Samsung Galaxy S6 Active: Not Just a Rumor Anymore

Adventurers and incurable butterfingers alike can now breath easy! Thanks to a quickly fixed leak via Samsung’s Plus Program webpage, we know now that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is coming soon. No official word yet from Samsung as to availability, exact specs, or […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Iron Man

Iron-Man Themed Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Coming Soon

There were some renders of various Avengers themed Galaxy S6’s floating around the web not too long ago, but no one was quite sure if they were the real deal or just a fanboy’s fantasy. Today, however, Samsung tweeted the […]

How to Use Easy Mode on the Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge to Simplify Your Home Screen

Like so many Americans, Galaxy S6 users love their freedom. They take pride in their smart phone autonomy: the ability to govern how their phone looks and functions. These Android-given rights allow us to feel a degree of sovereignty when our lives feel stuck on a singular path toward […]

Disable Auto-Updates on Galaxy S6

Automatic Updates: The bane of any power user’s existence. Why should some faceless, mega-corporation decide when we should have our apps updated?! I’m sorry… I thought this was AMERICA. However, all is not lost. Thanks to flexible settings, care of Google […]

Superuser on Galaxy S6 Edge

How to Root the Samsung Galaxy S6 / Galaxy S6 Edge (Video)

If there’s one thing I’m not a fan of on Samsung devices generally speaking, it’s the user interface. TouchWiz, the UI that Samsung puts on all of their devices, has a special place in one of the inner circles of hell in […]

How to Unlock a Samsung Phone: The Quickest Way, For Any Model

How to Unlock a Samsung Phone: The Quickest Way, For Any Model

Maybe you’re psyched about your new Galaxy device but not so psyched about your carrier. Perhaps you’re a traveler wanting to access its international usability without getting slammed with carrier fees. There are plenty reasons to ask how to unlock a Samsung […]

How to Unlock the Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus

Being locked to a particular carrier prevents you from grabbing some of the amazing deals that the other carriers have for their customers. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus that’s locked to a carrier, you can now unlock […]

How to Unlock the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Do you still own a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone? Do you wish to unlock it to be able to use it with whatever carrier you want? No problem, here’s how you can do that. Unlocking the Galaxy Note 2 […]