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Samsung Flash

Samsung Flash Complete Walkthrough: Affordable, Portable Windows

Samsung has had plenty of success with their line up of Chromebooks–the cheap and cheerful laptops running Chrome OS that can use a full Chrome browser and Android apps but I wouldn’t quite consider a full-blown desktop OS. While these are great for anyone who just needs to do simple computer tasks, there is definitely a sizeable market for people who would love something in the same price range but that runs proper Windows on it so they can use all the obscure printer apps their job requires, or real office suite and Adobe apps, etc. Well, this is the …

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Razer Blade Stealth 2019 Thumb

Razer Blade Stealth (2019) Complete Walkthrough: The Most Powerful Ultrabook You Can Buy

Not going to lie, I’m a little excited about this one. If you’re not familiar with Razer, they started out making gaming mice and peripherals and then ventured to laptops, eGPU housings, and even phones. Their best selling product line is probably the Razer Blade line which is there super powerful but still portable line up of gaming laptops (I use the newest Razer Blade 15 for video editing personally). Besides this, they have the Blade Pro, which is sort of their overkill on power, not so portable machine and their Blade Stealth which has been their much less powerful …

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Surface Go

Surface Go Complete Walkthrough

Microsoft just released the Surface Go, their latest new product in the Surface lineup, and they were kind enough to let me check it out. As is the usual here, that means I’m going to try and do my complete walkthrough on it. If you aren’t familiar, a complete walkthrough is where I try and go through every feature on the device so you guys are better prepared should you be interested in maybe buying one. With that said, let’s get started with the design. Design There’s no other way to put this. It’s a baby Surface Pro. It has …

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Low Power Notification Windows 10

How to Fix the Computer Randomly Dying After Creator Update

Ever since I updated to the new Creator Update on my Windows 10 laptop, I’ll be sitting at a cafe, writing as usual, and then all of a sudden my computer just dies. No warning, just in the middle of a sentence, black screen. After doing a little research it turns out that it’s not an issue with the battery, but it is an issue with something the Creator Update decided to just turn off by default for some dumb reason: the low battery notification. Simply put, when the computer would normally tell me “hey you’ve been here way too …

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Predator G1 vs Predator G6

A VR-Capable Laptop, Liquid Cooled 2-in-1, & All the Coolest Tech Announced at Acer’s Event (Video)

Acer held an event in the 57th floor of the world trade center building to show the press what it is they’ve been up to for the past few months, and, well, it seems like a lot. From a fanless 2-in-1 to a VR-capable gaming laptop, here’s the coolest things they announced. Chromebook 14 for Work First up, Acer announced a pretty slick looking Chromebook that they are calling the fastest on the market. The Chromebook 14 for Work as they are calling it (because it meets Google Chrome for Work initiative that means that has specific durability and security benchmarks) has …

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All You Need for Continuum

What is Continuum? (Video)

One of Windows Phone 10’s really great features that sets it apart from the other mobile operating systems is the new Continuum feature. This feature allows you to plug-in to a monitor or a TV via a separate dock accessory, HDMI, or Miracast dongle (to wirelessly cast it) to get a full-blown version of Windows 10 running from the phone. It’s pretty simple to set up, but unfortunately, it isn’t quite that simple. Nor is it that easy to understand what it can and cannot actually do so I figured I’d put together this video showing what Continuum is and how you can …

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Microsoft Lumia 950XL Box

Video: Microsoft Lumia 950XL & Display Dock Unboxing

I received my Lumia 950XL recently and it came with a free display dock, so as is the protocol here on the internet, here’s a quick unboxing and first look at the specs of the Lumia 950XL and, as a bonus, the Microsoft display dock, as well. Let me know what you guys think of it in the comments below and stay tuned for my full review.

Comparison Between Cortana, Siri, & Google Now

Siri first introduced us to the world of technological personal assistants, and all of our collective minds were blown. Hell yeah, I wanna talk to my phone! However, Google soon gave Apple a run for its money by introducing Google Now. And now, with the introduction of Windows 10, Cortana has moved up the ladder and joined the ranks of top-notch AI. Though there are a number of other personal assistant apps that can be used on various platforms, Siri, Google Now, and Cortana are definitely the big three. While there is quite a bit of overlap in the way …

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What is “Windows Hello”?

The buzz surrounding the new Windows 10 is loud and only getting more intense. I’m sure you’ve heard about the many interesting  and useful features of the new OS. However, none is quite so groundbreaking as Windows Hello. Microsoft is treading new waters with some pretty advanced facial recognition technology. This is some Star Trek-level realness, you guys. Let’s check it out. What is Windows Hello? Windows Hello is the wave of the future –or at least Microsoft hopes so. It enables you to sign into your computer with just a look (or a touch), utilizing face-recognition technology as well …

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Windows 10 Start Screen

7 Best Windows 10 Features

Windows 8… What a let down! Amidst the resulting groans heard round the world, Microsoft had no where else to go but up. Lo and behold! Windows 10, released on July 29th, is the product of great strides made in the name of atonement. It’s offered to 7, 8, and 8.1 consumer edition users as a free upgrade till July 29th, 2016. For the rest of us however, the cost of Windows 10 Home version on is listed as $100. (The Pro version is $140. Learn about the different versions here.) Seemingly a return to form for Microsoft, Windows 10 introduces some exciting …

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Microsoft Unveils Two Portable, Windows 10 Computers

Windows 10 is just around the corner (July 29th), so there was a good deal of anticipation for Microsoft’s Computex 2015 keynote address. Nick Parker, Corporate Vice President OEM Division at Microsoft revealed two new computers powered by Windows 10. Borrowing elements from the relatively new category of “pc on a stick,” both highly portable computers plug directly into your tv by way of HDMI. Here’s a quick rundown from Microsoft: “FoxConn Kangaroo is an ultra-portable desktop PC that turns your TV into a full Windows PC, including a fingerprint reader to support Windows Hello and up to six hours of battery life. Quanta …

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