2 #959
    Build number : CL#8277 realse keys
    Software version : 1.0.0.A6288

    I stupidly updated via the htc website a few days ago not knowing about rooting. I hace tried to use this guide and have had no luck. I have installed flashrec 1.3 and typed in /sdcard/recovery-RA-hero-v1.5.2.img . making sure its correct but i am unable to press the button to download recovery image. I have tried the old method and still no luck. I have even tried to downgrade using the gold card method and still no luck. I have tried to click the link for orange uk users at the top of this page but the link seems to be down.
    Any help would be great.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi i have a htc hero locked to Orange UK.
    Firmware version :1.5
    Build number: CL#82177 realese-keys
    Software versio : 1.0.0.A6288

    I have tried this method to root my phone but i am getting a failed message. I have treid the old method but still no luck. I have evn tried the gold card route and still no luck.
    I have tried to clcik the link at the top of this page for downgrade for Orange UK users but looks like the link is dead.
    Any help would be great.
    Thank you in adanve.


    i checked the name
    all things are correct
    and i use another Recovery
    but it failed too 🙁
    i have an ask!
    whiche way is correct for my version
    ( root by one klick )
    (Downgrade Your HTC Hero So It Can Be Rooted (Updated 02.05.10) ) ??
    thanks 🙂

    • Abode,

      Did you click backup recovery image first? If you did and it worked (did not say Backup Failed) then you should just be able to continue with the one click method. If you clicked backup recovery and it failed, then you need to try the downgrade method.

  • Chris

    I did this procedure using my Sprint Hero. I didn’t realize that the rooting the Sprint version wouldn’t work, so my phone is stuck on the HTC screen when I try to boot after step 12. It will boot normally if I connect it to my pc with usb.

    Anyway, I realized I’m a noob at this and my phone is too expensive to risk messing it up any further. Is there anyway I can undo everything I have done and go back to how my phone was before I started this process?

    • Chris,

      Yes, (and you can do this procedure no problem) once I can find the Sprint RUU to put back on this page. If you find the Sprint RUU anywhere feel free to link it here in the comments.


    Thank u TheUnlocker

    yes i click backup recovery image first, but it failed

    i will back to downgrade but i told you about my problem

    • Abode,

      Did you make a goldcard? Read the before you begin on this page, particularly this part:

      If None of The Above Worked For You – You may need to do things the hard way (goldcard method), do this procedure and then come back and follow the rest of this procedure.


    sorry TheUnlocker 🙁
    can u explaine [ GoldCard ] to me
    i don’t know what do u mean 🙂

    • Abode,

      Search the site for the word Goldcard. You’ll find a procedure, do it. lol

  • Sepuku-GT

    Flashrec method does not help.
    I have installed flasdhrec 1.3 on my Hero.
    I have put recovery-RA-hero-v1.5.2.img on my hero.
    I have run flashrec.
    put the path:
    “flash rcovery image” button was grey and did not worked.
    ia have renamed recovery-RA-hero-v1.5.2.img with recovery-backup.img “flash rcovery image” button get white. i have pushed it but got the next message:
    Flash FAILED: could not run command.

    can anyone help me?

    • Sepuku,

      Did you push Backup Recovery and that worked right?
      If so, then you just need to make sure the recovery image is on your SD card NOT in any folder. Make sure it is named correctly and you are typing it in correctly and the button will appear.
      (You tried to flash your backup recovery over the exact same recovery so it wouldnt let you do that by the way, so that has nothing to do with it).

  • Sepuku-GT

    Finnaly flash button appears but when i am pushing it i am getting this message:
    the next message:
    Flash FAILED: could not run command

  • lior

    if i have a goldcard but the phone is not rooted. can i ignore that the sd is goldcard and to this procedure?

  • lior

    thank you the unlockr

  • lior

    oh and i have
    would i be needed to downgrade?

  • lior

    works on htc hero !!
    firmware version:1.5
    build number:2.73.721.9

    thank you so much!


    Should i make the CardGold befor i klick dawnloag recobery img !!

  • argy

    My Three UK phone doesn’t complete with any of the processes on this site, not with goldcard (Error 171), not with flashrec ‘Backup failed could not run command’

    a. Firmware: 1.5
    b. Baseband:
    c. Kernel: 2.6.27-430d1aea htc-kernel@and18-2 #983
    d. Build: 2.73.771.73 CL#94055 release keys
    e. Software: 1.0.0.A6288

    Any suggestions?

  • Gautama

    Hello unlockr,

    What happens when rooting or downgrading fail? Does it affect the functionality of Hero. And i also did not find the motherboard version on HEro bought recently from 3 uk. I used the same process. It says: The message in the Cell screen says:

    HBOOT-1.76.0007 (HERO100000)
    Aug 4 2009,19:43:30

    Where is thr goddamn motherboard information 😉 Thanks for reply.

  • Gautama


    Hey ..we hav the same set. i am also waiting for the reply. lemme know if u make up the process. I will too. cheers.

    • Steve G,

      Thanks but thats a zip to flash through a recovery image, right? We need to find the RUU version.

  • argy

    I’ve not tried the goldcard approach again yet but there seems to be a solution here

    Despite following the goldcard instructions it seems that my goldcard mustn’t have worked properly.

    I’m going to be tied up for the next week or so, if you have any sucess, please post here.

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  • marco

    doesn’t work for me. I’ve put flashrec and recovery.img in the root of the sd card but the button backup recovery doesn’t work (failed) and the flash recovery button stay grey. I’ve recovery 1.2.2 (flashed with flashrec correctly)and villain 3.2 rom. after root i’m unable to use flashrec method and to upgrade revovery.img to the last version. :-/

    • Marco,

      You cannot use Flashrec to flash over a custom recovery (no clue why but their app doesn’t ever let you).
      Look for our How To Flash a Custom Recovery Image on this site and that will explain how to do it.

  • Stuart

    I installed flashrec. I backed up. Installed recovery v1.5.2
    When I power off and power/home back on, my only option is to wipe.
    On settings it still says 1.5?

    I copied to the SD card and renamed it update.

    I went to the next step and tried to install a ROM, but can’t since the only option is wipe – I never get the option to install

    I have a sprint hero 1.5 firmware, 1.56.651.2 software

    Any clues?

  • Samuel Ho

    hi there i’m having problems rooting my htc hero! im from canada and so is the hero. when i get to the step
    11. Open the FlashRec program and click on Backup Recovery Image and wait for it to finish.
    i get this backup FAILED:could not run command error. am i doing anything wrong??
    thank you!!

    • Samuel,

      What company is it locked to? Rogers?

  • Thank you Unlockr i am on orange UK and can confirm that i downgraded to and i now have a rooted hero.
    Cheers dude you are my hero!!

  • bjensen

    thanks a lot for this site im sure it will work. but umm when i try and download the other ROM on my phone it says error [140] i have 1.56 and it says i need 1.49 how do i get this?

  • matthew
    • Matthew,

      Can that one be flashed from a stock recovery image? Probably not right?

  • Arty

    I’ve done everything to the t, but now when I go to boot into recovery mode, it just hangs on the HTC splash screen, and I have to remove the battery to get it anywhere else. It’s a Sprint Hero, and I’ve done everything else exactly as told.

  • austin walker

    look my htc hero locked on me my friend was trying to pick up on my phone and it locked up and he said that it lock up on me and i went to try and put in my pass word to my phone that was yahoo but it did noy work so i look and it said google acount and i did not have a google acount so i mad one upone google and it still did not work can any body help me outplease tell me what to do u can email me at

  • Leon

    Hi Unlockr,

    I have recently installed a custom rom with Android version 2.1. I have installed this app, but cannot ‘Backup Recovery Image’. I get an error Backup Failed: Could not run command. I think this android is allready rooted. I want to install and update of this ROM but cannot use this app.

    • Leon,

      You already have a custom recovery image so the app wont let you flash a new one (and you dont need to).
      Just put the new app on the sd card (not in any folder like you flashed the first one) and boot into recovery, wipe data, then apply .zip.
      Good luck!

  • Nate

    I have tried for hours to root my phone and can not make it happen. When i go to back up image, it tells me “back-up failed: Could not run command.” I have tried reseting, i have tried the other method that takes longer,I have tried a different sd card, and i have tried everything i have seen posted. Can anyone help me?

    • Nate,

      You need to either downgrade using one of the links in the before you begin. If that does not work then you need to create a goldcard and then use an RUU to downgrade (if you make the goldcard correctly, you will be able to flash an RUU, if not it will say Wrong ID).
      Good luck!

  • Nate

    Wow! Thanks for the fast response, but i forgot to tell you i was not too smart. What is a goldcard and what would be the basic step by step explanations for what you just suggested that i do. I tried the downgrade and it did not work.

  • k0las

    Hi there,

    Are there any ways to root the 2.73.707.9 Hero version yet?

    Also, are there anyway for me to go back to the original stock rom if i decide to un-root it?

    • Kolas,

      Yes, with a Goldcard.
      Yes, just reupdate using the official 2.73.707.9 RUU you used to update your Hero in the first place (will erase all you’ve done).

  • Dorian

    Please help! Anyone know how to root a Rogers G2 (or Sapphire or Magic)? I dying to have WiFi tether again 🙁 Need your help!


    • Dorian,

      Use the drop down on our site and select your phone (The Magic) then you’ll find the How to Root the Magic procedure.

  • Arty

    PLEASE!!! I’ve tried everything I can think of to fix this problem, but nothing’s working! I’ve tried the Gold Pass and the one click method. It will **NOT** boot into any kind of recovery mode!!

    I’d really appreciate any help 🙁

  • Ddotpatel
    • Ddotpatel,

      The issue with the link you provided is all of those are in form and unless the person is already rooted they can’t load them in recovery. They need an RUU version of those update.zips…. Anyone have a link to that?

  • Dorian

    Hi the Unlocker,
    thanks for the quick response. Followed your advice and tried to downgrade using the RUU found here

    unfortunately no luck – tells me cannot apply ROM…update failed. Following is my phone’s information

    Firmware: 1.5
    Kernel: 2.6.27-sb47e83 htc-kernel@and18-2#989
    Build #: 3.05.631.7 CL#118917

    I had to update due to the 911 bug. Any ideas?

    • Dorian,

      Use our How To Create a Goldcard procedure on this site. Then with the goldcard in the phone try that procedure again.
      Good luck!

  • Dorian

    Additional information

    Sapphire PVT 32A SIP S-ON H
    HBOOT – 1.76.0010 (SAPP50000)
    CPLD – 12
    RADIO –

  • Dorian

    Someone has already tried that and it didn’t work. Saw it posted on XDA developers. Any other ideas?

    By the way thanks for the huge contributions!

    • Dorian,

      Did they make the goldcard correctly? Or did they get a Wrong ID error (meaning they didnt make it right)?

  • Aristeiaa

    I tried to goldcard my t-mobile g2 with a few different MSD cards but no joy – custid errors each time :/

  • abeer

    i have a hero unlocked. it is Asian edition made in Taiwan. now i have seen your videos and wanted to root and install a custom rom. my build number is 2.73.495.24. i have a few questions regarding this customization process.

    1. which rom will be best suited for my device. ( need a suggestion)

    2. if i load the custom rom into the root of sd card before rooting the phone, will it be possible to load the rom after rooting? otherwise when i root the device how can i laod a rom into my sd card.
    (little bit confused about this)

    3. again my build number is 2.73.495.24 so wht is your suggestion as this is an asian version(Taiwan)

  • abeer

    one more thing, if i load a custom rom now, will it be possible to install the official 2.1 release ?

    again i am using an Asian HTC Hero unlocked( without market app)

  • KaYs3r


    I have a Hero locked to Optimus Portugal, and this tutorial didn’t work 🙁

    I couldn’t even create the GoldCard.

    Any help please?

  • nate

    I am sooo close!!! I have made the gold card and ran the sprint downgrade thing, but it still messes up and says error can not update phone. Any help on what i hope to be the last step?

    The gold card made perfectly.

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  • suraj

    my build number is 2.73.720.5 146733 CL#61267 release-keys

    which one should i use to degrade to root?

  • Thanks a hell lot to you guys…I bought a HTC Hero from ebay, which was locked to Orange. The unlock code dat I bought did not work at first, kept saying dat fone is unlocked, bt never showed any signal…

    Then I came across this post and video, and decided to give this a try…And, it worked !!!

    Thanks a lot…

  • John

    Umm i tryed all this step by step and it dosnt seem to be working i see no black screen just a white one with green writing

  • rak

    Followed the directions for sprint HTC hero, got it flashed (recovery-RA-hero-v1.5.2.img), rebooted the phone and got into HBOOT, selected recovery and got the htc screen and it just stays there. I have to remove the battery to recover from this. Any ideas on what I did wrong? I used the 1.1.3 flashrec.

  • Dustin

    Just wanted to confirm FlashRec 1.1.2 does not support CDMA Hero?

  • After I did everything listed, all I get is the HTC Screen When It Reboot. Its been like this for hours. I need my phone! If I knew that this was capable of happening I wouldn’t of even tried it. I need answers a.s.a.p because I’m a very busy person and need my phone on 24 hours through out the day. Contact me a.s.a.p!

    • Darron Smith,

      Reformat the card, wipe data in recovery, and reload the ROM.

  • sean

    i am also getting HBOOT screen and it asks me to clear all data. I am assuming this is wrong?

  • sean

    I did the whole procedure right, it says flash successful but im not getting the custom recovery screen.

    • Sean,

      You turned off the phone then turn it back on by holding down Home and Power until the recovery screen comes up (you have to keep holding it)?

  • How do I reformat my SD Card? After you’ve showed me and i have reformatted it, do I go to “-wipe” and then “-wipe data/factory reset” and then “-reboot system now”? Thanks for the responce I really appreciate it. I hope I get my phoe back to normal before this buisness trip to Maryland tommorow.

    • Darron,

      Goto recovery mode, then click on the following:

      Partition sdcard > Partition SD > then when it asks, set Swap size to 96mbs > Ext2 to 512Mbs > and it’ll automatically make the rest Fat32. (This is not reformatting the card, it is actually partitioning it with the standard setup for most Hero ROMs so just do it this way and most ROMs will work fine). THIS WILL ERASE EVERYTHING ON YOUR SD CARD SO SAVE IT FIRST.

      Wipe > Wipe Data/Factory Reset

      USB-MS Toggle (this will allow you to plug in the phone in recovery to your computer via USB) and now plug it in and open the memory card on your computer and put the ROM on the sd card (NOT in any folders).
      Then click the trackball to disable USB-MS Toggle and return to the Recovery Menu.

      In recovery mode, click Flash .zip from sdcard and choose the ROM.
      Reboot when done. Good luck!

  • Thanks The Unlockr.

    But its too late. My phone wont respond at all, it wont turn on or anything, not even charge.

  • Nate

    Help! I hsve tried everything that i can find on this webpage. i made a gold card successfully, but when i run the sprint downgrade, it will not backup. it says back up failed. Any advice?

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  • Xorti

    Hi every one!

    I’ve got an unlocked HERO with the following system specs:

    Firmware Version : 1.5
    Kernel: 2.6.27-8dd6deee htc-kernel@and18-2)
    Build: 2.73.1100.5 146733 CL#61267 release-keys
    Software Version: 1.0.0.A6288

    I haven’t found my ROM RUU in order to reinstall it if needed by the warranty.

    Does anybody found my HTC HERO RUU?

    I want to root my htc hero but I’m afraid if something gets wrong… and dont have the system RUU to restore it!


  • Deniz

    Hi all,
    Here is the problem:
    I have tried all followings to root my device to install custom roms android martket, because I DONT HAVE ANDROID MARKET INSTALLED on my phone on original rom cause of the distributors idiot policy:
    -The method unlockr told
    -Goldcard Method (with different type 6 SD cards i.e.Kingston 2GB,San 2GB etc.)
    -Different 5 type rooting tutorials(xdaforum also included)

    But I still cannot manage being a root
    I’m a windows guy,so I tried these methods with my linux geek (they are really good on it) friends. Still nothing.

    So I called HTC Turkey and Europe to unlock my phone because I didnt bought it with any contracts. They said that in April an update will come, so I already know that from the RSS’s.

    Any help is welcome. I really loved this phone but cannot use as much as I want to.
    Here is my phones specs:
    HTC Hero
    Baseband Version:
    Kernel: 2.6.27-430d1aea htc-kernel and18-2#983
    Build No: 2.73.468.74 CL#94651 release-keys
    Software ver: 1.0.0.A6288



    • Deniz,

      You need to create a goldcard (make sure you do it correctly) then with the goldcard in the phone use the WWE RUU and if you made the goldcrd right it will flash it without any errors. Then you can use this procedure to one click root it.

  • Jamie B

    Help I am running kernel 2.6.27-533ce29d htc-kernel@and12-2 )
    build 1.56.651.2
    I can NOT get to recovery screen, only data wipe screen and I held the buttons for 30 MINUTES…… I could not get any alternate ruu to install.

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  • manny

    What hapened to the o;d procedure using command prompt. I found it so much easier! Please let me know if it is still posted somewhere! Thanks

  • manny

    never mind…. I found it.

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  • StarHub (Singapore) Hero.

    Had for a bit over a month and getting fed up of HTC’s Sense UI. Yes, I’m a weirdo, I DON’T like Sense.

    The above procedure worked after I installed the NEWER version of FlashRec, v1.1.3 instead of 1.1.2. I tried 1.1.2 a number of times and was pretty frustrated. Otherwise all was well, thanks a lot!

    • Grb8sg

      Hey did u managed to install 2.2 on your starhub(singapore) hero ?

    • Grb8sg

      Hey did u managed to install 2.2 on your starhub(singapore) hero ?

  • mike

    I can’t get the recovery image to load. It flashes then when I restart the recovery screen never comes up. If I hold the home and power buttons all I get is the HTC logo screen. I held them for several minutes with no luck. I have the Sprint version of the Hero running the latest carrier ROM and it is already rooted. Any ideas anyone?

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  • jake uehara

    i did the flashrec method just as described above when i flash the recovery image after typing in the text for the recovery image it says flash complete
    i then turn off my phone the hold the power and home buttons for a very long time i still dont get to the black recovery screen i jus get the basic white android boot screen, help ihave a sprint hero

  • lachlan

    flash recovery 1.1.3 works for me.
    there is an updated amon RA recovery image available too:

    I have an unlocked Asian version running on 3 mobile in Australia and it all worked for me perfectly.

    HTC Hero
    firmware 1.5
    kernel 2.6.27-8dd6deee
    build no 2.73.751.13 CL#92119 release-keys
    software version 1.0.0.A6288

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  • Leo

    Unlockr, i’ve got the same problem as Darron. I’m now left with a black screen, it doesn’t “turn on”, it doesn’t charge. If I connect it to the PC and turn it on, it’s recognized as an unknown device. Other than that, there seems to be absolutely no response. If possible, it’d be nice to get some help. Unless it’s too late for this phone.

    • Leo,

      Turn it off, and see if you can turn it on holding home and power or volume down and power. If you can get into any of those modes you are not screwed.

  • Leo

    Thanks. I hadn’t tried the volume down combination. Looks like I get a second chance. Ha.

  • oscar

    Hi! I’ve followed all the instructions, and for some reason my Hero appears to be stuck on the HTC part of the loading screen. Is this normal? How can I revert to the old image if I can’t boot?


  • oscar

    Oops never mind it just booted, works great. Great guide, thanks

  • Chris

    the flashrec.apk is saving as a zipped folder not a file and when its on my sd it does not ask me to do anything with it but just opens it and theres a bunch of files in it ive tried clicking them all and nothing happened please help email is

    • Chris,

      Read the Reported Issues at the bottom of the procedure. Particularly this one 🙂

      Issue: When I download the FlashRec.apk it shows up as a .zip not an apk.

      Solution: No problem. Do NOT extract it, just simply replace the .zip with .apk and then proceed with the procedure.

  • Samuel Ho

    hi there i’m having problems rooting my htc hero! im from canada and so is the hero. when i get to the step
    11. Open the FlashRec program and click on Backup Recovery Image and wait for it to finish.
    i get this backup FAILED:could not run command error. am i doing anything wrong??
    my htc is from telus.
    thank you!!

  • Samuel Ho

    firmware ver: 1.5
    baseband version:
    kernel version: 2.6.27-0078c992 htc-kernel@and 18-2 #851
    build number: 2.73.661.46 CL#74632 release-keys
    software version:1.0.0A6288

  • nick

    Hi there thanks alot for your information,i have one small issue which is when i go to ( market ) on the phone it open up a page with set up your google account , how can i get rid of that and download linda file manager from ( market ), please help



    • Nick,

      That is normal for all Android phones. Setup a Google account… its free.

  • Zak

    i have the sprint htc hero on 1.5..
    it said backup complete and flash complete.
    but when i hold down the home and power i get the hboot? screen. and it asks to clear the data.
    i held down those buttons for a while too.
    still no recovery image boot.

  • drewwalrus

    ummm dont know what i did but i am running android 2.1 (leaked version from this website
    what i did was incredibly dumb but i installed the update without backing up my phone
    this basically turned my phone into a brick so i decided to try to upgrade to 1.2 and then root it (
    didnt work the first time so i thought this must be the end and i would have to go to sprint but for some reason my computer popped up and said that the instal may not have been done correctly so i tried it again and for some reason it says
    Firmware version
    baseband version
    kernal version 2.6.29-d30020a8
    htc-kernal@and18-2 #1
    build number
    2.20.651.1 CL571175 test-keys
    software number
    browser version
    webkit 3.1
    pri version 2.10_003
    prl version 60663

    what happened its working fine for now and i can see the design changes but how and did it happen.
    and suggestions would be welcomed

  • jake uehara

    my problem is the same as zaks above any ideas whats going on?

  • jake uehara

    i have a sprint hero running android 1.5

  • empire

    If you used the recovery image from this page and are not getting HBOOT screen anymore, and you have a sprint hero, look up the SPRINT hero instructions on this site and use the recover image from that page. Its named “recovery-RA-heroc-v1.5.2.img” (Notice the c at the end of the word hero in the filename.) Using that file restored a functional recover image to my phone after I had lost HBOOT.

  • sami

    Hi All
    I have rooted successfully my Orange HTC but still I cannot insert any other network sim pls help me?

    • Sami,

      Rooting and unlocking, two different things. Click unlock my phone at the top of our site for more info.

  • Jenny

    Thank you for posting this tutorial ;)) can you please tell me how to download the FlashRec.apk? When I click into it, it another window comes out with all these codes. If I save target it, it saves in a .xml file. If I change the file name to .apk, it will not open in my HTC hero either…. Please help! 😀 thanks!!

    • Jenny,

      Download the precompiled version on that page our link takes you to.

  • TREV

    Hi on Meteor Ireland and had a problem trying to root using FlashRec ver 1.1.3 getting backup failed response. Tryed ver 1.1.2 but got the same error so I tryed to downgrading to ROM version to RUU WWE 1.76.405.1 but got an error 140. So then I tried downgrading to RUU WWE 2.73.405.5 which finally worked and i was able to root using FlashRec ver 1.1.2 (Didn’t try 1.1.3)
    Original Phone Specs:
    Firmware: 1.5
    Baseband Version:
    Kernel Version: 2.6.27-430d1aea
    htc-kernel@and18-2 #959
    Build number: 2.73.405.66 CL#83173 release-keys
    Software version: 1.0.0.A6288

    Hope This Helps,


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  • noo

    why i can not sync with my computer it only can be storage ,what i have to do i try put the new version also still can not , i use htc hero asia 1.5 build 2.73.707

  • C

    I failed trying to use this tut. xD

    I got the Backup FAILED message then I tried to Backup Recovery Image.

    I am running an unlocked Hero, currently on Rogers.
    Version 1.5 firmware.

    • C,

      Thanks for letting me know. Did you try the gold card method yet (in the before you begin)?

  • I dont know why its not working for me? in the flash-rec

    i type the sdcard/recovery-RA-hero.1.5.2.img

    its says Faild flash i think

  • matthew

    Well tryed to root,didnt work..Im on Tmobile G2,did all of goldcarding.Got to III. Downgrade the Hero using the Goldcard,the RUU wouldnt downgrade phone..?

  • matthew

    PLEASE TRY AND find away to ROOT from BE AMAZING. now 2.1 isnt till June,would love to ROOT phone and put custom ROMS on it.

  • shotchicken

    I have a question about downgrading to the 1.76.405.1 ROM for the European HTC Hero, will downgrading to that ROM wipe all the data from my phone?

  • yes i got it too work, when im in what im going to press?

    Reboot system now
    USB-MS toggle
    Flash zip from sdcard
    Partition Sdcard

    ? – Adam

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  • wally


    Tired of waiting for HTC to release 2.1…they keep pushing it back! Gonna go 2.1 on my own : )

    Can anyone tell me if this will work on an unlocked, unbranded Hero which is updated to build 2.73.405.5? Or do I need to downgrade?

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  • Gearoid

    Hi I managed after a couple of hours to get my HTC Hero rooted!

    Vendor: Meteor Ireland.
    Firmware Version: 1.5
    Baseband version:
    Kernel Version: 2.6.27-8dd6deee
    htc-kernel@and18-2 )
    Build Number: 2.73.405.5 146733 CL#61267 release-keys
    Software Version: 1.0.0.A6288

    The one click root didn’t work. I used the last procedure that was in Section I – “Before You Begin”, the none of the the above procedure.

    I kept the microSD card in the phone(i used the original microSD that came with the phone) as I couldn’t find my reader at the time. As soon as I had performed the goldcard.img hex to my microSD and saved I checked if accessible from computer which it was.

    Then I removed the battery so that phone did not have chance to tell the microSD card it needed to be formatted. I tried first to unmount the SD Card but phone automatically said it needed to be formatted and then when mounted it again the computer said it needed to be formatted, thats why I came up with battery removal method.

    I tried to use the Original Hero RUU(RUU_Hero_HTC_WWE_2.73.405.5_WWE_release_signed_NoDriver) would not work. Kept failing.

    I used the alternative RUU (RUU_Hero_HTC_WWE_2.73.405.5_WWE_release_signed_NoDriver) which worked.

    Have made complete Nandroid Backup now and am currently trying out all Hero Roms(Modacos being my favourite so far due to huge speed improvement).

    Thanks for all the work and the great tutorials, hopefully my bit of info will help someone

    • Gearoid,

      Thanks for posting what you did to get around it! Really appreciate it! I’ll see if I can take what you learned and add it to the procedure to help others, thanks again!

  • Gearoid

    Sorry that was the wrong info!

    Here is the original info from phone!

    Vendor:Meteor Ireland
    Firmware: 1.5
    Kernel: 2.6.27-430d1aea htc-kernel@and18-2 #959
    Build: 2.73.405.66 CL#83173 release-keys
    Software: 1.0.0.A6288

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  • Geoff


    My GSM Hero is unlocked from Telus, do I have to root it? If so do I have to downgrade it and to what?

    • Geoff,

      You don’t HAVE to root anything… If you want to root it to load custom roms etc then you can.

  • The last step says: 14. To get Root access you MUST go to the next video mentioned above and load a custom ROM.
    What if I just want to root the original rom?

    Do I still need to load a custom rom?

    • Leion,

      Yes, just load a basic custom ROM (will be the same as the stock ROM with root access, no difference).

  • Geoff

    So since I don’t need to root the phone does that mean I can skip that step and go to nandroid backup then download a leaked version of android 2.1?


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  • Albert

    hang on since I’m in 3uk does it mean I have to flash the ruu provided by htc? and then everything will be ok?hang on since I’m in 3uk does it mean I have to flash the ruu provided by htc? and then everything will be ok?

  • Loading a basic rom will overwrite all my current settings? Is there any other ways to do it without to load and roms?

  • Alan

    Using this method i have just unlocked my HTC Hero from ORANGE UK!!!!!!

    Follow this guide word to word then purchase an unlock code!! whoop whoop Only problem i found was my recovery mode was different but with some common sense i found the right command to use.

    My Thanks to the author!!!

  • Scott Barron

    Found a link for the T mobile UK users

    Tested and working 🙂

  • michsann

    thank you, ive successfully ROOTED my htc hero.

  • Conor Smith

    Scott Barron, when I click your link I can’t see any download, please help

  • Paul

    Hero on Orange, brand new delivered today.

    Above didn’t work.

    Got hold of flashrec from 8/15/2009 from google, and the recovery image 1.6.2, worked fine

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  • Wally

    Ok so I rooted, downloaded the legendary 1.3.5 ROM but can’t install any apps because of insufficient space…(can’t install any file managers…)

    I want to get back to stock android on my GSM HERO (I have the recovery-backup.img from when I rooted). How do I go about doing this (from recovery mode?) Anyone?

    • Wally,

      Just boot into recovery and Wipe Data then Reflash the ROM first (should fix the issue). If it still doesn’t work, then go ahead and do the Unroot the Hero procedure.

  • Wally

    Hey TheUnlockr, could you elaborate on that, I’m kind of new at this. I’ve reflashed several roms at this point (I had villianROM, decided to change to lendardary 1.3.5) and when I go and try to install a file manager (or anything from market), it downloads but fails to install due to “insufficient storage space” and I heard you need it to use the recovery-backup.img that I kept (also, does SD CARD storage amount have anything to do with this space issue, becuase I formatted my 8gb, but for some reason when I connect it (On computer and phone) i get 200mb)…

    • Wally,

      Ya. Try this first.
      Turn off the phone.
      Turn it back on by holding down home and power to get into recovery mode.
      Then click partition sd (it may be called part sd or something similar depending on what recovery image you are using).
      Then choose 500mbs for ext2 and remainder for fat32 (if it doesn’t ask you these questions just do fat32 only).
      Then click USB MS Toggle and plug it in to your computer (so you can access your memory card from the commuter).
      Save the ROM you want to use to the root of the memory card (as usual). Then unplug the phone and disable USB toggle.
      Now select Wipe Data / factory reset (still in recovery).
      Then select Flash .zip from SD and choose the ROM.

      See if it works better now.

  • Wally

    Also, just tried the unroot the hero procedure and it didnt work, got a “wrong bootloader error” during the process.

  • Mootje

    Hi, can someone help me, I have build bumber 2.73.450.5 and i cant downgrade my phone. Mine is unbranded so i used the unbranden european program to downgrade. But it wont downgrade with that program, it says that I have to get the right program . And the latest option is too difficult, can someone help please?


  • Rob

    Hi TheUnlockr, I’m new to this scene of rooting phones. I’ve done my itouch and psp but this seems a little different. I need to know if I can root my non Sprint CDMA-EVDO HTC Hero and which forum/guide would help. I have been reading yours and everyone else s guides and forums but need a little more Please.
    Model #: HTC Hero
    Firmware version:1.5
    Baseband version:
    Kernel version:2.6.27-6bc66721htc-kernel@and18-2 #958
    Build #: 1.62.556.1 CL112492 release keys
    Software version: 1.62.556.1

    My network provider is ACS ( Alaska Cmunication Systems) And to throw in a stupid question, is Modaco 2.2 equal to or better than the new droid version 2.0? I appreciate you even reading post and any info would be greatly thanked.

  • Brett


    I have attempted using the Flash Rec apk several times both 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 and they both return the same msg when tapping –backup recovery image– “Backup FAILED: Could not run command.”!!!… I’ve formatted the 2gb sandisk SD that came with the phone and used that in my fruitless attempts but nothing.

    I’ve reviewed the goldcard method and it made my head spin.

    I’m currently using a Telus HTC Hero.

  • Georgios

    will this 1Click procedure unlock the phone as well?

    Thank you for you user friendly procedure.


  • Brett

    AGAIN..!! I try to downgrade my current ROM (o 2.73.661.46) to BOTH the Hero(RUU_Hero_HTC_WWE_1.76.405.1) AND Hero (RUU_Hero_HTC_WWE_2.73.405.5)!!! and I receive the same response EVERY time! “Error [130] Model ID Error”!!!

    WHY can’t this be as simple at the video!?!?!?

    !?!? All I want is a 2.1 ROM and superuser like EVERYBODY else!

    Why has this ONE HOUR project turned into a 3 DAY project!?

  • David

    Every time i tried to copy Amon Ra 1.5 to phones SD, it shows windows error Cyclic Redundancy Check. Has someone suffered this before?

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  • Ori Meissa

    Worked a treat guys! Thanks 🙂

  • BC

    I had a question about this process in Linux. I’m running EasyPeasy (Ubuntu for the EEE), all I have right now is this little netbook. My phone is a Sprint Hero, as it says in your essay, I have to downgrade to 1.29.651.1 using an HTC program but the program is a .exe. Is there another version I could use for Ubuntu? Is there maybe a different way to root the phone with Ubuntu?

  • Joe Melvin


    Did everything to what i believe is 100percent. when i boot my phone up after everyhting.. used the 1.5.2 Ra recovery img.. and the 1.12 apk… i see a image of a phone with a ! inside a triangle

    any help ???

    thank you…. You are pioniering htc’s best phones ever

  • Rob

    Unlockr, please read my May 7th post. I’ve tried your One Click and didn’t work. keep in mind this phone looks like a Sprint phone but is not through them but through ACS. I’m trying to make a gold card but not having luck with 2 different sandisk sd’s, will try to find a kingston. I really need to know from you that i can zero my hero back to stock with these methods, and is there possibly a better way than gold road to get there with this model? Thank you very much.

  • jimbo

    worked fine for me. VERY easy. Great guide, thanks a lot. Orange UK phone.

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  • mustafa

    I’ve done all steps untill the last one. I couldn’t boot into recovery mode. My phone stucks when I press Power and Home. Any solution ???

  • mustafa

    By the way in step# 12, there is a missing “c” after hero. I think it should be like this:

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  • Dcipher0101

    Good Job with the walkthrough. Very easy to follow and the directions were precise.

    I have a Sprint HTC Hero and was able to successfully do a Flash Recovery ROM. From here I will load a custom ROM.
    Do you have any suggestions on custom ROMS?
    a link to where I can read about what features each ROM has?

    Thanks in advance

  • matt

    I have 2 questions that I would like to ask before rooting my htc hero,

    1. If i root my hero is there a chance i will brick it (also if i load a custom ROM).

    2. I am on the three network, which category of user would i come under at the start of the procedure to rooting the device?

    the help would me much appreciated

  • maverik

    i held the home and power button and now my phone wont start back up so i had to take out the battery and try to turn it on agian…? did it still work?

  • maverik

    well thx for doing this but for my sprint htc hero it did not work. it did not boot into recovery mode, and when i downgraded the ROM it did not work. i think thats why none of it did. anymore help would be great any new ways to downgrade the ROM would be perfect also.

  • sam

    Hi, Thanks for taking your time to help everybody.
    I have a question for my Three Htc Hero (UK user). It’s not listed so do i need to downgrade it to whatever ROM? or just follow the steps to root it?
    Also What exactly is a ROM and downgrading upgrading does what to the phone?

    Thanks again for taking your time to help. Really appreciated

  • josh


    I just updated to the official sprint 2.1 today but I want to root my phone. I got through these steps until the backup recovery image part. It failed. Do I need to downgrade back to 1.5 and if so, how can I. Or is there a solution to rooting my hero with the official upgrade already on it?

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  • muss

    i have a htc hero on 3 network…
    ROM version:2.73.771.73 (3UK)

    i tried rooting it but when i open the flashrec and press ‘backup recovery’ it tells me buckup failed

    what should i do?

  • Olistair

    How do I go about downgrading my rom using this;

    There isn’t a .exe to be found.

  • the FlashRec download link is not working , please if anyone has it i would humbly ask to upload it and provide here. I am in urgent need for that. Thanks.

  • tom

    hi, im having real problems with this i think ive followed the guide to the letter but cant seem to get it to work, i have on my sd card:



    when i type /sdcard/recovery-RA-hero-v1.5.2.img into the box in the recovery flasher nothing happens and the greyed out box says download recovery image not flash custom recovery image or anything similar (dunno if this is simmilar or not im very new to this lol) :s

    if i try to bring up the recovery menu all i get is a picture of an orange exclamation mark above a phone! dont know what im doing wrong but getting frustrated haha! oh and my firmware is 1.5

    thanks for any help


  • tom

    oh and my build number is: 2.73.405.5146733 CL#61267 release-keys

    if that makes a difference


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  • Pete

    HI I`m trying to root mu hero phone on the three network, I`ve tried the procedure above, but when I try to back up I get a error say could not run. Is this possible with a three branded phone?

    build number 2.73.771.73

    Do I need to take the goldcard route?

    Thanks for any advice

    Pete 🙂

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  • young

    I have an alltel hero and cant get it to backup the recovery image and i tried everything on the page what should i do?

  • Hi! I am getting an error while back up

    could not run command

    How can I fix this…..

  • Brandon

    when i type in the flash recovery code the button won’t pop up.its still gray, I have check the flash recovery code many times and the button won’t turn clickable. what am i doing wrong?

    • TheUnlockr


      Means the file isnt on the root of the sd, it isn’t named correctly, or you are typing it in wrong.
      Good luck!

  • boo

    i tried it and i typed it all the same as what it say at the sdcard and still doesnt work how come is this a joke?

  • hocturnalsoul
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  • mustafa

    i downloaded the flashrec but when i try to install it it says…”Recovery Flasher could not be installed on this phone”

    What shall i do?

  • Andy

    I had an antivirus program installed, I had to uninstall it and reboot the phone. Once I did this your method worked perfectly.


  • sam

    why cant i get into the custom recovery screen> :/ im pressing home and power. :/ is it becaus ei have a sprint hero?

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  • corey b.

    hey , i completed all of the steps and everything seems to work until i hold down power and home .. the phone just goes to a white screen with the little green droid guys at the bottom and it just asks if i wana restore the phone or watever? what am i not doing right? any ideas? jailbreaking my iphone did not seem this complicated watsoever…


  • Jim

    I’m an unbranded UK user, and I’ve had the OTA firmware update to 2.1 – will this method still work for me?

  • milton

    if i root my sprint htc hero; will i lose my contacts, apps, photos, videos, etc?

    • User1234

      Yes, unless you back them up first.

  • Nima

    Thanks for your tutorial. Just wanted to know, if I can boot with RA Recovery, does it mean that I’ve rooted my phone?
    If so, just for your information, I did this as easy as shown on this video to my Hero, Build number 2.73.728.5 (South Asia) which I bought in Iran.
    I used flashrec 1.1.3 and recovery-RA-hero-v1.6.2.img
    Was it really that much easy?! After reading only one sentence about “brick” I spent about 2 weeks reading about rooting and installing custom ROMs and risks…and finally, here, it took me about 1 minute to do this 😀
    Well, thanks again! Good luck

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  • stephen

    i’ve been trying to accomplish the root but no such luck TELUS hasn’t come out with the update yet and i really want it to work. i’ve formatted my sd card i’ve tried both versions of flashrec and no luck i cant get the “flash recovery image” to highlight, but “back up recovery img” is highlighted though. my phones specs. are
    firmware v1.5
    software v1.0.0.A6288
    please any help is greatly appreciated

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  • Ram

    I tried to do the backup… it keeps saying backup failed…
    I tried both the versions of flashrec and still says backup failed…

    And my ROM is 1.5, do i need to upgrade to 1.7 to root my phone?
    I tried doing the goldcard method… everything worked other than the last step (RUU)…
    It keeps saying unable to connect to the phone (error:170)

    please help.. been trying to change my rom for a very long time…

  • OGE

    I have an HTC locked to Orange UK,it is currently having this ROM
    I can’t use it with any of the networks here in Nigeria.
    if I root the phone,will it unlock it with the new Rom installed?

  • Nwachukwu

    I have an unlocked HTC hero uk which I can now use with any Sim card here in Ghana.
    It has the following
    Firmware 1.5
    Build number
    I did flash it with the recovery and it worked very well.
    I want to know which Rom is best to use,and also I would like to know if it will not lock back to the Orange Network..
    I also want to thank You for your support in our phones..

  • Ben

    I am having issues. For one, when I tried to run the program to downgrade your ROM version to 1.29.651.1, it just keeps saying it cannot connect to the phone, even though I can mount it and play songs, I can sync it using the HTC sync softwrare, everything. The other issue I am having is when I open the linda file manager, it is just blank, no files, no folders, no nothing. Any suggestions?

  • Klawtrax

    Yes I am a noob but I think I understand the procedure but am still having problems. I formatted the sd card each time I tried this. I am using Astro file manager. I put the flashrec 113 and recovery heroc on the card. I then via the Astro navigate to the flashrec, install it and run it. It never will do the back-up. I even tried skipping that and flashing the recover heroc but always get the dead unclickable button. I have checked and double checked the typing, I have even downloaded the flashrec 112 and had all the same problems. What could it be? Thanks for any help.

  • anvendarnamn

    Hey Unlockr..
    I have been trying to root my phone this weekend..

    I think I have tried most of the methods you have here without success..
    I would like to try this method again now but when I try to install 1.76.405.1 unbranded EU. I cant install it because of that customer ID error.. error 131 if I remember right.
    Im on 2.1-update1 with build 3.32.405.1

    I cant use unrevoked either.

    Any suggestions?

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  • hi, okay now i am looking seriously into rooting my phone but first i need you to answer a couple questions… PLEASE. I am on a carrier widely known as alltel. however my portion of the country was not bought out by verizon for monoply reasons. So down here we were bough out by a foreign country and none of this matters but i just thought i should make myself clear. Question 1– Im on alltel using a CDMA HTC hero and in the video it is a GSM version or the first video i should say… Do i just follow the same instructions as someone on Sprint does?,, and question 2— CDMA will it work on CDMA?

  • my e-mail is please get back to my ASAP

  • MarketQ

    I tried going to the market to get the file manager but it will not le me do anything in market because an error occurs… what do I do now?

  • Hi I tried using the new method for rooting but I’m not sure if it worked. The app did say woot you’re rooted but I’m trying to install recflash with Linda and it gives me an error saying application not installed. I have tried reformatting the card and I read about doing a factory reset but still nothing. Any ideas?

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  • jw013013

    flashrec.apk link isn’t doing anything for me

  • Aw, this was a really great post. In theory I’d like to write like this also – taking time and real effort to make a good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and never seem to get something done

  • Chris

    Damn! That’s hardly one-freaking-click!

  • John

    cant flash the recovery image (icon is unclickable) and cant back it up (Backup FAILED: Could not run command.) Im typing in everything as it should be and the file is in the correct place on the card. any help?

  • John

    cant flash the recovery image (icon is unclickable) and cant back it up (Backup FAILED: Could not run command.) Im typing in everything as it should be and the file is in the correct place on the card. any help?

    • Judas2708

      same thing happnd to mine too. how do you fix it?

    • Kiddrosiee

      same thing happened to me.

  • John

    cant flash the recovery image (icon is unclickable) and cant back it up (Backup FAILED: Could not run command.) Im typing in everything as it should be and the file is in the correct place on the card. any help?

  • John

    cant flash the recovery image (icon is unclickable) and cant back it up (Backup FAILED: Could not run command.) Im typing in everything as it should be and the file is in the correct place on the card. any help?

  • your hero looks completely different than mine

  • your hero looks completely different than mine

  • Anonymous

    Is this better than my android 2.1? in what way?

  • Mikepr111

    This is an awsume site. I have a sprint htc hero and I am trying to unlock it to use with another provider. Then I want to root it. Can I unlock this phone. I’m lost helpppppppp e-mail thank you

  • scarecrow

    well this didnt work for my hero….

  • Protusmose

    Video doesn’t exist anymore.

  • Hackben

     I just rooted my Hero with this method now I keep getting “Message sent using invalid number of digits. Please resend using 10 digit number or valid short code.” Msg 2114. This comes up where ever I txt someone now

    • Hackben

      NVM I did the Androot method.. 

    • Hackben

      NVM I did the Androot method.. 

  • Kiddrosiee

    Keeps saying backup FAILED. I did everything in the instructions. HELPPPP!